Monday, June 5, 2017

The Left blames ISIS attacks on white christians

Too often I am forced to confront pro Marxists and anti-Christian leftists about their lack of concern and response pertaining to ISIS and their violent attacks. There is a common retort and narrative they have formulated in response. They seem to believe that the violence of ISIS is a result of US and Western powers within the middle east. They seem to think that if the United States never had any military presence within the middle East, then there would be zero, or at least minimal, violence within the Middle East.

The violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims has existed for over 1,500 years. Violence against Christians at the hands of jihadists has existed for over 1,500 years and there are literally thousands of examples of mass genocides and oppression of Christian peoples through out the history of Islam.

The mass slaughters are nothing new to the region and any myth that the Middle East was ever a region of love and unity needs to be debunked and exposed for the revisionism and lie that it is.

Of course, the left will use examples of nations within the Middle East embracing secular ideals and "democracy". They will site time periods in our recent history and harp on about times of great economic prosperity and peace within places like Iran, Iraq, etc.

Simply ask these people who excuse the violence of jihadists what the Yazidi children did to merit the violence of ISIS? Ask them how US policy lead to the slaughter and attack on Armenian, Assyrian and Syriac Christians throughout places like Syria and Iraq. Ask them why the Belgian people have faced repeat attacks at the hands of Islamic extremists when Belgium has had nothing to do any military action within the Middle East and has welcomed in massive droves of refugees. Ask them why it is wrong to condemn massive numbers of Muslims for the actions of jihadists but completely politically correct to condemn all Americans, Europeans, and Christians for the actions of the US government?

We need to know that our opposition only embraces one of two things; Pure hatred of Western society and its people, or ignorance.

Frankly I am sick of the EU and the US government bombing Middle Eastern countries and controlling them, but I am also sick of those same countries swinging their doors open to massive numbers of hostile people after the fact, regardless of how valid or invalid those peoples' grievances may or may not be.

Few Americans want their resources and troops in the Middle East but the idea that the common citizen should suffer for the actions and decisions of a wealthy, well secured oligarchy is insane and stupid.

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