Sunday, June 25, 2017

Democrats behind fake Russian Trump "dossier".

The NY Post is reporting that the democrat party hired a political research firm to "dig up" false dirt on Trump and publish it into a fake Russian "dossier".

This fake dossier is what created the entire fake Trump-Russia connection.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bernie and his wife seem to be crooks.

According to this Zerohedge article, Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane, are in some trouble and being investigated by the FBI for bank fraud.

On top of that, Jane Sanders is solely responsible for the closure of Burlington College, thanks to leading the college into massive "crushing debt". She left after her poorly performed stint as college president, taking a $200,000 severance package with her.

Seems like Bernie really is a true socialist to the core.

Another example of CNN fake news.

Another story pulled by CNN shortly after it was discovered to be false.

CNN published the story about a major link between Russia and the Trump campaign, and then retracted the entire thing and disabled or removed all links. CNN apologized in an editor's note.

The problem with this sort of thing is that it's been proven numerous times that hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of people read the original story, but sometimes only a few hundred people ever see the editor's notes about the stories being retracted due to being untrue. It's a psyop. Publish a damning fake story about your enemy where millions can see it, and then simply pull the story and write an editor's note that only a few thousand might ever see.

Anything you read or hear from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC or CBS should be totally ignored and mocked. Get your info elsewhere. These sources have been thoroughly outed as fake.

Will Justice Anthony Kennedy retire?

There are rumors that Supreme Court Justice Kennedy will retire this Summer, and if so, Trump is open to nominating another Justice to the bench in his first year. This will give "conservatives" a firm 5-4 majority.

Relevant article here.

My hope is that we will see a retirement by Ginsburg soon as well, but I'm not holding my breath. It would be devastating to the left.

Friday, June 23, 2017

A logical question on "law" vs "tyranny".

If the politicians feel like they can pass whatever they want as a law, and the police are willing to simply follow orders and enforce every law, then what is it that stands between "law" and "tyranny"?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Short list to get you ahead of the game.

It's been said that simply coming to the realization that you need to prep will put you ahead of 90% of the population. That's probably true, or at least the sentiment behind the saying is true, even if the actual stat is not. But being ahead of 90% of the population just because you know you should prep isn't necessarily good enough. You have to put that into action.

When I started this blog a few years back, most of my posts we based on helping readers develop a beginner's "list of lists", something that the average person could find and afford to get them ready for disasters.

While the items on that list are easy to find and generally affordable, the list itself is still a bit long. So I am going to give you a shorter list, a list that is NOT meant to be comprehensive or get you through the end of the world... But you can consider it a part of that "get ahead of 90% of the population" idea. You'll need to KNOW that you should prep, but you'll also need these things.

I will go down the line according to the "SWFS-CIMT" model.

Shelter - You need a stable place to stay in an area that itself is not a disaster already. Pretty abundant in the US.

Water - A Sawyer Mini Filter will allow you to drink almost any water source. Get one for every member of the family, and maybe an extra or two. A Berkey water system is nice to have also. If you want to store water as well, use this rule: One gallon of water per person, per day. Water in jugs at Walmart is cheap.

Food - I have demonstrated already that storing rice and beans is cheap and easy. Look at this post to see my storage of pinto beans. You can use the exact same process for white rice and lentils. You can use the same process for salt and sugar, as long as you substitute moisture absorbers for oxygen absorbers. Don't put oxygen absorbers in salt or sugar. Mountain House #10 cans are great as well.

Security - This is where you get the guns. Look here and here and pick out what sounds good to you. Don't forget ammo, mags and TRAINING. This general security list will help too.

Communications - It's much more important to listen than to transmit, so I'm just going to keep it simple. The GP-5 SSB shortwave radio and the Uniden Home Patrol II police scanner will allow you to listen in on any relevant broadcasts you need to. A set of two-way radios from Cobra or Midland will allow you to talk with group members at short distances. Cell phones and chargers are obviously good to keep.

