Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Is the press making it impossible for Trump to negotiate with Putin?

In this Zerohedge article is transcribed an interview between a Slate reporter (yes, I know Slate is a leftist rag) and a professor of Russian studies. The professor is making an excellent point that this fake "RussiaGate" scandal being fueled by the American press is making it nearly impossible for Trump to negotiate with Putin for the purpose of "tamping down" the "New Cold War" that we are in with Russia.

I have to agree with what the professor is saying. He gives an excellent example of an equivalent: What if JFK had been constantly accused of being a Russian agent (instead of a Vatican agent, like he  was wrongly accused of being) during the Cuban missile crisis? How could JFK even begin negotiations with Nikita Khrushchev in that type of press climate? Impossible.

So how can Trump possibly sit down at a table with Putin and hold fruitful, statesmanlike negotiations with Putin when the press and a large part of Congress is pursuing this ridiculous Russian hacking conspiracy nonsense? Trump has to take an adversarial stance toward Putin just to have some credibility, which is counterproductive at this point.

Still, there has been no evidence found to support the media narrative against Trump.

Memorial Day tribute (A day late).

PFC Cody Patterson, 75th Ranger Regiment.

SGT Patrick Hawkins, 75th Ranger Regiment.

SSG Richard Vazquez, 7th Special Forces Group.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Congress has made almost no progress on gun liberties.

The Hearing Protection Act has almost 200 sponsors in the US House of Representatives and almost a dozen in the US Senate. Yet, despite being introduced in January (or maybe February) the bill has had absolutely zero movement whatsoever.

National reciprocity also has some support, but again, no progress has been made on that cause either.

Despite gun liberties being part of Trump's agenda, and part of Republican congressional agendas for years, the republicans have not made a single move.

Some have said that simply getting elected and not enacting gun control measures is good enough, as "Hillary would have already passed gun control laws in her first month".

I'm sorry, but if Hillary can "pass" gun control laws in her first month, then why can't a republican congress and White House even bring a gun Liberty bill to a congressional committee for debate?

Why is no progress acceptable as long as we aren't taking steps backwards?

The time to strike the iron is NOW. We have both sides of Congress now. We have the White House now. We sort of have the SCOTUS now. So why wait until we don't? Why wait until we've lost one of those pieces? It's going to happen at some point, possibly next round of elections. The republicans hold the by TWO VOTES. Two. Why not make this a priority now, while we've still got those two votes?

One wonders if gun liberties are actually a priority to the republicans at all. Maybe gun liberties are just a convenient rally cry to get the base to vote them into office.

Still no evidence of Russian connections.

There isn't much else to say. Nothing to link to. There hasn't been a single piece of evidence linking Trump to the Russian government. How long are We the People going to be patient with a law enforcement investigative apparatus wasting our time and tax dollars trying to dig up evidence of false connections between Russia and our legally elected administration?

So far, that's what it looks like. A waste of time and money. This "investigation" began before Trump even won the election, with the intelligence collection against the Trump campaign. He's been in office for five months. We can safely say that information on any possible connection between Trump and the Russians has been collected and analyzed for at least the last 8-10 months.

After 8-10 months, no evidence has been found connecting the Trump campaign or the Trump White House to Russia.

How much longer do they need? If you recall, Hillary was claiming her email scandal was old news and not worth discussing after just a few months. Less than a year after Benghazi she was saying THAT was old news, and people actually DIED in that event.

So when does the lack of evidence and the time and money wasted make this story old news?

Probably never. The media and the democrats will string this along for as long as possible. Delegitimization of the administration is the goal.

Techniques for softening "hardened" pinto beans.

Poster "Altoidian" at Survivalist Boards gives some real world advice on how he softened nine year old pintos:

"The oldest pinto beans I could find were 9 years old. I kept them exactly as they came from the grocer shelf in a 5 lb plastic bag. They were not in an air tight container and the storage was my unairconditioned garage. We have hot summers but mild winters and our climate is desert - dry most of the year. So, reading some about the "Hard to cook old bean" stories I tested them. I know the probable reason the beans go hard is an internal reaction - rather a kind of "oxidation" within the bean itself. I suspect it has to do with acidification between the proteins and some loss of moisture. 

So, I decided the proper approach was as follows:

I took 12 ounces of the 9 year old beans, and scanned and rinsed them. I boiled 6 cups of water with two table spoons of baking soda and two table spoons of salt. I "heat shocked" the beans dumping them into the scalding water, brought them to a steady simmer in the brine for one hour (covered), took them off the fire and left them to soak over night (about 9 hours). This morning the water was dark red. I drained it and rinsed the beans which had become chewable but certainly needed more cooking - but no "crunch" at all. Instead they had a rather "hard chocolate" texture... Like the inside of an M&M. I then covered the beans in fresh water, brought them to a boil, and then back down to a steady simmer- tossed in two chicken bullion cubes, and three TBSp of dehydrated onion flakes. Covered and simmered for one hour. Result - Absolutely perfect, delicious pinto beans. Texture is, in fact, a bit over soft. I like my beans with a little resistance to the bite. But, these will do very nice with a few ounces of fried salt pork. There is no after-taste, nor bitterness to them and no taste of too much salt or even a hint of baking soda taste. Absolutely NO crunch at all. Cooked really as well as any other beans I've made - and I love beans with cornbread. Also notice, no pressure cooking at all."

