Monday, July 9, 2018

Trump picks Brett Kavanaugh.

After Trump narrowed his list of potential SCOTUS picks to three, my favorite was Brett Kavanaugh.  I liked him better than the other two, Barret and Kethledge. Especially better than Barret. She adopted two black children, which of course is well within her right and I'm not going to say is a bad thing to do, but it certainly tells me where she might fall on the "diversity is our strength" debate. I don't want to risk that. I've heard some refer to Kethledge as "controlled opposition", though I'm not in that camp.

Regardless, I suspected the announcement was going to happen today because big new doesn't get announced on weekends and Trump knows the Republican Puke Party may be running low on days to lead in Congress. Maybe they are, maybe not. Regardless, the pick had to come quick. And quick it came.

Kavanaugh is young, white, male, Christian and apparently quite conservative, though the definition of that word isn't what it used to be. I'm happy with the pick, though. Now start the battle, win it, and get him in the war ASAP.

The left is going to go into full meltdown. This is the worst case scenario for them. The only thing worse is building a border wall, but that's never happening. So this is the worst case. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to have to croak over on the bench before she retires because she knows it'll be several decades before the SCOTUS even goes back to a 5-4 Conservative split. It'll be 6-3 if she goes away. Stephen Breyer isn't going anywhere anytime soon, I don't suspect.

I know a lot of people out there are too soft to actually ever wish for anyone to die, but if you wish the SCOTUS would lean 6-3 in our favor, then that's the only chance. Ginsburg and Breyer aren't going to willingly give Trump their seats, and Sotomayor and Kagan are too young for us to hope that they'll retire even before 2035.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Elitist pedophile snuff film cover up

This is a disturbing article that will not make you feel good to read if you are a decent human being.
In the year 2000 a Russian individual Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov was arrested.
This individual was arrested by a interpol joint police effort lead by British and Italian law enforcement for producing child pornography and murder "snuff films".
This man with two other accomplices would lure orphaned teenagers, children ' some as young as two to five years old' and some adults as well with small sums of money and then rape, torture and in several cases murder them.
This information is circulating due to the London Observer and Guardian publications.
There is one American documentary called Snuff killing on film that also reports this story.
There seems to be evidence of Italian news outlets, German outlets, and AP press were reporting on this but the Guardian is the only official major press outlet still holding the article on their website.
This is obviously horrible, disgusting and angering but what is most shocking is that this scum bag only did less than one year in prison.
The story becomes even more shocking when we find out that his accomplices only did eleven years in prison.
These sentences were ordered by a London court.
There are very few updates on this incident since 2001 and the story was buried.
I am not shocked that there are sick and evil individuals willing to commit such horrible acts and I am not shocked that there are people this sick and evil who are willing to pay for such horrific material but I am sickened and shocked that our media has buried this story.
I am shocked that these scum bags only got eleven years and the ring leader got less than one year.
But wait the plot thickens.
The men running this operation seem to have connections to the Russian mob.
They also seem to have been aided by very wealthy and powerful USA contacts and their clients seem to be very wealthy American elites as well as British and Italian business men with major influence.
When I first came across this information I was shocked and angered and wanted to do something about all of this.
I was confused as to why there was no media fiasco, nobody doing anything about these scum bags?
Why would Putin and the Russian authorities let scum like this continue to breath?
Why does the US and British government still assert that Snuff films are a myth?
Why does the oh so "reputable" website snopes claim that snuff films are fiction?
Why were there virtually no updates on this story?
Back in 2009/2010 when this information was revealed to me there was little nothing I could find on the subject but there are now several websites and threads dedicated to exposing this particular case and other underground rings akin to this case as well.
I will link some of these sources below.
Many people feel that there is a Jewish conspiracy tied to this case being it seems most everyone tied to the case was ethnically Jewish both the producers of the material and the clients.
Personally I do not feel that all Jewish people are vicious monsters or evil doers working to destroy the world that is not my position but there are groups and organizations that exist in this world that have zionist and Jewish supremacist agendas and these groups have overwhelming wealth and influence that much I do believe.
Other people feel this is simply a result of the Russian mafia and the massive power they hold over society.
Other assertions I have read feel this is simply the result of economic elites covering up their ties and connections to such horrific misdeeds.
in the Past eighteen years there have been websites with independent journalists exposing the reasons why this incident was covered up and why so little was done to punish those involved.
There are many assertions that I can not collaborate with hard evidence but people assert that the vatican aided in the cover up as well as influential media heads and billionaire political financiers who are connected to the organization that was producing this "media"/ horrific evil.
Something still needs to be done for the sake of Russian people, American people and people all over the world who are suffering from things of this nature.
Justice needs to be served and future generations need to be protected.
These strange, twisted pedophile sex rings that also murder children for their own sick amusement need to be exposed.
This I not a whacky Alex Jones like conspiracy theory this is fact.
Jeffery Epstien a billionaire investor with massive media and political influence was raping young woman and children in mass number on his estate for many years until members of the FBI nailed him and put him away.
But we had minimal media on the situation.
Could it be because Hillary and Bill Clinton were spending three weeks at a time and taking many, many trips to Epstien's rape resort?
Could it be because hundreds of powerful people in media, politics and the business world were also on that Island for extended visits like the Clintons?
This is real and this is happening and I think we should make a point that we have had enough of it.
Yes there are child abusers and murders of all ethnic and racial backgrounds yes there are people of all economic classes responsible for these abuses and misdeeds but when poor or working class people are caught doing such things they are dealt with harshly and swiftly but people with wealth and power can circumvent justice..... but only indefinitely.
The pendulum will swing.