Intelligence - In the military, intelligence drives the mission. In the prepping world, information needs to drive your actions and decisions. Building your "all-source collection element", or ACE, is key to gathering intelligence. Take a look at this guide to get started on your own ACE.

Medical - You need a first aid kit and some additional medical supplies. Take a look here and get started filling out your medical supply list.

Transportation - Lastly, you need to be able to get from point A to point B, and you need to have adequate tools to maintain that vehicle. You'll need more than a Prius. Here is a pretty basic list to help you maintain your vehicle. Cars are ok. Trucks and Jeeps are usually better. It all depends on your terrain and needs, though.

I may very well end up with commenters adding their 2¢ (which is always welcome) on which things to add to this list. This list is not made to be the end all be all, nor is it nearly adequate to you through TEOTWAWKI. It's a barebones list that I am making for the people who have heard the phrase "if you realize you need to prep, you're already ahead of 90% of the population", and are wondering if that's really true. Yes it is, but only partially. You need some tools and some knowledge. So with that, I'll also leave you with this list of books to grab...

Short wisdom, fighting vs violence.

Knowing how to fight is one thing. Having the tools to fight with is another. Knowing how to be violent is entirely different. If you don't have all three, you're missing a piece of the puzzle.

Monday, June 19, 2017

ISIS founder and leader believed to be dead

Al Baghdadi has most likely been killed in one of the latest Russian air strikes. There have been many false reports on his death in the past so authorities are making sure this time around before making it official.

This is a true cause for celebration, but the left wing maniacs only celebrate when they think Trump is going to be impeached or when conservatives are shot or attacked. Little credit for this victory can go to the US, sadly. Russian forces, Kurdish forces, Syrian military, Syriac and Assyrian defense forces deserve the majority of the credit.

Most Americans wanted to be a part of the fight against ISIS, but we were denied. To the US troops and volunteers who did fight against ISIS, I salute you.

Looking forward to ISIS being wiped out from the borders of Syria and Iraq within the year, God willing.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Thanks to the readers and commenters who have provided this blog with 15,000 views. I appreciate the time you've all taken to read my content.

Message to Fathers and Future Fathers.

Happy Father's Day. Enjoy the day with family and relax, but take some time to think, really think, about what today is and what it's for. It's not just a day for your kids to make things for you or take you out to dinner or buy you something nice. Those things are great, but if you understand what today is, then you understand that today isn't just your day. It's a day where you remember and reaffirm your role and responsibility to your family

Remember your role as the head of the house and family. For those who do not read this with an adult level of understanding, I will be nice and caveat this statement: Being the head of the house and family does not mean you get to swagger around and boss around your wife and kids, it doesn't mean all decisions are made by you, it doesn't mean your family is there to serve you (Your role as a leader demands that it is YOU who serves) it doesn't even mean  that your name is on every title of every car or loan or credit card. It means that when hardship comes, when help is needed, when strength (moral, personal, cultural, physical) is needed, you are available and able. When a hard decision is required, you take that burden from your family and make it your burden. You will not always be right, but you must have the courage and ability to shoulder that. Your house and family are a ship, and while you will not always dictate how much sail to use, or how fast to go, or how to run the deck, you are the one at the wheel steering in a morally sound direction. Do not be that dad you see in the commercials or in the TV shows, that inept, childish, immature oaf with the stupid looking grin on his face when his wife catches him acting like a toddler or says to the kids "Daddy did a lot of stupid things before he met Mommy".

Remember your role as the defender. The world is not safe at all times. No matter where you live or how you're set up up, you and your family are not always going to be safe from harm or coercion. You don't have to be the strongest or fastest or be a black belt in any martial art. However, you SHOULD have the knowledge and ability to stand courageously between your family and whatever or whomever means to do them harm, whether that harm is in the form of a burglar breaking in, a mugger pulling a knife, a drunk grabbing your wife's butt or a slick salesman trying to rip off your 16 year old at the dealership. In those situations, you must have a resolute mindset and have conviction in your purpose. Getting punched doesn't really hurt that bad, and a man is nothing to be afraid of. A father protecting his family is a different animal. If you lack something in this regard, send me a PM, and I'll help you out. And yes, I will be nice. I will actually help you. And no, I will not try to make you carry a weapon. Again, this is not about martial arts or guns (I do love my guns). It's about a resolute mindset and the courage that comes with full conviction.

