Thursday, September 18, 2014

Florida Concealed Weapons License and Stages of Awarness

I recently applied for a concealed weapons license in Florida. The process of applying is very simple, especially if you use the "fast track" process. Below, you'll see the site that has all of the information you'll need to obtain a Florida CWL.

Carrying a concealed weapon gives you an edge in any violent encounter you may come across. Just be sure to always observe laws in your area, and use some version of the "deadly force continuum". There is no need to pull a weapon for a verbal altercation, for instance. Doing so can and probably will get you arrested.

When carrying (or even when not carrying) a useful mental tool is the Cooper color code system. The colors and what they stand for are as follows:

White - Oblivious to surroundings, unaware.
Yellow - Attentive, but relaxed.
Orange - Directed focus on potential threat situation.
Red - Direct focus on specific, active threat.

Keep in mind that you still need to be aware of surroundings even while your focus is narrowing in on a potential or direct threat.

Black is sometimes added to this scale. Some experts will use black to mean that you have frozen or blacked out, having become unable to respond effectively to the threat. Others will use black to represent when you actually engage or otherwise respond to the threat effectively. Regardless of what black means to you, or if you even add it to the code, understand that training and alertness will help you respond appropriately to any threat presented to you. Do your best to keep yourself "at yellow".

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

List of Lists - Personal

The personal section of the list is there for you and your group to list any items that you all know you will need on a personal level. Instead of giving examples, I'll show a few items, and it will become immediately apparent what kind of items belong here. This part of the list will largely depend on you and what you need.

Replacement glasses & repair kits
Medications & birth control
Necessary personal medical equipment

CPAP machines, Oxygen tanks and anti-arthritis joint wraps are just a few examples of medical items individuals may need for personal use. Do a thorough check of the items you use on a daily or weekly basis when tailoring this list for your use.

List of Lists - General Security

General security is a very basic part of the list. It's not long because most of the items you'd expect to be on this list have been placed on the "tactical living" section (coming soon).

General security will allow you to place barriers between yourself and thieves, looters, rioters or marauders.

Empty sandbags
Road flares
Emergency whistles
Warning triangles or road cones
Concertina wire

Empty sandbags can help to create a bulletproof barrier to hide behind or keep flood waters out. The list of things you can do with a sand bag is limitless. Padlocks are obviously useful for keeping robbers out of your storage facilities. Emergency whistles can be used as a makeshift alarm system.

Concertina wire and road signals such as flares can be used to create a roadblock or checkpoint. Any vehicle that attempts to run through "C-Wire" will sustain heavy damage to the wheels, axles and undercarriage. It's also extremely difficult for a person to maneuver through without getting stuck or sustaining bodily injury. Roadblocks can be very effective for blocking access to roads that lead to your property. Be sure not to commit any crimes by blocking roads during times of stability. Only during a time without rule of law (WROL) would it be alright to block roads. Use your own judgment, and remember that no one is responsible for the actions you take besides you!

List of Lists - Hygiene

In a post SHTF scenario, hygiene becomes one of the most important factors to survival. Infection control is paramount in an environment where antibiotics are not readily accessible. Keeping yourself and your clothing clean becomes much more important. Clean clothing breathes better than dirty clothing during warm seasons, and it insulates body heat better during colder seasons.

Toilet paper
Baby wipes
Sanitary napkins
Hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap
Toothpaste (or baking soda)
Dental floss
Deodorants and antiperspirants
Shampoos and baby shampoos
Insect repellant
Foot powder
Nail clippers
Hand sanitizer

Dental care is also extremely important. Infection and dental disease can turn deadly if left untreated for long enough. It can be very painful and debilitating. Even when there is no toothpaste, baking soda works well. Without baking soda, even simply using a brush and water is much better than nothing. Dental floss with help keep gums healthy. Obviously, string or thread can be used as a substitute, but be careful not to injure the gum.

List of Lists - Hunting, Fishing & Trapping

It's been a long time since my last posting on the list of lists. I've made many of those major life changes I've been alluding to and now it's time to get back to the list.

The entry today will be based around finding food. Hunting, fishing and trapping is a great way to supplement your food stores. Think of it this way; Every time you hunt, fish or trap a day's worth of food, that's another day your stores will last you.

Compound bow w/arrows & hunting arrowheads
Fishing poles & tackle
Cast net
Gill nets
Fish spear
Snare wire
Fishing yoyo
Trot lines
Body grip traps
Crab baskets
Commercial traps and snares up to deer size

One good tip is to try to make the work on your part as easy as possible. If you can set some snares or yoyos and come back a few hours or even a day later, that's minimal work. Less energy used means more energy for other critical tasks.

One excellent technique for fishing in a small stream or creek is to get a net and set it across the body of water. It will start to collect any fish that come through and as long as you're careful, you could end up with a nice haul of fish. Fish are easy to clean and cook, just watch out for the bones.

If you live near an area where you can crab fish, use a bit of meat (raw chicken works well) in a crab basket to attract them.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Major changes.

Some major life changes have taken place (still are taking place) and I have relocated myself and my family to the Southeastern US. Adjusting to the new life will take a bit of time but I'm excited to finally get into a more permanent setting. This isn't the homestead we plan to have in the future, but it's a good base from which to plan and work toward that goal. We hope to get started on obtaining acreage and building a house on it within the next 3-5 years.

Until then, it's time to really get the prepping into high gear. The world is on fire and it doesn't seem like there is a light at the end of the tunnel yet.

Russia has officially moved Russian troops (instead of just funding and arming "separatists") and equipment in Eastern Ukraine and Ukrainian leaders have sought assistance from NATO, claiming that they are unable to fend off the Russian military.

A new threat calling itself the "Islamic State" (IS) claims to have set up a "caliphate" in Syria and most of Iraq. This terrorist army has been killing and destroying everything in it's path. IS is the most destructive terrorist force on earth today and probably of modern times as well. Al Qaeda is a picnic compared to this army. Experts estimate it's numbers to be anywhere from 10,000 fighters to 80,000 fighters. The army has income flowing in daily from the sale of oil on the black market to the tune of $3M per day. The group has threatened the US, Great Britian and now Russia directly. The intelligence community believes IS members are operating in or around Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and are looking to infiltrate the US at the porous Southern border.

President 0bama seems to be asleep at the wheel. He has recently publicly stated that his administration does not have a strategy for dealing with the imminent threat from IS.

Recently, an 18 year old, unarmed black man was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The small town near St. Louis erupted in riots despite the fact that the details of what really happened had not come out. Those details are still not fully known. The New Black Panther Party (NBBP), Malik Zulu Shabazz, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton went to Ferguson and stirred emotions in the crowds. Attorney General Eric Holder and President 0bama both made statements that did nothing to calm the situation. Stores were looted and burned to the ground and riot police were brought in. The National Guard was called in as well, but they didn't stand on the line nor did they participate in crowd control. Events like this can happen in any town in America.

I look forward to making more frequent posts as things around here start to settle down.