Friday, November 17, 2017

Still here, just very busy.

I am still here and planning to post more when I can, but life has been extremely busy, as I'm sure it is for y'all as well. Normal shift work with additional governance committee memberships on top of it, raising three girls, getting back into Army life via the Reserves, etc.

As far as the Army Reserves, looks like that may be slightly more than the normal "one weekend a month, two weeks a year" schedule, but that's no surprise.

Will get back to posting more regularly when things settle down.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Russian Collusion script flipped on Hillary

Looks like the entire evil Russian collusion narrative is being slowly turned back onto the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Possibly even 0bama.

According to Breitbart, and several other sources, Hillary Clinton and the DNC were paying for information on Trump, and some of the info may have been coming from Russian intelligence sources as far as they knew. Turns out, the "Russian dossier" on Trump was 100% fabricated by Fusion GPS (a political consulting and opposition research company staffed by Democratic Party operatives) and a former British intelligence agent named Christopher Steele. Apparently the FBI (part of 0bama's DoJ) was also paying for more information on Trump.

Reports are that Hillary and the DNC may have broken election laws by paying for this fabricated information.

Hillary and the Clinton syndicate have been Teflon for decades, having escaped justice for Benghazi, Whitewater, etc. But if anything is going to take them down (you know, besides Trump, LOL!), it might, MIGHT be this. People aren't afraid of her anymore. She has little power now. She's not even a net positive for the party anymore simply by virtue of her existence. Plenty of democrats are distancing themselves from her.

What's funny is that she might still be all they have.

Some of the best gun rights vs gun control commentary out there.

Michael Owen recently made some of the better points about the gun debate that I've seen in a long time.

Here is the source, and below is my favorite piece:

"Instead, we have two Americas, one of which has very high rates of gun ownership but very low murder rates, very comparable to the rest of the First World democracies such as those in western & northern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Korea. The other America has much lower rates of gun ownership but much, much higher murder rates, akin to violent third world countries."

My thought: If I wasn't so Liberty minded, I might suggest we remove all firearms from the hands of anyone registered to vote as a democrat. If you would be successful, I suspect our firearm related crime rate would drop by 90% or more.

Just kidding, I guess.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hellen Keller on American "democracy"

"Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not avowed, autocrats. We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee."

-Hellen Keller

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

CNN: White people are "white supremacists by default".

In this August 24th article by CNN, we are told that "tens of millions" of "ordinary people" are "white supremacists by default" due to a number of reasons. Those reasons include, but surely aren't limited to:

- Creating a "racially explosive climate".
- Voting for Donald Trump.
- For moving from urban areas into suburbs.
- For not arguing with our ordinary default white supremacist family members.

The article goes on to place us into the same category as the Nazi German citizens of 1940 (of course) and the Hutus in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. We are also basically responsible for the Jim Crow Laws of the early 1990's.

Continuing on, the article points out that some of us formerly ordinary, now white supremacist, racists have an affinity for violence, though the article fails to provide an example of any violence. They must be talking about that "micro-aggression" stuff.

According to some super-extra-uber intelligent NEW YORK professor of something, who is obviously also our moral superior, the modern suburbs were created by white supremacists who didn't want to live next to brown people. Obviously there is no reason anyone wouldn't want to live in one of the metropolitan utopias with millions and millions of other people. Chicago's crime rate is simply superb and the Los Angeles smog adds a lovely gustatory effect to the weather. Atlanta's traffic gives you hours and hours of viewing the city skyline! And why put your family of five in a 2,200 square foot 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on an acre ten miles outside of St. Louis, when you can put them in 900 square foot 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment on the 14th floor in one of the city's most violent culturally diverse neighborhoods? Because you can afford it? Because the reading and math scores in the district schools are higher? Well that's unfair AND racist!

