Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Infamous Day.

December 7th in 1941 brought an attack that roused a sleeping giant to a truly righteous war. There was, and still is, little or no arguing against our moral responsibility to engage the Japanese (and through that the Germans) in all-out conventional warfare. It wasn't until 2001 that we entered into a war without a moral argument to be made against it.

The country threw itself full speed and full hearted into WWII and never doubted itself. Hard resolve was not something to be had or not had. It just was. The effects of that war on history will be felt forever, good or bad. But that is not how we judge the merits of WWII. Some events' merits are judged by what caused them and others by what they caused. WWII is the former.

Electronic book burning is what this is.

The internet giants, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are going to start collaborating to rid the Internet of "extremist" viewpoints.

This means people with viewpoints like mine. Probably your's.

Zerohedge tells it.

On September 29 I posted that the US was relinquishing leadership of ICANN and that it would now run itself as a private entity. This means it can (and will) easily come under the influence of state actors like Russia and China.

Maybe I should have been more leery of the Internet players themselves. Seems Google isn't really into that whole "free speech" stuff.

I've said it before that the easiest way for the federal government to infringe on the free speech bit of the First Amendment is to simply get non-state actors to do the leg work for them. If the Feds can't legally shut you up, they'll find someone who can and will just have them do it.

Google. YouTube. Twitter. Facebook. All of the hundreds of companies those giants own. They hate your ability to think for yourself.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trump's Cabinet as of December 6th.

Zerohedge has a background on each currently confirmed cabinet pick. Most of us had never before heard of a few of these people, at least.

Read up and get in the know.

FBI might be in a bad spot.

Just an interesting thought. The FBI has simultaneously put itself on the naughty list of the opposing sides in the issues surrounding the election.

The FBI conducted an investigation into the obviously illegal activities of Hillary Clinton, including her use of a private home server for her State Department communications. The FBI declined to recommend charges, even in the same statement where Director James Comey stated that she had, in fact, broken laws. The republicans, the right wing, conservatives, Trump supporters, the "alt-right", whatever you want to call them, basically anyone who didn't support Hillary, was incensed by the FBI's decision and they all (rightfully) assumed that there were political shenanigans going on. This was not helped by the Tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. These are the things that have severely damaged the reputation of the FBI in the eyes of right wing America.

Next, the FBI only a few days before the election decided to reopen the investigation after roughly 650,000 NEW emails were found on Huma Abedin's laptop during a sex crime investigation into her husband, Anthony Weiner's activities. This seriously damaged Hillary Clinton's polling numbers, which after months of intentionally skewed reports were finally beginning to "accuratize" themselves in a final push toward November 8th. Despite the FBI apparently going through these emails quickly and deciding that there was no reason to change their minds on whether to charge Hillary or not, the damage was done and the Clinton campaign was out of time to play damage control. They attacked the integrity of the FBI and Hillary's supporters just about lost their minds. In the days following her loss, Hillary and Bill Clinton repeatedly blamed the FBI for sabotaging the Clinton campaign, and their supporters are carrying that animosity today.

It's worth saying that Hillary's loss can be blamed on any number of things, since she is probably the absolute most corrupt candidate to ever run for the White House.

Regardless, the FBI managed to nosedive any amount of trust either side of the country had for the organization. That's not an easy thing to do, even in a superheated America where people don't need a whole lot of reason to stop trusting our law enforcement agencies.

But they pulled it off.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4th, the Italian Referendum.

Today, December 4th, 2016, the Italian people will hold a referendum vote to decide on whether or not to concentrate additional power with their central government. A "yes" vote will do just that, and will also be a vote of confidence in the Eurozone and the Euro currency. A "no" vote will basically be a giant middle finger aimed straight at Brussels and the EU and will open a window to Italy's dropping the Euro.

All indications in Italy point to a victory for the "no" camp.

Zerohedge (in the above link) posits that this could lead to a worldwide economic crash like none ever seen.

The house of cards isn't going to stay up forever.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Educational knife blade material from Defensive Training Group

DTG has some good knife steel educational material right here for anyone who isn't well spun up on the different steels, various tangs, sheaths, etc. Just like firearms, there is no perfect, do-it-all, last knife you'll ever need. Read their piece and then read some more on DTG and add them to your lineup.

SFC Nathan R. Chapman receives well deserved CIA memorial star.

Good Washington Post article on SFC Chapman, the US Special Forces soldier killed during a CIA mission in Khost Province in Eastern Afghanistan shortly before the US invasion in 2001. Camp Chapman in Khost was named after him. I have some personal familiarity with Khost Province, Camp Chapman and nearby FOB Salerno.

Story of SFC Nathan R. Chapman