Friday, September 15, 2017

Aesop is ready to throw Trump his third strike.

Aesop at the Raconteur Report has a piece on Trump's regression from populist, anti-bureaucracy, conservative swamp drainer to an aisle straddling, flip-flopping swamp monster himself. Seems Trump has two strikes against him, with a possible third on it's way.

As Aesop points out, Trump's biggest running pillars were prosecuting the Clinton syndicate, draining the swamp and building his vaunted Southern border wall. Like the link states, strike one happened almost immediately. Anyone who thinks Hillary will ever pay for any of her plethora of misdeeds is delusional.

It appears that he's replaced most of his swamp draining staff with swamp creatures, that being strike two on Aesop's list. Steve Bannon was the biggest proponent of pumping out the D.C. mudhole and turning it into a capitalist strip mall. He's gone, and he was probably the last one.

Strike three is the wall, and we are still not one step closer to building it than we were in January. And before anyone comes out with "He didn't mean a LITERAL wall, he meant a BARRIER and other passive measures that reduce illegal immigration!"... You're full of crap. Everyone who is honest will know he was literally talking about a huge cement wall. Granted, we don't NEED that. We could have a tall, solid metal fence like in Southern Kalifornia. But regardless of what the actual wall/barrier looks like, we still don't have it and haven't made an ounce of progress.

And now Trump is working with two of the most disgusting swamp monsters the halls of Congress have ever housed, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, to CONTINUE the admittedly ILLEGAL 0bama program called DACA, which has allowed nearly one million illegal aliens to remain inside the US. And what are Schumer and Pelosi willing to give up for the border wall? Nothing of course. The democrats NEVER give an inch on anything.

Strike three coming? You only get three...

If the swamp monsters absorb only one part of the message in the article, let this be it:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The American healthcare system is NOT the most expensive healthcare system in the world...

...We just charge YOU more to use it, and we always do it AFTER the fact, so that you won't catch on to the scam.

New content coming!

August and September have been busy months and the rest of September will still be busy for me, what with working overtime to take advantage of a three paycheck month (which for me, means no health insurance allotments will be taken on the third check). But rest assured, if there is a soul reading this, or maybe a hundred souls, since that's what this page seems to be averaging, there will be some new analysis and commentary coming soon. Like perhaps this weekend.

For now, stay gray and keep prepping.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Charlottesville Rally car attack did NOT kill Heather Heyer.

Apparently it's been confirmed that Heather Heyer died of a heart attack after AntiFa mobs were rammed by a speeding vehicle after the Charlottesville UTR rally. She had received some sort of leg injury, but may not have even been struck by any vehicle at all.

This does not fit the proper narrative for the leftist AntiFa mob.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hurricane Irma, category 5.

Currently the entire Eastern half of the US is watching Hurricane Irma very closely. Especially Florida, which is almost guaranteed at this point to take a hard hit. A lot of the projections have it moving conveniently (LOL) right between Miami and Cuba, and then turning North, either raking it's way up the peninsula, or moving straight through the Gulf of Mexico up into the Panhandle. I am in the Panhandle, somewhere.

It's been since 2005 that we in the Panhandle of Florida took a hit from a Hurricane. 2004 and 2005 was a two year act where Hurricanes slammed the Gulf Coast repeatedly, the stars of that show were named Ivan, Dennis, Katrina and Rita.

After about 12 years, Harvey finally showed up, and now we will meet Irma.

It is my fear that after so much time has passed, that we might have entire young generation of people who are currently living in Florida on their own, but weren't old enough to be much help to their parents last time a major hurricane struck, and also weren't old enough to significantly contribute to the cleanup. They likely don't remember all of the ins and outs of hurricane prep. This is something that used to come naturally to Floridians, but it's been a long time.

The local Walmart stores (and all of the non-Walmart ones too) are out of water, most of the batteries and a good bit of the camping gear. I went out there with the hordes to observe, but also to see if I could get some more preps too. Even if I have water, more is better. Even if I have batteries, more is better. Even if I've already got sandbags, more is better.

