Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Is Florida Open Carry dead in the water, again?

The last action on Florida Senate Bill 140 (open carry) was from early January when the judiciary committee meeting on the bill was "cancelled. I've emailed my senator in Tallahassee (Doug Broxson) twice without reply. I'll keep you updated.

Have the spineless republicans in Tallahassee lets us down again? The have the perfect political climate to get these type of bills passed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Why do distinct cultures exist? I believe it's because people naturally gravitate and stay with people who are similar to them. People who look, behave and speak similarly, people who have the same talents, goals, norms, customs and attitudes will form cultures and generally stay together in their own geographic areas, large and small.

What happens when different cultures come into proximity? If the proximity is voluntary, great things can come of it. New ideas and innovations are introduced and generally speaking, all of the cultures can come away better, slightly changed, but still maintaining the core of their cultural identity. These different groups can choose to live in proximity for as long as they want and continue to absorb the positive aspects of this voluntary proximity.

But what happens when these diverse cultures are forced into proximity for an indefinite period of time? Perhaps permanently? What happens when these diverse cultures are told that they must absorb and welcome ALL aspects of the alien cultures, or else risk being branded with some negative labeling? What happens when some of these cultures are given special preferences above other cultures? What happens when history is taught in a way that shows some cultures as permanent oppressors to others?

Conflict occurs when the cultures can't voluntarily separate. There is nothing wrong with cultures maintaining a voluntary separation/voluntary proximity pattern.

Diverse cultures, combined with forced, permanent proximity, results in conflict that escalates into wars.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

The wife favors the Sig P320.

The wife went and took her class to get the certificate required by Florida to get her concealed weapons permit. She had some issues with the Ruger LC380 she had, and instead tried out the Sig Sauer P320. She liked it. Liked it enough that she wants one ASAP.

My personal issues with Sig pistols was that they had larger, somewhat bulky feeling grips and were overpriced. In fact, Sig was sort of known for these things in the gun community, to an extent. Well from what I can tell, those issues aren't really issues anymore.

You can commonly get out the door with a P320 for less than $600, and that's not bad. It's modular, which is great if that matters to you.

The Army just choose the Sig P320 as their new standard issue pistol. The Special Operations community has instead settled on the Glock 19.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

We don't all live in the same reality.

It's been a few days since I last posted, mostly because I've worked a lot of overtime at the hospital to get over a slight money hill. I've built up a little lineup of things to talk about over the next week or so, but for now, just a random thought:

When people wonder aloud (and to themselves) about what makes people do the things they do, good or bad but mostly bad, or at least something we perceive as being bad, it's hard for them to wrap their head around it. It's always hard for us to understand why people do the things they do, like "protestors" throwing bricks at passers by, or middle eastern migrants burning the city of Paris, or a murderer killing an innocent hospital employee just to take her car, or even less violent things like why people vote the way they do in elections or why they choose to carry or NOT to carry a firearm, or why they choose to or NOT to prepare for unknown disasters, or any of the other things we observe people doing that we find to be confusing. My theory is that we have this difficulty because we are trying to make sense of it using only the way that we ourselves have learned to make our way through the world.

I recently had a little debate at work with a physician that I very much enjoy and appreciate working with. His views on immigration (legal and illegal) were mostly opposed to mine, but during this debate our backgrounds and upbringings were also discussed. It became clear to me that we had both taken VERY different paths to get to the same basic place in our lives and that those background have placed us living in the same physical world, but two vastly different perceptions of reality, right and wrong, law and order, rights vs privileges, even our view of historical fact was perceived differently. In this case, he and I simply don't live in the same reality. That's not to imply that there was anything inherently wrong with what either of us thought or said. It's simply an acknowledgment of the fact that we could be looking at the same picture and see two different images, and this is due to the events of our lives that shaped our perception of literally almost everything around us.

When you are able to unshackle your mind of the constraints that forced you to process the world through only your own filter, then you can at least understand why people think and do things so differently. You don't have to understand why they're doing it the way they are doing it. You just need to understand why they ARE NOT doing the way that YOU ARE.

I've heard it said that in decades like the 1970's or 1980's, you might hear one of the "elites", like a highly paid, tenured professor with multiple doctorates, make a disparaging remark about one of the lower class people doing a lower class job, like a garbage man. But today? Do you hear the same remark? Not as often. But why then and not so much today? Because in the past decades, that professor and that garbage man still had to do a lot of the same things in life to survive and get by. But today, that high level professor barely even knows the garbage man exists... They're unlikely to cross paths or have any similarities in background or futures.

It's simply because we don't all live in the same reality anymore. A white, male, 38 year old farmer in Central Texas doesn't live in the same world as the Asian, female, 22 year old art history major in Seattle, or the black, male 45 year old Army veteran in Southern Georgia, or the Hispanic, female, 57 year old nurse in New York City.

Once you wrap your brain around the fact that we no longer live in the same reality, it's much easier to understand why things happen the way they do.

Thanks for reading. Maybe some of that made enough sense to you.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Peaceful protestors and violent rioters have a symbiotic relationship.

In this HotAir article, the author makes a point I've been trying to make to people for a while.

When you see protests turn into riots, you always hear people (ideologues) talk about how it was just a few violent people in an otherwise peaceful protest. It's the "few bad apples" argument.

This argument no longer applies, and if you read the article in the link, you'll see why.

These days, and in days past, violent rioters ALWAYS preferred to embed themselves into otherwise "peaceful" demonstrations, and the so-called peaceful demonstrators KNEW this. They acted as figurative shields for the rioters to hind behind in the arena of debate.

If you have a hundred "peaceful" protestors chanting and holding signs, and you have five people among them throwing rocks, then is the protest peaceful? What if the peaceful ones KNEW what those rock throwers planned to do?

Climate change whores caught lying, again.

As per usual.

If your position is backed by "99%" of scientists, and you have the moral high ground, then why lie constantly?

If you fire every scientist that dissents, then eventually you will have 99% who all agree with each other. Just get rid of all of the scientists who don't fall into line. This is how it works right now, unfortunately. Any scientists who produce "studies" that prove the narrative on climate change stand to make money and get promoted. Any scientist who dissents stands to lose his or her job and get black-balled from he scientific community. Does this not raise some logical questions in your mind?

And why is the AGW crowd constantly and publicly caught lying, while the dissenters are only accused of lying, with no evidence needed?

There is no such thing as "settled science" to anyone who cares about real science. Every scientific discovery is perpetually open to to be explored by critical eyes and re-examined. Once something is settled, especially if it's a bunch of politicians claiming that's it's settled, then you should be wary.

What if we had never reexamined our belief that the Milky Way was the entire universe? We believed THAT until the mid 1900's! And that wasn't even politicized like climate change is today.

The climate change narrative today can be used to make money and control people, so of course our politicians will tell us that it's "settled".

Whores just whoring for money and power.

"Leaked" ATF white paper suggests rolling back some gun laws.

Associate Deputy Director Ronald Turk, currently the number two ranking official in the ATF, has penned a white paper suggesting the federal government enact several pro-gun actions. These actions include:

- Importing for public sale the many firearms that the US military loaned to South Korea in the 1950's and 1960's.

- Removing firearm sound suppressors from the NFA list.

- Reopening discussion on reducing the current restriction on direct interstate firearms sales by FFLs.

While this is just a "white paper", I do find the timing of the "leak" to be suspect (document is dated January 20, 2017). I believe it is possible that this document was intentionally leaked to gather a reaction from the general public in order to gauge levels of support and to put people on notice that this is something being discussed at high levels in the ATF.

Let's hope that these discussions bear some fruit.