Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hollywood elite are scum criminals

New York times article exposes Smallville actress Allison Mack as a mobster who aided in the enslavement and rape of young women and girls. 
This is the majority of your hollywood elite. 
This is what hollywood is. 
These are the people that try to sway your political ideals and morality. 
This is the scum that we allow to rule and influence us. 
This is who we give our money and attention to. 
Under Trump more sex trafficking and forced prostitution of women and children has been dealt with than any other president. Never value the opinions of hollywood left wing trash these people are rapists, murders, zionist jewish supremacists and they do not warrant our respect or attention.
They criticize all of the general values and culture of poor working class and middle class western society and people yet are the most immoral loathsome criminals on the earth. 
link to article below. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

American prison inmates are being labeled "white" when they should be labeled "Hispanic".

In the US in 2013, the US Bureau of Statistics showed that white males made up 32% of the prison population. Black males were 37%. Hispanic males were 22%.

But what if we looked closer at WHO is being labeled as "white"? Then what happens to those percentages? I looked at every name on the list of inmates incarcerated at a prison close to where I live (about an hour away). I took these names:

Juan Aguilar
Jose Osorio-Aguirre
Cesar Barreras
Eris Bermudez-Gomez
Octavio Besteiro
Alcides Cabrera
Juan Carballo-Martinez
Luis Cardona
Geronimo Castillo
Jose Castro-Martinez
Luiz Colon
Jose Copto-Morales
Felipe Cruz
Joel Cruz
Jorge Cruz
Pedro DeJesus
Ernest Espinoza-Vega
Carlos Figueroa
Gabriel Gamez
Benjamin Garcia
Felierix Garcia
John Garcia
Leon Garcia
Fransisco Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez
Abdelaziz Hamze
Aliosha Hernandez
William Hernandez
Jose Hernandez-DeJesus
Victor Jauregui-Borrero
Luis Leyva
Raul Linares-Martinez
Luis Loya-Estrada
Ramon Luna
Jose Maldonado
Erick Martinez
Orlando Martinez
Eddie Martinez-Heredia
Carlos Maya
Edgar Maylopez
Carlos Medina
Javier Medina
Medhi Mekouar
Miguel Mendez
Orlando Mendez
Javier Montero
Jose Montero
Justin Morales
Nelson Morales
Zaid Morales-Ruiz
Julio Moure
Carlos Mulero
Juan Oquendo
Rafael Ordunog
Juan Oropeza-Caballero
Jose Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz-Diaz
Adolfo Peña
Erick Peña
Ramon Perez
Yobani Perez
Jesus Perez-Zumeta
Roberto Quiles
Carlos Quinones
Guillermo Ramirez
Fransisco Reyes
Johnny Reyes
Alexander Rivera
Jose Rivera
Alberto Rodriguez
Guillermo Rodriguez
Juan Rojas
Rene Rojas-Tellez
Julio Rosa
Johnathan Sanchez
Zleyman Sanchez
Roberto Santacruz
Angel Santana
Jose Santiago
Matthew Santos
Julio Soler
Jose Sosa
Jose Valle
Gustavo Vasquez
Joel Vasquez
Andres Velasquez
Oscar Velazquez

So what do these 87 people have in common? The prison they are at has them listed as "white/non-Hispanic". These 87 inmates make up almost 6% of their prison population, and are listed as "white" when they should be listed as "Hispanic". Assuming that their prison holds the same percentages as the 2013 Bureau of Statistics page, that makes a big difference. The white percentage drops from 32% to 26%. The Hispanic numbers go from 22% to 28%. That doesn't look so good for the open borders crowd, does it?

I suspect that there are a LOT of prison inmates in the US who are listed as "white" when they should be listed as "Hispanic". The optics of white people making up the largest percentage of the US population, but being only the THIRD largest in the male prison system would be significant, and is something the globalists can't allow. So they play with the terms as best they can.

The globalists aren't trying to replace American whites with American blacks. American blacks have remained mostly stagnant in their population percentage (hovering between 12% and 14%) for a long time, probably due to killing each other at a high rate, using all sorts of avenues, legal and illegal. For example, in 2014 in the State of New York, more black babies were aborted than were born. The globalists are trying to replace whites in North America with Hispanics from Mexico and Central and South America. Part of that plan involves the Hispanic criminals being labeled "white" and the non-criminals retaining their "Hispanic" label.

I looked at the photos of over half of the names on the list. These guys are no more white than Jesse Jackson is. Some of them have tattoos listed that point to affiliations with the Latin Kings, while a few others have tattoos associated with MS-13. And these are guys are supposed to be "white/non-Hispanic"?

