Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two Presidents.

Today Donald Trump, elected President of the US, is arriving at NATO HQ for a NATO summit. He has asked NATO member nations to live up to the pledge to spend at least 2% of GDP on NATO defense costs. The US spends double that already.

At the same time, former president 0bama is on a trip in Europe meeting with leaders, including German chancellor Angela Merkel. He talked about how Islamic jihadis have been marginalized and mistreated, driving them to violence. He is also talking about migrant refugees.

The timing of 0bama's trip is not coincidental. Neither is the content of his discussions.

The two trips perfectly highlight the differences between the two, and also show a conscious effort by 0bama to undermine the legitimacy and effectiveness of the elected Trump administration.

There are still many bureaucrats in the government who were put in place by 0bama to be loyal to his administration. Then once he left, they were to be loyal to Hillary. Instead, they're now in place to undermine Trump.

The US has two presidents. One is the legally elected president of the republic, Trump. The other is the former president, now the behind-the-scenes leader of the "deep state", shadow government.

How well can a president run a country when a large amount of the bureaucracy is actively working against him under the unspoken orders of a "resistance" led by the former president and his ordained successor (who lost the election)?

This is the struggle we are seeing. And make no mistake that the mainstream media, "MSM", is part of the deep state. Hillary's and the DNC's emails show this collusion without a doubt.

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  1. There is a 3rd president, the one who controls the both two here. Otherwise Trump could easily put Obama in prison for being anti American for so long...