Remember your role as the provider. I know that in 2017, not every household pays it's bills and buys the food with the paycheck of the man. I get that, and that's fine. If your wife is a full-time pharmacist and you are a part-time mechanic, I understand there is going to be a difference in dollars. If your wife has a master's in engineering at MIT and you've got a bachelor's from the school of hard knocks, the mortgage might come out of a check with her name on it. I get it, but the role of provider does not always require a paycheck. The role of provider can include that, but it also includes the ability to steer your family out of hardship when a paycheck (regardless of who makes it) isn't quite enough. It includes the ability to obtain whatever resources your family requires for basic survival, or PRODUCE those resources otherwise. This includes shelter, water, food and security at the most basic level. Those things might require a paycheck, but they also require more than that. Also, when your wife does the thing that wives do, which is to get pregnant, the man needs to become even more of a provider. Regardless of the "advancement" of society, the man must always maintain his ability to provide. The woman should not always have to maintain that ability to provide forever. Women have other natural roles, and I really don't give a damn if anyone thinks that is sexist.

Remember your role as the loving father. Make time to spend with family. Your kids are only little once. Sometimes you'll have to be stern, sometimes you'll have to be hard and cold and logical, sometimes you'll have to be the disciplinarian or authoritative presence, but no one in your family should ever have an ounce of doubt that you love them. You will not be perfect, but perfection is not required. I most certainly am NOT speaking from a pedestal of perfection. I am certainly not pontificating from a position of moral authority. I, like you all, have and will make mistakes. Perfection is not required. Love is what is required. The outside of you might sometimes need to be hard, but the inside softness must be shown on the outside sometimes. And your family must know that the hard exterior (In times of protection from harm, or discipline for kids, or hard decision-making) is a product of a soft, loving interior. When we go to a hard job as an insulator in a power plant or running heavy machines at a newspaper company, when we go to war in a far away land or walk a cop's beat in the ghetto, we maintain that hard exterior with a soft interior of love for our families.

A father's roles are numerous and I can't possibly cover them all, but these are a start. The importance of a man fulfilling his roles appropriately in the home is constantly demeaned and diminished in today's society. I have my thoughts on why this is happening but I'm not going to get into that right now. Resist this. We are seeing the terrible effects of fatherless homes on our society and culture everyday. Whether you grew up with a father fulfilling his roles or not, it is imperitive that you, as a father or future father, learn your roles and how to fulfill them, and that you do so when the time comes.

Happy Father's Day. It's called Father's Day, but it's not just about you (us). Remember your roles today.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

D.C. Shooting, Original Story.

Here is an original story of the Washington D.C. shooting that left Representative Scalise in "critical condition".

The "leadership" of the left (Democrat politicians like Tim Kaine, Hollyweird celebrities like Kathy Griffin, fake news anchors like Don Lemon, "clergy" like Al Sharpton) have encouraged their followers to "disrupt" and "fight in the streets", "get in trouble" and "resist". These statements whether meant literally or not, have been taken quite literally. All over the country we have riots and violence committed against anyone who supported Trump or identifies as "conservative". We see mock acts of violence (a play in Central Park depicts Trump's assassination, while Kathy Griffin poses with a fake severed Trump head) progressing to real violence, as you can see in the Washington Post story I linked. There are also acts of violence against people just for displaying MAGA paraphernalia.

Drudge Report, the most influential news aggregate site in the world, is posting multiple stories of media members reporting that we are on the brink of a "civil war" between the ideological "left" and "right".

Ann Coulter and Michael Savage, regardless of how you feel about them, are spreading the idea of civil war. Like it or not, these are influential people, and they may not be wrong.