Note: There are a few names (2 or 3) in that list that are Middle Eastern. I also left several Hispanic-sounding names off this list because they were borderline. I could have had it up to over 100.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Some things every man should know.

This is a list of things that every American male should know, or know how to do. This is not one of those ridiculous lists that requires you to be a polymath. This isn't one of those lists that demands you grow a beard or know how to field dress a rabbit or build a car. These are simple things that every man should know. Actually simple. Here we go.

1. Know how to play chess. I'm not saying you need to be a grandmaster. You just need to know the rules, know how each piece moves, know how to "castle", understand what the "endgame" is. You don't have to be good. Just know how to play a basic game.

2. Know how to change the oil in your car AND know how to change a flat tire. These two maintenance issues are the one your car will need most often (oil change) and the one your car will need at the worst possible time (tire change). Both are simple and can be learned in one day by watching videos online.

3. Know how to operate a semi-automatic firearm. They all pretty much operate along the same basic principles. You don't necessarily have to be a "gun guy", but unless you're actually scared of firearms as inanimate objects, the odds are that eventually you'll be in a position to handle one. Please understand how to load and insert a magazine. Please understand that there is a "slide" or a "bolt" that  must be moved rearward and then released forwars to "chamber" the round. There may be a safety that has to be switched. Then the trigger has to be pulled to fire. This is all really simple. When a man is handed a firearm, he isn't supposed to be scared or fumble around or look like an idiot. You can ask questions, it okay to be unfamiliar. But all firearms work in the same basic manner, using the same scientific and mechanical principles, with only slight deviations. We're just asking you not to have a panic attack and to please have a basic understanding of what you're looking at.

4. Know the rules of baseball. I know that baseball is losing some popularity because of the lack of constant excitement, action and high scoring, but it is the original pastime of America, back when America didn't have to become great AGAIN. You don't have to be good at baseball, or follow it on TV, or pick a favorite team, or even go out and play. Just know the rules and the basic idea, and try to know enough of the lingo to have a basic conversation. And please know what "the count" is.

5. Drive. When you have a man and woman in the car, the man usually needs to drive. Doesn't always have to be that way for every trip, but the man usually needs to be driving.

6. Stop always saying that you have to ask "the wife" before you do anything. I can guarantee that your wife is almost never going to stop to ask you about her next minor purchase or whether she can go to lunch with her girl friends or change something around in the house. Try to reduce the amount you ask her for. Especially if you're the one winning most of the bread. She makes plenty of decisions without consulting you first, I guarantee that. You can do the same thing, and it's not going to ruin anything or make her angry. If it makes her angry, then she has a problem.

7. If you haven't had a raise at your job in over a year, and if you're in good standing at your work (not on disciplinary probabtion, for example), go ask for a raise. Like do it the next time you see your boss. Maybe they say no, but at least you asked. Maybe you get lucky and get one. People who ask for raises get them more often than people who don't. I've only ever had to ask for a raise one time in my life, and they gave it to me. My coworker went and did the same thing the next week based on my advice, and they gave him one too. Go ask.

8. Know how to mow your own grass. Mowing in a pattern speeds the process and helps you avoid missing areas. If you live in a house, renting or owning, you should have your own mower (or easy access to one). If you don't, you need to be working toward it. Don't hire someone to mow your yard. Mow your own. An exception is letting the neighbor kid mow it for a few bucks during his Summer break.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

Anti-2A zealots smell blood in the water.

The political tide may be turning, or at least the people who wish to do away with the Second Amendment (2A) are acting like it is.

Since September of 2004, when the federal assault weapons ban expired, the "gun grabbers" have had a difficult time making progress on their agenda of eventually disarming law abiding Americans of their firearms. They've had to fight tooth and nail to whittle away at the 2A inch by inch, and those inches have been hard fought over. But they've always been fine to do it that way if they must. They're playing the long game, and the long game is almost always played in inches.

Every time there is another mass shooting, the left wing mainstream media (MSM) splashes it on every channel, newspaper and magazine in North America, and even sometimes it gains attention in Western Europe. When I say "mass shooting", of course I only mean the ones that don't occur daily in places like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis or any other democrat managed, gun control haven. As far as the MSM is concerned, mass shootings only take place in areas populated by people who look and live like the people who's hearts and minds they're trying to win. Sandy Hook is not populated by the same kind of people that populate the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago. The people who populate Englewood do not need to be convinced to side with the democrats. They've already got plenty of incentive to do so. The left wing needs to convince white suburbanites to side with them, so therefore, the MSM portrays mass shootings as mainly taking place in locations where white suburbanites live. They'll even tell you that the rest of the world doesn't have mass shooting events at all. Anders Breivik must have been a figment of our collective imagination. The claim is false, a lie, as the US isn't even in the top ten in the world when it comes to mass shooting deaths. France and Norway outrank the US, as do Finland and Belgium. Gang and drug related shootings often meet the numerical requirements of a "mass" shooting in the US, but those types of events aren't of any use to the left in the gun rights debate. So they're ignored.