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two Presidents.

Today Donald Trump, elected President of the US, is arriving at NATO HQ for a NATO summit. He has asked NATO member nations to live up to the pledge to spend at least 2% of GDP on NATO defense costs. The US spends double that already.

At the same time, former president 0bama is on a trip in Europe meeting with leaders, including German chancellor Angela Merkel. He talked about how Islamic jihadis have been marginalized and mistreated, driving them to violence. He is also talking about migrant refugees.

The timing of 0bama's trip is not coincidental. Neither is the content of his discussions.

The two trips perfectly highlight the differences between the two, and also show a conscious effort by 0bama to undermine the legitimacy and effectiveness of the elected Trump administration.

There are still many bureaucrats in the government who were put in place by 0bama to be loyal to his administration. Then once he left, they were to be loyal to Hillary. Instead, they're now in place to undermine Trump.

The US has two presidents. One is the legally elected president of the republic, Trump. The other is the former president, now the behind-the-scenes leader of the "deep state", shadow government.

How well can a president run a country when a large amount of the bureaucracy is actively working against him under the unspoken orders of a "resistance" led by the former president and his ordained successor (who lost the election)?

This is the struggle we are seeing. And make no mistake that the mainstream media, "MSM", is part of the deep state. Hillary's and the DNC's emails show this collusion without a doubt.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The political left wants Western children dead!

Another bombing from Islamic extremists in England, this time targeting young girls and children. When we discuss the black demographics of Europe and North America and the high incarceration rates and death tolls they face at the hands of police, the political left will always insist that this is a result of " systemic racism".

When christians refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings, the left insists that this is a result of "systemic homophobia" within Christian/American culture.

When Islamic adherents bomb, stab, behead, shoot, rape, and molest women and children, we are told that any discussion of this is islamophobia.

We are told by our leftist media outlets, academics and political organizations that we can not address Islam as a religion and its adherents because that would be bigoted, racist and oppressive. The left wing will not allow discussion or condemnation of the cultures and mindsets that promote death and murder of western people.

It does not matter how many murders and attacks take place abroad or in the USA, the political left will defend Islamic culture tooth and nail but quickly condemn Christians, European people and their societies.

I recently met with my girlfriend's mother, who is a neo-liberal, Jewish supremacist. Her mother told me that Islam is a peaceful religion and that white America needs to learn to accept it because soon this will become an Islamic country, and that is good. I asked her how many Islamic nations she has resided in and I encouraged her to take a long residence in one if she felt that way. She replied "I know as a Jewish woman that I would not fair well in an Islamic country!"  I asked her then why she was so eager to import Islam into Western society where those ideals where incompatible with American and Western society and culture. She responded "What's American or Western culture?! There is no such thing as American culture there is no culture here!" Later in the conversation she admitted that she hated the Christian faith and that European white people needed to pay for their crimes against the Jewish people and other minorities.

Through out the conversation she condemned Christians, Europeans, Germans, Americans and White society but then acted as if there was no such thing as European or Western society. European, Western and American society only exists when it is time for them to find wrong doing, but never exists when there is a time for praise.

I pulled my rosaries out from under my shirt, the same ones that I wore in Iraq, and told her that Christians, Americans and Western society has a culture and that I fought for this culture and it's values.

I kissed the crucifix, and this woman began to laugh.

I learned all I needed to know about Jewish supremacism and leftist marxists with that conversation.


FISA Court: 0bama Admin, "serious" Fourth Amendment Violations.

In April, the FISA court ruled that widespread spying on Americans by the 0bama admin is a "serious fourth amendment issue".

MSM will pick this story up in 3... 2... 1... Never.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump's 2018 budget cuts 66 federal programs.

Trump has proposed cutting 66 government programs for his 2018 budget, that would apparently save over 26 billion dollars.

I looked at the list in the article, and I heartily agree that all of those should be cut. In fact, I think the list should be much, much longer, but it's a good start. I understand that not everything that needs to be cut can be cut immediately, but it needs to happen ASAP.

The Department of Education and Health and Human Services are both getting cut to the tune of almost $5 billion each, with HUD losing about $4 billion. The State Department/USAID is having over $4 billion in "development aid" cut. Development aid is the money we send to other countries so they can "develop". We need to keep that money.

Importantly, the Green Climate Fund and the Global Climate Change Initiative would be cut, saving taxpayers over $1.5 billion.

I would have liked to see the ATF and DEA lose a bunch of money, and the IRS as well.

