Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The political left wants Western children dead!

Another bombing from Islamic extremists in England, this time targeting young girls and children. When we discuss the black demographics of Europe and North America and the high incarceration rates and death tolls they face at the hands of police, the political left will always insist that this is a result of " systemic racism".

When christians refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings, the left insists that this is a result of "systemic homophobia" within Christian/American culture.

When Islamic adherents bomb, stab, behead, shoot, rape, and molest women and children, we are told that any discussion of this is islamophobia.

We are told by our leftist media outlets, academics and political organizations that we can not address Islam as a religion and its adherents because that would be bigoted, racist and oppressive. The left wing will not allow discussion or condemnation of the cultures and mindsets that promote death and murder of western people.

It does not matter how many murders and attacks take place abroad or in the USA, the political left will defend Islamic culture tooth and nail but quickly condemn Christians, European people and their societies.

I recently met with my girlfriend's mother, who is a neo-liberal, Jewish supremacist. Her mother told me that Islam is a peaceful religion and that white America needs to learn to accept it because soon this will become an Islamic country, and that is good. I asked her how many Islamic nations she has resided in and I encouraged her to take a long residence in one if she felt that way. She replied "I know as a Jewish woman that I would not fair well in an Islamic country!"  I asked her then why she was so eager to import Islam into Western society where those ideals where incompatible with American and Western society and culture. She responded "What's American or Western culture?! There is no such thing as American culture there is no culture here!" Later in the conversation she admitted that she hated the Christian faith and that European white people needed to pay for their crimes against the Jewish people and other minorities.

Through out the conversation she condemned Christians, Europeans, Germans, Americans and White society but then acted as if there was no such thing as European or Western society. European, Western and American society only exists when it is time for them to find wrong doing, but never exists when there is a time for praise.

I pulled my rosaries out from under my shirt, the same ones that I wore in Iraq, and told her that Christians, Americans and Western society has a culture and that I fought for this culture and it's values.

I kissed the crucifix, and this woman began to laugh.

I learned all I needed to know about Jewish supremacism and leftist marxists with that conversation.


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