Monday, January 22, 2018

Government Shut Down, January 2018.

On Friday at midnight, I sat in a hotel room watching live as the US Senate was in session. The clock was ticking down the minutes and seconds until the US government was "shut down" due to a "lack of funding".

Of course, this is a joke because our lacking of funding for operating costs alone has been since sometime in the late 1990's to early 2000's and now totals over $20 trillion. Add in our unfunded liabilities and that total goes into the HUNDREDS of trillions. Also, the government isn't "shut down". That would be a good thing in most cases. What you have is the essential employees, like the active duty military and federal law enforcement officers, going to work without a paycheck, until the government goes back up and they get back pay. The majority of office type employees and guardsmen and reservists are simply not working or training at all. Welfare services are still running strong. Priorities.

Anyway, I was active duty Army, and now I am a reservist. This is the third shut down that has happened since I have been in the Army. The first one delayed my paycheck while I was in basic training and the other luckily happened between checks. I still had to go to work both times. This time, I drove hours to get to my reserve unit and checked into my hotel. When the government shut down at midnight, I went to sleep. When I woke up at 0530 and it was still shut down, I went ahead and got into uniform (multicam OCPs, thank God, not those awful UCPs) and drove to the battalion. Closed. No drill. Went to the hotel and checked out, wouldn't need a second night. Drove my hours back home.

I had watched that night as Republican and Democrat Senate leaders and other prominents smiled and laughed as they conversed in a huddle of about ten people. Looked like a deal was being reached, the reporters said. The shut down would only last fifteen minutes. Huddle broke and Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell went to the podium and began pointing fingers. Ok, no dice. But it's ok, because they're still getting paid, hence the smiles. Screw us.

Anyway, a government shut down isn't a shut down until entitlements stop. If people are still getting the welfare payments, the government is still running. All that "shut down" are the things that are low on the priority totem pole.

I will say that this shut down is pretty clearly blamed on one side. I have no love for the republicans, but the democrats are doing this on purpose, for the press to give the republicans bad coverage. The DACA illegals are why the democrats are holding this up. They value them and their future votes much more than they value the military.

Welfare checks > Military Paychecks

Illegals > Military Members


Saturday, January 13, 2018

WRSA on homemakers.

This is mainly directed at women who choose to be homemakers. The backwards minded progressives of society will do everything they can to demean and dissuade this way of life, but don't listen to them. You're building, they're destroying. Continue the fight. This is the absolute humanity based foundation of a moral and stable Western Civilization.

No, the LGBTQXYZ "community" is not going to be involved in this, by definition.

Found this at WRSA.

We really don't owe you anything.

We don't owe you anything. "We" means white people. "We" means men. "We" means America and Americans as a whole. It means the producers. It means gun owners. It means the rich and it means the middle class. It means business owners and home owners.

If this offends you, then the message is probably directed AT you.

We don't owe you anything.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Anti gun agenda and its manipulation

My high school teacher had this poster in his class room. Interesting how this manipulative piece of propaganda trash poster does not mention how countries with even more restrictive gun laws have higher gun crime rates per capita.

Places like Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico and various parts of the Middle East and Africa have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, but have per capita MUCH larger gun crime and violence rates.

It is important to mention that all the countries mentioned above the USA have much smaller populations than the USA. 10,728 out of 350 million people. That is 0.003 percent. China annually has over 13,000 murders and over a billion people. So does this suddenly mean China now has a crime wave that is out of control?

This BS poster does not mention how approximately 40 percent of these deaths are due to suicide and how people can still easily kill themselves without guns.

This BS pile of lies does not mention that the stats they are using are extremely outdated and go back to 1982. The overall violent crime rate in the USA has been dropping since the 90's. Educate yourselves and ignore the lies and ignorance of our so called "educators". This poster is still making the rounds, but now in digital format across the internet. No changes, same poster, same false manipulation.

Pro Abortion Brainwash

When I was a teenager in high school during our sex education and health class, our teachers were forcing their sick, pro-abortion views down our throats.

I brought up my reasons as to why abortion is immoral. I brought up how if abortion was not murder, why are there abortion survivors, and at what point did their life matter?

