Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pensacola Lee Square Protest: Notes.

I did not attend the demonstration in Pensacola at Lee Square due to my concerns that this may have been a media trap at best, a beat-down setup at worst. Turned out to be a minor media trap, since the local news people were able to get some interviews that would easily allow them to paint the organizer and the demonstrators in any light they wished.

Some notes from a few solid sources:

BLM was there and might have been the principle "counter-protest" group.

There were 20 Pensacola PD officers on the scene, 40 Escambia County deputies and 40 Florida State Troopers. There was one PPD SWAT sniper positioned on a church roof overlooking the square.

One man arrested for battery when he swatted a bullhorn from someone's hand.

Still not sure yet on numbers of demonstrators on either side. Talking with sources.

Sons of Confederate Soldiers (I think that's the group name) didn't show and didn't endorse.

LE had orders not to tolerate ANY violence at all (which is why the dude got arrested for something relatively minor).

Thursday, August 24, 2017

ZH: New climate study throws a wrench into the debate.

Zero Hedge reports on a new climate study by scientists out of Australia that shows climate changes may very well just be naturally occurring.

Also in the story are several links showing examples where data has been tampered with by scientists claiming that all climate changes are man-made and also some examples of some very outlandish claims made in support of man-made climate change. As if we needed more examples. There are thousands of them out there already proving how stupid and/or dishonest these climate change zealots are.

The authors of the new study go on to state that they believe their study will be totally ignored, despite their highly regarded reputation in the field of climate study and unassailable research methods.

They can probably kiss that reputation good bye. People who cling to the climate change cult are about as rabidly devout as they come. If all the cultists do is ignore the study, the authors will be lucky. They're more likely to be publicly ridiculed, stripped of all grants and tenure and fired from their positions, despite NO ONE being able to (or even attempting to) legitimately criticize their research methods.

Because that's apparently how "science" works in the 21st century. Things become "settled science" and then anyone who dissents gets tarred and feathered.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Is the Pensacola Rally doomed from the start?

Through some information gathering, I and a fellow local, who shall be referred to as "Thataway", have discovered that the organizer of the upcoming rally in Pensacola is a convicted felon. He is registered with the libertarian party.

Also, through my own sources, I've ascertained that the local police force is likely neither friendly nor adversarial toward our cause. A friendly LEO presence is preferred. A LEO contingent that straddles the fence is likely to see us as the moral relative of AntiFa. That is NOT good.

While I doubt it, there are indications that this could be a bit of a trap. Will update.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Can someone show me a climate prediction that has actually come true?

The American Thinker asks Can someone show us a climate prediction that has ever come true?

Of course the answer is NO. The oceans are supposed to have been dead by now, the poles should have melted, the earth should have burned up or frozen solid, I forget which.

If the scientists and politicians are so right and we are so stupid, then why haven't they gotten even one prediction right?

Partially related: To the climate cultists, change your approach. If I go to one of your YouTube videos or climate change websites to do some research, and the first thing I see is people insulting my religion, calling me racist, blaming me for the state of the earth and demanding my taxes be increased, then it might turn me off to your message.

I have a vegetable garden. I shop locally and in bulk. We can our own food. I keep all of the lights in my house OFF during daylight hours. My hobby is sitting by the river. Most of the people screaming at me about the climate haven't been to a river in years, if ever. Growing a fresh tomato is something they can't do, nor is it something they care to do. Their hobbies usually require electricity, which they forget comes from power plants. They think that stuff coming out of the power plant is smoke (it's steam, people).

My "carbon footprint" is smaller than your's.

"You right wing, anti-science, RACISTS with your stupid religions are ruining the world! Do what we tell you to do, buy a hybrid and pay us more taxes or else the world is going to die!"

That approach isn't working. Give it up. Or don't. Whatever.

Rasmussen says Americans agree with Trump that statues should remain.

According to a Rasmussen study, about 50% of American voters agree with Donald Trump's statement that Confederate monuments should remain in place.

Only about 37% disagree and about 12% are undecided.

