Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The “Ghost of Communism”?

Just saw an article on Drudge about how “Chinese-Americans” are seeing the “ghost of communism” in the “leftward turn” of US politics.

If “Chinese-Americans” are so worried about communism, then why do they (like all other non-white cohorts) overwhelmingly vote for Democrats at every level?

It’s no different than Hispanics voting for hardcore socialism while their former countrymen flee it in every direction.

Only to end up here voting for the same systems.

Is it because they love it?

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Some words on the New Zealand shooting

This horrible event that has political roots is of course being politicized.
The left wing is using this as a means to demonize white western society and of course demonize gun owners.
The right wing response is to point out how in the past several months there have been numerous violent attacks on christians and Europeans by Islamic jihadists and how the left wing media was mainly silent and emotionless.
What this entire event shows me is that there is the biased between the globalist anti western left wing and the biased of the nationalistic right wing.
The left ignores violence towards christians and whites but goes into a frenzy if a white person or christian commits an act of violence against a protected group they can use as a political pawn.
The right wing however is confronted with the wrong doing of its own nation daily be it small fringe elements or crazed individuals.
We are confronted with it constantly and we are forced to make apologies and apologetics.
We to are biased we care more about our kin, nations and christians being attacked than muslims this is true.
Most of us are sickened by what this one crazed individual did but we are being further polarized by the left wing biased and attack.
We should not celebrate this individuals cowardly act of shooting unarmed men, women and children but the biased is being shown and the rifts are being further forged.

Friday, March 15, 2019

back from south africa

I have witnessed shocking things and events.
i had an amazing time with wonderful people but i am saddened and angered to have witnessed the horrific things done to so many people.
I will have much to post soon.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The demographic shift is upon us.

In the US, the majority of elementary school kids are non-white. The majority of births in the US is also now transitioned to non-white.

The wall isn’t going to stop it. It’s over. It’s irreversible.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Logically speaking on reparations and slavery.

If I, as a white man, am to be expected to pay reparations because of the perceived crimes of my ancestors, then logically speaking, I am due credit for the progress and advancement of my ancestors as well.

If black people, as apparent descendants of African slaves, are due to receive reparations for the suffering of those ancestors, then they are logically due to pay the penalty for the enslavement of rival African tribes by their ancestors.

So when do I receive my credit for the advancement of Western Civ? When do the descendants blacks receive their penalty for enslaving their fellow Africans?

Yes, African slaves were sold to Europeans by other Africans (and also by Arabs). White Europeans did not sail to Africa and round up free Africans and put them on slavery ships. That would require fighting battles against large native forces. Even with more modern weapons than the natives had, that didn’t always go so well. Research Isandlwana in 1879. Why fight a war to gather African slaves when you can just buy them from African (and Arab) slavers? So that’s what they did. This is no argument in favor of slavery. This is simply logical. If white people of today are to be punished for their ancestors owning slaves for a hundred years, then blacks should be punished for owning slaves for a thousand years prior.

No people owned slaves longer than the Arabs or Africans. They invented slavery. Perfected it. The white man, when he joined the game, found it so abhorrent that he killed thousands of his own in order to end it.

Slavery is still widely practiced in every culture today, except for the white culture.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Who are these Democrats too crazy for?

Looks like we could be looking at the likes of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Beto O’Rourke running for the Democrat Party nomination. I hear a lot of Republicans laughing about this, saying that they’re glad to see it, that these potential candidates are all crazy, far left loonies that will drive voters away with their sheer insanity. I’m a bit confused by this way of thinking.

Who exactly are these candidates too crazy for? Do you really think that these candidates won’t pull 95% of blacks? Do you really think these candidates won’t pull the majority of every minority and the majority of white women? Do you really think that they won’t pull at least 45% of white men?

You might think that these people are insane, but to half of the country, they’re not. There is a lot of evidence to say that it’s not independents that decide elections, but rather it’s the ability of each side to energize their base into voting in larger numbers.

You think the Democrat left wing base isn’t going to be energized by what you think is unhinged insanity?

Wake up. Unhinged insanity is the name of the game, and those candidates and the tens of millions of people that support them are looking to unleash it on you.

Why can’t I have those weapons too?

I’ve heard it said many times that police officers in America work in a “war zone” and that their jobs are so dangerous that they need more. More what? More everything. More cops, more deputies, more body armor, more guns, more automatic weapons, bigger SWAT teams, more radios, more radar, more license plate scanners, more new vehicles, more armored MRAPs from the military, bigger jails, more helicopters, more drones, more use-of-force freedom, more exemptions from civilian laws, more funding, etc.

Always more.

But for me, the only thing I get more of is more laws and more restrictions. A harder process for buying a gun. A longer list of weapons I can’t have. A more expensive legal system that I have to spend more money to navigate even if I didn’t break the law.