Arm up and stack the ammo. Carry a defensive weapon, even if you're not licensed. If someone busts you over the head with a brick, would be rather have left your weapon at home just because you weren't "licensed" to defend yourself adequately?

Surely you can see that things are going from bad to worse. Can you explain why it will suddenly get better sometime soon? I'll wait.

Link back to the New York Times report on Clinton/Russia

With all of these investigations into Trump and the Russians, I find that it's relevant to keep going back to this report, a New York Times article detailing the sale of 20% of the US government's uranium production to the Russians.

The sale of the uranium production had to have the approval of the Secretary of State, who was Hillary Clinton at that time.

Around the same time, numerous donations were made to the Clinton Foundation by Russian officials, and despite Hillary's promise to disclose the identities of all Clinton Foundation donors, she failed to disclose ANY donations made by Russian offcials.

Where is the investigation into these dealings?

Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire.

Yesterday a man opened fire with a SKS rifle at a baseball field in Washington DC. Republican members of Congress were there practicing baseball for a charity baseball game. The shooter approached someone and asked if the people on the field at the time were republicans or democrats. When he learned they were republicans, he went back and retrieved his SKS and a 9mm and opened fire, hitting at least three people, including Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana. He's in critical condition. The shooter was killed by police.

The shooter is a hardcore democrat and socialist who worked in the Bernie Sanders campaign. His Facebook was full of violent statements about republicans and conservatives in general.

The democrats have encouraged their supporters to "resist" and to "fight in the streets" since Trump was elected. After the election, there were dozens of riots in major cities and violence in others. AntiFa and their parent group, BAMN, now attend every conservative event for the purpose of using violence to shut the events down. They chant "punch a Nazi", but of course, a "Nazi" is anyone who disagrees with them. We see some of these groups and their members showing off their guns and posting videos of them going to ranges and shooting targets painted with "conservative" symbology.

And now we have a republican lawmaker gunned down at a baseball practice.

Democrats are constantly claiming that the things Trump says are causing people to commit violence, though they are unable to point to any specific acts of violence routinely committed by Trump supporters or conservative groups. So will they be willing to admit that their calls to "action", their calls to "fight in the streets" have stirred actual violent action?

When fighting really starts, what will it look like? Will it look like this? Is this the start?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

MD Creekmore - 21 Item Walmart Prep List

A nice little list to get you ahead of most people. Only 21 points!

I love prepping lists that the average person can understand, acquire and use with ease. This list is by no means comprehensive, but when you read it, you'll see how it will get you ahead of the vast majority of the population. Even I have use for a list like this.

North Korea and the EMP threat.

I notice that anytime the subject of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is brought up, anyone within earshot is likely to give the thought an eyeroll.

I myself have commonly avoided discussing EMP possibilities with non-preppers because it immediately turns them off to the discussion. They simply do not consider it to be a possibility. Problem is, they don't really consider ANYTHING to be a possibility. So when I discuss prepping with non-preppers, I usually stick to hurricanes and other things they may have actually already experienced.

But, it might be time to start thinking about EMPs again. A while back I mentioned that North Korea may be fairly close to being capable of hitting the US with a nuke. But you know what's even easier than actually hitting someone with a nuke? Hitting them with an EMP. You don't need such a large device and you don't actually have to score a direct hit.

The North Koreans will probably be capable of an EMP strike before the year is over, if they're not already.

An EMP strike is not one of those gradual SHTF scenarios. It's a "here and now" situation, where everything stops right then. Water, power, medical, food, radio, cars, etc. Have a gun safe with an electronic lock, like I do? Replace the lock or leave the safe open when you're at home (be watchful to keep your kids out of it).

SWFS (Shelter, water, food, security, in that order).

Friday, June 9, 2017

CNN forced to correct fake news story, Comey/Trump.

This isn't overly important, but is important to save for posterity and for future debates. We don't necessarily need more evidence that CNN is fake news, but since they insist on providing more and more evidence, we'll gladly accept it.

