Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"The Shura", from Brushbeater.

In this article on Afghan "shuras", NCSCOUT says that you have to build your community connections, and as a former intelligence collector and source runner, I fully agree.

Yes, you have to go out and make friends with people in your town.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Report shows that climate data is still being falsified.

The scientific community is starting to openly rebel against the fraud of man-made climate change.

In this full abstract report, Dr. James Wallace III, Dr. Joseph D'Aleo and Dr. Craig Idso have proven that the EPA, NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU in England have INTENTIONALLY falsified climate research data, including global surface temperature readings, in order to advance the climate change political narrative.

The findings in the report have been supported and agreed with by scientists from the EPA, NASA, MIT, InDyne Inc., Michigan State University, University of Colorado, Northwestern University, Perdue University, Rutgers University, the University of Missouri, the Gas Technology Institute and Energy Intelligence Group and several other schools and environmental boards.

These reports and others like it have been suppressed and the authors fired and blackballed from their positions in Universities and companies. Strange, I didn't think science was supposed to work that way, where someone with a dissenting opinion and the research to show is to be punished and ostracized.

For you climate change religion followers: We will never shut up. We will never trust you. You've lied to us enough and you've burned your bridge. Do yourself a favor and just quit trying. Your Al Gores and Hillary Clintons and your "97% of scientists" are fraudsters. That number is a lie anyway. All you have are lies. The report I linked is just one of many proving that.

Stop telling us to buy a hybrid.

Stop telling us to cover our entire roof with thousands of dollars of solar panels just so we can run a few small appliances for a few hours a day.

Stop selling thousands of acres of public land to the Chinese energy companies that will just go out of business after a few years and sell their land to other Chinese companies (who coincidentally are owned by the same people) for cheap.

Stop telling us that WE are the problem. Maybe it's YOU that is the problem.

The discussion is over. You have lost. Every year a larger and larger percentage of people turn away from your fear tactics and lies. Those people include the scientists you've shunned and mocked.

Leave us alone, and stop trying to cram your bullshit down our throats. You can not control us with your fear mongering. This is your warning.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Police committ more gun crimes than concealed carry permit holders.

This is a point that I have made many times when talking about the right to carry a concealed weapon. It turns out that law enforcement officers are more likely to committ a firearm related crime than a person who has a concealed weapons permit.

Like the article says, this shows that legal concealed weapon carriers are among the most law abiding people in the country, and that they are not the problem when it comes to violence in the US.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Middle America doesn't care about (or believe) the Russia/Trump narrative.

Zerohedge and Reuters do a decent job of explaining why "middle America" doesn't give a hoot about the mainstream media's Russian collusion narrative.

The MSM has been lying to us about a lot of stuff for a really long time. They kicked into major overdrive for the 2016 Presidential election, doing everything in their power to crown Hillary as the queen of the USA.

America didn't buy their lies enough to elect her, and they're buying the lies of the Russia/Trump narrative even less. It seems that only about 33% of the People believe that there was any sort of collusion taking place.

The Donald Jr. story the MSM is currently breathlessly pushing is the latest "big thing", but it's not taking root either.

Middle America simply does not believe the MSM anymore. I would also argue that you can throw Southern America in there as well. In fact, it seems the only allies the MSM has anymore live primarily on the West Coast and in the Northeast.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What's the solution to overcrowded prisons?

According to the Government Accountability Office, the US prison system will be at 145% capacity by next year.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, nearly 50% of all US prison inmates are drug offenders.


1982 NY Times article on "GRID" disease.

I was browsing online and managed to dig up this 1982 article on "GRID" disease.

What is GRID?

Gay Related Immune Deficiency.

Today, we know it as AIDS.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hey, Democrats. About those Millennials and Gen Z...

Some things the Democrats might be missing...

According to demographers and sociology researchers, Generation Z is likely to be the most conservative generation since WWII. They've grown up in a world where large governments have failed to provide security on any level, and Gen Z is being raised to understand that they might have to be their own first line of defense physically, emotionally, financially and intellectually. That sort of upbringing produces a very conservative-libertarian attitude.

