Sunday, June 4, 2017

Another week, another jihad attack in Britain.

Two nearly simultaneous attacks in London yesterday, one at London bridge. At least seven are dead according to the last sources I read.

As usual, you've got all of the heads of Europe proclaiming figuratively to be "standing" with London or whatever such stupid platitudes they spout off with.

Are the hashtags out in force yet? Is everyone changing their profile pic to whatever emotional bullcrap is trending today? How long before the social media attention whores get tired of changing their pic to something that isn't them? At this rate, your profile pic is never going to be anything but a support pic for whoever the jihad victims are this week.

"We are Paris."

"We are London."

"We are Manchester."

"We are London, again."

"We are London, again, ten minutes later."

Who's next?

When is Europe (or all of Western Civilization) going to drop this multiculturalism death wish?

Secure your borders and disallow everyone who tries to get in if they're not offering an obvious benefit to you society.

And I'm sorry, but being brown and exotic is NOT inherently a benefit to your society. Being a REFUGEE is not inherently a benefit to your society. Having no skills and no education is not inherently beneficial to your society.

Western Civilization is not morally obligated to absorb the entire third world.

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  1. I am filled with disgust, rage and sadness every time these events take place but I am also at nearly at the point of not caring. If people want to continue on this cultural and moral relative death dance then they get what they have coming. It is time the British people demand their arms and means of self defense back now because their government obviously sucks at protecting its people.