So what do we need? We need the waffling Republicans to grow a pair of balls and ram this budget down the Democrats' throats. It's our turn now.

Storing Pinto Beans, Long Term.

I've talked about this in the past, but it's important to come back to this from time to time.

Food storage. You can't eat bullets, and using bullets to take someone else's food isn't a good way to go. It's a good way to come across the wrong person just one time and get killed.

So store your own. I'm doing pinto beans today. They are capable of being stored for long periods of time and are very versatile with cooking. They do not have oils to worry about going rancid.

Go to Sam's Club and get you some pinto beans:

Then go online and get you some one gallon Mylar bags:

Get some 300cc oxygen absorbers:

Get your wife's flat iron. Or your own:

And the rest is easy:

To seal the bags, it only takes a few seconds of the flat iron. Make sure there are no wrinkles, or if there are, it's sealed well. One 300cc oxygen absorber per gallon bag. I have about six pounds of beans in each bag. Leave some space in the bags, and only seal the top inch or so. If you have to cut it open, it can be resealed.

Finished product:

Use a sharpie to label contents and date. My research tells me these beans should be useable for 25+ years of packaged correctly, like above.

Storing white rice is exactly the same steps. Salt and sugar are the same, EXCEPT YOU WILL USE DESSICANT MOISTURE ABSORBERS AND NOT OXYGEN ABSORBERS. Why is that in all caps? Because oxygen absorbers will turn your granulated salt and sugar into a rock.

One 300cc oxygen absorber (you can see one sticking out of the pinto beans a couple pictures above) is good for a one gallon Mylar bag. You'll need 5gm of dessicant moisture absorbers for the same size Mylar bag of salt or sugar. Either a single 5gm dessicant packet, or five of the little 1gm packets. I've done both.

I prefer to then put the sealed Mylar bags into HDPE2 five gallon buckets with sealing lids. That will protect the bags from damage.

Note: After some years, maybe 12, pintos can become hard to cook. Literally, they'll be a bit hard and crunchy. Pressure cooking with some baking soda should solve that issue. Also, making refried beans is a way around that eventual hardness.

I've also been informed by IamZeke at Survivalist Boards that lentils can be put through the exact same packaging process described above, with "softer" long term results.

Rutherford Institute: Police "Knock and Talk" Tactics.

Police often use so called "knock and talk" tactics to coerce individuals into allowing the police to enter their homes and conduct warrantless searches for whatever can be used to incriminate the people inside.

The Rutherford Institute has an excellent Q&A on police "Knock and Talk" tactics.

Found this at WRSA. And also, this video, made by a defense attorney AND a longtime police detective, on exactly why you should never talk to the police.

Manchester bomber identified.

The Manchester suicide bomber has been identified as 22 year old Salman Abedi. He was born in Manchester after his parents fled Libya as refugees during the regime of Muammar Qaddafi.

The religion of peace, again.

Now they are questioning whether he acted alone or with assistance.

My word: He had assistance. A ball bearing suicide vest is a sophisticated explosive device. Was Abedi an expert bomb maker? I doubt that.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Return of Kings: Why White People are Dying Off.

Why White People are Dying Off, posted on Return of Kings.


Feminism, materialism, liberalism (neo-liberalism, not classical). RoK explains each in detail.

Suicide bomber detonated outside Manchester arena.

Hours ago, a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up outside of a concert arena in Manchester, England. As of right now, they're saying 19+ are dead and at least 50 are injured.

Terror attack outside of Manchester arena.

Sorry, it's a link to NBC, but they're currently only reporting what the authorities are telling them. They haven't yet decided how to lie to you about it. So I think the article is ok, for now. Surely, they at NBC and other MSM outlets are desperately hoping it was a white guy who did it.

This attack, if what we are hearing is true, shows another evolution in terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). We have gotten used to heavy security measures at arena and stadium entrances, and inside the venues during whatever show we are there for. But what about the massive crowds that pour out after the show? Not everyone will arrive at the same time, but generally speaking, they do leave at the same time. It's not easy to get a suicide vest loaded with ball bearings into a major venue of they've got any sort of security protocols happening, but it's REALLY easy to simply wait around for the end of the show for the mass exodus.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

IDPA clubs and events.

Have you taken a look at the IDPA? They hold fun defensive pistol competitions all over the country, and there is sure to be one near you.

Wondering if it's for you? The IDPA is for the AVERAGE pistol carrier, with an average rig, regular everyday pistol setup. It's not meant for the pros with all of their gear and fancy rigs and sponsors. It's meant for the average Joe with his normal clothing and everyday concealed carry setup.

It is for you. The purpose isn't winning (though there are "winners"). The purpose is having fun and improving yourself.


Front Page Mag: The left doesn't want to secede, it wants to rule.

The Left Doesn't Want to Secede, It Wants to Rule.


