Thursday, May 4, 2017

Herschel revisits post-Katrina gun confiscations.

In this article, Herschel at The Captain's Blog revisits the gun confiscations in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Make no mistake, these confiscations were 100% unconstitutional and illegal, and the holders of the firearms would be totally morally justified in gunning down the law enforcement officers and soldiers who were attempting to take away their arms. After a large scale disaster, the government does not have the rightful authority to force you from your own home and remove your means to defend yourself.

The people in New Orleans were often allowed to remain with their homes, and many chose to do so. But the government agents and law enforcement officers still confiscated their guns.

I will say this again: The holders of those weapons had the full right to resist with gunfire those confiscations.

Never forget that the people in charge will not hesitate to order their henchmen to remove from you your weapons, and never forget that those henchmen will follow those orders.

There is not a single example of any event that would give the government the right to take away your weapons. When they attempt to do so, it would behoove you to resist with everything you've got.

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