Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Red Flag Laws are the “door to door confiscation your mother (and I) warned you about.

In states all over the country, red and blue, led by both Republicans and Democrats and supported by voters of both parties, we have seen the proliferation of so-called “Red Flag Laws” (RFL). What are these laws exactly?

They allow the advance confiscation of firearms from a persons property based on little more (or in most cases nothing more) than someone, ANYONE, reporting to “authorities” that the person may have said, done or otherwise indicated at some point in time that they might be a danger to themselves or someone else at some point in time in the future. The law enforcement is able to go and  forcibly confiscate all firearms from that person.

Due process comes later. That’s the problem with the laws. You can have your guns taken away and be forced to undertake a lengthy and costly legal journey in order to get them back, all because someone accused you of being dangerous. They don’t have to have proof. They just need the “authorities” to believe them enough to do it.

Obviously the legal process of getting your guns back is the punishment in itself. That’s the whole point.

I’ve had voters from both parties (since apparently we’ve only got two parties) tell me they support these laws. I had a Republican Congressman tell me to my face that he supports them. Obviously the Democrats do.

If you have ever been to my blog even once you’re probably well aware of the general concern in what I’ll call “right wing circles” of a widespread, door-to-door firearm confiscation. The dreams of how that will take place vary widely from tongue to tongue but for all intents and purposes, it’s assumed that the Feds would love it if one day they were able to achieve Feinstein’s plan to have “Mr. and Mrs. America turn ‘em all in”, or Hillary’s implementation of “Australian-style gun control”.

With that understood by the 130 or so readers I have passing through here per day, thank you all very much, I’m sure you can all see how these RFL are the confiscation we’ve been warned about all along. RFL allow the state to use ANY reason they desire to go to your home, enter it and take your firearms away from you.

Make an angry, politically-charged Facebook post? A RFL can and has been used to confiscate someone’s guns.

Make a Twitter post that “authorities” interpret as being Islamophohic? A RFL can and has been used to confiscate someone’s guns.

You get in an argument with your woman and piss her off? A RFL can and has been used to confiscate someone’s guns.

Spare me the talking points on the legal limits of RFL at the present time. All they needed to do is get the laws into place. Rest assured they will be administratively and bureaucratically tweaked and adjusted so that it gets EASIER for the Oakleys to kick your door in and HARDER and MORE EXPENSIVE for you to get your guns back.

RFL are the tool that’ll be used to get guns away from anyone and everyone that they don’t want to have them.

All the talk that’s been had in your group about being quiet about your guns... Put that into action now. Ditch the NRA stickers, stop the good old boys gun discussions down at the local watering hole, remove the vanity pics from Facebook (why do you still have FB?). No one needs to know about your guns if they don’t live in your house.

Please reference this post, and put it into action. All of it. It won’t be easy, but it’s time now. The legal framework for taking your guns away simply for being a wrong thinker is in place. The local Kommissar has his eyes open and the Oakleys will be knocking on your door when they get the order.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Bill Buppert on being gray with your guns.

We all like to talk about being the “Gray Man” and keeping ourselves under the radar. The time to tighten down heavily is upon us, and if you’re not being gray with your guns, then you’re not being gray at all.

Please take what Bill Buppert has to say on the subject and implement it.

My thoughts and agreements:

1. This is likely to be the hardest one for me and for many others. Even Mr. Buppert admits to having to remind himself frequently. For anyone who grew up in gun culture, this is tantamount to giving up a habit, like smoking (no, I don’t smoke, but you get the point). It’ll be a conscious effort and your ego may have to take a backseat on occasion.

2. This may also be hard, especially if you’ve got a large amount of guns, or ammo or other paraphernalia. It’s not easy to keep it all away from view, but as the post says, maybe distribute it all around. Could include some outlying caches. See? Being gray isn’t so boring if you get to have a “cache”.

3. This shouldn’t be that difficult if your ego is mature. Be aware of non-gun related paraphernalia that could still tip people off. I usually wear a multicam ball cap. That alone might be enough to flag me.