The so called " teachers" mocked me and ridiculed me, claiming that no fetus had ever survived an abortion. Sadly, in the 90's, we did not have YouTube or devices to bring up information in the blink of an eye, but now we do.

The woman in the clip posted below is an abortion survivor.

We have idiots functioning as teachers who I would not trust as mop jockeys. Stop trying to control the minds of youth when you do not even know what the hell you are talking about to begin with. 

link to clip 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

WRSA Masthead speaks truth.

The top banner, or "masthead", on Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) states:

"The government at all levels in FUSA is controlled by people who want to see you and your way of life destroyed. Never forget that."

For your info, "FUSA" is either "Fallen United States of America" or "Former United States of America".

The statement is absolutely correct. From the very top, members of congress and their staffers, White House officials, the SCOTUS and all of their lawyers, heads of federal departments and agencies and their middlemen, to the state governments, governors and attorney generals, members of your legislatures and their staffers, to the local governments with their city council members and county commissioners... Those entities and organizations do not know you, do not care about you or your family, and more likely view you and your way of life as an obstacle to their drive for more authority and influence.

And make no mistake that the badge wearers, from the federal level down to the states, counties and cities WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW THEIR ORDERS when they're told to seize your property and assists, confiscate your weapons and arrest you or kill you. Those badge wearers will be the first line when it comes to enforcing the edicts of their masters on you. As long as those masters decide it's "legal", it becomes a license to kill you depending on your level of protest. And that threshold is getting lower and lower every day.

Get yourself in order.

Primary: Shelter, water, food, security. This is the survival list. Without any one of these, you're sunk.

Secondary: Communications, intelligence, medical, transportation. These will allow you to thrive instead of just survive. And you can start fighting back against whatever has happened.

Grow and hunt your own food, as much of it as possible. Homeschool your kids, or at least have a robust plan to counteract the propaganda they will receive from approximately the 3rd grade onward.

Get yourself a combat rifle and plenty of ammo and mags, and train with it.

Cut your cable. No CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, etc. No cable or satellite. If you really have to get your cooking/culinary show fix, Netflix and Hulu will suffice.

Go to your city council and county commissioner meetings.

Go to town events and keep your eyes open for like minded people, and make friends. There is no lone wolf. Wolves have packs.

This all might sound extreme, and it might sound like I have made some major leaps and stretches with what I've said. Not so. This particular post is for the people who already know what steps we've taken to get where we are today in America. If you think I've made some leaps and exaggerations, then you may not have taken your red pill yet. This message might not be for you yet if you need me to list all the connections for you to link your white picket fence suburban life in wonderful America to a place where you might need a combat rifle and a large food storage closet to ensure your way of life continues for another generation.

If that's the case, please bookmark this exact post and come back in a year after regularly reading some other blogs, such as WRSA (already linked), AesopHerschel, Brushbeater (combat rifle link below), Woodpile, etc.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

WRSA post on the murder of Daniel Shaver by Mesa Police Department.

His name is Daniel Shaver, and he is each of us.

This needs to be seen by all. Law abiding father, taken from his family by murderous Jack booted thug, cop Philip Brailsford.

And of course the murderer goes free.

Bad apples spoiling the bunch? What happens when your dad or son comes across one of those bad apples, and makes a mistake in their twisted game of Simon Says? Then is it just a few bad apples?

The police in America have a problem, and it's getting real close to time that We the People fixed it.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Mesa Police Officer Murders Innocent Man in Hotel Hallway.

There are no words.

This officer WANTED to kill someone.

Anyone ever make a mistake during a game of Simon Says? Daniel Shaver did, and died for it.

Police will often scream numerous, unnecessarily detailed, sometimes contradictory instructions while threatening to gravely harm or kill the recipient. It's no wonder people can't follow those instructions perfectly. Make a mistake, and assuming that they don't just shoot you outright, they'll beat you down while screaming "STOP RESISTING!". You know, for the cameras.

Speaking of cameras, I'm sure glad they wear those now. Otherwise, the murder of Justine Damond would have been... Oh wait. Never mind.