"There is no form of legal authority that the left accepts as a permanent institution. It only utilizes forms of authority selectively when it controls them. But when government officials refuse the orders of the duly elected government because their allegiance is to an ideology whose agenda is in conflict with the President and Congress, that’s not activism, protest, politics or civil disobedience; it’s treason."

Z Man: American Vendée, a French Revolution comparison.

Z Man puts words to something I've said in the past, that maybe the US is experiencing it's own version of the French Revolution.

Pay close attention to the fact that the French Revolution was not a peasant uprising against the King. It was firstly a political action of the well off Jacobins.

Pay attention also to the fact that the Revolution went too far in the wrong direction.

After all of the events of the French Revolution, they ended up with Napoleon Bonaparte.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Investigator: Murdered DNC staffer sent 44k DNC emails to Wikileaks.

A federal investigator working on the murder case of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who worked for the DNC during the primary campaign season, has revealed that Rich's computer shows he was in contact with Wikileaks. Rich was discovered to have sent them over 44,000 DNC emails showing that the DNC was actively sabotaging the Bernie Sanders campaign in order to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win the party's nomination.

Seth Rich was found murdered on a sidewalk in Washington D.C. in July of 2016, having been shot from behind at point blank range. Nothing was stolen from him.

Robert Gore at the Straight Line Logic blog connects the dots for us.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cyber attacks and ransomware attacks.

Last week the... Entire world... Was hit with a Ransomware attack that cripple computer networks all over the world.

A ransomware attack is basically when a hacker encrypts all of the files on your computer, rendering it useless. The hacker demands a ransom in exchange for giving you unlock key. Usually a low ransom, $300-$500 is most common. After you pay (The FBI does suggest you simply pay the ransom. Heh.), the hackers almost certainly give you the key. If they were known for not doing so, no one would pay. If you don't pay, your computer files are lost forever, unless you've backed them up and are willing to reconfigure the entire machine after having it reimaged. Either way, a headache.

Well, back to events. The world's largest ever hack attack, and it's a ransomware worm called "WannaCry" that is using an exploit called "Eternal Blue".

Eternal Blue is an exploit in Microsoft's OS that was discovered (Created?) by... You guessed it... The NSA. Now the NSA has a choice like it always does when it "discovers" and exploit. It can notify the company so they can fix it, or they can keep it secret for themselves for their own use. You guessed it again. They kept it secret.

Hacker group "Shadow Brokers" was able to glean this info from the NSA, either by hacking their networks or getting it through some anonymous source. They've turned it into a ransomware worm and are encrypting files on networks in at least 150 countries. A worm is a self-spreading computer virus.

The group demands $300 paid within three days for the unlock key, but if the amount isn't paid, they increase it to $600 to be paid in seven days. If no payment, no unlock. Done. The payments are demanded in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

The attack has managed to cripple healthcare networks all over Great Britain and wreaked havoc across Europe. Some companies in the US have temporarily suspended use of their email systems in order to prevent infecting their networks.

The attacks slowed over the weekend but are expected to start up again... Today.

If healthcare networks are crippled easily by this, then why not other networks?

Automated train routing systems? Dam flow rate control systems? Stock market networks? Nuclear plant emergency cooling systems? The power grid? Telecommunications systems? Food distribution hubs? Water companies and other utilities? Sewage treatment plants? What about your "smart" cars and TVs?

Did I mention the power grid?

The last two largest hacks of all time, "Flame" and "Stuxnet" were both created and implemented by state actors (The US created both, possibly assisted by Israel). We already know this one was created/discovered by the NSA. What are the odds that it's being used by a state actor, as well? China? Russia? The US again? Or maybe it "escaped" like the Flame virus did. Or maybe it really is being used by non-state hackers. It's certainly possible today.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Christian churches in Iraq being reclaimed

According sources on the ground within the Christian militias, the war against ISIS is nearing an end. Some estimate that the conflict will continue for another 4-6 months before the country is rid of this horrific threat. Murad, the leader of of the Christian ethnically Armenian and Assyrian village of Havresc in Kurdistan, took us through a recently liberated church. 
It has been horrifically damaged, but the rebuilding process has begun.  

Saturday, May 13, 2017

How to talk to the police.

This is not "anti-police", it is not disrespectful.

It's logical.

The police are legally allowed to lie to you. You are NOT legally allowed to lie to them. They are legally allowed to twist your words and trick you into incriminating yourself, they call it "verbal judo" (look that up). I've been told this by actually LEOs and my research supports it as well. This is not my opinion. This is a fact, and this fact does not care about your attitudes toward police or how you worship them or hate them or any of your other emotional reactions to hearing it. It is a fact, and it is immovable.

You can "support police" all you want, put "blue line" decals on your car, wave your flags, use the "one bad apple" defense, whatever. But the logic is unassailable that you probably should avoid talking to someone who has the "legal authority" I just described.

This is not a post related to any specific police officer's behavior or any news stories about cops doing this or that. It's just a simple, unbiased, factual statement.

