Tuesday, March 13, 2018

No one's business.

Bitter Hillary!

Hillary did an interview with someone of little consequence in front of a crowd of remote controlled clapping machines, or at least that's what they might as well have been. During this interview she unloads on, well, pretty much anyone who didn't vote for her. She says that the areas of the US that Trump won don't want women to have jobs, don't want black people or "Indian" people to do well and that those red areas in the Midwest are "backward", while the areas that voted for her are "optimistic, diverse and forward looking", whatever that means.

She states that the areas that voted against her had a problem that they wanted solved. This is correct, but her assessment of that problem is incorrect. Her assessment is that our problem is that we are racist, sexist and backwards. The real issue is that we are tired of being insulted, demeaned, taken from and ignored. This interview she did proves that point. In it, she shows that her care is for ONLY her voters, and that she has no understanding or concern for the wellbeing of anyone who doesn't fit into her "forward looking" club.

I am a Trump skeptic and I have much that I agree with him on, and much that I don't. But Trump SHOWED up to places like Wisconsin and Michigan. He's come to my area at least three times in the last three years can during and after his campaign. He listened to whites instead of lecturing them.

Hillary derisively refers to "make America great again" with an emphasis on the word "again". She doesn't understand something. If most white, English speaking Americans living in the meat of America, away from the West Coast and New England, believe that America needs to be made great AGAIN, then she maybe she should have listened. She doesn't live in the REAL America. Most people in Southern Kalifornia don't live in the REAL America. Most people in New York City and Washington D.C. don't live in the REAL America.

Maybe she should have paid attention to the people who do live there.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Canadians wait for medical treatments.

Canada currently has a "single payer" healthcare system, which basically saying that the Canadian government pays for all of the healthcare of it's citizens.

On it's face, people might think this sounds great. Pay taxes, get healthcare anytime you need it. But that's not really how it works out.

First, Canadians pay very high taxes, even compared to people in the US. Second, they've allowed the government to pay for their healthcare, which means that the government CONTROLS their healthcare. Whoever controls your healthcare gets to make the decisions, even if indirectly.

Canadians are waiting an average of 21.2 weeks to receive treatment from a specialist. This is a direct result of the government running their single payer system.

In the US, 0bamacare was designed to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the taxpayers. Insurance rates have skyrocketed. Even the cheapest 0bamacare plan has become too expensive for poor Americans to afford. In the hospital I work at, we still have the same amount of patients without insurance as before. They're not paying their bills.

Once Americans have had enough of the punishment, they will cry for a single payer system. That's the goal, the original intent of 0bamacare. The US healthcare system accounts for one sixth of the entire US economy. The government would love to have control of that sector.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Got some fresh picked strawberries into canned jelly.

Yesterday we went to a local farm and picked about ten and a half pounds of fresh strawberries, paid about $16. After the kids ate a half pound of them, dirt and all, we went home and canned about five pounds of it into jelly that will last a long time. Canning is a traditional skill that families should have.

Answer: The disarming, replacement, subjugation and elimination of white Americans.

It's long been said that "climate change" is the fault of Americans. The latest idea is that it's actually just the fault of WHITE Americans. So what the latest solution to this latest problem that none of us knew we had?

In order to save the climate, people are supposed to stop having kids.

So why am I saying that this is primarily directed at whites? Simple. While academia and the media are telling us to stop having kids, the government is incentivizing minorities to do the opposite.

There are more minority households receiving welfare than there are white ones. As we know, more kids usually means more money. So while one side is telling us to have less children, minorities are being paid to have more.

Next. Immigration. We are told that chain migration is a moral necessity. So Juan infiltrates the US via the Southern border, and once he's here, he claims to have had a dream of something, and now he stays. But with chain migration, he must be allowed to bring his kids. And his wife. And his parents. And his wife's parents. And his siblings. And his wife's siblings. And then when THEY all get here, the chain migration starts over WITH EACH OF THEM. Then they get on welfare where they are incentivized to further anchor their status as residents by having more kids. Meanwhile, academia and the media are still telling whites to have fewer children and incentivizing women to work by keep wages stagnant and encouraging feminist, anti-children attitudes.

