Thursday, January 21, 2021

Free American National Will Live On

 Gray Man has been blocked from this site due to the mass censorship purge that is happening right now but I for some reason still have access. 

I will be posting soon and keeping this forum alive. - Islands 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Have officially lost access to this blog, as predicted.

Google has deemed me an undesirable, and I have been cancelled from accessing this blog. As of right now, I am unable to login to this account, and the only reason I can access it right now, I assume, is because this machine was still logged in prior to my cancellation for "hate speech". Once this machine is logged out at some point, I won't be able to get back in. I'll be setting up a new blog on Wordpress ( and my content will still be posted to as well. I'll be trying to find out if Islands82 (our other admin) is still able to access this blog. If so, I'll be turning it over to him.

If any readers would like to, please send me your email addresses at

The guns at the Free American National blog will not be spiked. They'll be fired until we are dead.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Your one-stop info center on "The Great Reset". For widest dissemination. This is the endgame. Also, my primary, secondary and emergency commo for when we go dark.

These links below from JohnyMac at American Partisan will show you what the globalist-elites (AKA, Globohomo) have in store for people like you and I. Coronavirus, whether it's man-made or not, has been used to usher in a new era, a "new world order", so to speak, and the process for making it happen is being called by the people who are spearheading it, those being the Davos crowd, "The Great Reset."

World Economic Forum Davos, Switzerland - The Great Reset

Time Magazine - The Great Reset

The Great Reset Hits Primetime - Laura Ingraham

And one more from Matt Bracken:

What the Progressive Socialist Liberals Have in Store for Conservatives: A Master Course in Government-Sponsored Genocide

"You'll own nothing, and like it."

Well, now... That's interesting.

This is their endgame, and it doesn't end well for you or me, or our children. Get your affairs in order. I've lost access already to most of my Google account, which includes multiple sites such as YouTube (which is currently the most widely used social media site in the world). All I have left publicly online at this point is this blog, my writing at American Partisan and my Gab account (@TheGrayMan314). I expect to lose access to this blog sooner rather than later. It's ramping up.

Primary commo to me is my encrypted email, which is posted on this site, and that is .

Secondary commo to me is at My handle there, again, is @TheGrayMan314 .

Emergency commo to me is simply by commenting on my articles at American Partisan or at I write under the name "Gray Man" or "Grey Man". I do see the comments on my stuff at both places, and so do several other writers there.

A few of you have my phone number. That is still active. Get your own commo plans (primary, secondary, emergency). Make a non-tech commo option as well (dead drops, smoke signals, whatever) for your local people. Low tech beats high tech. Usually.

These people want you dead, and your children brainwashed, or raped and killed, and they think it's funny.

Time to get your guerrilla mindset on. Find something communist and destroy it. Don't get caught. If you do, don't take any friends down with you. Take a few of "them" instead. Stay out of Sarajevo.

Monday, November 16, 2020

The intelligent man is one who can re-calibrate his worldview.

One major problem I see with "American society" today, if there is such a thing that can be described that way, is that it's full of people who developed their worldview while they were in high school, or shortly after in college, and spent the rest of their formative years, those being up until their early thirties, in my opinion, seeking out only information that supports that worldview, and never contradicts it.

The problem here is several things. A worldview developed during someone's high school years or early twenties is almost certainly based upon information the individual was too naive to know was flawed. Secondly, for a person to remain psycho-socially healthy and useful to the world on both a micro (in their own family and friend circle) and macro (in their community) level, they have be able to change and adapt as new, correct, reasonable, logical information comes in. This requires them to constantly retool their character and re-calibrate that worldview. The final problem is that they are actively working to avoid changing by intentionally disregarding information that goes against their presuppositions.

This is not to say that all new information is valid. It's certainly not. You're just as likely to receive bad information in your thirties as you are in high school. Probably even more so, since by this time much of the information you receive comes from those who want something from you. This is also not to say that you need to make re-calibrations based on all of the valid information you learn. Much of that new information will still be pure garbage, even if it is accurate. It is necessary to resist destructive lifestyle influences. But when something comes along that is reasonable, truthful, logical, ethical, provable and useful, then it behooves you to explore it.

Another thing to be aware of is that many of these people have their worldview directly implanted into their psyche by someone else, such as a college professor. They accept this new idea wholesale and make no changes to it, and therefore are at the mercy of whatever mistakes or nefarious intentions of the person doing the implanting. This is often done intentionally for the gain of some cause. This is blatantly observable in Western Civilization today. There is a violent movement of people calling themselves AntiFa, Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and many other things. These are people who have a flawed, crystallized worldview that they are attempting to force upon the rest of society.

Nothing short of a war will stop them, and nothing done inside the confines of the "rule of law" will have a positive effect. The rules are in place to ensure that you follow them, so that you will lose to those who don't.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Political relativism on the rise to empower the opposition.

 Moral and spiritual relativism has been a common problem in western society and is ever growing. 

This also correlates to our political scene of course. 

