Saturday, May 13, 2017

Boston Free Speech Rally, May 13th.

May 13th, Boston Free Speech Rally.

Seeing as AntiFa is inherently anti-free speech, I expect them to be present. AntiFa's Boston chapter has an active website and forum, so I expect they have some numbers. Don't forget the busses of them that apparently rolled into Pikeville and NOLA.

AntiFa's stated purpose is silencing opposition through violence. No free speech for... Pretty much anyone who opposes their principles.

Details for the event in the link above. Oathkeepers will be present and have assisted attendees with movement to locations at other events. Possibly they will be doing the same here.

No word on how the police will respond to violence. Berkeley PD received complete stand-down orders. NOLA PD received stand-back orders, but were arresting skirmishes on the outskirts of the crowd line. Pikeville LEOs held the line separating the groups. No telling yet how Boston PD and the Massachusetts State Police will handle any violence.

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  1. Damn it. I wont be able to make this event being its today. Please keep us posted of future Antifa rallies especially the ones in the North east and New England area.