4. Don’t be an ass.

5. Don’t act like a woman.

6. Anyone you invite into your house is either very close to you on a personal level, or they are casing the place. That’s it. One or the other. Just because they’re not (always) casing it for burglary, doesn’t mean they’re not casing it.

7. See part 1 above.

8. A lot of the gun publications these days are crap anyways. I wish Mel Tappan’s old column was more easily found.

9. I too am a fan of open carry (OC) and I will debate you on that issue if you are inclined (and there I am breaking rule number one). However, OC is obviously not gray. That I won’t disagree with. What I will debate anyone on is the merits of OC in some situations. Sometimes OC is a good thing.

From Mountain Guerrilla: EDC

We all love us some good talk about everyday carry (EDC) loads. Please read and heed what John Mosby has to say about it at Mountain Guerrilla.

Nous defions, indeed.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Normalizing pedophilia was always the goal.

Recently it was found that schools in the Brea Olinda School District in Kalifornia (where else?) that pedophilia is now being taught as a "sexual orientation" in 9th grade.

Administrators there told a group of parents that because pedophilia has happened in history, that it is "very important" to teach about it to high school students as a legitimate sexual orientation.

People, this was always the goal. This was the goal of the gay rights movement (because apparently they had no rights? Doubt that.). This was the goal of the free love and sex movement decades before. Now we've got pedophilia being normalized in our childrens' schools, and to what end?

Best case scenario is that we've got a bunch of pedophiles running our school, legal and government system, and they just want to have sex with our children.

Yeah. That is the best case scenario. You don't want to know what's next if the normalization of pedophilia is just another stepping stone to a larger goal.

Daily reading blogroll.

Just a simple list of blogs and other sites that you should be looking through on a weekly basis, if not daily for many of them. Links with two asterisks are RECOMMENDED DAILY CHECKS, those with one asterisk should be checked weekly. If any of these links don't work, let me know. You can also just Google what you see below and you should be able to find the associated websites.

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Please also take some time to read these two highly valuable blogs, which would definitely have two asterisks each for daily reading. WeaponsMan was maintained by "Hognose", a former US Army Special Forces soldier who passed away a few years ago. Sipsey Street Irregulars was maintained by none other than the late great  Mike Vanderboegh, the man who broke the "Fast and Furious" scandal and launched the 3%er movement.

Weapons Man (Mirrored)
Sipsey Street Irregulars (Inactive)

Many improvements coming in the next couple of weeks for me.

Here in the rural Deep South at the land my wife and I own, we are trying to formulate a lifestyle that draws us away from the evil that we (and our readers here at GG&G) see around us in the world, and closer to God and each other. A big part of that is reducing the dependence on the system to provide us with food.

We eat a lot of green beans here, and so that will be our first food project this week. Using six 2x6 boards, my dad built a 8'x4' garden box that is about one foot deep and gave it to us. That's 32 square feet of planting space and the entire box planted with "bush beans" should provide our family of five all of the green beans that we will need for the year, if not for two years.

Our plan is to build several more of these boxes for "square foot gardening" and plant tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos and several other vegetables. Strawberries, potatos and corn are in the plans as well. My wife is a canning wizard and has canned fruits and veggies that could be used five or more years later, if we weren't eating them already.

If you can grow a large amount of what your family eats, then the system will have lost that control over you.

We also are right on the edge of having our rainwater catch system in place for watering the garden, and in short time will have the purification system in place to make it full potable for drinking.

You can have all the guns and bullets you need, but you can't drink them.

Speaking of bullets, do you have your 5,000 rounds of ammo for your battle rifle or carbine? What about 5,000 rounds of .22LR? What about 1,000 rounds for your fighting pistol?

Get it. Get a year of food stored away. Get a year of sundries packed away. Store water, but have a way to collect and filter your own to the tune of one gallon per person per day. If you've got five people at home, a 55 gallon drum of clean water is only 11 days. You have to have a flow of water coming in. A river, a spring, a creek, the rain. Whatever. A Big Berkey system is perfect for making it potable.