Next item. Guns. It's been researched and found that legal gun ownership is a white people thing. So now our right to keep and bear arms is being attacked. You'll also see in that Pew Research link that minorities have a much higher chance of being involved in a criminal act involving a gun. Restrictive gun laws are not going to restrict criminals. So it becomes obvious that restrictive gun laws are going to affect white people much more than minorities.

In the post title, I gave you the answer. The question is: What is the goal of the elites in academia, the legal system, the media and government?

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube neutral public forums?

Recently representatives from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube testified in front of Congress that their companies are to be considered "neutral public forums" under the protections of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. The CDA provides liability protections for companies in the case of litigation stemming from user generated content. Basically, you can't go after a company if a user says or does something illegal using the company's public forum offering.

With that said, companies that claim protections under the CDA by labeling themselves as neutral public forums are not allowed to engage in political censorship or editorializing. They can choose one, but not both. Either CDA protection or the ability to censor content for political reasons.

It's my position that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are double dipping. All three have been shown to be heavily censoring any kind of content with a conservative leaning message.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Actual, legitimate Jewish questions. Yes, just questions.

I do not harbor any ill will toward Jewish people for being Jewish. I do not have any feelings that any sane, objective person would consider to be anti-Semitic, which is apparently one of the worst things anyone can be. So I'm told. However, I do have some questions that my research isn't really answering for me at this point.

-If I am supposed to support Israeli Jews (and non-Israeli Jews as well) by voting straight Republican Party (Christian churches and Republican politicians tell me this) then why do the vast majority of Jews in the US vote for and donate to Democrats? If I am supposed to support them by voting a certain way, why then do they vote differently?

-How is it that that only about 2% of the US population (Jews) are in control of the majority of American major media corporations and retail companies which push anti-American, anti-conservative and anti-Christian propaganda? It seems highly unlikely that such a small segment of the population would control such a large portion of the corporate and industrial environment.

-How is it that Jews are the only people on earth who are allowed to have an ethno-state (Israel), which is to say a state just for them, based on their racial or ethnic characteristics? I agree that they have a right to have a state like this, but I also feel that they should not be the only ones. What about white Americans with European ancestry?

Anyone able to answer any of these for me?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thank you all for the 30,000+ times you've honored us with your time and attention.

David Ritter and I would like to extend our gratitude to those of you who have given us your attention, getting us past the mark of 30,000 page views. We would also like to say thank you to those of you who have added to the quality of our work by leaving your comments, which have always been and will always be welcome here.

Here's to 30,000 more, and 30,000 more after that.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Foreigners immigrating to the US wish to live among whites.

People living in overseas foreign countries generally have this idea of America as a country full of white people of European ancestry. With that idea, they immigrate in droves as quickly as they can. Immigrants to the US wish to live among white people more than they wish to live among people of any other race, including their own. When they arrive in the US and find that it is not full of white people in every location, it is a negative feeling. If the immigrants are starting out in the economic lower class, they're likely to start out living and working among blacks. This is not a positive alternative to what they came here for.

Immigrants from overseas don't immigrate to the US in order to be in a place just like their old country, full of people who look like them, subject to institutions that operate like the ones in their old country. They immigrate to be among whites. They came here to live among whites, work among whites and send their children to school with white teachers and classmates.

With that said, take note that I am speaking specifically of overseas foreigners. Immigrants from Mexico in the last twenty years appear to not be trying to live among whites, but rather appear to be attempting to displace and replace whites.

Western Civilization is the paragon of human civilization. Western Civilization is responsible for the automobile, flight, space exploration, the end of mass slavery (at least in Western civilized nations), the rise of modern medicine, long distance communication, deep sea exploration and most other great advances in arts, philosophy and science. The color of Western Civilization is white, there is no doubt about that.

There are other cultures that have made advances, the East Asian cultures for example. But there are some cultures that are responsible for nearly zero advances in almost any field or subject. African culture, for instance, is sorely lacking when it comes to positive contributions to mankind. The Middle Eastern region is only marginally better than that.

I am sorry if this hurts anyone's sensibilities, but the facts of the universe do not care about your feelings or about being politically correct. If my statement is difficult to hear, then you either need to logically and factually refute it, or otherwise begin some deep introspection to figure out why the truth causes you such heartburn.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Billy Graham has Passed into the Arms of God.

A warrior of God, Billy Graham has passed away. America's Pastor. There will not be another like him. He was a giant among ants.