We did notice a few pushy jerks, those people who have the worst part of them brought out by an impending disaster. I'd say they looked a bit too young to have participated in the troubles of 2004 and 2005. But mostly we found people who were friendly, who were willing to give a hint about where they thought some water could be bought, people who were going through the pre-storm routine with humor. Mostly folks who looked like they'd been there before, or were with someone who had.

My windows will be boarded up if the storm hits us above a category 3. The backdoor will be sandbagged if we even receive bands of rain, since the back porch pools a little. Our area under the stairs is a nice safe space from falling debris. We've got our water and stored food. Found some extra toilet paper today. Saltines. Cereal. Baby wipes. Also happened to find two more packs of D batteries. Surprise.

Filled some sandbags for my parents too. Their back area pools much deeper than our's does.

As always my advice for anyone prepping for this storm, or the next, is to start by securing stable and safe shelter. If you have to evacuate, earliest possible is the best. Some people are already leaving and we don't even know where the storm is going yet. If you're not leaving, by half inch plywood boards, cut them to fit your windows and board them up. If you've got brick or cinder block surrounding your windows, buy Plylox clips. They make boarding up windows EASY. Local hardware stores have empty sandbags (got mine for 49¢) and the local fire department has sand (or they know who does), possibly for free. Get on your roof and secure the weak spots. Get those problem trees in the yard near your house trimmed down, cut down or strapped down. Get a generator that is capable of running your fridge, and get the gas and oil to run the generator, and learn to take care of it. Keep the generator OUTSIDE. Make a plywood teepee over it to cut down the noise. Yes, it works.

Obviously, buy water if you can. Store it if you can. Walmart usually sells 15gal water containers. Three of those alone will give a family of five water for nine days, if you're following the "one gallon of water per person, per day" rule. That includes drinking, cooking, washing and bathing. Get a Berkey water filtration system and catch that rain and filter it. It sucks to be dry and thirsty when the sky just dumped a million gallons on your property. Do NOT collect rainwater from a shingle roof. It's poisonous to drink, even after your filter it. Don't water food with it either.

Use Mylar and five gallon buckets to store rice, beans, salt, pepper and sugar. MREs are ok. Mountain House #10 cans are better. Using a generator to run you fridge, deep freezer and microwave are best. Coleman propane stoves are a life saver. Get you a manual can opener, and a dozen P-38/P-51 can openers.

Clean your guns and stock that ammo. Especially if you have the slightest idea that someone might want what you've got. Boarded windows are great concealment, but that goes both ways. Sandbags will stop a pistol round. You all let me know if it stops a rifle round though. If I don't hear from you, I'll assume that it didn't.

Batteries for flashlights and gas for lanterns. Fuel up the cars when you get the chance and keep the gas cans full. Bring in the lawn furniture and close the garage.

What else y'all got?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The "few bad apples" defense for cops is over.

After watching this horrifying, yet to me, unsurprising, video of intensive care burn unit charge nurse Alex Wubbels being physically assaulted and detained by Salt Lake City Police Detective Jeff Payne and then lectured by Lieutenant James Tracy for simply doing her job to the letter of federal HIPAA laws, I have come to conclusion that the relationship between the People and their servant law enforcement officers may very well have just "crossed the Rubicon".

The relationship between hospital caregivers and the police is thought to have been a close one, but as a registered nurse (licensed 2009) with MANY family members who are also RNs, all licensed longer than me, and many coworkers who are obviously also RNs, I can tell you that there is little reason to think our relationship with the police would be close.

Law enforcement officers generally have little to offer medical staff in way of assistance until a patient actually becomes violent with a weapon. This is an exceedingly rare occurrence, and as we all know, the police would need to be called just like anyone at their home would do so. In almost all other instances, the hospital staff, including the RNs, techs and security (if there is any) would deal with the violence themselves initially.

As far as the medical staff assisting law enforcement, we have only information, and little more. However, this healthcare information is part of that patient's personal information, therefore falling under the Fourth Amendment right to privacy. If your personal health information is not private, then NOTHING is.