About 43% of blacks believe that removing the monuments will harm race relations, while only about 35% of blacks think it would help.

If a majority of Americans want the monuments to remain in place, why are they being removed anyway? Is it because this has nothing to do with the monuments at all, and more to do with erasing America's largely WHITE history? I guarantee that they will come after the monuments dedicated to the Founding Fathers next. After that, it'll be the remaining monuments to ANY white person. Even monuments to Christopher Columbus and Joan of Arc have already been vandalized as symbols of "white supremacy".

Free Speech/Save our History Rally in Pensacola, Florida.

In Pensacola, Florida we have a park called Lee Square with a monument commemorating the Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. I'm sure you see where this is going. There is a rally planned for August 26 at 0900 to support protection of the monument.

I expect AntiFa to be there.

The mayor has thrown his support behind removing the monument, but has said he will leave it up to the city council. I know that at least one member of the city council, Lumon May, will vote to remove it.

Come out to the peaceful rally and support our history. I guarantee you that the founding fathers will be next to go.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Left wing hatred for Trump supporters none for ISIS

I was thinking what if in general western society hated ISIS and jihadists that butcher and rape children a fraction of the amount they hate Trump and Trump supporters.
People are obsessed with bashing Trump and his supporters in our media, arts and entertainment sector, schools.
People will mobilize in the streets in the tens of thousands to protest Trump and the " ALT RIGHT" aka people who refuse to go along with leftist narratives.
Many of these anti Trump and anti conservative fanatics will physically harm anyone with a pro Trump hat or bumper sticker and there are more than a few incidents where pro trump supporters have been murdered.
Imagine if these gutless worms in the political and social left cared even a smidgen about Yazidi girls being raped and kidnapped, Assyrian men, women and children being murdered?
Where were they when Christian communities were being sacked and Churches were being destroyed.
The left wing elements I have contact with were silent and uninterested.
None of them showed any compassion or support.
In my early life I was surrounded by left wing society and elements. I did not grow up in the Christian gun toting conservative American heartland.
When I decided to go to Iraq to support the Christian communities and protection forces people who I thought were my friends cut me out of their life one even suggested that my actions made me just as bad as ISIS?!
Think of all the time and money these cowards pour into anti trump products and media.
Imagine if those funds instead were poured into charities and groups working to defend the people of Syria and Iraq from the jihadist threats?
This war in Syria has been going on for nearly seven years and when Obama and Hillary funded and aided this conflict where were the left wing anti war harpies?......... crickets.
These people have no moral high ground and no virtue they are simply caught up in an Orwellian two minutes of hate festival. However these hate sessions are much longer than two minutes.
I posted my trailer for a documentary I shot that focused on the struggles of a Christian Iraqi village that was fighting against ISIS to keep it from its borders.
I made an experiment. I posted the trailer to pro Trump pages on facebook and found a sizable positive reaction.
People gave it thumbs up and made comments like "God please save these people" I then posted the trailer to pro Hillary, Obama and Bernie Sanders pages across facebook. The video had no reaction in most all cases and was removed by the admins within minutes most often. Several reported the video to facebook and had my video removed.
Is it fair to say a large portion of the left are ISIS sympathizers? Below is the message I was given by facebook about their reasons for removing the video.  It seems exposing the pain and struggles of Christian communities in Iraq is taboo now.

The constant criticism of white people.

