Monday, August 10, 2020

How I went from 235 pounds to 185 pounds with no added exercise

When I was in high school I was always very thin. I was 5'11" and I weighed around 130 pounds when I graduated. I was lean, able to do almost 90 push-ups without stopping and could hit 102 in two minutes. Likewise, I could do sit-ups without stopping up into the 200's and could get almost 130 in two minutes. I was running a 13:30 two-mile. Fast forward to joining the Army several years after graduating and I had put on weight. I was almost 200 when I started basic training and dropped to 165 by the time I graduated that.

Fast forward again to deployment in Afghanistan, and I weighed in at a healthy 185. I wasn't overly bulky with muscle but we had been training for deployment for well over a year and a lot of it focused on heavy weight bearing ruck marches in anticipation of getting attached to our long range surveillance unit, 2-38 Cav. During that time I was carrying the M249 SAW at least as often as I was carrying the M4. I also had the M240B assigned to me in addition to some extra intelligence gear that was heavier than it should have been.

Another fast forward. I leave the Army and over the next couple of years, I found myself at a whopping 230 pounds. I would touch 235 on a bad week. I was working night shift on a trauma-surgical floor and eating whatever we could get delivered at 2100 hours. That meant pizza, Chinese food or buffalo wings or burgers and fries. And that was at least three days a week. I was drinking mostly sweet tea or soda, ate fast food at least a couple of times a week, and I was past the age of 30. Not the age where you want to be playing catch-up on your health. I could still move and I didn't look as heavy as I was, which is probably why I let it get that way. I simply was not paying attention.

One last fast forward about 18-20 months, and here I am sitting at 185 again, with a goal of 180, or maybe somewhere in the 170's. Admittedly, I am exercising a lot more often right now than I used to, but exercise has almost nothing at all to do with how I got back down in weight.

It was 99.9% dietary changes.

First, I cut out all soda and all fast food, and started eating ONLY what my wife cooked. We cut our restaurant trips from twice a week, to about twice a month when other people invited us out. When we got restaurants, we decline appetizers and drink water, and I usually look for seafood first (I love seafood anyway). I started drinking a ton of water, at least 1.5-2 liters per day. We got rid of our pantry full of snacks and only keep fruit instead (which my kids prefer anyway). Aside from seeing our bank account get bigger, I saw my weight drop from 230+ down to 212.

After that, we stopped frying foods at home. Nothing at home is fried anymore, which is also nice for cleaning up. We use the grill at least three times per week. We replaced all ground beef with low fat ground turkey (93% lean/7% fat), which tastes exactly the same to us, and has a lot less grease to it. I started eating fish for lunch. We started taking a standard multivitamin everyday.

Next step was to train ourselves in portion control. Fill your plate with 1-1.5 normal sized portions of every item, and then when you're finished with it, wait 15-20 minutes before you get seconds. Often we find that we end up not wanting any more. We also have started eating bananas, apples or strawberries for snacks between meals. I find that the bananas do the best job of satisfying hunger at that time.

We switched white bread to wheat instead. Low fat mayo. Fat free cheddar cheese. Low fat mozzarella. Wheat pasta. Fat free refried beans on Mexican night with wheat tortillas.

The diet plan we are on is non-intrusive, easy, quick, doesn't leave you hungry, doesn't eliminate any particular foods (even though we have personally chosen to eliminate some), which means you don't have to give up your favorite stuff, and it has worked really well with me and my wife (who has also lost 30+ pounds) over the last five months. It has allowed me to start moving better and breathing better and feeling better and looking better. My blood pressure is back to normal and my heart rate is down from being irregular in the 90's to very steady in the 70's.

My email address is and if you're wondering what the plan is that we are using, please email me. I assure you that I am not selling anything and I am not going to direct you to anything you'll have to pay for. I am willing to just tell you what we are doing and give advice and answer questions. I am not a trainer or a dietitian, but I am an ER RN and I have gone from 235 pounds at my worst down to 185 pounds today, and I only added more new exercise about one month ago by going to a Jiu Jitsu gym. That's it. I plan to continue adding more exercise in the form of the Wednesday WODs you see here on AP, but our weight loss up until now was entirely diet based.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Product Review: Great Footwear

Originally posted by the Gray Man at American Partisan.

I wanted to break for just minute and let you all know about the shoes I've found to be excellent for all kinds of applications. I've been wearing Merrell Moab hiking shoes for over five years now. I've found them to be excellent outdoors for hiking in rugged terrain, with the most recent test being in the Appalachians in Eastern Tennessee, and before that climbing the mountain at Cheaha in Northern Alabama. I've also taken Army PT tests using these when I didn't have running shoes, and they still performed well and weren't overly heavy compared to some alternatives. The Vibram soles are going to be familiar to a lot of you from previous military and police service, and these hold up extremely well, as expected.

