Saturday, May 19, 2018

Why leftists avoid the topic of Islamic violence against minorities

I recently published some documentaries and video projects that I produced while I was in Iraq that focus on the violence that ethnic Armenians, Assyrians and Christian minority groups in Syria and Iraq have suffered at the hands of the Islamic state. When I shared the material, the leftist and black nationalist elements will almost always digress the dialogue into a direction that sets out to prove how evil Christians are or how white people are the real terrorists.

When conservatives see the work I have done in Iraq the majority respond with statements like "God help these people" or "they are in my prayers" or "what can I do to help?" or praises to the Christian communities for their efforts in resisting the violence of Islamic fascists. When white liberals see my programs, the majority will digress and derail the topic into how Christians are no better or how Christianity was worse while giving examples of the Crusades and events that happened over one thousand years ago. They will instantly run to the defense of Islam and act as if the work I am doing is an attack on all Muslim people.

The black nationalist elements will find the first chance they get to digress the conversation into how white people are worse than ISIS or the same as ISIS with statements on how white people are murdering blacks in mass numbers, or shooting out memes with photos of school shooters and text stating things like "white people are the biggest threat to America" or memes displaying photos of the KKK and text with quotes like "before you judge Muslims and ISIS remember that White America is just as bad as ISIS."

A professor from the university of London from the black studies department mocked my work in Iraq saying "don't throw your toys out of the pram" and "stop trying to exploit my emotions with this sensationalist propaganda, black people have been suffering for over 500 years under white oppression." This same black studies professor will publish works expressing the pain and suffering that Africans faced during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and post historic photos on her Facebook page displaying the scars that African slaves had on their backs. These people will display graphic images of Jewish victims of the holocaust and use at as a means to demonize nationalism, Christians, Germans and Europeans, but God forbid we show the suffering of Christians in the Middle East. Notice how showing the suffering of ethnic non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East angers and confuses leftists?

Black nationalists feel that their victimization mentality and status is under attack and threatened when compared to how other races and ethnic groups are suffering through out the world.
Rather than wave the flag of " solidarity" as they always push on our society they attack information and people who show concern for the suffering of minorities that face real systematic violence and murder.
White liberals scramble to digress into statements about the evil of christianity because they feel uncomfortable criticizing any aspect of Islam.
When you confront there anti christian mindset and ask them why they feel the need to tout Islam as a religion of love and peace but christianity as a religion responsible for violence they eventually end the conversation with a dismissive " i hate all religion". If you hate all religion why did you spend the last 15 -30 minutes defending Islam?
The truth is oppression is a problem, bigotry is a problem racial and ethnic violence is a problem and people are being attacked because of their religion and Yazidi peoples in Syria and Iraq as well as ethnic Assyrians, Syriac, and Armenians are some of the people getting the worse of it at the hands of Islamic fascists and left wing media and elements spent the past eight years marginalizing, minimizing and ignoring the violence against minorities because they did not have the ability to demonize white people, Europeans, Christians and western society to the degree they wanted to further than anti western marxist agenda.  I hold them all in extreme contempt.
You will almost always see the same tactic, digress, derail and then demonize christians when ever you discuss the violence Christians and Yazidi people face.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Do not forget who we are.

Posting has been slow lately because I've had food poisoning and my periodic government work is calling again. In the brief meantime, I'll just leave this right here. Only you know which side you're on.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Jordan Peterson - Intellectual giant or giant hypocrite.

If any of you have been following Jordan Peterson then you would have seen how he has had amazing arguments against neo liberal agendas and ideals.
He has done a great job and combating neo feminist agendas and hypocrisy as well as various issues the left wing elements push on the public.
However even though Peterson does appear to be anti leftist he most certainly is not pro right wing.
Interesting fact he claims that ideology of any kind disgusts him.
So what he is telling the public is reject leftist ideals and anything that is seen as right wing.
He has been very outspoken when it comes to his disgust for any breed of nationalism.
He has also claimed that neo Marxism is destroying western civilization.
Please share your ideas on Peterson and what you think his agenda is.
He claims that having a set of ideals that you subscribe to is " idiotic" though he claims he values Christianity.
He claims he values western civilization but rejects a belief system.
An ideology is a belief system and individualism is something that peterson promotes and these can be labeled as a ideology.
He values free speech and thought can this not be considered akin to ideology on some level?
I see a man who attacks cultural and social structures on all side of the fence and then plays a mind game of social, ethnic and cultural relativism when the smoke clears and debris settles.
This man has criticized cultural relativists though it seems like he supports cultural relativists.
He is generating great wealth with a capitalist system but does not seem to be interested in preserving any form of political or economic system that promotes capitalism.
This man is finding great success due to the united states and the system we have of promoting free speech but Jordan peterson would have us reject the concept of embracing a constitutional republic and any form of nationalism that preserves such a system.
I think it is important to point out that ethnic pride and nationalistic pride is more akin to value of culture or ethnic creed.
But he does discourage ethnic and national pride.
This man is becoming like Noam Chomsky very good at pointing out problems but not interested in solutions.
my feeling is simply that a man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.
I think this man is using some two faced double think tactics and people are not picking up on them.

