Sunday, May 28, 2017

Congress has made almost no progress on gun liberties.

The Hearing Protection Act has almost 200 sponsors in the US House of Representatives and almost a dozen in the US Senate. Yet, despite being introduced in January (or maybe February) the bill has had absolutely zero movement whatsoever.

National reciprocity also has some support, but again, no progress has been made on that cause either.

Despite gun liberties being part of Trump's agenda, and part of Republican congressional agendas for years, the republicans have not made a single move.

Some have said that simply getting elected and not enacting gun control measures is good enough, as "Hillary would have already passed gun control laws in her first month".

I'm sorry, but if Hillary can "pass" gun control laws in her first month, then why can't a republican congress and White House even bring a gun Liberty bill to a congressional committee for debate?

Why is no progress acceptable as long as we aren't taking steps backwards?

The time to strike the iron is NOW. We have both sides of Congress now. We have the White House now. We sort of have the SCOTUS now. So why wait until we don't? Why wait until we've lost one of those pieces? It's going to happen at some point, possibly next round of elections. The republicans hold the by TWO VOTES. Two. Why not make this a priority now, while we've still got those two votes?

One wonders if gun liberties are actually a priority to the republicans at all. Maybe gun liberties are just a convenient rally cry to get the base to vote them into office.

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