Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two Presidents.

Today Donald Trump, elected President of the US, is arriving at NATO HQ for a NATO summit. He has asked NATO member nations to live up to the pledge to spend at least 2% of GDP on NATO defense costs. The US spends double that already.

At the same time, former president 0bama is on a trip in Europe meeting with leaders, including German chancellor Angela Merkel. He talked about how Islamic jihadis have been marginalized and mistreated, driving them to violence. He is also talking about migrant refugees.

The timing of 0bama's trip is not coincidental. Neither is the content of his discussions.

The two trips perfectly highlight the differences between the two, and also show a conscious effort by 0bama to undermine the legitimacy and effectiveness of the elected Trump administration.

There are still many bureaucrats in the government who were put in place by 0bama to be loyal to his administration. Then once he left, they were to be loyal to Hillary. Instead, they're now in place to undermine Trump.

The US has two presidents. One is the legally elected president of the republic, Trump. The other is the former president, now the behind-the-scenes leader of the "deep state", shadow government.

How well can a president run a country when a large amount of the bureaucracy is actively working against him under the unspoken orders of a "resistance" led by the former president and his ordained successor (who lost the election)?

This is the struggle we are seeing. And make no mistake that the mainstream media, "MSM", is part of the deep state. Hillary's and the DNC's emails show this collusion without a doubt.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The political left wants Western children dead!

Another bombing from Islamic extremists in England, this time targeting young girls and children. When we discuss the black demographics of Europe and North America and the high incarceration rates and death tolls they face at the hands of police, the political left will always insist that this is a result of " systemic racism".

When christians refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings, the left insists that this is a result of "systemic homophobia" within Christian/American culture.

When Islamic adherents bomb, stab, behead, shoot, rape, and molest women and children, we are told that any discussion of this is islamophobia.

We are told by our leftist media outlets, academics and political organizations that we can not address Islam as a religion and its adherents because that would be bigoted, racist and oppressive. The left wing will not allow discussion or condemnation of the cultures and mindsets that promote death and murder of western people.

It does not matter how many murders and attacks take place abroad or in the USA, the political left will defend Islamic culture tooth and nail but quickly condemn Christians, European people and their societies.

I recently met with my girlfriend's mother, who is a neo-liberal, Jewish supremacist. Her mother told me that Islam is a peaceful religion and that white America needs to learn to accept it because soon this will become an Islamic country, and that is good. I asked her how many Islamic nations she has resided in and I encouraged her to take a long residence in one if she felt that way. She replied "I know as a Jewish woman that I would not fair well in an Islamic country!"  I asked her then why she was so eager to import Islam into Western society where those ideals where incompatible with American and Western society and culture. She responded "What's American or Western culture?! There is no such thing as American culture there is no culture here!" Later in the conversation she admitted that she hated the Christian faith and that European white people needed to pay for their crimes against the Jewish people and other minorities.

Through out the conversation she condemned Christians, Europeans, Germans, Americans and White society but then acted as if there was no such thing as European or Western society. European, Western and American society only exists when it is time for them to find wrong doing, but never exists when there is a time for praise.

I pulled my rosaries out from under my shirt, the same ones that I wore in Iraq, and told her that Christians, Americans and Western society has a culture and that I fought for this culture and it's values.

I kissed the crucifix, and this woman began to laugh.

I learned all I needed to know about Jewish supremacism and leftist marxists with that conversation.


FISA Court: 0bama Admin, "serious" Fourth Amendment Violations.

In April, the FISA court ruled that widespread spying on Americans by the 0bama admin is a "serious fourth amendment issue".

MSM will pick this story up in 3... 2... 1... Never.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump's 2018 budget cuts 66 federal programs.

Trump has proposed cutting 66 government programs for his 2018 budget, that would apparently save over 26 billion dollars.

I looked at the list in the article, and I heartily agree that all of those should be cut. In fact, I think the list should be much, much longer, but it's a good start. I understand that not everything that needs to be cut can be cut immediately, but it needs to happen ASAP.

The Department of Education and Health and Human Services are both getting cut to the tune of almost $5 billion each, with HUD losing about $4 billion. The State Department/USAID is having over $4 billion in "development aid" cut. Development aid is the money we send to other countries so they can "develop". We need to keep that money.

Importantly, the Green Climate Fund and the Global Climate Change Initiative would be cut, saving taxpayers over $1.5 billion.

I would have liked to see the ATF and DEA lose a bunch of money, and the IRS as well.

So what do we need? We need the waffling Republicans to grow a pair of balls and ram this budget down the Democrats' throats. It's our turn now.