The quality of the other parts of the shoes is great as well. I've found that by making sure I untie them before taking them off and not forcing my foot into the shoes while they're tied, I can make a single pair last 18 months or more with no problem. I'm currently on my fourth pair and I always keep my older pair for backup in case I need them, because they're still in adequate shape.

I wore a pair of these about two years ago when I was on a two-week FTX with my Army Reserve unit on the ranges and on a hideously swampy land nav course at Fort Stewart, and prior to that at Fort Rucker. Now and then the benefit of being in Army intelligence is that we can occasionally convince someone that we really need to be allowed to train in "civvies", which often means getting to wear tacticool 5.11 stuff on the range and feel like badasses for the day. Joking aside, my year old Moab hiking shoes performed very well. The material is breathable and even in hot weather, they never became uncomfortably hot.

The Moab line has several different types of shoes, from lower top shoes, to mid-height, up to higher topped boots for more support. I personally love the earth tones they use.

If you're in the market for new rugged footwear that is great for everyday use too, I highly recommend the Moab line from Merrell.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

China is actively waging a 4th generational, guerrilla proxy war against the U.S.

Originally posted by the Gray Man at American Partisan.

It's said that the 20th century was the American century, or the century when America became the only superpower in the world, and defeated several other countries who were on their way, those being Germany and Japan in WWII, the Chinese in the Korean War and the Soviets in the Cold War. This century has turned the tide in the direction of China, and recently China has been conducting activities that appear to have the hallmarks of "winning a battle before fighting it", as Sun Tzu would have likely put it.

It's no surprise that China owns a huge share of the media and entertainment in the US. Chinese companies now control over 8,000 theaters in the US and have large parts of most of the major studios in Hollywood, allowing them to project propaganda in the form of entertainment. This is now evident on almost every major television show and movie. If it's not pro-China propagana, it's blatantly anti-American, anti-western and also anti-white and anti-Christian.

China has been working for decades to buy as much of the American supply chain and manufacturing capability as they can. Currently, Chinese companies produce over 95% of the antibiotics we use and at least 75% of the ingredients used in other medications. The supply chain for these items is always fragile (by design?) and it doesn't take much for Chinese exporters to stop shipments of drugs and other medical supplies bound for the US. Chinese megacompanies have also acquired some large US based food producers, such as Smithfield, which is the leading producer of pork in the world. Smithfield has been owned by a company based out of Hong Kong since 2013.

I've said many times that China's innovation abilities are based almost entirely on their ability to cheat and steal from western countries. They've gotten better at it over the decades, and it's well known that China widely funds American university research. The researchers are always careful on the disclosure of their ties to Chinese funding. Obviously, we are all aware of how China dominates the market of production of telecommunications technology due to their immense mining of rare earth minerals. This is why China buys infrastructure in places no one wants to be. Afghanistan is one example, where China has built hundreds of cell phone towers (Roshan). Why would anyone want to spend money on cell phone towers in Afghanistan? Using those towers, China is able to collect data and lay the groundwork for future ventures there. China is also involved in the proliferation of 5G towers in the US.

According to the Paulson Institute, which states it is geared toward creating a productive US-China relationship (productive for whom?) China currently owns controlling shares of over 2,400 US companies, including AMC, General Electric Appliances, IBM, Motorola, Riot Games (they've got your kids), Teledyne, Triple H (coal mining), etc.

As previously posted on American Partisan, it's been discovered that automatic rifle parts have been shipped across the US destined for Melbourne, Florida. The parts seem to have originated in Shenzen, China and passed through Detroit and were intercepted by CBP Louisville. What the purpose is is anyone's guess, but the nature of it wreaks of proxy/guerrilla warfare. So if CBP was able to intercept one container of over 10,000 parts, how many other containers made it to their destination and were distributed? It's also been found that seeds from China have been shipped to people in the US.

It is my belief that China's plan to become a global superpower starts with establishing regional hegemony, which I think has already happened. There is no military power in the region that has the ability or the willingness to counter anything China has done in the South China sea. Their is no economic power in the region that has the ability or willingness to counter anything China has done on the economic stage. The US Navy is losing the ability to project power abroad in the region due to the capability of Chinese anti-ship missiles, and due to the insane focus of the US military on ensuring above all else that women and gays are promoted to leadership and embedded into our warfighting units in order to combat global climate change.

American leadership of the international community has been eroded by Chinese influence via their ability to leverage economic power into political power. They've also used their theft of intellectual property to mimic an innovation advantage. Third, I believe the Chinese government advancing their position by attacking who is at the top. China is waging active fourth generational warfare against the US by supporting the BLM movement, AntiFa and BAMN. They're funding and probably equipping (remember those weapons parts) insurgent groups inside America as part of an obvious proxy war. If the US does not take decisive action to fight back, then the battle is already over.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

If Trump doesn’t win in November...

Everyone is going to turn on the right wing, including the right wing itself. If Trump loses, older right wingers will turn on the younger ones and blame them from not voting hard enough. The younger right wingers will blame the older ones for not giving them a choice worth voting for. In many ways, both of them will be correct. The younger ones will absolutely be correct. The older ones will be mathematically correct in saying that not enough younger ones voted, if nothing else.