If the police work in such a dangerous “war zone”, then that would mean I live in a war zone. So then shouldn’t I be allowed to protect myself like the police are allowed to protect themselves?

Friday, February 22, 2019

4th Generational Warfare

Here is a great explanation of what 4GW is and it also gives a good refresher on the first three generations of warfare.

Study it and prepare for it. Like the article says, the less powerful side must make adjustments for their lack of might, but the more powerful side must make adjustments for their own great size and strength, which can be a disadvantage at times. If the guerrilla can maximize their own advantages and mitigate the opponent’s strengths, they can win.

Warfare is all about recognizing each side’s advantages and disadvantages, and maximizing or mitigating those appropriately. Whichever side can do that better is usually the winner.

Town Hall with Matt Gaetz

Went to a local town hall meeting with Comgressman Matt Gaetz. About a hundred people were there at the small venue. While I didn’t get a chance to have my say with him, all of my questions ended up being answered, and many more of my suspicions were confirmed. Here are some of my notes from the meeting with some major paraphrasing for length:

Someone asked how we are going to fix social security, he said “we can’t, they stole all that money and it’s gone and they’re never going to give it back. If someone broke into your house ten years ago and stole stuff, what’s the likelihood of you getting it back? That’s what happened.”

He said Republicans in the Congress won’t help us with gun laws because the majority of them still think the 2A is all about burglars and hunting rather than overthrowing a tyrannical government. Said “they’re not going to give you the tools to get rid of them when they’ve given themselves more power than they’re supposed to have.”

He believes term limits, a mandatory balanced budget law and a “single item per bill” policy would solve a ton of problems, but that there is no way that anyone in Congress will support it. He said his discussions with members of Congress about these things are a large part of why he is unpopular.

He also said that if he doesn’t go on TV and radio all the time, that no one will ever pay attention to our area. Said that his Republican colleagues think he goes on TV too much, but he knows that he’s only going to be in office for a short time, and that if he doesn’t go on TV, no one will ever hear from NW Florida at all.

He sure does hate him some Paul Ryan. Took shots at him several times. Said that Paul Ryan did a lot of damage to Conservatives in the House. Said they couldn’t win on any issue with him, even if they had an advantage.

Also mentioned that the House continues to pass budget bills that have “defund Planned Parenthood” as the first line, and that when they send those bills to the Senate, the very FIRST thing the Senate does is remove that from the bill. Every time.

Said Pelosi is directly responsible for the shut down because she blocks all debate regarding the issues concerning the shut down and forces them to debate unrelated bills. Said last time she had them debating LEO training for Indian Reservations hours before the most recent shut down.

Said the FDA is most responsible for high drug prices in the US because top pharma executives rotate in and out of FDA management positions every few years, and then back to their pharma executive jobs, then back again, over and over.

After last night, I would definitely vote for him again, if I thought it mattered. It doesn’t sound like it does. “Our side” doesn’t have a party in DC. He said it’s not Democrats vs Republicans anymore. It’s “institutionalists vs reformers”, and the reformers are too small of a minority to make any progress at all, and don’t hold any leadership positions.

Said he got kicked off of one of the committees last year because of his push for a balanced budget bill.

Another thing he mentioned about the Florida legislature is nothing can get done because instead of the Republicans having the majority in the Senate, they actually don’t. He said the Democrats and all of the Miami-Dade area Republicans vote together and so the Republicans in Central, North and NW Florida can’t win. That’s why we keep losing the gun law fight. We can’t pass a single pro-gun bill in our Republican dominated Senate because the Republicans in South Florida won’t support it.

But I’ve been telling y’all that for last couple of years.

Also, from what Gaetz says, Florida seems to have gotten lucky with DeSantis. Sounds like he is going to be very good for us. Unfortunately, again, we have a garbage legislature.

Said that Rick Scott was hard to work with. Got blown off a lot by him and he wasn’t a good friend to Republican requests for Conservative policies. Said he refused a lot stuff Conservative legislators
asked of him.

Mentioned that the Florida state Supreme Court was extremely leftist before and were frequently overturned by the SCOTUS, and now he believes that since they were all recently replaced, we might have the most Conservative state SC in the country.

Mentioned that he is constantly reminding Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott and other Florida Republican officials that they’re always LOSING their elections up until the NW Florida votes come in, and then they win.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Communism vs Republicanism

Communism and Socialism always require the full subjugation of every opposition voice in order to achieve the end goals, or even to advance to the next stage of implementation. Often, especially with Communism, that subjugation includes many deaths of those in opposition, sometimes in the tens of millions.

Republicanism and Capitalism may not always be ideal and may not always be the right solution to the problems of mankind, but those options are always better than Communism and Socialism, because true Republicanism and Capitalism managed by a moral and just society will never require murdering a single dissenter.

Post script: Republicanism is not Democracy. True Democracy is mob rule, often easily subverted by the most immoral segments of society.