If you haven't noticed how racist and white supremacist you are, another one of your highly educated moral betters explains it to you. Apparently it's all down to "covert racism". That's the kind of racism that is completely undetectable to whites, and has no way to be proven, measured, demonstrated or even concretely described. So we white supremacists are left to take the word of our betters without resistance.

We are given a few hints though. If you are white and you do not make full use of the PUBLIC form of housing, hospitals, healthcare, transportation, schools or swimming pools, then you're a white supremacist. If you DO make use of the PRIVATE form of those things, then you are a bonafide, white supremacist racist. If you have ever used a private attorney instead of a public defender, then... Well, you get the point. These are all code words (public vs private) that separate the members of our club from the people we hate. Yes, you DO hate them. Your betters told you so.

Some poll by some company says that 75% of whites in the US claim to not have any friends of the correct races (not white). According to the article, that makes 75% of white people in the US racists and white supremacists "by default". I'm sure we can find a way to make the other 25% racists and white supremacists too, if we keep reading.

Oh, what do you know! We only had to read another paragraph to find that, according to Edward Ball (whoever the Hell that is), "all" white people "unconsciously or inadvertently... participate in forms of supremacist thought and activity."

Well there you go! They got us ALL into one big, racist, white supremacist bag of irredeemable deplorables! And what's more, apparently we do it "unconsciously"! Yes, you are even a white supremacist by the way you sleep. My question is this: If one of those dazzling young urbanites who is bored because the school, community center, public park, career center and the church outreach programs aren't doing enough to keep him occupied decides to play a rousing round of the "knockout game" to keep him from requisitioning the latest pair of Jordans or toking a little coke-laced Mary Jane, and he "wins" the round by giving you an impromptu sidewalk siesta, are you still unconsciously being a default white supremacist? You don't have to answer that question. I'm just thinking out loud. You know, participating in forms of supremacist thought and activity unconsciously and inadvertently.

Conveniently, there is no way for us white people to remedy our inadvertent and unconscious supremacist thought. But we are required to try to do so, in perpetuum. You'll never fully succeed, but if you want to score a few points, try marrying someone who isn't white, or get a degree in African Studies. I hear the job market is booming for, uh, African Studiers...?

If you don't use language strong enough to demonstrate your self-hatred, then you are a white supremacist by default. Yes, I know that we were already default white supremacists, but now we are just MORE so. You are required to compete with other white racists (is there any other kind?) to come up with the most colorful and powerful words to demonstrate your disgust at the whiteness of whoever did whatever, and to repent for your own disgusting unconsciously and inadvertent supremacist behavior. Failure to do so will get you branded for the beast you are. Success will, well, nevermind. You're not going to succeed.

The article continues on, quoting long dead people who were already old by the time the 1960's began, and showing pictures that are mostly either still in black and white (funny, that) or not even taken in the US. Make no mistake though, you ARE complicit in, well, whatever they say you are. Remember that covert racism thing.

The article goes on to claim that we actually are not talking about white racism enough, and that the phrase "all lives matter" is invalid, and is a racist tool to "strip people of their humanity". So don't say that, mmmkay?

Another thing we learn from the article is that when Donald Trump said that there are rapists and criminals that cross the border from Mexico, it is the same as when Louis Farrakhan preaches, as he has done for years, that white people are inherently evil. Never mind that there ARE rapists and criminals crossing into the US from Mexico. Reality is immaterial. Besides, Farrakhan has written self-help books (who hasn't?), so it's really not that big of a deal to say what he says on a daily basis.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, (yeah...) then claims that no black person with Donald Trump's "vices" could so much as be a governor of a state. He(?) says "maybe you could be a mayor somewhere". Vices? What vices exactly is Trump apparently possessing?

Drugs? No, that would be former Mayor of Washington D.C., Marrion Berry. So yeah, you could be a mayor, somewhere.

Sex? No, that was a vice of Mel Reynolds, who was convicted of statutory rape. So I guess you could be a member of the House of Representatives too!

