Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Leftists hate white males but love Che Guevara?

The left seems to think white, "cisgender", heterosexual males are the bane of mankind's existence. Who can forget the left wing "activist" caught on camera who became a meme known as "Aids Skrillex" screaming his lungs out "you're a fucking white male!" trying to silence a man who was debating his views.

Left wing authors, talking heads, activists and leaders have constantly been stigmatizing white males, especially those who are heterosexual.

Then why is it that the left loves people like Che and Castro? They were cisgender, heterosexual  white males. Yes, both Che and Castro were white, meaning fully of European derivation.

Ernesto Guevara was half basque Spanish and half Irish.

Both of Castro's parents were from Europe. He was white.
I recall back in Haiti a young man telling me that he loved Castro, and I asked him why. He said "because he makes white people afraid and stands up to white society." I mentioned to the young man that Castro and Che were both white. He laughed and told me I was ignorant, that they were "Latino."

I have had the same conversation with people all over the the world, including the USA. Few people in Che's fan club seem to grasp the fact that Cuba was and is run by white males.

There was a film made about the life of Che and the actors they used were non-white actors to portray Che and Castro.

It is interesting how the twisted leftist mind works.

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