What do all of you think?
Is Peterson falling apart? is he a fraud, is he getting too big for his britches or is he the brilliant intellectual giant of the twenty first century?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Next level first-aid kit

A good first-aid kit is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves "prepared". Below, I have some photos of the one I have at my house, and it accompanies us on extended trips. While this may not quite live up to what a full-time paramedic might carry, it approaches that, and is way above what you're going to find for sale around town in most cases.

The bag itself is made by Lightning X Products. You can get a discount on this particular one at GovX if you're military, law enforcement or a first responder.

You can see how much it can hold once you open it up.

In the third photo you can see a pocket CPR mask, a nasopharyngeal airway, Israeli bandage, some Quckclot gauze, tourniquet, seatbelt cutter and a muslin bandage.

Next photo shows 18" of 3-0 nylon suture.

In the next pocket I have two packs of petroleum gauze, great for covering full thickness burns and maintaining a moist wound bed to promote healing. Often we see people trying to let their wounds "get some air", which we now know can cause excess drying and slow healing. Keeping a moist area allows the wound to move healing cells to the surface faster. However, overly moist wounds can end up losing those healing cells to easily. In that photo you also see a stack of 4"x4" gauze (12 of them), a triangle bandage (great for rigging up an arm sling) and an emergency blanket.

Next photo shows various sizes of syringes and needles to attach. These can be used to lance wounds if necessary. Make sure to use proper aseptic technique or sterile technique when necessary and when possible. There is also a #10 blade scalpel.

In the other side pocket I have alcohol wipes, iodine swabs, saline flushes, tweezers, a thermometer, tongue depressors, cotton tipped applicators and silk tape.

In one of the center compartments I keep a box of band-aids, some different sizes of Steri-Strips, some larger coverage band-aids, eye pads, ace wraps of different sizes and Iodoform for packing wounds. Iodoform packing will allow a wound to heal from the inside out and will help to fight infection. Use the cotton tipped applicators, and make sure to leave a bit of the packing hanging out so you can remove it as needed.

Next photo shows various sizes of gauze rolls. After that I've got a couple of instant cold packs, scissors, trauma shears (not the same as scissors but you don't HAVE to have both), curved hemostats (use these as your needle driver for suturing), a few large Tegaderms, a couple of IV start kits (they have rubber tourniquets, small Tegaderms, a bit of gauze, alcohol wipe, plastic tape), gravity IV tubing and two little bundles of what I need to start an IV. The two bundles include three IV catheters (18g, 20g and 22g), a saline flush and a "J-Loop".

The next photo shows my two bags of IV fluids that I carry in the bag. One is normal saline and the other is lactated Ringer's. These are both classified as "isotonic crystalloids". You don't have to know that. Just know that if someone is dehydrated or suffering hypotension from heat stroke or something, they need rehydration or a volume expander. These two are what we are using for first-aid because they're as close as we are going to get to blood contents for this purpose. We aren't going to start carrying D5 or 1/2NS or be dropping 20meq of potassium into anyone's fluid for first-aid today. Do not give anyone under the age of 12 any bolus of fluid over 250ml at one time. Also for adults, try giving half a bag at first and see if they respond positively.

Your bag should have reference material. In the next photo you see mine. Pretty basic. Pick these up at any decent book store. That's a pile of gloves between the two guidebooks.

After that you see an "ambu-bag" or bag-valve-mask (BVM). If you're lucky enough to obtain one of these, you need to have already learned to use it. Take a CPR class, please. The bag pictured also connects to the pocket mask you saw above.

Some additional items I will be adding: Paper tape (wife is allergic to silk and plastic tape). Several OTC medications including Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Benadryl. Pulse oximeter. Manual blood pressure cuff (you saw the stethoscope above, still looking for the cuff though). Berman airway kit (keeps the tongue in place during resuscitation).

Disclaimer: Use this advice at your own risk. You know what you can handle and what you can not. I'm not holding your hand and if you sue me, I don't have anything for you. I invest all my money in tangible tools I can use when the grid goes down. I have a lot of rakes, shovels and axes. If you need one, just ask for it and save yourself the lawyer fees. Good luck.

Here is the openview.

Forward Observer: Intelligence and Community Security

Samuel Culper at Forward Observer has written a great five-day long blog entry on intelligence and community security. I'll post the intro and all five daily entries.