Also, people tend to slowly become more conservative as they age. Millennials are going to do that faster than any generation before them. They've already started. Ten or fifteen years from now, Millennials could be just as conservative as Gen Z are starting to become. Millennials are already slightly more conservative (or should I say "less liberal") than the Democrats think they are. That explains the massive drop in support for Democrats from Millennials in the last couple of years. Democrats have lost the White House, both houses of Congress and around a THOUSAND state legislature seats over the last eight years to the Republicans. Our grandparents aren't the ones who did that.

Another point is that the left wing activists and foot soldiers are far less welcoming to opposing viewpoints than the right wingers are. Here's an example from my own experience: I work with a guy, I'll call him John, he's nearing his mid-twenties, so he's probably a Millennial, though some demographers are acknowledging a major overlap between the Millennials and Gen Z. That's irrelevant though. What's more important is how John would be received at a left wing street demonstration versus how he would be received at a similar right wing street event.

John firmly believes that man-made global climate change is real, dangerous and one of the most serious problems we face. He supports restrictions on businesses in order to curb the effects of climate change, and has stated that he doesn't care if some of the research supporting it is false. However, he also firmly supports the Second Amendment and opposes almost all government restrictions on the People's right to keep and bear arms.

At a right wing, street level event, John would be disagreed with on some points and probably would not like everything he hears. He might even find some of it abhorrent. However, John would still be welcome and would likely have a lot of people trying to engage him in one on one conversation.

At a similar left wing demonstration, John's position on the Second Amendment would spell big trouble, of John was stupid enough to make it known. It wouldn't matter at all what else he believed. He would be shouted down and called a "Nazi" and a racist. He'd be labeled as right wing infiltrator, a provocateur, a probe. John would have a difficult time escaping the scene without being assaulted. The safest place for him to be at that point would probably be across the street with the right wing counter-demonstrators. If AntiFa is present at the scene, John would be knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly, or beaten with sticks. John is also a white male, which wouldn't help his cause with the left wingers at all.

You think that might affect how John votes in future elections?

The way the left treats those they disagree with contrasted against the way the right treats those that they disagree with are like night and day, and I believe that has had and will continue to have a serious effect on the way Millennials and Generation Z view and respond to the world around them.

While Republicans are not doing a very good job of governing and aren't winning over very many fans right now, the Democrats have lost their collective minds and are tearing themselves apart at the seams. They seem totally unable to connect with the vast majority of Americans in any meaningful way, and they seem unable to recognize that they are beginning to lose Millennials and have possibly already lost Generation Z.

I'm not complaining. Just saying.

Bracken: The Deep Pockets Behind the Migrant "Rescue" Industry.

Gates of Vienna has a piece written by Matt Bracken on the deep pockets behind the "rescue" operations of third world savages and their introduction into Europe. The link is a short read, so read it all. Read the comments as well.

Seems that someone is building and shipping fifty foot long rubber boats with attached motors to Libya. Bracken estimates these boats could cost at least $10,000 USD each, as much as $30,000 USD each. These boats aren't made to make it all the way across the Mediterranean Sea. They're only supposed to get a few miles offshore from Libya, when NGO "rescue" boats are waiting to pickup the migrants and take them to Italy. There, the migrants are processed as refugees and released into Europe.

This is the same exact process that is taking place on the Southern border of the US, with some slight differences in method.

The illegal aliens are walking across large areas of desert that are generally impassable without caches of supplies and water along the way. And that's our version of the fifty foot long rubber boats. Those supplies are being placed the by NGOs who have received the funds to do so from the same kind of people who are buying and shipping the rubber boats to Libya. The desert supplies allow aliens to make it far enough that our version of the "rescue boats", the US Border Patrol, will pick them up and bring them to the processing areas. There they receive a court summons, and are released into the US.