Trump did win the majority vote I have no doubt and he did lose due to corruption I am sure but in my own circles I have seen an ever rising demographic of people who insist that " no matter who wins the election the outcome is the same" 

This milquetoast mentality is not only patently false and demonstrably proven as false but it is also dangerous and works in the interest of the political left and the outside nation states like China that the left works to aid inadvertently and other's intentionally. 

Under Biden and Obama ISIS thrived and grew, under Trump they were shredded in Iraq and Syria and Trump as promised did not occupy Syria he pulled troops from the region when the objectives were achieved. 

Under Biden and Obama human/ child sex traffic was thriving as their fellow cabinet member Hillary and Bill spent weeks at a time on Epstiens island. 

Under Trump the feds have been making massive busts saving young women and children in the thousands. 

Under Biden/ Obama China and foreign nations functioned with economic corruption with no hinderance. 

Under Trump we had serious economic pressure on China, Germany/ EU and mass USA economic prosperity. 

There was minimal border security under Obama/Biden in fact our own FBI found that our own government was sending guns to cartels. 

Under Trump construction of his wall has come to fruition in states that are allowing it. 

With Trump we have not seen an expansion of the military industrial complex but we did under Obama/Biden and attempts to create wars with Syria and Russia. 

Funny how the peace nicks hate Trump but think Biden will bring a more peaceful world. 

We have a man who is willing to address the murder of whites in South Africa in public, the threat of Islamic jihadists he put pressure on the state department to aid South Africa from the horrific violence the people are facing under influence of the ANC government. 

he has pledged to support Armenians against Turkey and passed bills to support Christians being persecuted in the middle east. 

Trump shutdown the TPP act and the Paris accord Biden will roll us back into something akin the the green new deal. 

Biden claims the proud boys are terrorists and that Antifa is a myth and does not exist. 

Trump has been attempting to get Antifa domestic terrorist status. 

Trump is not perfect and I have criticized him numerous times but this idea that the results are the same under anyone we pick or the cliche lines like " all politicians are crooked" do nothing but empower the political left. 

There is a clear difference! 

Trump has been a mixed bag but he is all we got man. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Trump: "Frankly, we did win this election."

 As of this hour, Donald Trump has made a speech stating that we have won the 2020 election. He states that just before his victory was complete, the election was stopped and there is now a "fraud" being committed against the American people.

As Trump stated, he maintains a lead in Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I personally went through the posted numbers for Wisconsin, county by county, and I have observed that there does not appear to be a path for Biden to win Wisconsin. North Carolina and Georgia are fully counted and Trump has won those states as well. Assuming that Biden wins Nevada (which he will), he requires a victory in Michigan AND Pennsylvania. Trump only needs one of those. On top of that, independent media is reporting that Arizona is still in play.

I believe Trump has legitimately won reelection. However, I can not predict who will be in the White House in January. Trump has used Twitter to communicate directly to his supporters, and his account is not able to post or be followed at this time. Seems like a coordinated censorship.

The coup is underway. Stand by for a fight.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Gentlemen, Prepare to Defend Yourselves.

Originally posted by the Gray Man at American Partisan.

November 3rd, 2020. It is a day that will live in infamy for around half of the country. Or at least around half of those who are voting. In the coming days at least 100 million Americans or more will come to the crushing realization that their entire worldview and way of life has been thoroughly repudiated by at least another 100 million Americans.

No one is quite sure what is going to happen today. We may not even know by the end of tonight, or even tomorrow. Maybe we won't know the actual result for weeks. There are predictions on top of predictions around the web and we all know that most of them are predicting a Joe Biden victory. The mainstream media is much more guarded and cautious after what happened in 2016, but they are still predicting a win for "Sleepy Joe" nonetheless. I feel they are using skewed polling to influence the vote. I think that they also fail to factor in the "shy" Trump voters, those people who feel like they're forced to hide their support for Donald Trump and who often refuse to speak with pollsters. Still I see many on the right, on sites like Gab, presenting clear and compelling arguments for a Trump victory, some even saying it could be a landslide. Rush Limbaugh has been saying for several days that Democrats have gone into panic mode over internal numbers that say the Hunter Biden story has had a major impact on support.

Regardless of what happens, we here at American Partisan would like to say that we are with you all, the patriots and God-fearing men and women of America. Real America. Wake up, pray to almighty God for strength, and then go vote. Encourage other patriots to vote. Give them a ride if they need it.

When the work is done and the polls are closed, go home and relax. Sit outside tonight or by a fire and sip on some bourbon or sweet tea. Your ammo should be topped off, guns cleaned, knives sharpened. Your gear should be pre-staged and your heart pre-hardened.

Pray again for strength and guidance like Washington did. We will all need it if God sees fit to give it.

I don't pretend to be any more politically connected or informed than anyone else, but I've made my own maps and run through a hundred or a thousand of my own electoral scenarios, assuming the left lets the vote be counted correctly and stand on it's own. Almost all of my scenarios seem to be running through the state of Pennsylvania, and I guess the candidates sense that as well, because they both spent the last bit of time in that state. If I was paid to make an electoral map prediction, I'm predicting each candidate to get 259, and after that I have no idea where Pennsylvania's 20 votes will go. Someone wins the White House 279-259. That's my outlook, for now.

