Tuesday, December 12, 2017

WRSA Masthead speaks truth.

The top banner, or "masthead", on Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) states:

"The government at all levels in FUSA is controlled by people who want to see you and your way of life destroyed. Never forget that."

For your info, "FUSA" is either "Fallen United States of America" or "Former United States of America".

The statement is absolutely correct. From the very top, members of congress and their staffers, White House officials, the SCOTUS and all of their lawyers, heads of federal departments and agencies and their middlemen, to the state governments, governors and attorney generals, members of your legislatures and their staffers, to the local governments with their city council members and county commissioners... Those entities and organizations do not know you, do not care about you or your family, and more likely view you and your way of life as an obstacle to their drive for more authority and influence.

And make no mistake that the badge wearers, from the federal level down to the states, counties and cities WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW THEIR ORDERS when they're told to seize your property and assists, confiscate your weapons and arrest you or kill you. Those badge wearers will be the first line when it comes to enforcing the edicts of their masters on you. As long as those masters decide it's "legal", it becomes a license to kill you depending on your level of protest. And that threshold is getting lower and lower every day.

Get yourself in order.

Primary: Shelter, water, food, security. This is the survival list. Without any one of these, you're sunk.

Secondary: Communications, intelligence, medical, transportation. These will allow you to thrive instead of just survive. And you can start fighting back against whatever has happened.

Grow and hunt your own food, as much of it as possible. Homeschool your kids, or at least have a robust plan to counteract the propaganda they will receive from approximately the 3rd grade onward.

Get yourself a combat rifle and plenty of ammo and mags, and train with it.

Cut your cable. No CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, etc. No cable or satellite. If you really have to get your cooking/culinary show fix, Netflix and Hulu will suffice.

Go to your city council and county commissioner meetings.

Go to town events and keep your eyes open for like minded people, and make friends. There is no lone wolf. Wolves have packs.

This all might sound extreme, and it might sound like I have made some major leaps and stretches with what I've said. Not so. This particular post is for the people who already know what steps we've taken to get where we are today in America. If you think I've made some leaps and exaggerations, then you may not have taken your red pill yet. This message might not be for you yet if you need me to list all the connections for you to link your white picket fence suburban life in wonderful America to a place where you might need a combat rifle and a large food storage closet to ensure your way of life continues for another generation.

If that's the case, please bookmark this exact post and come back in a year after regularly reading some other blogs, such as WRSA (already linked), AesopHerschel, Brushbeater (combat rifle link below), Woodpile, etc.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

WRSA post on the murder of Daniel Shaver by Mesa Police Department.

His name is Daniel Shaver, and he is each of us.

This needs to be seen by all. Law abiding father, taken from his family by murderous Jack booted thug, cop Philip Brailsford.

And of course the murderer goes free.

Bad apples spoiling the bunch? What happens when your dad or son comes across one of those bad apples, and makes a mistake in their twisted game of Simon Says? Then is it just a few bad apples?

The police in America have a problem, and it's getting real close to time that We the People fixed it.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Mesa Police Officer Murders Innocent Man in Hotel Hallway.

There are no words.

This officer WANTED to kill someone.

Anyone ever make a mistake during a game of Simon Says? Daniel Shaver did, and died for it.

Police will often scream numerous, unnecessarily detailed, sometimes contradictory instructions while threatening to gravely harm or kill the recipient. It's no wonder people can't follow those instructions perfectly. Make a mistake, and assuming that they don't just shoot you outright, they'll beat you down while screaming "STOP RESISTING!". You know, for the cameras.

Speaking of cameras, I'm sure glad they wear those now. Otherwise, the murder of Justine Damond would have been... Oh wait. Never mind.

LA Times obtains list of over 300 "bad cops".

Here is a list of over 300 of those bad apple cops that spoil the whole bunch.

But if there are 300 of them in one area, then maybe the whole bunch is bad.

At what point do we get to stop the cop sucking? You know the statements we have to make, like "the vast majority of cops are good" and "a few bad apples..." BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Spare me. We're still waiting to see what excuse Mohammed Noor gets to use for murdering Justine Damond.

Concealed carrier puts down a thug.