I did not say to insult them. I did not say to attack them. I didn't say to disrespect them or hate them. I simply said, do not talk to them if you can ever help it. Say as little as possible. Saying nothing is preferable.

"If you're not breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about!"

Wrong. You don't get to decide if what you're doing is "breaking the law". They get to decide that.

Boston Free Speech Rally, May 13th.

May 13th, Boston Free Speech Rally.

Seeing as AntiFa is inherently anti-free speech, I expect them to be present. AntiFa's Boston chapter has an active website and forum, so I expect they have some numbers. Don't forget the busses of them that apparently rolled into Pikeville and NOLA.

AntiFa's stated purpose is silencing opposition through violence. No free speech for... Pretty much anyone who opposes their principles.

Details for the event in the link above. Oathkeepers will be present and have assisted attendees with movement to locations at other events. Possibly they will be doing the same here.

No word on how the police will respond to violence. Berkeley PD received complete stand-down orders. NOLA PD received stand-back orders, but were arresting skirmishes on the outskirts of the crowd line. Pikeville LEOs held the line separating the groups. No telling yet how Boston PD and the Massachusetts State Police will handle any violence.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Left wing preppers and survivalists. Should we work with them?

The prepper and survivalist community/individuals are most often social conservatives, right wing within their politics or libertarian in nature.
Many are apolitical, but culturally right-wing in the eyes of the far left.

I have read several articles recently discussing how the left has been embracing survivalism since Trump took office.

They think that the world is going to end because of Donald Trump, so now there are left wing elements that are embracing prepping and survivalism. AntiFa and other marxist, hard left groups are embracing gun ownership and taking up arms.

Most prepper/survivalist forums take an apolitical stance and shun overt political discussion.

The time for being Mr. milquetoast on the fence is over.

If we share our knowledge with people who will use it to destroy us, then we are fools. I believe we should embrace freedom of information, but we should not yoke ourselves with elements that will use our skills and passions against us and ultimately hinder our gun rights and survivalist practices.

This is an opinion piece, but I feel that anyone who disagrees is not interested in the concept of survivalism or gun rights. If we remove our ideals from our survivalism then we will lose both.

How did Anarchism become Authoritarian?

My first interest in politics came from an anarcho-philosophy.

When I was about 12 or 13 I would always notice the big "A" symbol my favorite punk bands would have on their album covers and T-shirts. I asked an older kid in his teens what that symbol meant. He explained "It means a society with no government where everyone can do whatever they want". I found this concept shocking but interesting. As a child I was living in a town and going to a school that was run by extremely leftist, authoritarian teachers. I was constantly in trouble for questioning their propaganda. I was suspended multiple times for everything you can imagine that an extreme leftist would suspend a child for... And that is just about everything that is normal to a rational human being.

When I was in the 5th grade we were told that we could not sing certain Christmas carols, especially if they had any Christian reference. During Christmas we could only sing songs that had "holiday season" themes.

We then were being taught about Hanukkah soon after being instructed that all blatant Christian reference was not to be allowed in school. I saw the hypocrisy in this and brought this up as the teacher was giving us the history of Hanukkah. Many students agreed with me and we protested verbally. I was suspended for being disruptive and insensitive to the Jewish students.

These kinds of people and authoritarian mindsets made me only more rebellious and angry. So when I heard about this Anarchist concept, of course it intrigued me. I began researching it and found out that it was not as simple as "do whatever you want". It was a philosophy that focused on building a society based on freedom and egalitarianism. Some people may describe Anarchism as an anti-authoritarian ideal that combines libertarianism with socialism. It is a political concept where governments, oligarchs, wealthy elite, media, corporations or lords and kings have no right to control or dictate laws and ideals. The masses and individuals are free to think what they want and work together as a collective to build a better society through voluntarism.

Now of course, this is a utopian idea and it is very difficult to get such a society to function on a massive level for any extended period of time, if not impossible. But I found it inspiring.

As I became an adult my political ideals shifted but I always had a fondness for anarcho ideals and I have always seen myself as someone who is anti-authoritarian, but things have changed drastically and the people who support anarchism now are much different. At one time liberals were people who supported freedom and liberty, but now they are most often ultra-authoritarians who often are marxist sympathizers. Anarchists are now moving into the same boat as the liberals. AntiFa seems to be dominated by Anarchists and black lives matter as well.

These people hate freedom of speech, freedom of association and support authoritarian tactics to achieve their goals. Ironically there is nothing anarchist about them.

Now I see so called "anarchists" claiming to be "anarchist-marxists"! Seriously, how can you be an anarchist-marxist? That is like saying I am a violent pacifist or a satanist-Christian. Anarchists have a history of supporting and aiding communists and not realizing that the true Marxists will put them on the chopping block when they are done with them.