Storing Pinto Beans, Long Term.

I've talked about this in the past, but it's important to come back to this from time to time.

Food storage. You can't eat bullets, and using bullets to take someone else's food isn't a good way to go. It's a good way to come across the wrong person just one time and get killed.

So store your own. I'm doing pinto beans today. They are capable of being stored for long periods of time and are very versatile with cooking. They do not have oils to worry about going rancid.

Go to Sam's Club and get you some pinto beans:

Then go online and get you some one gallon Mylar bags:

Get some 300cc oxygen absorbers:

Get your wife's flat iron. Or your own:

And the rest is easy:

To seal the bags, it only takes a few seconds of the flat iron. Make sure there are no wrinkles, or if there are, it's sealed well. One 300cc oxygen absorber per gallon bag. I have about six pounds of beans in each bag. Leave some space in the bags, and only seal the top inch or so. If you have to cut it open, it can be resealed.

Finished product:

Use a sharpie to label contents and date. My research tells me these beans should be useable for 25+ years of packaged correctly, like above.

Storing white rice is exactly the same steps. Salt and sugar are the same, EXCEPT YOU WILL USE DESSICANT MOISTURE ABSORBERS AND NOT OXYGEN ABSORBERS. Why is that in all caps? Because oxygen absorbers will turn your granulated salt and sugar into a rock.

One 300cc oxygen absorber (you can see one sticking out of the pinto beans a couple pictures above) is good for a one gallon Mylar bag. You'll need 5gm of dessicant moisture absorbers for the same size Mylar bag of salt or sugar. Either a single 5gm dessicant packet, or five of the little 1gm packets. I've done both.

I prefer to then put the sealed Mylar bags into HDPE2 five gallon buckets with sealing lids. That will protect the bags from damage.

Note: After some years, maybe 12, pintos can become hard to cook. Literally, they'll be a bit hard and crunchy. Pressure cooking with some baking soda should solve that issue. Also, making refried beans is a way around that eventual hardness.

I've also been informed by IamZeke at Survivalist Boards that lentils can be put through the exact same packaging process described above, with "softer" long term results.

Rutherford Institute: Police "Knock and Talk" Tactics.

Police often use so called "knock and talk" tactics to coerce individuals into allowing the police to enter their homes and conduct warrantless searches for whatever can be used to incriminate the people inside.

The Rutherford Institute has an excellent Q&A on police "Knock and Talk" tactics.

Found this at WRSA. And also, this video, made by a defense attorney AND a longtime police detective, on exactly why you should never talk to the police.

Manchester bomber identified.

The Manchester suicide bomber has been identified as 22 year old Salman Abedi. He was born in Manchester after his parents fled Libya as refugees during the regime of Muammar Qaddafi.

The religion of peace, again.

Now they are questioning whether he acted alone or with assistance.

My word: He had assistance. A ball bearing suicide vest is a sophisticated explosive device. Was Abedi an expert bomb maker? I doubt that.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Return of Kings: Why White People are Dying Off.

Why White People are Dying Off, posted on Return of Kings.


Feminism, materialism, liberalism (neo-liberalism, not classical). RoK explains each in detail.

Suicide bomber detonated outside Manchester arena.

Hours ago, a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up outside of a concert arena in Manchester, England. As of right now, they're saying 19+ are dead and at least 50 are injured.

Terror attack outside of Manchester arena.

Sorry, it's a link to NBC, but they're currently only reporting what the authorities are telling them. They haven't yet decided how to lie to you about it. So I think the article is ok, for now. Surely, they at NBC and other MSM outlets are desperately hoping it was a white guy who did it.

This attack, if what we are hearing is true, shows another evolution in terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). We have gotten used to heavy security measures at arena and stadium entrances, and inside the venues during whatever show we are there for. But what about the massive crowds that pour out after the show? Not everyone will arrive at the same time, but generally speaking, they do leave at the same time. It's not easy to get a suicide vest loaded with ball bearings into a major venue of they've got any sort of security protocols happening, but it's REALLY easy to simply wait around for the end of the show for the mass exodus.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

IDPA clubs and events.

Have you taken a look at the IDPA? They hold fun defensive pistol competitions all over the country, and there is sure to be one near you.

Wondering if it's for you? The IDPA is for the AVERAGE pistol carrier, with an average rig, regular everyday pistol setup. It's not meant for the pros with all of their gear and fancy rigs and sponsors. It's meant for the average Joe with his normal clothing and everyday concealed carry setup.

It is for you. The purpose isn't winning (though there are "winners"). The purpose is having fun and improving yourself.