The political and social left wing elements of our society often assert that the concept of race is a fallacy and that all people regardless of ethnic or genetic creed are equal in every way.
These same people within seconds will insist that the experience of "people of color" is unique and that white people all experience "white privilege" making sure that we now know that race has real implications and defines ones experience. They will also go on for hours about all of the horrific crimes that whites have committed historically.
I have shut down several leftists by pointing out this hypocritical stance that virtually all leftist's take.
This is the game that Orwell described as double think the concept of holding two contradictory views at the exact same moment and then attempting to rationalize and institutionalize this intellectual inconsistency and make it normal orthodoxy within society.
The left wing of western society claims that seeing any demographic of people as evil or sub par in any way is a moral taboo that can not be tolerated.
When one of these leftists go on their anti European rants about the historic and contemporary flaws of "racist white society" ask them what they find redeemable about people of European derivation, what is good about people of white/European stock? what is admirable in a historic or contemporary sense pertaining to whites?
They will always pause and struggle for a answer or return with a quick "nothing" or then go back to a stance of racial relativism.
I had a entertaining conversation with a "Haitian intellectual"  named Herve Fanini Lemoine.
He told me that my documentation work on European descended Haitians and European migrations within Haiti was meaningless and irrelevant because according to Herve "There is no such thing as white or European Haitians"  He went on to claim that race did not exist within the context of Haiti that all Haitians are just Haitians and he went further to assert that white people and European people did not exist. He Asserted that we are all just Africans.
When I refuted his statement 40 seconds later he went from the concept that the whole world is African because all civilization is from Africa to " why would you celebrate and promote the evil cultures of the slave masters like the Dutch, Spanish, British or French!" I replied " you mean Africans Herve? Is this a magic trick? suddenly all these Africans become Spanish and French Dutch and British when it meets your satisfaction?" He ended the conversation right there and drove off.
I have had this conversation with many University professors throughout various schools.
Its the same game and same result. "White people do not exist so there is no point of fighting for their cultural preservation" Is what most will say.
Like magic white people will exist when these people wish to demoralize you and point out the wrong doing of whites but when there is an attempt to talk about the collective good of white society then suddenly you no longer exist.
There are two kinds of leftist's indoctrinated, brainwashed parrots who can not even think outside the Perimeters of their indoctrination and then there is the malicious manipulators who know they are speaking folly but are banking on the ignorance of the general public.
The time for debate is over. People who are this brainwashed and stupid are not worth talking to and our enemies can not be reasoned with.
"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer as they must" - Thucydides.  The young man in this video did a great thing and I appreciate anyone who exposes the left for what they are but do not expect a rational response from our enemy. The time has come to shut them out of our lives, our businesses, our social circles, ect. It is time to be strong and do all we can to secure our future. If you are apathetic or a self loathing white then suffer as you must I have no empathy for you.  

link to video


Thanks to everyone who has looked at my humble blog, and gotten us to 20,000 views! Here's to 20,000 more. If you're a regular reader, please comment and let me know, and feel free to give me some feedback on what you'd like to see here. You're much appreciated.

African vs European Population Projections (UN)

Interesting, if nothing else.

But it is something else.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sam Hyde mocks left wing virtue signaling and cucks!

This comedy troop is hilarious and does a great job at mocking the political left. Check out Sam Hyde addressing how white males have become cucks and how left wing virtue signaling is pathetic and comical.

Humor and Satire are powerful weapons

Humor and Satire can be powerful weapons within certain context and time periods of politically hostile situations.
One of my favorite comedians who mocks the political and social left is Sam Hyde.
Sam Hyde makes a point to offend every politically correct sensibility and knows how to ridicule leftist stand points with amazing subtle tactics.
Here is a clip to a show he had briefly on the Cartoon Network line up Adult Swim.
With his subtle humor he was able to get himself past the corporate censors and get his show on a major network.
When it became evident to the network heads that he was not going to tow their line and they found out he had right wing ideals they violated the contract they had with him and kicked him off adult swim.  The topics Sam Hyde and his crew address include left wing censorship, violations of privacy and constitutional rights violated via internet mass media, left wing gas lighting and deception and physiological manipulation, racial issues, political correctness, anti police sentiment, anti white sentiment, feminism and the list goes on. It is an advanced form of humor that you have to understand to get.
Now that the internet is becoming more censored and our media and society is becoming more and more hostile to people with dissenting views this means of expression is being limited and shut down. If we lose the ability to speak our minds and express humor society will be pushed into an increasingly hostile and possibly violent direction.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Denninger: To the Press, the Pols and the Rest.

Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker nails it, as usual.