link to website dedicated to exposing the case mentioned above.
My apologies for not having a more reputable source but as I said there was a media shut down and you are welcome to read the original article the Guardian still has on their site.

Link -

Link to short video describing the case.  -

Friday, June 29, 2018

The US needs to borrow the Hungarian immigration strategy.

Hungary is probably the most refugee-resistant country in all of Europe, and I think the US could learn something from them. They use walls and fences topped with concertina wire. Lawyers who provide too much assistance in the immigration process could face jail time.

Hungary knows that they don't need immigrants, but rather, immigrants need Hungary.

Well I say: The US does not need immigrants. Immigrants need the US.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Narrowed down Trump's list of potential SCOTUS picks. My personal choices.

Donald Trump has his list of SCOTUS picks posted on the White House website, and I've looked over the list myself and have narrowed it down to the ones I'd be happy to see on the bench.

Raymond Gruender
Thomas Hardiman
Brett Kavanaugh
Raymond Kethledge
Thomas Lee
Kevin Newsom
William Pryor
Don Willett
Patrick Wyrick

All of these are young and conservative (whatever that means these days), the oldest being 56.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Anthony Kennedy is retiring!

Woke up from work this afternoon after working a night shift to find that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has decided to retire immediately after assisting conservatives in gutting some of the power that labor unions have and reminding everyone that yes, POTUS does have considerable authority in the realm of immigration and stopping travel from countries that fund and support terrorist activities.

And now Kennedy stepping down gives the Republicans some time to hopefully fall in line and rubber stamp someone from Trump's pretty decent list of SCOTUS choices.

That'll move the general ideology of the court from slightly right-leaning, to a clear 5-4 right-leaning majority. I'm sure by now you know that Kennedy was pretty moderate, with a slight rightward lean. Trump now has a chance to replace a right-moderate with someone who is just right.

Now what about Justice Ginsburg? Sometimes I'm not even sure that she is still conscious. Being a feminist leftist, I'm sure she fancies herself some kind of revolutionary, as those kind always do, standing tall in the face of opposition for their right to, well, infringe on your rights, get into your business and take your stuff away from you. That's always what it boils down to for commies. She'll likely try to inhabit that seat until she dies, or until the democrats take control of government again.

Can she hold out that long? Hopefully not. A solid 6-3 majority would help the right stave off at least some of the stupidity the left is going to throw at us as punishment for what we've done, or what they perceive we've done.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

It's about that time to start drawing lines...

We've moved now into the realm of elected officials publicly and literally directing and inciting their followers and constituents to physically harass ideological opponents in their everyday lives. Conservative politicians, or at least those considered to be conservative, and their constituents, are apparently not supposed to show their faces in restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, or generally in public, anymore.

I believe it was after the Presidential campaigns, but perhaps right before, that the old socialist Bernie Sanders said that his followers needed to go out into the public sphere and "get into trouble". Of course now we have crazy Maxine Waters calling for her followers to actually physically harass and intimidate Trump administration officials and their supporters in public, at "gasoline stations", restaurants, etc.

I wonder if she wants us to sit at the back of the bus.

People have asked when the leftists are just going to start trying to assassinate officials they don't like, or people who they find to be counter to their efforts. Steve Scalise could probably answer that question. Seth Rich, however, can not.

We are moving closer and closer to a failure of civility, at least varying levels of it in the different regions of the US. At some point we have to realize that there are at least two major factions in the US who no longer wish to live under a governmental system that resembles ANYTHING like the system that the other faction wishes to live under.

The American Civil War was not about slavery. It was about two major sides disagreeing on what type of government to live under. The North sided with the centralized federal system over the state governments, while the South wished to live under a continued confederation of free and independent states who agreed to unite under certain circumstances. It was all about federal power versus states' rights.

I think the Southern philosophy of free and independent states is being proven correct. We can not take 330,000,000 people, force them to accept abstract concepts like diversity, erode their national American identity, intentionally degrade Western style culture, and then expect all of them to live peacefully and happily under ONE single leader, ONE single flag, ONE single system, ONE set of laws.

"But China does it".

China is nearly 100% Chinese and nearly 0% anything else. They have a DISTINCTLY Chinese culture and way of life.