The problem has so far been that gun owners and those white suburbanites haven't really bought into what the democrats are selling. At least not when it comes to guns. Support for additional gun control laws has still been at low levels. Too low for the democrats to pass any gun control legislation outside of their strongholds of NY, Kalifornia, Connecticut and a few others. In the last decade, they were even forced to start issuing concealed weapons permits in Illinois, though that system is still prohibitively difficult to navigate (by design, of course).

White suburbanites are simply either not paying attention and reacting the way the left needs them to. It has resulted in almost no movement on gun legislation at the federal level since 2004. There has been some movement in the individual states though. Most of the movement has been in a positive direction though. The number of open carry states stands now at about 45, depending on your interpretation. It would be more correct to say that there are only five states that totally ban the open carry of handguns.

But now back to the title. The anti-gun zealots are acting like they smell blood in the water. They're making a much harder effort to push the gun control narrative. The #NeverAgain movement, seemingly spearheaded by courageous high school students, but in reality led by backstage NGO and democrat party operatives, appears to be large in numbers. I say "appears to be" because things are not always as they appear. But it is obvious that they have significant numbers of participants in the various rallies they've held under the #NeverAgain banner.

The reason I think that they're smelling blood is because they're making the same efforts that they've made in the past after each major shooting, but this time some of it seems to having an effect. After past shooting events, the democrats in the states and at the federal level have knashed their teeth and hollered for new laws to enforce restrictions on law abiding gun owners, to nearly zero effect. Even when 0bama was in office, no leftward progress was made. At the state level, democrats watched almost helplessly as state after state passed laws to empower law abiding gun owners. Legalizing open carry became the trend. Only a few states were able to get any significant gun control laws rammed through. New York and Connecticut were among the few, but even Illinois and D.C. were forced to creat a legal concealed carry system (though they both are extremely resistant to issuing anyone a permit).

But the mass shooting in Las Vegas (LV), followed by the school shooting in Broward County, Florida has turned the tide of the ineffectiveness, or at least it has so far. At the federal level, the LV shooting immediately spurred calls for a ban of "bump stocks", which oddly enough, a lot of "gun rights supporters" seemed to be willing to give in to. At the state level, in my own state of Florida, the school shooting renewed an annual democrat party failure, the assault weapons ban (AWB). The propose AWB failed again, but a bump stock ban, age restrictions and waiting periods succeeded.

Another thing that succeeded in Florida was a proposal to arm school teachers. I'll be brief, this was not a victory for gun rights supporters. The bill text actually states that the only teachers eligible for carrying are those who do not exclusively perform classroom duties, and those who complete a state sanctioned school safety and gun safety course. The course must be approved by the county sheriff and district superintendent. Reading the text, I feel that the bill was written to actually block the vast majority of teachers of from being eligible. At my daugher's school, only two staff members are eligible, and the county has not approved at training program.

The "gun grabbers" are seeing a degree of success at the federal level that they haven't achieved since 2004. They have a president that has poked his finger in their eye at every turn, but has shown a propensity for returning to his New York roots. By that I mean liberalism. After the shooting in Broward, he did a 180 on what we thought his position would be and he endorsed and promised a ban on bump stocks. During the same meeting, he stated that national concealed carry permit reciprocity was a non-starter. During the meeting, Senator Feinstein, the queen of the senate gun control effort, was seen laughing maniacally and rubbing her hands together. Yeah, like a damn cartoon villain.

Now don't get me wrong. The democrats haven't really won a whole lot lately, Florida is just one state (though Florida is significant) and bump stocks are only one small piece. But prior to this recent small success, democrats had enjoyed nearly zero success outside of their deep blue strongholds, of which there are not many.

