Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How do you conquer Western Civilization?

Western Civilization is the paragon of human history as a whole. The white, European descendants are responsible for the vast majority of scientific and technological achievements, philosophical breakthroughs, human rights advancements, humanitarian efforts and overall quality of life improvements for mankind.

Despite that, or maybe because of that, Western Civilization is, and has been, under attack. The problem we have today is that the attacks are coming from within and from without, and these attacks are slow, creeping, pervasive and disguised.

Once upon a time, a people conquered another people through means of arms. Warfare, destruction, genocide. This later progressed to treaties and surrender documents, but it basically the same. Simply a formalization of recognizing a winning side over the losing side.

But Western Civilization is different, bigger, much more advanced. How do you fight that and win?

Replace the men with feminised beta soyboys.

Replace the women with feminists who are empowered to do everything they aren't designed to do, and avoid the things they are.

Replace the need to reproduce with the need to acquire things and money.

Replace the culture with foreign traditions.

Replace the language with mixed dialects.

Replace art with meaningless, shapeless forms.

Replace right with wrong.

Replace normalcy with degeneracy.

Replace excellence with mediocrity.

Replace academics with ideology.

Replace self-reliance with dependence.

Replace the racial majority with many racial minorities hostile to them.

You are being replaced, white men and women, by people who are hostile to you. What will you do about it?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Currently away on government work. Be back soon.

I, The Gray Man, am currently out of town on what I'll call "government work" for basic OPSEC reasons. Don't worry, it's not that cool.

Or is it?

Let your imagination decide. I'll be back soon.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

On the importance of the Scout Team.

Absolutely required reading from NCScout at the Brushbeater blog.

Why is this absolutely required reading? Well here's my opinion on it, and keep in mind that I spent some time downrange with a Long Range Surveillance unit (you'll notice that he mentions "LRS" in the linked article).

In the post-SHTF situation, reality is that most of us are not going to have the ability to activate and operate with a company (roughly 90-120 dudes) or platoon-sized (about 30 or so dudes) element. The majority of us are going to be struggling to gather a even a squad (8-10 dudes) that has the proper variation of skills and equipment when needed, while having the uniformity of equipment in other areas, experience, mindset, physical skills... You get my point.

In my opinion, your most important "fighting" teams are two: One is your actual defensive perimeter team, or if you have enough people to form a neighborhood protection team (NPF). Basically, these are your people guarding the home base. It's whoever you can find with the gear they can find and the weapons they have. Most of us aren't going to have rotating guard duties divided up among former Rangers and other operators.

The other important team is the team that NCScout discusses. The scout team. In the military, as he statues, it's about 6 dudes. In your case, it probably does need to be about three dudes. He goes into detail about what kind of skills are ideal, such as bow hunting, radio operation, the ability to hit long range targets in less-than-ideal conditions.

I would add a little bit of medical skills in there, though I'm not so sure you want to burden anyone into a full on combat medic role with all of the associated gear seeing as this is not a direct action weapons squad. It's still a scout team, sent out to assess the operating environment surrounding what is your home base.

Required reading. Get on it.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Is gun confiscation impossible in the USA?

Many libertarian, conservative and liberal individuals I know in my personnel life as well as political commentators mock people who are concerned about the possibility of gun confiscation or guns being regulated out of existence in the USA.
They seem to have a cavalier world view pertaining to gun rights in the USA and think that there is no way gun rights can be threatened in the USA.
I used to live in Massachusetts and gun ownership was made into a very difficult venture on a state level and depending on the town you lived in it could be damn near impossible.
There were police chiefs that found ways to deny the general public gun ownership and this is the case in most of NY state and California as well amongst other states.
A dramatic gun confiscation is most likely not a threat but gradual over regulation is.
So many people forget that countries like England had massive rates of gun ownership throughout the 19th century and well into the later part of the 20th century.
It was not until the 1980's that it became a country with nearly no legal gun owners or firearms enthusiasts.
Australia was another country with massive firearm ownership and its only been in the past decade that they have seen their rights stripped away.
Brazil also comes to mind.
Jamaica had a massive gun ban in the 1970s under the marxist sympathizer prime minister Micheal Manley.
Manley demanded that all gun owners turn in every firearm they own within a weeks time or face criminal charges and imprisonment.
Of course every law abiding citizen heeded his demands and a week later criminal gangs terrorized, looted, raped, assaulted and murdered large numbers of Jamaicans and exapts.
This was during a time of great racial tension between the black majority and the white business and planter class.
I know a English descended Jamaican that lived through this event and experienced the violence first hand.
He knew many of the victims of this violent class/ racial/political clash.
Many Jamaicans I know feel the violence was racially focused while others feel it was purely economic/ class focused but it makes you wonder why leftist media correlates its distain for gun ownership with white people.
Just google white gun owners and the first three pages of your google search will be filled with publications like Salon, the Huffington post ect harping on white racist men and how they stockpile guns.
never is there an article expressing their disgust on how Indian American tribes stockpile guns on their reservations or how black nationalists support gun ownership or Asian immigrants and Asian American business owners have high rates of gun ownership.
The focus is white gun owners and when it is convenient they speak generally about Americans and gun ownership when they wish to shift the narrative.
There is a racial focus for this gun confiscation/ regulation agenda but more importantly there is a problem with this " American exceptionalism" you know this thing the left constantly criticizes patriotic Americans over.
They feel there is no threat to gun rights simply because there is a high rate of ownership and a massive number circulating. News flash all the countries I mentioned had a massive level of gun ownership and large numbers of guns circulating and now they are countries where legal  gun ownership is nearly impossible and rare though Jamaica has recently over the years created much more laxed gun laws compared to its 1970s all out ban.
What frustrates me the most is the fact that many pro 2nd amendment gun owners I meet take this cavalier attitude " oh gun bans in America are impossible".
How are they impossible? Its very possible but more than anything a gradual over regulation is more likely.
British citizens can own very restricted class of firearms and police reserve the right to deny you for any reason they want.
As a result there are few gun owners in England and the few that remain often face massive stigmatization from society and they can not use their firearms for any form of defense what so ever.
This is a video from reason tv showing how impossible a gun ban is.
They make good points but it gives the perception that stomping out gun ownership in the USA is impossible. It is a very real threat and is very possible.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