An excerpt:

"These people are explicitly refusing to call on the carpet Governor McAuliffe and everyone in the chain of command from the Charlottesville PD upward who were involved in any way in intentionally funneling opposing protestors into each other, knowing some of them were armed and then allowed said PD to sit back and withdraw when violence occurred."

Full article.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

ACLU of Virginia asserts that UTR demonstrators were set up.

Granted, the ACLU is not usually our friend, but their blind squirrels do find nuts on occasion. Seems they were involved in the matters leading up to the UTR rally, and feel that the entire thing was a set up to allow AntiFa to inflict violence for political gain.

ACLU response to Virginia Governor.

Money quote:

"It is the responsibility of law enforcement to ensure safety of both protestors and counter-protestors. The policing on Saturday was not effective in preventing violence. I was there and brought concerns directly to the secretary of public safety and the head of the Virginia State Police about the way that the barricades in the park limiting access by the arriving demonstrators and the lack of any physical separation of the protestors and counter-protestors on the street were contributing to the potential of violence. They did not respond. In fact, law enforcement was standing passively by, seeming to be waiting for violence to take place, so that they would have grounds to declare an emergency, declare an 'unlawful assembly', and clear the area."

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Occidental Dissent also confirms that Virginia State Police and AntiFa worked together.

Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent provides yet another account of the Charlottesville violence that indicates the "Unite the Right" demonstrators were peaceful, and were lured into a trap by the Virginia State Police to be assaulted by AntiFa and BLM.

His account mirrors this onethis one and this one.

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

No enemies on the right, that's the only way we win this.

Did the Virginia State Police send "Unite the Right" into a meat grinder?

Pax Dickinson was at the "Unite the Right" (UTR) rally, and a compelling narrative from him shows that the Virginia State Police may have acted in concert with AntiFa and BLM to send the UTR into a meat grinder.

If this is even half accurate, then we have a major problem. The "we're gonna need a bigger boat" kind of problem.

What say you?

If you are not with the left, they want you dead. They have the deep state big government on their side, and worse, they may have your local government too.

An account of Charlottesville from someone who was there.

MDT on basic Army infantry skills that every survivalist should know.

Mason Dixon Tactical has gone through the book and highlighted for our benefit the common US Army infantry skills and tasks that every survivalist who plans to go into harm's way should have a basic understanding of.

Please click the link and read. Then learn and do.

Monday, August 14, 2017

FBI sets up another patsy.

The FBI arrested a 23 year old guy for plotting to blow up a government building in Oklahoma. He had been working with an accomplice that was actually an undercover agent.

They helped him develop the idea. They influenced his target choice (he had thought of some spots in DC, but they wanted it to happen near the building McVeigh blew up in Oklahoma, for the symbolism, surely). They gave him the "bomb" parts. They obtained a vehicle for him. They assembled the "bomb" for him while he watched them, since he was totally incapable of doing ANY of it. They built him a remote "detonator". They gave him the remote detonator. And then they arrested him after he pushed the button to blow up the fake bomb.

Yeah! Woo!

Land of the... Something or other... And home of the whatever.

Charlottesville, Virginia "Unite the Rightl Rally Violence.

The "five W's" of the events in Charlottesville, Virgina...

What: A large, conservative political rally called "Unite the Right". The rally was meant to be peaceful, but devolved into major violence between the original attendees and what are being referred to as "counter-protestors". Many dozens of people were injured and one woman was killed. Two police officers were also killed when their helicopter crashed in some nearby woods.

When: August 13 and 14, 2017.

Where: Charlottesville, Virgina, near the University of Virginia.

Who: The rally was organized by various right wing groups and figures. I know that the League of the South was present, as were a small number of KKK members and so called "neo-Nazis". I know for a fact that the "Virginia Three Percenters" backed out and were not present. The majority of the people in attendance were unaffiliated with any particular groups. On the left wing side of the spectrum, AntiFa was there in full force. Black Lives Matter and BAMN were there as well. The local police and the Virginia State Police were present.