This success has been made possible by the legions of gun owners who said "just give them the bump stocks, we don't need them". They were willing to give an inch in the hopes that it would settle the anti crowd down. But does it ever? Have we not learned their ultimate goal? They aim to win the long game inch by inch. The problem is that they operate like a ratchet mechanism. Every time we give them an inch, that inch is gone. We almost never get it back. They take an inch by banning bump stocks, or raising the age limit for buying a gun to 21 years of age, or by enacting waiting periods, or magazine limits, or by adding hours to the concealed weapons permit class, or raising the fee... Understand? They do those little things and then let them sit for a while and become common, so that anyone who eventually raises the idea of changing them is met with the "it's always been this way" argument. That argument is probably responsible for more legislative inaction than any other. My point is that in this game of inches, we can't afford to EVER give them an inch, because of two things; We never get that inch back, and we already know that there is no stopping point before we get to total disarmament.

When WE take an inch, that inch is ALWAYS up for renegotiation, especially the next time there is an opportunity to use someone's blood to tip the scale to the left.

My final point during this rambling post (sorry, I've been a little disorganized) is that a compromise bill never is a real compromise. Case in point, the Florida law that imposed age restrictions, waiting periods, banned bump stocks and supposedly allows teachers to carry. The bill was hailed as some compromise that both sides weren't totally happy with, but could live with. In reality, as I stated, the law actually blocks most teachers from even being eligible to participate in the required training to carry on campus, and then the sheriff also has the authority to deny the program anyway. If the left sees that it's now able to grab some more inches by getting republicans to pass these lopsided compromise bills, then they've got a path to victory. Republicans are the ones who passed the law.

As a law abiding gun owner, I see a shift in sentiment going on. The left surely must see it as well. They're going to start circling like sharks to take more bites and if we gun rights supporters don't harden our resolve and quit giving inches away to appease the left for another year or two, we are going to have to explain to our kids what freedom was like.

There is only one reason to disarm a people.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The story of how the FBI (and Robert Mueller) ruined an innocent family.

Here is a story of when FBI informants murdered a man who owed the mob money. The FBI covered for it's informants and framed four innocent men, including a decorated WWII veteran. This is the story of how the FBI destroyed that veteran's family, and how Robert Mueller wrote letters to the parole board to keep that innocent veteran in prison for the rest of his life.

Trust the FBI, indeed.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

This is why they're replacing white Americans.

This is why they're replacing white people in America. This is why they're emasculating men. This is why they need us to be disarmed.

If we won't vote them into power, they'll simply import millions of dark skinned third world savages who will. They'll bring them in and incentivize them to outbreed us with money, services and benefits. Meanwhile, our young white women are encouraged to forgo having a family in favor of being a career driven woman who breaks through that "glass ceiling", despite the fact that when you compare working women against working men, men actually make only about 94¢ for every $1 a woman makes.

Once they outbreed us into the minority, they'll simply have to kill off the rest of us. For that, they'll have to disarm us. But they're working on that. Slowly but surely. No one needs a fully automatic weapon? Outlaw them. Sound suppressors are scary? Mandate a tax stamp. Don't care about bumpstocks? Give them up. Keep giving them an inch. Inch by inch. When was the last time they gave US an inch?

When do we harden our resolve for the fight that lies before us?

Psalm 144:1. It's not for nothing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

No one's business.

Bitter Hillary!

Hillary did an interview with someone of little consequence in front of a crowd of remote controlled clapping machines, or at least that's what they might as well have been. During this interview she unloads on, well, pretty much anyone who didn't vote for her. She says that the areas of the US that Trump won don't want women to have jobs, don't want black people or "Indian" people to do well and that those red areas in the Midwest are "backward", while the areas that voted for her are "optimistic, diverse and forward looking", whatever that means.

She states that the areas that voted against her had a problem that they wanted solved. This is correct, but her assessment of that problem is incorrect. Her assessment is that our problem is that we are racist, sexist and backwards. The real issue is that we are tired of being insulted, demeaned, taken from and ignored. This interview she did proves that point. In it, she shows that her care is for ONLY her voters, and that she has no understanding or concern for the wellbeing of anyone who doesn't fit into her "forward looking" club.

I am a Trump skeptic and I have much that I agree with him on, and much that I don't. But Trump SHOWED up to places like Wisconsin and Michigan. He's come to my area at least three times in the last three years can during and after his campaign. He listened to whites instead of lecturing them.

Hillary derisively refers to "make America great again" with an emphasis on the word "again". She doesn't understand something. If most white, English speaking Americans living in the meat of America, away from the West Coast and New England, believe that America needs to be made great AGAIN, then she maybe she should have listened. She doesn't live in the REAL America. Most people in Southern Kalifornia don't live in the REAL America. Most people in New York City and Washington D.C. don't live in the REAL America.

Maybe she should have paid attention to the people who do live there.