And here it is.

Prior to testimony by James Comey, CNN specifically reported that Comey was going to dispute Trunp's claim that Comey told him three times that Trump was no being directly investigated.

In the testimony, Comey did nothing of the sort, and CNN was forced to retract and correct.

In other fake news, um, news... CNN fired one of their on air hosts for publicly calling the President a "piece of shit" and "an embarrassment to humanity."

Again, we don't have to add to the increasing pile of evidence that CNN is biased fake news. But then again, here we are.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Suarez on fighting knife attacks.

Gabe Suarez at Suarez International sends us the real solution to knife attacks by jihadis.

The cookie-cutter martial "artists" probably aren't going to be overly happy to learn that with all of their TaeKwonDo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu mastery, they will still probably get cut when one of these guys sprints into the restaurant or bar with the intent of killing people until they themselves get shot and sent to whatever amazing afterlife they think is waiting.

I have a first degree black belt in TKD myself, plus some training in BJJ, Judo and US Army MACP, and I am at least self-aware enough to understand that if you find yourself facing an opponent with a knife, you're not only probably going to get cut, you've probably already BEEN cut. That goes for me too, even with all of my AMAZING (heh) martial arts skills.

When you're finished with that article, read the one for vehicle borne jihad attacks

And then add Suarez to your daily checklist.

Herschel on Preparing for Jihad in the US.

Preparing for Jihad in America, from Herschel.

A good article to have your friends read, even better if they are one of those misguided Christians who believe they're called to invite the wolves to becoming members of the flock.

You are not morally obligated by Christianity to help Muslim refugees if it's going to get Christians killed.

In Europe, it's getting Christians killed.

The three instances Comey told Trump that they were not investigating him.

Donald Trump has insisted that former FBI director Comey told him three times that he, Trump, was NOT under any type of FBI investigation.

Here are three times where Comey said exactly that, that Trump was not under any FBI investigation.

The article also shows how CNN got their own reporting totally wrong. As if we needed more examples of that.

What I find strange, is that the left seems to believe that simply BEING UNDER INVESTIGATION constitutes a major mark against a candidate or politician. But when it's Hillary who is under multiple counterintelligence investigations... It's no big deal to them.

The left in America... The progressives, communists, democrats, socialists, whatever you want to call them... Are some of the most intellectually dishonest and hypocritical people the world has ever seen in the political realm.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Intellectual consistency the left wing bugaboo

As I look back at the body of works I have produced confronting left wing propaganda and mindsets, I realized something. Almost everything I have ever done as a film maker, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian has been an attempt to expose left wing intellectual inconsistency.  I am not saying that conservative views are exempt from hypocrisy. All people can be hypocritical at points, but the political and social left wing is brimming with blatant, non-stop intellectual inconsistency.

That is what every conservative commentator spends ninety percent of their time confronting. George Orwell described in his works "1984" and "Animal Farm" how institutionalized hypocrisy was going to become the norm within society.

"All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others!"

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery".

Orwell showed how people could be engineered to disregard all forms of intellectual consistency and hold two contradicting philosophies at the exact same time and switch back and fourth from one to the other instantly. Hypocrisy shows a blatant flaw in human intellect or morality, and that is why we have traditionally found it frustrating in western society. But this is changing. Our society is embracing moral and intellectual insanity.

Here is a video of a so called "Nigerian intellectual" telling the BBC that Trump is racist for telling a judge that he could not make proper judgement within the US courts because he is Mexican. A false statement to begin with but when Emmet Tyrell confronts her statement, she says only seconds after her statement that Mr. Tyrell has no right to make judgements about race or racism being that he is a white male. One moment we are not allowed to judge someone's judgement based on national, ethnic or racial background, but then we are able to judge someone based on their racial/ethnic background.

As Orwell said, "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

Ladies and gentlemen, 1984 is upon us.