And the left will get away with their plans, like they always do.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Guest Post from American Partisan on how to Purify Water.

Behind shelter, the ability to obtain water and make it potable is the greatest immediate survival need*. In this guest article from American Partisan, you can learn ways to do just this.

*To me, the hierarchy of survival needs is dictated by my own version of the "rule of threes". I like to say that one can survive only three hours exposed to harsh elements without shelter. Obviously this doesn't apply to most areas of the US, or even the world, but in the worst locations, or in most locations at their worst seasons, it can easily happen. You can survive only about three days or so without water. You see where this is going. You'll get by for about three weeks without a food source, or so the conventional wisdom says. This is quite variable depending on your condition and activity, and access to shelter and water. My own theory to keep this going is that you can maybe get by for about three months without any kind of security considerations. Of course this is dependent on you location and about a hundred other factors, but keeping with my modified rule of threes, it's easy to remember these four survival needs as the "primary needs".

"Secondary survival needs" in my book need to be built up after the primaries are addressed. The secondary needs allow you to go on the offensive and take action in your AO, rather than the primaries which allow you to survive and defend.

These secondary needs are medical (skills and supplies), information (intelligence gathering, SIGINT, HUMINT), communications (two-way radio between people in your group, ham and CB for longer ranges or comms between other groups, phones, etc.) and transportation (anything from automobiles to horses and bikes).

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Is a mask (or lack thereof) the uniform of your enemy?

Originally posted by The Gray Man at American Partisan.

The new phenomenon in American and Western society now is that everyone is wearing masks to prevent catching the COVID-19 virus. It's the latest and greatest way to identify who your enemies are, who you should hate and revile. Get caught in public without one and, God forbid, have your picture posted on Facebook or Twitter and you're in for an onslaught of hate and insults. For those unlucky enough to live in a really progressive location, your badged friends may even be called to write you a fine for it.

But what effect does wearing a cloth mask or a basic medical-type mask actually have? Let's ask one of the few medical publications that are still at least moderately non-politicized (for now), the New England Journal of Medicine in this article:

"We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic."

Oh, I see.

Now it's worth mentioning that the masks they're talking about are not the N95 type. Those can keep you safe from infection, under the assumption that the mask is the right size for you and has been fitted properly and that you're trained or knowledgeable in putting them on and taking them off properly. And no, it's not as simple as it sounds.

Regardless, the vast majority of people are not wearing properly fitted and donned N95 masks. Most are wearing non-sealing cloth masks or basic paper medical masks which offer no protection for the wearer at all, and like the NEJM states, is really only effective in making the wearer feel better about themselves and, here's the real keyworse about those who aren't following suit.

IF you have symptoms, the theory is that wearing a mask like this can keep you from spreading it to others, but even that is not totally effective. If you have symptoms, stay at home until you heal up. If you think you've been exposed to the virus, quarantine from people for ten days (notice I didn't say you have to lock yourself inside your room and avoid the outdoors). Masks are not having nearly the effect the powers in charge say they are. It's in my own professional opinion as an emergency room RN (who is now seeing a massive increase of COVID in my area) that masks are primarily pushed by those in charge because of their use as a dividing tool. Everything in the media today is designed to divide people against each other. A mask (or lack thereof) is a visual indicator of who your enemies are.

Is it any surprise that the media is saying that evil right wingers are less likely to wear a mask?

Sunday, July 12, 2020

RIP Remus

We lost a giant.

Remus lost his wife to cancer in March, and apparently he was diagnosed himself less than a month ago. His words will surely be missed.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Facebook and google are full Orwellian as of now

Quick statement and update.
Google and Facebook have covered up all BLM and antifa violence.
It is nearly impossible to search for videos and media on antifa and BLM violence.
Google white racists attack black people or anything akin to that and you will see endless media.
Look up blm and antifa attack motorists or white people or innocent people and you will see nothing except articles like white people attack peaceful blm supporters or "Are far right wing elements responsible for the violence at blm rallies?"
There will be no media to turn to in the near future
Time is running out and the publics perception of reality will be skewed beyond reason as it already is for numerous people.
Time is not on our side.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Independence Day.

Have a good day thinking of what America once was, and hoping for what it could be if we decide to get out from behind our keyboards and take action.

It’s an uphill battle, and no one is on our side. Get ready.

Friday, July 3, 2020

September and November.

September is when weather starts to cool down in most of the country, but I expect things in other aspects to heat up significantly.

Then in November things are going to get real, real interesting.

Think about what’s gone on so far in the first half of 2020, and then remember that we still have what is likely to be the most contentious election in history. Think last one was bad? That was when the left was happily moving along with all the confidence in the world they’d win. This time it’s life and death to them. Their life and your death.

Don’t let it shock you if Trump doesn’t appear on your ballot at all in November. Just saying.