In Orwells book, "Homage to Catalonia", where he journaled his accounts fighting in the Spanish revolution, he describes how the anarchists formed militias and supported the Marxist militias against the government in hopes of building an egalitarian society.

The Anarchists were later rounded up and imprisoned, and often killed.

And so it goes, the cycle keeps going on and on.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Leftists hate white males but love Che Guevara?

The left seems to think white, "cisgender", heterosexual males are the bane of mankind's existence. Who can forget the left wing "activist" caught on camera who became a meme known as "Aids Skrillex" screaming his lungs out "you're a fucking white male!" trying to silence a man who was debating his views.

Left wing authors, talking heads, activists and leaders have constantly been stigmatizing white males, especially those who are heterosexual.

Then why is it that the left loves people like Che and Castro? They were cisgender, heterosexual  white males. Yes, both Che and Castro were white, meaning fully of European derivation.

Ernesto Guevara was half basque Spanish and half Irish.

Both of Castro's parents were from Europe. He was white.
I recall back in Haiti a young man telling me that he loved Castro, and I asked him why. He said "because he makes white people afraid and stands up to white society." I mentioned to the young man that Castro and Che were both white. He laughed and told me I was ignorant, that they were "Latino."

I have had the same conversation with people all over the the world, including the USA. Few people in Che's fan club seem to grasp the fact that Cuba was and is run by white males.

There was a film made about the life of Che and the actors they used were non-white actors to portray Che and Castro.

It is interesting how the twisted leftist mind works.

Why our society has lost its mind

Why is it that so many people in western society have lost their minds? Why is it that people who claim to be liberal are against the best interest of themselves and their own nations?
Why is it that our governments create polices that will only serve to harm the general public and our security rather than aid?
Yuri Bezmenov a former KGB defector was warning the public about this since the 1980s.
Here is a video of one of his lectures.  His warnings have come to fruition as far as I can tell.

Small progress for gun rights in Florida.

The Florida State Legislature wrapped up the 2017 session a few days ago, and unfortunately, all but three of the nearly two dozen pro-gun bills were killed in committee. The major hurdle for pro-gun bills in the Florida legislature is the Senate Judiciary Committee. The republicans maintain a technical 5-4 majority in the committee, however there are two republicans on the committee who have promised to side with the democrats on all future gun bills.

They are Anitere Flores (R-Miami) and René Garcia (R-Hialeah). This gives the democrats an unofficial 6-3 majority against pro-gun legislation. I personally contacted Senate President Joe Negron about the stonewalling, to no response. I also contacted my own senator, Doug Broxson, also to no response. The only person I could ever get a direct, personal response from was my Representative, Jayer Williamson, who assured me he supports open carry, campus carry and every pro-gun bill in the House.

It came to my attention that the possible reason that Anitere Flores changed her position on gun rights is becausethe lines in her voting district were redrawn to include the very left wing Florida Keys. I suppose she has gone into a sort of "survival mode" and has decided that left wing voters in the Keys are more important to her political survival than gun owners' rights. I predict she will pay for that mistake in next year's election, and it will serve her right.

As far as the gun bills that DID make it to the governor's desk:

SB-128 places the burden of proof in self defense cases back on the prosecution, where it belongs.

SB-1052 fixes a drafting effor by staff on a 2014 Castle Doctrine bill. The error has been interpreted to mean that a person must be under a physical attack before using defense in their own home.

HB-467 lowers the price of a new Florida CWL from $60 to $55, and a renewal CWL from $50 to $45.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Riots at Berkeley, Pikeville and NOLA: Who are the players and what dothey stand for?

Some of you may have heard in the news about the riots and demonstrations taking place in various spots in the country, such as UC Berkeley, New Orleans and Pikeville, Kentucky.

Who is involved in these events and what are they for? Most of these events originated as a demonstration by groups that either support or oppose President Trump and his policies. But what has happened recently is that at many of these demonstration events, opposing groups are clashing, resulting in violence.

The groups involved are many, and some of the people involved are only loosely associated with these groups. As these violent events are political in nature (what isn't?) the groups can be roughly divided along the single axis spectrum of "right" vs left".

First I'll talk about the groups on the "left".

One major group on the left is called "AntiFa", short for anti-fascist. AntiFa claims to be anti-fascist, but the purpose of their existence, according to them, is the violent suppression of "Nazi" speech and action. Their definition of what is a "Nazi" seems to be FAR reaching, to include anyone with a conservative point of view. If you are for secured borders, they consider you to be a Nazi. If you are against affirmative action, you're a Nazi. If you're proud of being white, you're a Nazi. If you give them any reason to call you a racist, and that doesn't take much, you're a Nazi. If you voted for Trump, or any republican anywhere ever, you guessed it, you're a Nazi. AntiFa is an inherently anti-First Amendment group. They are the muscle that will show up to a peaceful protest and turn it violent in order to get it shut down. They've been heard chanting "punch a Nazi in the face" and have been seen with signs that say "no first amendment rights for Nazis". They never show up unarmed. Their signature weapons are sticks/batons and pepper spray, but some of their members have been seen weilding large bicycle locks, skateboards, stones and various pyrotechnic weapons, including the explosive M80. AntiFa members dress in all black, to include black bandanas or masks to hide their identity, and group together enmasse in a tactic referred to as the "black bloc". AntiFa has engaged in violence against groups on the right at nearly every event AntiFa members have attended.