A lot of people in our movement, or in your movement, or whatever movement that is, be it the Alt-Right, the Tea Party, or whoever you side with (odds are you fall in with someone somewhere if you're reading this, or are looking for a movement home), are looking for a way to fight and win back the country and defend Western Civilization. But that doesn't happen from the top down. It goes from the ground up. And to get things done, you have to have information to drive that action. Intelligence drives the mission. You've got to be able to collect and analyze that information in order to act on it, or get others to act on it.

Without further delay, we have Culper's excellent entries.

Intro to the ACE Blog

Day 01

Day 02

Day 03

Day 04

Day 05

Created by a former US Army intelligence professional and combat veteran of OEF and OIF, vouched for and reposted by a former US Army intelligence professional and combat veteran of OEF. You're in good hands.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Steven Anderson banned from Jamaica because he is white?

Recently the Jamaican government decided American pastor Steven Anderson should be banned from entering Jamaica because of his "homophobic statements" and anti homosexual positions he holds based on his christian doctrine.
The reason I titled this article Steven Anderson banned from Jamaica because he is white is because Jamaican society has never been accepting of homosexuality or homosexual people.
It is not unheard of for one to witness a public murder of homosexuals in Jamaica.
Homosexual children/ teenagers and adults have been dragged out into the streets of Kingston and rural areas and publicly tortured and killed in a horrific varied manner.
Transexuals are beaten and hospitalized on a regular basis.
There are many documentaries on this subject and when Jamaican government officials are questioned on the subject they are often dismissive of the subject or insist that the homosexual/ transgender individuals are to blame.
One former Jamaican prime minister Bruce Golding recently stated that homosexuals would have no place in his cabinet and would never be allowed to work with him in the political field.
Many Jamaican musicians and artists have promoted the murder of homosexuals.
Famous Jamaican DJ Buju Banton has a famous track that was very popular in Jamaica entitled boom bye bye. A song that encourages the murder of homosexuals.
None of these people are being deported from Jamaica.
I should also mention louis Farrakhan an American citizen routinely visits Jamaica is given red carpet treatment to adoring fans and wine and dined by the political elite, academia, and media.
Farrakhan has made hostile statements directed toward homosexuals through out his career.
Steven Anderson has never made hateful statements towards homosexuals he has simply stated that homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible and that there is an agenda within our media and various upper echelon's on our society to push homosexuality on children and the general public.
Farrakhan has promoted hatred and violence towards homosexuals and white people but Steven Anderson is the one who is banned?
There are many differences between Mr. Anderson and Farrakhan.
1. Anderson is a Christian and Farrakhan is an islamic fascist

2. Anderson promotes the teaching of Christ, forgiveness and love Farrakahn teaches hate and violence.

3. Anderon is white and Farrakhan is black.

I am not sure of all the details but the leftist media is celebrating Anderson being censored and banned from entering an entire country.
If I was a gambling man I would wager that the left wing media would be enraged if Farrakhan was banned from any country and would be screaming at the top of their lungs about free speech.
Jamaica is brimming with anti white sentiment but I wonder if a higher ranking political system banned Anderson outside of the Jamaican political system.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I recall 8-10 years ago how there was a push from the classical liberal and conservative camps to expose cultural marxism from the left wing by calling leftist what they were " marxists".
When I did this the average leftist would laugh and mock you and call you paranoid, crazy or a conspiracy theorist.
Now top leftist outlets are openly praising Marx and communist ideals.
Latest article from NY Times praising communism and letting us know Black lives matter and feminist programs are in line with Marxism.
They openly admit.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Why reasoning with a leftist is almost impossible