The goal of whoever is behind all of this is to change the demographics and culture of the West, that is, Europe and the US, in order to destroy it once and for all.

Same process, same goals... Same people behind it all?

The name George Soros springs to mind immediately.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

WeaponsMan: 412-660 million guns in the US?

Back in October of last year, before Hognose passed away, the WeaponsMan blog made the case that the figure of 300 million privately owned firearms in the US is wrong. They not only claimed that the number is wrong, but they actually claimed the accurate figure could be somewhere between 412 and 660 million privately owned firearms inside the US.

The case they make is convincing, and their math seems to be true.

What's most convincing to me is where they show that the ATF uses their "A2K" system to log unique serial numbers for counting purposes. At this point, the A2K system has logged about 252 million unique firearm serial numbers, collected from VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers (no FFL retailers). But what percentage of US manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers actually participate in this A2K system?

About 0.4%.

Just in case you're wondering, the ATF doesn't receive any other info in their A2K system. Only the serial numbers for counting purposes. So they say.

And how can the 300 million estimate remain firm over the last several years, when the NICS background check system has been reporting record breaking numbers every month for several years?

I'm thinking that 500+ million privately owned firearms in the US is a very plausible number. Thanks, Hognose.

Besides, if anyone is asking, I don't own any...

Friday, July 7, 2017

Florida tax collectors open carrying. The People? Not so much.

According to an Orlando area tax collector, Florida tax collection agents are legally allowed to openly carry firearms on the job.

The People of Florida, however, are still out of luck. The People must first ask permission to carry at all, and then if granted, must conceal their weapons, often inconveniently. And if you've ever worn an IWB holster in 98 degree heat with 98% humidity, you know what I mean.

As is stated in the article (and I agree), perhaps the Florida taxes (and spending along with it) should be lowered to the point where people aren't wanting to shoot tax collectors.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day: What it is and what it isn't.

Independence Day in the US. What will be celebrated today? The flag of the US, our "patriotism", allegiance to the country, support for the US military and maybe the police. Fireworks, grilling burgers, hanging out with friends and family. Some celebrations might even include discussions on how our government, annoying as it may be, is still among the best in the world. Our "freedom" will be celebrated.

I would not begrudge anyone their own version of celebration today. You're free to do as you wish (somewhat). But we really need to understand what happened today in 1776 and what led to it, as well as the bloody conflict that followed. This isn't a day about celebrating being part of a country or having your own government or thanking a military member (though as a combat veteran and reserve member, I appreciate the gesture).

Today is a day that commemorates a rising up of an oppressed people, angry enough at the actions of their government that they take up arms and turn them against them. Poverty and violence was inflicted on them by their government and unfair laws were laid on them in order to keep them in subservience.

The people decided to dissolve those political ties. We have the freedom to associate (or not to associate) with any groups or people we choose, do we not? Do we not have the freedom to leave a club? A company? A mailing list? Do we not have the freedom to leave an organization? What has elevated a government to the point where we no longer have the choice to leave it? If we have the right to choose the leaders of our government, then logic dictates we have the right to choose "none". We have the right to say "I don't want any of it, and I don't want any that will come after."

The colonists of Britain in the New World chose "none", and we celebrate that. We celebrate the turning of private arms against a military that many of the People had been veterans of. We celebrate the People taking down their flag (at the time, British flag) and burning it, tearing it apart and creating a new one. We celebrate the People's RIGHT to choose a dissolution of the bonds to their government.

So what about today? Talk of secession today brings ridicule. Talk of taking Arms brings derision. "Why do you need that AR-15? Are you building an ARSENAL or something?" Talk of states' rights makes people roll their eyes.

We celebrate today, but do we even know what today is? This is not a call to secession. It's a reminder of what makes a People free. First, you have the freedom of association, to associate, and NOT associate, with whatever people you wish, for whatever reason you wish. Government is not above that. They and their agents are not divine. Do not worship them today, or ever. You are free. Or you are supposed to be.