The Left blames ISIS attacks on white christians

Too often I am forced to confront pro Marxists and anti-Christian leftists about their lack of concern and response pertaining to ISIS and their violent attacks. There is a common retort and narrative they have formulated in response. They seem to believe that the violence of ISIS is a result of US and Western powers within the middle east. They seem to think that if the United States never had any military presence within the middle East, then there would be zero, or at least minimal, violence within the Middle East.

The violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims has existed for over 1,500 years. Violence against Christians at the hands of jihadists has existed for over 1,500 years and there are literally thousands of examples of mass genocides and oppression of Christian peoples through out the history of Islam.

The mass slaughters are nothing new to the region and any myth that the Middle East was ever a region of love and unity needs to be debunked and exposed for the revisionism and lie that it is.

Of course, the left will use examples of nations within the Middle East embracing secular ideals and "democracy". They will site time periods in our recent history and harp on about times of great economic prosperity and peace within places like Iran, Iraq, etc.

Simply ask these people who excuse the violence of jihadists what the Yazidi children did to merit the violence of ISIS? Ask them how US policy lead to the slaughter and attack on Armenian, Assyrian and Syriac Christians throughout places like Syria and Iraq. Ask them why the Belgian people have faced repeat attacks at the hands of Islamic extremists when Belgium has had nothing to do any military action within the Middle East and has welcomed in massive droves of refugees. Ask them why it is wrong to condemn massive numbers of Muslims for the actions of jihadists but completely politically correct to condemn all Americans, Europeans, and Christians for the actions of the US government?

We need to know that our opposition only embraces one of two things; Pure hatred of Western society and its people, or ignorance.

Frankly I am sick of the EU and the US government bombing Middle Eastern countries and controlling them, but I am also sick of those same countries swinging their doors open to massive numbers of hostile people after the fact, regardless of how valid or invalid those peoples' grievances may or may not be.

Few Americans want their resources and troops in the Middle East but the idea that the common citizen should suffer for the actions and decisions of a wealthy, well secured oligarchy is insane and stupid.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

CNN staging "peaceful" Muslim demonstration.

After the attacks in London, large groups of peaceful Muslims gathered in the city's streets to show solidarity and unity and love and rainbows and all of that crap. They had their hashtag signs, and they even had a child with them. They showed us that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

Or did they?

Seems CNN staged the whole thing, and even failed to admit it when they were caught, calling the footage "nonsense". CNN says that police allowed the demonstrators through the barricades to show their signs.

Problem is, the same group of people, no more than a dozen, were photographed in at least three or four places. Yes, the same group.

Were they paid?

As Paul Joseph Watson pointed out, CNN refuses to play soundbites where the attackers can be heard yelling "this is for Allah", but is staging "peaceful demonstration" photo ops to show that Islam itself is peaceful.

As he said, "we are being conned".

Load your magazines. I like Black Hills 5.56, 77gr OTM. But that's just me.

Another week, another jihad attack in Britain.

Two nearly simultaneous attacks in London yesterday, one at London bridge. At least seven are dead according to the last sources I read.

As usual, you've got all of the heads of Europe proclaiming figuratively to be "standing" with London or whatever such stupid platitudes they spout off with.

Are the hashtags out in force yet? Is everyone changing their profile pic to whatever emotional bullcrap is trending today? How long before the social media attention whores get tired of changing their pic to something that isn't them? At this rate, your profile pic is never going to be anything but a support pic for whoever the jihad victims are this week.

"We are Paris."

"We are London."

"We are Manchester."

"We are London, again."

"We are London, again, ten minutes later."

Who's next?

When is Europe (or all of Western Civilization) going to drop this multiculturalism death wish?

Secure your borders and disallow everyone who tries to get in if they're not offering an obvious benefit to you society.

And I'm sorry, but being brown and exotic is NOT inherently a benefit to your society. Being a REFUGEE is not inherently a benefit to your society. Having no skills and no education is not inherently beneficial to your society.

Western Civilization is not morally obligated to absorb the entire third world.