No explanation for why I "need" an AR-15

I am not typically a meme poster (though I've posted a few), but this one has a legitimate point. There is no need for anyone to explain the exercising of a right. The only possible argument to be made here is that perhaps sitting in the front of a bus is not actually a natural right.

When the legal system moves the line.

When a man is doing something that he's been doing all of his life, that others before him were doing all of their lives, without ever harming a single soul, and that act suddenly is deemed "illegal" by the state, is the man then a criminal? Is his victimless act suddenly immoral? This is the man who has gotten caught on the wrong side of the line without having ever actually "crossed the line" like the truly immoral criminal.

Being on the wrong side of the line does not mean that you crossed that line.

Received this notice on EU regulations from Google

Just so everyone is aware, I received this notice from Google regarding European Union laws. Big deal or not, I just wanted to let y'all know as soon as I got it. Whatever it is that they want me to do, if anything, is not going to happen. I have no "responsibilities" to the EU.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Why leftists avoid the topic of Islamic violence against minorities

I recently published some documentaries and video projects that I produced while I was in Iraq that focus on the violence that ethnic Armenians, Assyrians and Christian minority groups in Syria and Iraq have suffered at the hands of the Islamic state. When I shared the material, the leftist and black nationalist elements will almost always digress the dialogue into a direction that sets out to prove how evil Christians are or how white people are the real terrorists.

When conservatives see the work I have done in Iraq the majority respond with statements like "God help these people" or "they are in my prayers" or "what can I do to help?" or praises to the Christian communities for their efforts in resisting the violence of Islamic fascists. When white liberals see my programs, the majority will digress and derail the topic into how Christians are no better or how Christianity was worse while giving examples of the Crusades and events that happened over one thousand years ago. They will instantly run to the defense of Islam and act as if the work I am doing is an attack on all Muslim people.

The black nationalist elements will find the first chance they get to digress the conversation into how white people are worse than ISIS or the same as ISIS with statements on how white people are murdering blacks in mass numbers, or shooting out memes with photos of school shooters and text stating things like "white people are the biggest threat to America" or memes displaying photos of the KKK and text with quotes like "before you judge Muslims and ISIS remember that White America is just as bad as ISIS."

A professor from the university of London from the black studies department mocked my work in Iraq saying "don't throw your toys out of the pram" and "stop trying to exploit my emotions with this sensationalist propaganda, black people have been suffering for over 500 years under white oppression." This same black studies professor will publish works expressing the pain and suffering that Africans faced during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and post historic photos on her Facebook page displaying the scars that African slaves had on their backs. These people will display graphic images of Jewish victims of the holocaust and use at as a means to demonize nationalism, Christians, Germans and Europeans, but God forbid we show the suffering of Christians in the Middle East. Notice how showing the suffering of ethnic non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East angers and confuses leftists?

Black nationalists feel that their victimization mentality and status is under attack and threatened when compared to how other races and ethnic groups are suffering through out the world.
Rather than wave the flag of " solidarity" as they always push on our society they attack information and people who show concern for the suffering of minorities that face real systematic violence and murder.
White liberals scramble to digress into statements about the evil of christianity because they feel uncomfortable criticizing any aspect of Islam.
When you confront their anti christian mindset and ask them why they feel the need to tout Islam as a religion of love and peace but christianity as a religion responsible for violence they eventually end the conversation with a dismissive " I hate all religion". If you hate all religion why did you spend the last 15 -30 minutes defending Islam?
The truth is oppression is a problem, bigotry is a problem racial and ethnic violence is a problem and people are being attacked because of their religion and Yazidi peoples in Syria and Iraq as well as ethnic Assyrians, Syriac, and Armenians are some of the people getting the worse of it at the hands of Islamic fascists and left wing media and elements spent the past eight years marginalizing, minimizing and ignoring the violence against minorities because they did not have the ability to demonize white people, Europeans, Christians and western society to the degree they wanted to further than anti western marxist agenda.  I hold them all in extreme contempt.
You will almost always see the same tactic, digress, derail and then demonize christians when ever you discuss the violence Christians and Yazidi people face.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Do not forget who we are.

Posting has been slow lately because I've had food poisoning and my periodic government work is calling again. In the brief meantime, I'll just leave this right here. Only you know which side you're on.