Friday, May 12, 2017

Left wing preppers and survivalists. Should we work with them?

The prepper and survivalist community/individuals are most often social conservatives, right wing within their politics or libertarian in nature.
Many are apolitical, but culturally right-wing in the eyes of the far left.

I have read several articles recently discussing how the left has been embracing survivalism since Trump took office.

They think that the world is going to end because of Donald Trump, so now there are left wing elements that are embracing prepping and survivalism. AntiFa and other marxist, hard left groups are embracing gun ownership and taking up arms.

Most prepper/survivalist forums take an apolitical stance and shun overt political discussion.

The time for being Mr. milquetoast on the fence is over.

If we share our knowledge with people who will use it to destroy us, then we are fools. I believe we should embrace freedom of information, but we should not yoke ourselves with elements that will use our skills and passions against us and ultimately hinder our gun rights and survivalist practices.

This is an opinion piece, but I feel that anyone who disagrees is not interested in the concept of survivalism or gun rights. If we remove our ideals from our survivalism then we will lose both.

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  1. No. I cannot...will not, cooperate with someone whose very belief system is based on the communism/socialism philosophy. The first time they think that they no longer require your assistance or cooperation to survive, you probably won't wake up on any given morning or YOU'LL be doing the grunt work while they happily rule after securing all of the weaponry. I wouldn't trust a leftist in any way, shape or form...including the leftists within my own family.