"India does it".

India has a DISTINCTLY Indian culture, language, national identity.

Next most populous country in the world is the US, and here we are barely allowed to acknowledge that there is such a thing as "American culture" or anything resembling a national identity, lest you wear the brand of a racist or bigot, or whatever it is this week.

There must be an amicable divorce in order to preserve the peace. I don't know what lines need to be drawn and where they need to be, but it's about that time...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Is there going to be a battle for the Southern Baptist Convention? Or is it lost already?

So where does the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) fall on the issue of open borders and importing thousands of third world savages to replace white Christians in the US? Because the SBC just elected a new president, JD Greear, who supports open borders and thinks we need to import and coddle a bunch of those savages from Africa, the Middle East and South America. He thinks the church is doing God's work by bringing them here and to Europe, giving them money, giving them housing, giving them food, giving them our daughter's wombs and basically giving them our entire society to destroy as they please. Because that's what happens everywhere they go, to every country foolish enough to make this fatal mistake.

Greear believes that enforcing immigration law is akin to supporting abortion. He also says that Muslims and Christians are worshipping the same God, but that Muslims are just not doing it correctly. This, despite the fact that Christians worship the Trinity, while Muslims worship Allah, a "monad", and teach that worship of the Holy Trinity is blasphemy, and will only cut your head off for it, if you're lucky. Huh. Same God, indeed.

How are your pattern recognition skills? Several minor checks incoming.

He also believes the SBC has a "misogyny problem", whatever the hell that means these days. Could be literally anything, since us white men have been such a major plight on Western Civilization, you know, what with having BUILT IT and all. Gotta stick it to those evil MEN every chance we get, don't we, Mr. Greear? He actually "urges" Christians to "humble themselves and apologize to women who have been hurt by men". Yeah, we Christian men need to apologize as a whole, apparently, for individually committed bad deeds. Currently, there are no other calls for any other demographic to apologize enmasse to another demographic group for individual counts of wrongdoing. Oh wait, yes there is. White people have to apologize for literally everything.

The SBC's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) works and exchanges funding with the National Immigration Forum, which is an open-borders organization managed under the umbrella of George Soros's Open Society Foundation. Russell Moore is the SBC leader of the ERLC, and he is the one who is pushing the suicidal open border stuff. JD Greear has supported Moore from the start and has criticized anyone who disagrees as the "crazy uncles" of the SBC.

The SBC's true conservatives have been too scared to get involved in politics beyond simply voting for whoever the Republican Party throws in front of them. A lot of them would have thrown their support behind Jeb! if Trump hadn't blasted his corpse into oblivion on day three of his campaign. They're unwilling to get up there and say "no more African or Middle Eastern rapists imported into white western society". They're too scared to use strong words without first using a mitigating preface, like "I don't care if you're white, black, green or purple...". First, there are no freaking green or purple people. This is nothing more than a mentally retarded attempt at virtue signaling to appease the progressive virus that they've allowed into their own mind. They can't just stand up and say "Africans, Middle Easterners and South Americans from third world garbage dumps are inherently dangerous to our children in western society, and God is NOT demanding for us to import them all into our homes using our tax money and take care of them so that they breed white people out of existence and kill those of us who are left. Does the SBC have anyone with the guts to say these things, or has the convention gone the way of the Catholic Church (as far as the Pope is concerned) and the Episcopalians?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How do you conquer Western Civilization?

Western Civilization is the paragon of human history as a whole. The white, European descendants are responsible for the vast majority of scientific and technological achievements, philosophical breakthroughs, human rights advancements, humanitarian efforts and overall quality of life improvements for mankind.

Despite that, or maybe because of that, Western Civilization is, and has been, under attack. The problem we have today is that the attacks are coming from within and from without, and these attacks are slow, creeping, pervasive and disguised.

Once upon a time, a people conquered another people through means of arms. Warfare, destruction, genocide. This later progressed to treaties and surrender documents, but it basically the same. Simply a formalization of recognizing a winning side over the losing side.

But Western Civilization is different, bigger, much more advanced. How do you fight that and win?

Replace the men with feminised beta soyboys.

Replace the women with feminists who are empowered to do everything they aren't designed to do, and avoid the things they are.

Replace the need to reproduce with the need to acquire things and money.

Replace the culture with foreign traditions.

Replace the language with mixed dialects.

Replace art with meaningless, shapeless forms.

Replace right with wrong.

Replace normalcy with degeneracy.

Replace excellence with mediocrity.

Replace academics with ideology.

Replace self-reliance with dependence.

Replace the racial majority with many racial minorities hostile to them.

You are being replaced, white men and women, by people who are hostile to you. What will you do about it?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Currently away on government work. Be back soon.

I, The Gray Man, am currently out of town on what I'll call "government work" for basic OPSEC reasons. Don't worry, it's not that cool.

Or is it?

Let your imagination decide. I'll be back soon.