And very importantly, expand your network of hard nosed, like-minded friends. If Islands82 showed up on my doorstep post-SHTF, there would be no questions asked of him before bringing him inside. People such as these are very difficult to find. I live in a deep red area of "conservatives", and I have a very difficult time finding people who I'd crack open my stores for. Build that network.

We all like to ponder about a SHTF scenario and what we'd do.

Stop pondering. You're in one.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The surveillance state has won.

One big concern for “patriots”, “three percenters”, conservatives, Alt-Right or whatever we are deciding to call ourselves this week, is how to avoid detection and surveillance in the ongoing and upcoming conflicts.

Well you can put that concern to rest. You can’t avoid it or escape it.

You live in a globe-sized panopticon, but instead the possibility that anyone could be watched at anytime, you have the certainty that you ARE being watched at all times.

So now you have to figure out how to win while your enemy is seeing and hearing everything you do
and say, and has a near total monopoly on all weapons of war, and you have no way of “legally” making any changes to any of that. Because that’s all what we gave them.

Oh, and they’re actively importing hordes of brown and black savages who have never yet stepped foot inside our “borders” (heh, borders), yet already possess a deep seated hatred of you and your family, and are already hell bent on killing you and your family and erasing your memory from the world.

Good luck. Hope you have enough ammo.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Mexican Troops disarmed American soldiers inside the US.

This is an absolute disgrace.

Reports are that several Mexican soldiers crossed the Rio Grande and entered into US territory, detained and disarmed two US soldiers conducting border security operations. At one point one of the Mexican soldiers actually took a weapon from a US soldier.

This is an absolute act of war, and I am incensed that US military personnel didn’t engage the enemy troops.

Having been recent discharged, I would not be surprised if the US troops with without ammo altogether. The US military is highly risk averse these days.

If your military won’t defend your border, you have no border. If you have no border then you have no country.

Happy Easter.

I know I usually post a nice pic on Easter but Blogger has become increasingly difficult to use recently, especially on mobile and especially with posting images. I’ll try to get around it as best I can in the future until I eventually move over to Wordpress. All in good time.

Have a good day, and remember that He is risen.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Notre Dame cathedral burning and how Liberals and conservatives view it

Most people on the right wing or the left wing will see the Notre Dame cathedral fire as a tragic event. They will feel upset to see this monument to Western culture and civilization burning.

Others will feel upset because of the history and rare nature of the building, while others will be touched because of their religious and spiritual connection to it.

Amazing architecture, art, history was being destroyed and most rational people can agree that this is a tragedy, but here is where the divide begins.

If you point out that this church burning on such a massive level right before Easter and following a string of attacks throughout France and most of Europe led by jihadists and ISIS, then the left wing media and populace regard you as an Islamophobic bigot or conspiracy theorist. Within 24 hours the French government had already deemed the fire an accident.

Am I to believe a proper and thorough investigation was done in less than 24 hours? ISIS announced that this was going to happen across Europe. They announced a month ago they would be attacking churches across Europe and they have. Notre Dame is one of many churches attacked in the past several weeks.

I have noticed that our media is trying to frame anyone who feels that this is intentional as a conspiracy theorist whacko or a hate filled Nazi. I mean, how dare we criticize ISIS! Is criticizing ISIS now seen as a hateful act by the political left?

When I said that it was intentional on a Facebook thread I had several liberals in a rage berating me and calling me an Islamophobic Nazi and bigot. Now consider this, when Jussie Smollet was supposedly beaten by white, right wing Trump supporters the political left and their media "knew" it was true, they knew beyond the shadow of a doubt it was true.

Of course it was not, but they still "know" it's true.

Nick Sandman, the 14 year old with the MAGA cap, stood silently as the black supremacists screamed insults and threats at him, and as Nathan Philips screamed in his face. All of the political left and media "knew" that he was the villain and that Nick Sandman was at fault.

They were wrong then as well, but they still cling to their lies. If you claim suspicion that the fire was connected to the string of church attacks and the ISIS threats then you are a crazy Nazi.

Welcome to the future. As long as we let these cultural saboteurs run our media, this is what we have to look forward to. It is time to look for a solution to the sick animals that are running our media.