AntiFa is supported by a group called "BAMN", short for "by any means necessary", which is actually even shorter for the official group name, "The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary". BAMN is much easier to say. All of the participants of AntiFa are also participants of BAMN, but the reverse is not necessarily true. Think of it this way: AntiFa is mostly made of college kids who only barely understand what they're doing or why. Most AntiFa kids don't actually know what real fascism is or that they are the true fascists. BAMN provides leadership and direction for those clueless AntiFa kids. AntiFa kids, like this girl nicknamed "Moldylocks", need direction from leaders like Yvette Felarca. BAMN provides that direction, as well as funding and oftentimes, bus transportation to events. BAMN members have either engaged in violence or incited AntiFa members to conduct violence in every event that BAMN members have attended.

Associated with BAMN is the National Lawyers Guild. They provide cheap/free legal assistance for members of AntiFa and BAMN. The NLG is founded and funded by none other than globalist billionaire George Soros. Fun fact: The NLG also provides legal assistance for Black Lives Matter and their many similar  shadow groups.

Now for the groups on the "right".first let me start by saying that the majority of the people who show up to oppose AntiFa are not really firm members of any group at all. They simply seem to be there because they're participating in a rally or demonstration, or are attending a speaking event, like the one held by right wing personality, Milo Yiannopolous. So, onto the identifiable groups.

It seems that at least one event was attended by members of the "Oathkeepers" (OK). OK is an organization of military veterans and and police officers who have pledged to disobey all orders that violate the US Constitution. I know for a fact that OK members have been to at least two events in New Orleans, but some reports are saying that they attempted only to keep peace and did not engage in violence. Members of OK can be paying members, or can be loosely affiliated. As far as I've heard, the OK members who attended these two events were in a sort of minor leadership role, directing right wing participants to locations where the demonstrations, for example. As far as I've leaned, OK members have not engaged in violence against AntiFa.

A group involved in at least the events in Pikeville is the Traditionalist Worker's Party (TWP). The TWP seems to be a white nationalist political organization. The mainstream media has portrayed this group as having neo-Nazi political leanings, but please understand that white nationalism is not synonymous with white supremacy, nor is it inherently neo-Nazi in nature. The group claims that they do not wish harm on any race, nor do they hate any race. As far as I've learned, the TWP has not engaged in any violence against AntiFa or BAMN.

The League of the South (LS) is another right wing group that was seen at the Pikeville and New Orleans events. LS is best described as being anti-Marxist, anti-political correctness, pro-Christian, pro-free market, pro-2nd Amendment, anti-income tax, Southern separatist organization. The groups favors tight immigration laws, which is the most likely catalyst for LS coming into conflict with AntiFa. It's unclear if any members of LS have engaged in any violence against AntiFa.

As far as other groups on the right, I am unaware of any major players. As I stated above, the vast majority of people showing up to actively oppose AntiFa are not firm members of any groups. The members of the right wing groups I've listed have shown up generally unarmed. Some of the non-affiliated participants have started showing up with weapons, such as sticks and pepper spray. One participant, nicknamed "Based Stickman", has emerged as a defactox leader after he was recorded defending his comrades with a long stick and shield from attacks by AntiFa members at UC Berekely.

Obviously the police in these areas are involved in the events taking place, but so far have mostly been impotent and useless. It appears that only at Pikeville were they effective in preventing any violence. However, I'd almost prefer they stayed out of it all. They'd probably end up arresting and charging the wrong people anyway. We know for sure that the Berkeley PD were given stand-down orders, which resulted in numerous fires and massive destruction on campus at the hands of AntiFa. I was in New Orleans on the ground near one of the events myself and the rumor passing around the streets of the French Quarter was that police had received stand-down orders and were advising people in the area to arm themselves and get indoors.

It seems all of the major violent engagements have resulted in AntiFa being chased from the AO, many of them injured. It also seems that AntiFa has initiated violence in all of these engagements, which is not surprising, since that's their stated purpose for existing as a group.

AntiFa does not currently appear to be skilled in any sort of hand to hand combat, and it's severely hindered their ability to have the effect they're going for. With that said, reports have surfaced of AntiFa members seeking out and organizing training sessions. Additionally, it has been reported that AntiFa members have taken up firearms and are training (albeit for now, poorly) to use them.

