Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Captain's Journal: Armed thugs burst into home posing as SWAT.

This piece written by Herschel should be read by everyone. This, along with this, is a good reason that law enforcement departments need to stop doing home raids except in the most necessary cases (hostage rescue, pursuing murderers/rapists, pursuing FBI's most wanted). There is simply not a good enough reason to kick someone's door in if all you're doing is looking for evidence or trying to catch a thief. That's not sufficient to risk the life of an officer or risk the possibility of making a mistake and killing or harassing an innocent person.

The police are not the military. They need to stop behaving like the military.

But doesn't it say something about our police culture when the criminal thugs on the street now find that IMITATING police behavior is a method for victimizing people?


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