Saturday, May 13, 2017

How to talk to the police.

This is not "anti-police", it is not disrespectful.

It's logical.

The police are legally allowed to lie to you. You are NOT legally allowed to lie to them. They are legally allowed to twist your words and trick you into incriminating yourself, they call it "verbal judo" (look that up). I've been told this by actually LEOs and my research supports it as well. This is not my opinion. This is a fact, and this fact does not care about your attitudes toward police or how you worship them or hate them or any of your other emotional reactions to hearing it. It is a fact, and it is immovable.

You can "support police" all you want, put "blue line" decals on your car, wave your flags, use the "one bad apple" defense, whatever. But the logic is unassailable that you probably should avoid talking to someone who has the "legal authority" I just described.

This is not a post related to any specific police officer's behavior or any news stories about cops doing this or that. It's just a simple, unbiased, factual statement.

I did not say to insult them. I did not say to attack them. I didn't say to disrespect them or hate them. I simply said, do not talk to them if you can ever help it. Say as little as possible. Saying nothing is preferable.

"If you're not breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about!"

Wrong. You don't get to decide if what you're doing is "breaking the law". They get to decide that.

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  1. People have the RIGHT to remain silent. Most don't have the ABILITY to do so.