Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bracken: The Deep Pockets Behind the Migrant "Rescue" Industry.

Gates of Vienna has a piece written by Matt Bracken on the deep pockets behind the "rescue" operations of third world savages and their introduction into Europe. The link is a short read, so read it all. Read the comments as well.

Seems that someone is building and shipping fifty foot long rubber boats with attached motors to Libya. Bracken estimates these boats could cost at least $10,000 USD each, as much as $30,000 USD each. These boats aren't made to make it all the way across the Mediterranean Sea. They're only supposed to get a few miles offshore from Libya, when NGO "rescue" boats are waiting to pickup the migrants and take them to Italy. There, the migrants are processed as refugees and released into Europe.

This is the same exact process that is taking place on the Southern border of the US, with some slight differences in method.

The illegal aliens are walking across large areas of desert that are generally impassable without caches of supplies and water along the way. And that's our version of the fifty foot long rubber boats. Those supplies are being placed the by NGOs who have received the funds to do so from the same kind of people who are buying and shipping the rubber boats to Libya. The desert supplies allow aliens to make it far enough that our version of the "rescue boats", the US Border Patrol, will pick them up and bring them to the processing areas. There they receive a court summons, and are released into the US.

The goal of whoever is behind all of this is to change the demographics and culture of the West, that is, Europe and the US, in order to destroy it once and for all.

Same process, same goals... Same people behind it all?

The name George Soros springs to mind immediately.

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  1. Sickening.Pedos and crims run the place now. No turning back until the armed revolution commence. Now would be a very good time.Let it begin with me.