Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Is the press making it impossible for Trump to negotiate with Putin?

In this Zerohedge article is transcribed an interview between a Slate reporter (yes, I know Slate is a leftist rag) and a professor of Russian studies. The professor is making an excellent point that this fake "RussiaGate" scandal being fueled by the American press is making it nearly impossible for Trump to negotiate with Putin for the purpose of "tamping down" the "New Cold War" that we are in with Russia.

I have to agree with what the professor is saying. He gives an excellent example of an equivalent: What if JFK had been constantly accused of being a Russian agent (instead of a Vatican agent, like he  was wrongly accused of being) during the Cuban missile crisis? How could JFK even begin negotiations with Nikita Khrushchev in that type of press climate? Impossible.

So how can Trump possibly sit down at a table with Putin and hold fruitful, statesmanlike negotiations with Putin when the press and a large part of Congress is pursuing this ridiculous Russian hacking conspiracy nonsense? Trump has to take an adversarial stance toward Putin just to have some credibility, which is counterproductive at this point.

Still, there has been no evidence found to support the media narrative against Trump.

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