All healthcare professionals, including RNs, are PROHIBITED BY FEDERAL LAW (HIPAA) from releasing a patient's health related information to ANYONE without specific criteria being met first.

1. Patient must consent. An unconscious patient can not consent.

2. Patient must be under arrest, and therefore in the protective custody of the law enforcement or correctional entity.

3. A warrant must be properly obtained from a judge. This isn't 1999. This can be done electronically or telephonically in as little as ten minutes.

At least one of those criteria must be met. In this particular incident, NONE of those criteria were met. This was THOROUGHLY explained to the officers by Alex Wubbels and by her hospital administrator. The lawful policy, agreed to previously by the SLCPD, was printed and shown to the officers. The officers were asked if they had a warrant, to which they replied that they did not. The nurse explained that the patient had already received medications to make them more "comfortable". For those who don't work in the medical field, the burn patient was surely given narcotic pain killers. This would have tainted any blood toxicology reports. This was explained to the officers as well.

None of this mattered. Detective Jeff Payne aggressively, unnecessarily and unlawfully assaulted Alex Wubbels, dragged her outside, handcuffed her and put her in his car. This was an obvious, inexcusable and ILLEGAL abuse of power. To add insult to injury, Lieutenant James Tracy came in and started to lecture her about what she had done wrong. These were lies, of course, because she had done nothing wrong at all. Tracy began citing now defunct laws, struck down in 2007 by the Supreme Court.

Turns out that Alex Wubbels knew the law better than both of them and followed it, unlike both of them. If you are ever so inclined, trying quoting a law or legal statute to a law enforcement officer and see where that gets you. I guarantee it will not work out in your favor. Rational discussion with a LEO does not help your situation once they've made up their mind, no matter how correct you are.

The fact that THREE police officers were present at the time of the assault and were later supported by a supervisor tells me that this was a systemic problem, a pattern of behavior, in this department. Tracy himself told Wubbels he had been doing it this way for "22 years". This incident took place in July, and only now has the officer been suspended, and only after Alex Wubbels and her attorney released the video.

The hostile attitude and intimidation tactics shown in the video are consistent with my own professional experiences and the experiences of my friends and family members who work and have worked as RNs in many states. Admittedly, none of us have been assaulted and manhandeled yet, but the hostility and attempts at intimidation seem to be standard operation procedure.

This apparent close relationship between law enforcement and hospital staff has always been a mystery to me. Myth might be a better word. And now we are supposed to repair it after this? Repair it back to what? Back to when LEOs only used VERBAL intimidation tactics instead of cuffing us and tossing us into the car? Back to when we were only demanded to break federal law instead of being physically forced to?

And when this is the experience of a great many nurses throughout the country, is it really just "a few bad apples" behaving this way? At what point are we allowed to get angry and demand a large scale change?

The "few bad apples" defense is important to law enforcement, and they might have just lost that.