Why: This rally, as has been the case with all of the recent right wing rallies over the past months,
Was mainly based on support for our right to free speech as outlined in the First Amendment. It was also based on support for conservative ideals and European-American heritage.

Remarks: The MSM is working overtime painting this rally as a full fledged neo-Nazi, white supremacist rally that was primed for violence. Funny that the right wing participants were the ones who obtained the proper permits AND coordinated for months in advance with the local and state police. The participants have also staged many events that were totally peaceful and left the event venues as clean as they found them. AntiFa showed up to this event with the same intent they always do: To shut down the entire rally with violence and destruction. People who were there have told me that the police did not follow the pre-planned safety and security agreements made with the organizers, instead leading the legal demonstrators down AntiFa flanked roads to the demonstration area and right into the teeth of AntiFa and BLM. It's being said that at that point, LEOs backed off with stand-down orders and let the sides brawl. Many people were injured and one was killed.

Side note: The MSM is conflating white nationalist with white supremacist. This is incorrect, of course. The can be some personal overlap with some people, but neither of these ideals is inherently present in the other.

It's also worth mentioning that according to the MSM and the left in general, any ideology that does not fall into their narrative, is inherently racist and evil.

One must be careful once the left has stamped you with the label of evil. At that point, any action taken against you is justified and encouraged, up to and including assault.

Desperation of the left to shed their history.

The left is desperate to shed their true history and place it at the feet of the conservative right wing.

The "left", including the democrat party, has a long history of racism, opposing civil rights, hosting groups like the KKK and the Nazi party and inciting violence to achieve their goals. They are always working to erase this history and rewrite it, with their new version projecting those traits onto their opponents.

The Nazi party is originated from the Nazi Socialist German Workers' Party.

Socialist. Socialism is not a right wing ideology. It is a LEFT WING ideology, one that the democrat party has embraced fully with their recent failed presidential candidates, Clinton and Sanders.

The democrat party is the original party of the KKK. The height of the KKK's power was in 1924, when they ran the democrat national convention to nominate their presidential candidate. The convention was referred to as the "Klanbake".

In the 1960's, the democrats overwhelmingly voted AGAINST civil rights legislation in Congress and in many state legislatures. This is undeniable fact. But the civil rights acts passed. Why? The Republican Party pushed them through.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My thoughts on recent events.

A lot of big stories in the news lately, here are some of my brief thoughts.

Trump investigations: The "deep state" can NOT allow Trump to govern easily. Whatever it is Trump is going to do, it's apparently NOT what they want him to do, and is more likely closer to what WE wanted him to do. Illegal immigration from South of the border is down by most estimates by about 75%. Still not much (if any) progress on the wall. Deportations are up as well, though. So do we need a wall? I still think so. As far as these investigations into the Russians and Trump and his people and finances... A lot of his supporters don't care. They've found no evidence of broken laws and the media has been lying to us for so long, that no one gives them the time of day anyway.

North Korea: The advancement of NK's nuclear program has accelerated at a rate that surprises this former intelligence agent, and I'm attributing that to assistance from Iran. Not that long ago, estimates had the North Koreans about 18 months away from being able to land an ICBM inside the US. They rapidly acquired that ability recently. I was recently asked if we are going to war with NK. My answer was that on a long enough timeline, the answer was "yes, absolutely". That timeline is getting shorter and shorter. North Korea has been building and building as a problem for every US President and Trump does not have the luxury that Clinton, Bush and 0bama had, the luxury to contain and pass it along to the next guy. They have arrived, and now we must do something.

Stock market: The stock market has continued to skyrocket under Trump and the DJIA is now above 22,000. Watch for a correction this year. It's not going to be fun.

Left/Right tension: The tension and animosity between the "left" and the "right" wings of America has not improved and probably won't. Both sides are convinced that the other side is an evil entity out to destroy them personally. Both sides are arming themselves. It's a powder keg, and I believe the left will be the ones to light the match. They almost always are.

Yes, I'm still here.

Things have gotten pretty busy lately and I've taken a short break from posting, but I'll be back. Thanks to anyone who has checked here to see new posts. They're coming.