Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why our society has lost its mind

Why is it that so many people in western society have lost their minds? Why is it that people who claim to be liberal are against the best interest of themselves and their own nations?
Why is it that our governments create polices that will only serve to harm the general public and our security rather than aid?
Yuri Bezmenov a former KGB defector was warning the public about this since the 1980s.
Here is a video of one of his lectures.  His warnings have come to fruition as far as I can tell.


  1. First, he states that much of the "demoralizing" done to Americans is being done BY other Americans. This is what enabled the KGB to "continue" the psyop mission even when they got broken apart and later rebuilt into the FSB and GRU. The more media people, college professors and politicians do the job for them, the cheaper and less risky it will be for the agents behind the scenes, to the point where there is little need for direct influence at all.

    Second, we need to notice that he is not using the word "demoralize" in the way that Americans use it conversationally. He is using it to mean the erosion of the American moral standard, the traditional moral culture. Erode the morals of a society, and they will be willing to accept the legitimacy of anything, no matter how obviously immoral or illogical.

    Then he gets into "destabilizing essentials", like the economy. I think the destabilizing of our economy must be obvious, with the out of control spending on more and more entitlements and more and more wars. We have 20 trillion dollars in debt for operating costs alone, plus two hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities.

    Later he talks about the "communist conspiracy", which is also what allows us to turn our focus in 2017 away from just Russia, and onto the philosophy of communism as a whole. It would be nice if the psyop attacks from communism were originating from one place, like Russia, but they're not. They are originating from Russia, American college campuses, our own media, our politicians...

    "The last country of freedom and possibility."


    1. I can say after touring major colleges and universities 2011 a majority/ major portion of the student body, faculty and professors of our academic field are openly communist. I have had many conversations with Professors from Tulane, University Of Delaware, Towson University ect and the majority are sympathetic to Marxist ideals and even subscribe to them. Interesting that many of them are homosexuals, love subversive art and music, public pornographic displays, feminism, gender and racial equality ect. These are the same people who will be destoryed by marxist regimes. They hate the society that tolerates them while sympathizing with the societies the countries that would kill or at least oppress them, Cuba, North Korea China, Soviet Russia ect. Interesting how leftists fear and loath Russia now that it has a nationalist professed Christian leader but sympathized with it when it communist.