The blatant lies of mainstream media, now white people were never enslaved

Left wing media outlets and mainstream media in general can only accomplish their goals and relay their narratives through blatant lies but more often they use slight of hand.
They will use just a little fact and amazing diversion tactics to confuse and distort the public's view of reality. 
I have been doing substantial work as a documentarian and a massive amount of research on the history of Irish and Scottish slaves. 
Through out the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s large numbers of Europeans were used as slaves through out the colonies in the West Indies and North America.
Left wing cultural marxists have used the subject of the trans Atlantic slave trade as a means to demonize western society and guilt people into submission. 
There is a common narrative that attempts to make the crime of slavery synonyms and exclusive to white/ European western society. 
There is an attempt to make all people of African derivation out to be victims and an attempt to portray all people of European heritage as being some how an accomplice and beneficiaries of slavery. 
More and more people like myself have been publishing information that relays the history of European people who were also enslaved through out the ages and there is demonstrative and overwhelming data that shows how the Irish were slaves throughout the west indies and America's. 
mainstream media has recently gone on a crusade in an attempt to debunk the concept of European/ Irish slavery within history. 
The New York Times, Jezebel, Snopes,  and numerous other propaganda rags are insisting that Irish Slavery was a Myth by asserting that everyone who discusses the slavery of Europeans are instantly conflating the subject with indentured servitude. 
Indentured servitude was not chattel slavery and I do not know of anyone who conflates the two.
 I am sure there have people who have made such a faux pas but myself and many historians are not conflating the two subjects. 
The subject of Irish and various other European's who were enslaved into chattel slavery is well documented and no historian or author is attempting to conflate the two. 
However the left wing manipulators are now asserting that all discussion of enslaved European people is being conflated with indentured servitude. 
If you google white, European or Irish slaves chances are your google feed will be filled with endless lists of so called " debunking the myth" publications. 
This is literally an Orwellian attempt at scrubbing the publics mind and deleting important historic facts from our collective minds and history. 
" Down the memory hole" as Orwell described it in 1984. 
The word slave derives from Slavic! Yes people of European derivation were enslaved historically by other Europeans as well as Arab and African nations. 
All one needs to do is learn about the barbary slave trade where African and middle Eastern slave traders captured and brutalized over one million Europeans of various backgrounds and yes it is well documented that Cromwell used chattel slaves of Irish and Scottish background and they constituted the majority of the slave population in places like Barbados in the early days of its colonization. 
The fact they are so terrified of this info getting out makes me realize how much of a social engineering scheme they depend on.
Create victimization mentality complexes for some demographics and guilt complexes for others. 
I am sorry nothing that major media publishes can be trusted on any level at this point. 
They lie so often that there is no way to know when they are actually telling the truth. 
I think this is why the flat Earther movement has become a thing. 
There are people so cynical about everything told to them because of the endless lies that they now doubt the very world they live on. 
Below is a link to the NY Times article attempting to " debunk" Irish slavery and below is a link to a documentary on Irish slavery. 

Link to NY Times and their boundless lies -

Documentary on the history of Scottish and Irish slaves -

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pensacola Lee Square Protest: Notes.

I did not attend the demonstration in Pensacola at Lee Square due to my concerns that this may have been a media trap at best, a beat-down setup at worst. Turned out to be a minor media trap, since the local news people were able to get some interviews that would easily allow them to paint the organizer and the demonstrators in any light they wished.

Some notes from a few solid sources:

BLM was there and might have been the principle "counter-protest" group.

There were 20 Pensacola PD officers on the scene, 40 Escambia County deputies and 40 Florida State Troopers. There was one PPD SWAT sniper positioned on a church roof overlooking the square.

One man arrested for battery when he swatted a bullhorn from someone's hand.

Still not sure yet on numbers of demonstrators on either side. Talking with sources.

Sons of Confederate Soldiers (I think that's the group name) didn't show and didn't endorse.

LE had orders not to tolerate ANY violence at all (which is why the dude got arrested for something relatively minor).

Thursday, August 24, 2017

ZH: New climate study throws a wrench into the debate.

Zero Hedge reports on a new climate study by scientists out of Australia that shows climate changes may very well just be naturally occurring.

Also in the story are several links showing examples where data has been tampered with by scientists claiming that all climate changes are man-made and also some examples of some very outlandish claims made in support of man-made climate change. As if we needed more examples. There are thousands of them out there already proving how stupid and/or dishonest these climate change zealots are.

The authors of the new study go on to state that they believe their study will be totally ignored, despite their highly regarded reputation in the field of climate study and unassailable research methods.

They can probably kiss that reputation good bye. People who cling to the climate change cult are about as rabidly devout as they come. If all the cultists do is ignore the study, the authors will be lucky. They're more likely to be publicly ridiculed, stripped of all grants and tenure and fired from their positions, despite NO ONE being able to (or even attempting to) legitimately criticize their research methods.

Because that's apparently how "science" works in the 21st century. Things become "settled science" and then anyone who dissents gets tarred and feathered.