Violence? Not Trump, but look no further than the successor of Mel Reynolds, Jesse Jackson Jr. He actually threatened a Republican Congressman from Nebraska to a fight in the middle of a House session, and then later sent a relative to the Congressman's Nebraska office to threaten him. So I guess we know you can DEFINITELY be a Congressman from Illinois.

Anyway... The article reminds us that we voted for Trump because we are racists, and because he's rude and reprehensible. We certainly could not have voted for Trump because Hillary was the other option. Obviously.

Articles continues by comparing us to Nazis in Romania in 1944 rounding up Ari Kohen's Jewish grandfather. He survived, left Europe and moved to the US, where he remained until he died at age 90. He never left the US after leaving Romania. You know, because we are such a racist, anti-Semitic country...?

We are apparently expected to "distance" ourselves from friends and family members who are going down the "dangerous path" of attending rallies. Because of course we all know that the only rallies that are legitimate are the ones staged by Black Lives Matter and violent direct action groups like AntiFa. Anything another white person does wrong, we are "complicit".

We come to the end of the article with some praise for Barack 0bama, who of course was somehow elected by the most racist country on earth (if anyone can reconcile those two things logically, please let me know), and a quote about teaching others to love by Nelson Mandela.

Should we use Mandela's methods to teach others to love? Here is a link to a video of Mandela singing a song about killing white people, a song from the terrorist group he founded, the ANC/MK. Then here we have a link to a video of his ANC comrade, current South African President Jacob Zuma, singing a song called "Kill the Boer" (white farmer). Is THAT how we teach others to love?

Maybe that's just how non-whites will be teaching us racist white supremacists how to love.

Someone is going to learn a hard lesson...

Friday, October 13, 2017

My email to Representative Matt Gaetz on 10/12/17.

Representative Gaetz, I am corresponding with you as a US Army combat veteran of Operation: Enduring Freedom and as a current US Army Reservist who is highly concerned and dismayed over the Congressional Republicans' complete inability to make any progress in promoting the self defense rights of US citizens. Every single year for many years now the Republicans have promised us they would make progress in protecting us from federal infringements on the Second Amendment if only the voters would just elect some more Republicans, if only the voters would just give the Republicans the majority in the House, and if only the Republicans had the majority in the Senate, and if only the Republicans had a BIGGER majority in the House and/or Senate, and if only the Republicans had the White House and the SCOTUS and everything else they needed...

Well now, We the People HAVE granted the Republican Party ALL of the power they could have asked for, and We the People have been given nearly NOTHING in return, especially NOTHING on the advancement of our Second Amendment protections.

Where is the promised response? Where are the bills to deregulate sound suppressors for our hearing protection? Where is the bill for permit reciprocity? Where is the bill to begin dismantling the NFA? Where is the progress?

The election of Donald Trump is being completely misunderstood by members of Congress. The election of Donald Trump was NOT a vote of support for the Republican Party. His election is bigger than him. Donald Trump the man barely matters. His election isn't about him. His election is a warning. A warning that We the People are through playing this game. Republicans MUST step up and do the work we have sent them to Washington to do.

Out of all of the responsibilities the Federal Government has, the most important is the protection of our Natural and God given rights. The first way to defend those rights is to strengthen the protections of the Second Amendment.

We already know the Democrat Party is against us. If the Republican Party is unable to assist, as they have been thus far, then We the People will have to replace them. And you all thought Donald Trump's election was crazy, let me tell you all this, and please forward this to Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan:

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

From WRSA: Vegas shooter theories.

Here we have some analysis and input from Bracken and others at WRSA.

If even a fraction of this stuff is true, then we are all in some serious trouble, and the US government will have become our most dangerous enemy.

David Codrea: Ask the gun grabbers one question.

David Codrea writes for AmmoLand, and I highly recommend reading everything he writes. In this piece he proposes asking one question of the people screaming for gun control in the wake of the Vegas murders:

What gun law would have prevented this event?

Don't let them get away with changing the subject or failing to respond.