Reasoning rationalizing, and persuading your political opposition is damn near impossible.
Why is it so hard to get someone to empathize with you and understand your political, social or philosophical view?
One simple reason emotion overrides reason.
Tens of thousands of years of human evolution has relied on emotional response to aid in human survival.
These emotional responses are rooted within deep reactions including, joy, fear and anger.
These feelings can create dopamine and adrenaline.
Dopamine creates feelings of pleasure and euphoria and basically is akin to a drug  like affect so in short we are dealing with drug addicts and you are killing your leftist friends high when you contradict their world view.
Telling them that they are not a unique victim absolved of all responsibility is a hard pill to swallow.
Telling someone that all of their failures are greatly due to their own short coming and not the behaviors of "the man" or some invisible hand of oppression is not something people want to hear.
Tearing apart world views that an individual has built over a span of decades of indoctrination and propaganda masked as education is not a something that will make people jump for joy in fact it will make them hate you and even want to kill you.
We in the western world that has been rooted within the 17th and 18th century enlightenment philosophies rooted with in classical liberalism and free speech/free thought are now being integrated with cultures who often have limited value of such concepts as well as massive social engineering programs that have been gradually implemented into our society for the past sixty years working to subvert the population into a more authoritarian behavior and mindset.
The subversion has been done greatly through mass media and using subtle tactics of pavlovian control using emotional stimuli.
TV programs, films and art depicting white people as oppressive murders and all non whites as pure angelic victims has been imbedded into the minds of generations of western populations.
Think of the film amistad that shows the evil oppressors as hypocritical white christians holding bible and crucifix's dangling from their hands in slow motion as the helpless african victims weep to the sound heartfelt tragic music.
Never do these films show the African pagan chiefs brutalizing other Africans as they sell their broken foes children to Arab Muslim slave traders or the Jewish merchant that then bought the slaves to sell to other Jewish and gentile slave masters.
The agenda has been to polarize and stigmatize European and former colonial European societies and Christians.
There has been a great deal of strong emotion used to create this polarization and if you disrupt this narrative you will not be cheered by your opposition you will be booed and hated.
Aside from all of this nobody likes feeling like they are wrong or stupid. People like being right and feeling that  dopamine kick of validation.
When great thinkers challenge societies orthodoxy they are rarely rewarded they are killed or bullied.
Socrates, Christ, Galileo were not embraced but brutalized and punished for killing peoples high.
If you want to speak the truth prepare to suffer God knows I have.
Below is a video of the story of the Allegory of the cave by Plato.
It describes what happens to those who wish to enlighten others perfectly.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Everyone I disagree with is Hitler

Constantly I am seeing meme wars and conservative commentators equate the neo leftist movements of the West to something akin to the national socialists of Germany. There is a constant association of Hitler and Nazis with left wing ideals and followers of neo-leftist ideology. Since before Trump won the election the left wing elements have been associating all conservatives and Trump with Hitler. I find this to be very immature and intellectually dishonest from both left wing camps and right wing camps.

The Second Amendment is often being drug into the "you're literally Hitler" debate. The right wing associates all gun regulation with something Hitler would support. This is false. Hitler had no interest in disarming people in his political and ethnic camps, he was focused on disarming his opposition. Both extreme leftists and moderate leftists are not nazis. The neo-left are not Nazis and have little in common with Hitler or his ideals. Hitler was a pro-white, ethnic nationalist, racialist and socially conservative in many ways. Many of his beliefs were akin to modern left wing ideals but some of his ideas also were akin to modern socially conservative views. He was a Socialist, yes, but was not into the breed of neo-Marxism the American left wing is embracing. The national socialists hated communists with a passion.

Every argument we have now with the left is an attempt to associate us with Hitler and now the right wing follows suit. I think the first thing I would like to point out is how strange it is that Hitler and the Nazis are the paramount of evil in human history.

Why do we give the crown of evil to Hitler? Why are we not using Stalin as a marker for terror and evil? Why does the term Nazi send shivers down peoples spine? Why cant we scream communist, Marxist or socialist and get the same reaction? The reason is because the narrative is controlled by very specific people with very specific agendas and our media has an obsession with the holocaust and and the demonization of ethnic nationalists of European stock.

Nelson Mandela and the ANC (Marxists) are not stigmatized by the media or by academia. Mandela was the Timothy McVeigh of South Africa with his bombings focused on unarmed civilians and murdered more people than Mcveigh with his militant ANC brigades, but the Mandela family and the ANC does not face a fraction of the scrutiny that Mcveigh or Hitler did.

Why is Mao Zedong never seen as the paramount of evil? Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot are much more rarely used as an association of evil even though Stalin killed tens of millions of people, as did Mao.
Marxist murders are often ignored or celebrated. If you wear a Maoist star, hammer and sickle or Che Guevara shirt on any university campus you will not face any backlash or hostility from the majority of students or faculty. Any celebrity who sports such symbols will be applauded by their stary eyed freakish fans and their corporate overlords will not bat an eye.

Now show a symbol or ideal that shows any sense of European nationalism or Western nationalism  and you will face scrutiny.

If you are a Marxist or a non-white violent nationalist then you are applauded or ignored at best. If you are white and a nationalist of some breed you are stigmatized no matter how peaceful, calm and rational your views are.

Am I proposing that we all walk around with shirts sporting photos of Hitler or swastikas? No, I am not supporting or suggesting such a thing, I am simply saying that it is time for intellectually honest discussions.

Authoritarianism is not something I want in the USA and I feel it is against my values and the values of great patriots before me. Authoritarianism is not synonymous with socialism, Marxism, liberalism, or conservatism, rather it is synonymous with any person or group who answers to nobody but themselves while taking power and civil liberties away from others.

As much as I like Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan, Rebel Media and many other conservative outlets must stop with this idiotic false equation that the left is so fond of, that being "political opposition equals Hitler".

I think some people were doing this false equation to prove to the political left that we could find similarities within leftist ideals and create the same straw man false equation, but now it is getting out of hand and unfortunately, many intelligent conservative people are starting to buy into it.