I carry a gun, everywhere I go, every day of my life. For anyone who ever learns this fact about me, most don't really question it, but I do sometimes get some sideways looks. Not so much because I carry, but more because I won't compromise on it and I refuse to ever go unarmed at all. I get a lot of the "can't you just go without it this ONE time?" kind of looks. They figure that because I'm "just" going to run to the store "real quick", or I'm "just" going to a restaurant a few minutes into town, that I could just leave it at home and not "bother" with strapping on a sidearm "this time".

I'm sure for those of you who carry regularly, you know what I'm talking about.

Next time you get those looks or those questions, show them this story.

This father and his family were "just" at Popeye's. They were "just" at a fast food place, and they all got a gun stuck in their faces. So the dad, a real hero, ended the threat for his family and all future families that the thug might have accosted.

This story has all the basics that need to be covered in order to wipe away those sideways looks when you're strapping on your defensive pistol. If it doesn't work, then quit trying at that point. Some people just have to be sheep.

Refuse to be the sheep.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Kate Steinle Verdict: Not Guilty?!

A jury in San Francisco has found Kate Steinle's killer not guilty.

San Francisco. Yeah.

A lot of red pills being choked down today.

And check out, in that article, what the illegal alien's defense attorney said about high level government officials commenting on the case. This was political. I'm not above concluding that the prosecutors actually threw the case on purpose.

In much of America today, illegal aliens are viewed as the victim, no matter what. That especially goes in Kalifornia, and triple that for San Francisco.

Now reverse this: White person shoots and kills illegal in San Francisco, accidentally or not. What happens there? I'll tell you. Renewed calls for gun control and tarring and feathering all white people as inherently racist.

We have no justice system. It's just a legal system, and they get to decide what's legal and what's not, actual laws be damned. You should have known that when Hillary walked (and she has walked, for good), but if you didn't take your red pill then, you have the chance again today.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

On truth and obviousness.

There is no discussion point so obvious as to escape the need for explanation. If someone claims that a point is so obvious that they refuse to provide further explanation, then their point is probably not true at all.

Attack it. It is the weakness in their argument, and their entire argument likely depends on it's survival. Destroy their false centerpoint, and their argument crumbles.

Study: No temperature acceleration in 23 years.

Climate researchers at the University of Alabama at Huntsville have conducted a study that shows there has been virtually no acceleration in global temperatures in the last 23 years, and that the slight alterations in temperature are due solely to volcanic activity.

As if we needed more evidence that the climate change hysteria is a bunch of bull.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Aesop shows Darwin for the ignoramus that he was.

Here we have a solid takedown of Charles Darwin by fellow blogger Aesop. Thoughtful and to the point, and far beyond most amateur Darwinist's capabilities of debate. Most of the proponents of the evolutionary theory you find in your neighborhood will decline to debate you if you make Aesop's points with the detail that he has, and will instead simply accuse you of such awesome ignorance that they would only be wasting their time. In their own mind, declining to even discuss is a victory... For them.

Funny, that.

Most important is the link to Michael Behe's book near the end, if you read. You should. I own the book, though haven't nearly finished it. It has been moved to the top of my pile now. Thanks Aesop.

And also the nod to the "Cambrian Explosion" (CE). The vast majority of the evolutionary theory proponents in your neighborhood that will argue with you at all will be clueless about the event, because the vast majority of them, while disdainful of YOUR religion, despite having only a cursory understanding of their own beliefs, are blindly adhered to their own religion of Darwinism, itself a form of what Aesop labels "science-ism". He states that upon being asked to explain the CE, your debate opponent will begin fumbling over their words and sweating nervously. I will say that is true, IF (and this is a BIG if) they even have the faintest idea of what the CE is. My money is that at least 80% will not. And I think I'm giving them too much credit. They're likely to brush aside your introduction of the CE simply because they don't know what it is. Introduction of new information can be threatening to them, and since they aren't actually seeking the truth at all, they'll toss it in the garbage simply because YOU, their opponent, brought it into the discussion.

Btw, even the ignoramus Darwin acknowledged the Cambrian Explosion (aka Cambrian Radiation) as possibly the greatest argument AGAINST his own theory.