Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Suarez on fighting knife attacks.

Gabe Suarez at Suarez International sends us the real solution to knife attacks by jihadis.

The cookie-cutter martial "artists" probably aren't going to be overly happy to learn that with all of their TaeKwonDo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu mastery, they will still probably get cut when one of these guys sprints into the restaurant or bar with the intent of killing people until they themselves get shot and sent to whatever amazing afterlife they think is waiting.

I have a first degree black belt in TKD myself, plus some training in BJJ, Judo and US Army MACP, and I am at least self-aware enough to understand that if you find yourself facing an opponent with a knife, you're not only probably going to get cut, you've probably already BEEN cut. That goes for me too, even with all of my AMAZING (heh) martial arts skills.

When you're finished with that article, read the one for vehicle borne jihad attacks

And then add Suarez to your daily checklist.

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