The recent reports I've seen say that the Biden lead throughout the land has been shrinking for the past week or two and is now inside the polling margin of error in many of the "toss-up" states. This would bring me to believe that Trump will have upward momentum going into the vote itself. Common sense would lead me to believe that this will be a very close electoral race, but it's hard to know if the information you get is any good these days.

As far as what will happen after the election is "decided", however that occurs, it looks grim. I think we all know what sort of horrifying dystopian reality Kamala Harris (since I believe she and others like her will be calling the shots) has planned for us dissidents. We must do everything we can to prevent the "Biden Administration" from getting into the White House. If Trump wins it though, it very well may be all out 4th and 5th generational warfare. The left has been rioting and burning for most of Trump's four years and I fully expect them to enlarge their operations (because they ARE coordinated operations) and expand them into your town. As far as they're concerned, win or lose, we must be punished. Punished for electing Trump to begin with. Punished for defeating Hillary. Punished for being Christian, for being Conservative, for being white, for being men, for being Americans. Punished for existing.

In short, there is no peace to be had.

Is our side, whatever we are calling ourselves this week, up to this challenge? Do we love what America is supposed to be enough to risk everything to get it back? The other side is armed and angry, and they're coming after us whether they win the election or not.

"Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!”

Monday, September 21, 2020

Using a small storm as a test run for preparedness.

We just got through riding out Hurricane Sally. I was working in the emergency room during the early part of landfall, and I drove home in the Wrangler about an hour or so before the eyewall landed on us. It was a maxed out category two storm. All in all, not terrible. No damage to our house or vehicles, very little to clean up on the property. Parents and siblings doing well too. We lost power for only about two days.

My wife and I are of the prepper mindset, and we like to use the large thunderstorms we get here on the Gulf Coast to shore up our preps every year. We rarely get to "practice" with cyclones like tropical storms and small hurricanes like Sally because they don't hit as often as they did when we were growing up. We were able to check some boxes this time and make a few changes to our list. For example, drop the kerosene and get more lamp oil, because kerosene smokes and lamp oil does not. As always, need more gas cans, more propane tanks, more ammo, more rain barrels and more sandbags. Going to get a burn barrel and a tow chain. Need to get the CB radio running. There is always something you think of when the lights are out for an extended period of time, that you won't ever think about when the lights stay on.

One thing to note is that this was originally supposed to hit much farther west of us as a tropical storm. So instead of getting a rain band with no wind, we got a direct hit from a category two storm, and it was almost a category three. Easily managed, but still a big difference. Always expect the worst. I had just told my wife that all of the storms that had come near us for the last several years always ended up west of where they predicted. This one ended up well EAST instead, right on top of us.

The way we prepare for the big hurricanes (that will come eventually) translates pretty well to how we would prepare for some other grid-down disaster. You still have to think of it in terms of hierarchy. Shelter, water, food, security. Once those essentials are handled, you move to the secondary needs, medical, commo, intelligence and transportation.

I guess I should have guessed we'd get a lot of storms this year. It's been a hell of a year, 2020. And we still have an election left to go...

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Replace RBG now.

The Republitard Party needs to ram Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement through the Senate ASAP. None of this waiting game to entice Republitard voters to get out the vote. Considering how easily the Demotards are able to push the Republitards around, even back when the Republitards had the White House, the Senate AND the House, you need to take the wins, as rarely as they come for the Republitards, when you can get them.

Trying to entice right wing voters to show up on election day and vote Trump by dangling another SCOTUS pick in front of them is losing effort. Even if Trump has the numbers to win, that might not be enough. In this era of revolution and violence, the Demotards are willing, and probably able, to do anything and everything to steal the election. If that happens, y'all will be really sorry that the Senate didn't jam Trump's nominee through at breakneck speed. His nominee is expected to be announced within days, and it's been known for a year or more that it's likely to be Amy Coney Barrett. Apparently instead of just picking who the best candidate is, we just replace a woman with a woman. No matter, I guess, that the vast majority of women take a hard left turn ideologically once they get to a position of new power. It's no surprise that the two biggest obstacles in the Senate are Republitard senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins. Murkowski is in a tough campaign right now, so she will be looking to ride the fence and stonewall whomever she can. In this case she will be stonewalling her party on the SCOTUS nomination.

Take the wins where you can get them. Especially when the wins have been as rare as they have been.

The mental gymnastics of these people.

Taking an anthropology class, I noticed that the course explains that European explorers "exploited" foreign lands. This chapter is about the science aspect of anthropology. No mention at all of how European explorers contributed to science. Just their "exploitation".

College classes are hard now because people like us, traditionalists, have to wade through a lot of the material to avoid propaganda and brainwashing. Younger generations, like those 20 years old and younger, usually do not have the experience to recognize and defend against it. On top of that, most don't have the will to defend against it. It's easier to just agree with it and soak it in and go with the crowd.