Monday, May 22, 2017

Suicide bomber detonated outside Manchester arena.

Hours ago, a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up outside of a concert arena in Manchester, England. As of right now, they're saying 19+ are dead and at least 50 are injured.

Terror attack outside of Manchester arena.

Sorry, it's a link to NBC, but they're currently only reporting what the authorities are telling them. They haven't yet decided how to lie to you about it. So I think the article is ok, for now. Surely, they at NBC and other MSM outlets are desperately hoping it was a white guy who did it.

This attack, if what we are hearing is true, shows another evolution in terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). We have gotten used to heavy security measures at arena and stadium entrances, and inside the venues during whatever show we are there for. But what about the massive crowds that pour out after the show? Not everyone will arrive at the same time, but generally speaking, they do leave at the same time. It's not easy to get a suicide vest loaded with ball bearings into a major venue of they've got any sort of security protocols happening, but it's REALLY easy to simply wait around for the end of the show for the mass exodus.

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