Now for my thoughts: AntiFa and BAMN are inherently anti-First Amendment and are supported by George Soros and others like him. They have threatened violence against anyone who opposes them and have shown themselves willing to travel and fight in large cities, small towns and college campuses. I can not rule out that they are supported by various US government elements. They certainly are supported by faculty members of various American universities that receive federal monies, and those universities are doing nothing about it. The mayor of Berkeley apparently has his own ties to BAMN.

I firmly believe that AntiFa and BAMN must be opposed wherever they appear, in person and with defensive violence if necessary. They are backed by foreign interests at least (Soros), and are inherently opposed to the basic Liberty of free speech, and are using violence to deprive traditionalist Americans of that right through intimidation.

Lies of Omission

The movie every millenial should see... By force if necessary.

The late Mike Vanderbough.
Matt Bracken.
Claire Wolfe.

Captain's Journal: Armed thugs burst into home posing as SWAT.

This piece written by Herschel should be read by everyone. This, along with this, is a good reason that law enforcement departments need to stop doing home raids except in the most necessary cases (hostage rescue, pursuing murderers/rapists, pursuing FBI's most wanted). There is simply not a good enough reason to kick someone's door in if all you're doing is looking for evidence or trying to catch a thief. That's not sufficient to risk the life of an officer or risk the possibility of making a mistake and killing or harassing an innocent person.

The police are not the military. They need to stop behaving like the military.

But doesn't it say something about our police culture when the criminal thugs on the street now find that IMITATING police behavior is a method for victimizing people?


Monday, May 8, 2017

Aesop on the potential aftermath of retaliating against AntiFa in front of a thousand cameras.

Planning on going armed at the next FreeFor vs AntiFa scuffle?

Aesop suggests to dial back that mindset.

I agree. Go armed, because it's your right. But be aware of the consequences of shooting someone in front of a thousand cameras and millions of sets of eyes. No matter how justified you are, like the article says, once you start shooting people in the streets, it's not the end. It's a beginning.

Friday, May 5, 2017

White people in South Africa are in grave danger.

White South Africans are on the verge of being Africa's next genocide victims.

The President, Jacob Zuma, is pushing for land owned by white farmers to be confiscated and redistributed to blacks. Many white South Africans (Afrikaaners) believe that the anti-white sentiment is coming to a head, and may result in the total removal of all whites from the nation.

One group, the Suidlanders, has a mass evacuation plan that may help some of the whites, but as of yet the group has not taken up arms.

Stay turned. The US isn't the only country where whites are targets.

Should "center of mass" be switched to "center of face"?

An interesting viewpoint on switching from "center of mass" to "center of face".

The author argues that it's time to stop shooting at the CoM and start shooting at the "CoF". The rationale is that we now have assailants wearing vests, either explosive or armored. A hit scored to the CoF would defeat both vests.

I would say that choosing shot placement depends on your assessment of the situation, or as we said in the Army, what you do is determined by METT-TC. METT-TC is more detailed than what is required here, but METT-TC is sort of a catch-all term for "your situation will dictate your actions".

I can't find fault with the practice of shooting for "CoF" if you're threatened with great bodily harm or death (or if someone around you is), but IF you've got the opportunity to assess the situation and you feel that shooting for the torso is adequate, then I encourage doing that, since it's obviously a larger target. But if you assess that the target is wearing a ballistic vest (or an explosive vest) then you're not likely to defeat it with a pistol or even a rifle. You're likely to set off an explosive vest.

Disclaimer: You are obviously more likely to encounter an unarmored target in most cases, and your odds of encountering a suicide bomber are pretty low.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

51% of murders take place in 2% of US counties.

This county by county map showing the distribution of murders in the US is very telling.

Can you spot the pattern?

Hint: Take a look at a county by county electoral map.


Herschel revisits post-Katrina gun confiscations.

In this article, Herschel at The Captain's Blog revisits the gun confiscations in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Make no mistake, these confiscations were 100% unconstitutional and illegal, and the holders of the firearms would be totally morally justified in gunning down the law enforcement officers and soldiers who were attempting to take away their arms. After a large scale disaster, the government does not have the rightful authority to force you from your own home and remove your means to defend yourself.

The people in New Orleans were often allowed to remain with their homes, and many chose to do so. But the government agents and law enforcement officers still confiscated their guns.

I will say this again: The holders of those weapons had the full right to resist with gunfire those confiscations.

Never forget that the people in charge will not hesitate to order their henchmen to remove from you your weapons, and never forget that those henchmen will follow those orders.

There is not a single example of any event that would give the government the right to take away your weapons. When they attempt to do so, it would behoove you to resist with everything you've got.

How to shoot a rifle, from world champion Jerry Miculek.

I've already posted a video on pistol shooting from Jerry, and now I'm posting his video on rifle shooting. Watch both and use them as a foundation, if you need that.

How to shoot a rifle, by Jerry Miculek.

Many things happening the President doesn't know.

Read and heed. The words of a US Army Special Forces soldier, on the shadowy goings-on behind the scenes that the President doesn't know about.

These are called the deep state and/or shadow government, and it's active.