Friday, June 9, 2017

CNN forced to correct fake news story, Comey/Trump.

This isn't overly important, but is important to save for posterity and for future debates. We don't necessarily need more evidence that CNN is fake news, but since they insist on providing more and more evidence, we'll gladly accept it.

And here it is.

Prior to testimony by James Comey, CNN specifically reported that Comey was going to dispute Trunp's claim that Comey told him three times that Trump was no being directly investigated.

In the testimony, Comey did nothing of the sort, and CNN was forced to retract and correct.

In other fake news, um, news... CNN fired one of their on air hosts for publicly calling the President a "piece of shit" and "an embarrassment to humanity."

Again, we don't have to add to the increasing pile of evidence that CNN is biased fake news. But then again, here we are.

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