Thursday, December 21, 2017

Anti gun agenda and its manipulation

My high school teacher had this poster in his class room. Interesting how this manipulative piece of propaganda trash poster does not mention how countries with even more restrictive gun laws have higher gun crime rates per capita.

Places like Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico and various parts of the Middle East and Africa have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, but have per capita MUCH larger gun crime and violence rates.

It is important to mention that all the countries mentioned above the USA have much smaller populations than the USA. 10,728 out of 350 million people. That is 0.003 percent. China annually has over 13,000 murders and over a billion people. So does this suddenly mean China now has a crime wave that is out of control?

This BS poster does not mention how approximately 40 percent of these deaths are due to suicide and how people can still easily kill themselves without guns.

This BS pile of lies does not mention that the stats they are using are extremely outdated and go back to 1982. The overall violent crime rate in the USA has been dropping since the 90's. Educate yourselves and ignore the lies and ignorance of our so called "educators". This poster is still making the rounds, but now in digital format across the internet. No changes, same poster, same false manipulation.

Pro Abortion Brainwash

When I was a teenager in high school during our sex education and health class, our teachers were forcing their sick, pro-abortion views down our throats.

I brought up my reasons as to why abortion is immoral. I brought up how if abortion was not murder, why are there abortion survivors, and at what point did their life matter?

The so called " teachers" mocked me and ridiculed me, claiming that no fetus had ever survived an abortion. Sadly, in the 90's, we did not have YouTube or devices to bring up information in the blink of an eye, but now we do.

The woman in the clip posted below is an abortion survivor.

We have idiots functioning as teachers who I would not trust as mop jockeys. Stop trying to control the minds of youth when you do not even know what the hell you are talking about to begin with. 

link to clip 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

WRSA Masthead speaks truth.

The top banner, or "masthead", on Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) states:

"The government at all levels in FUSA is controlled by people who want to see you and your way of life destroyed. Never forget that."

For your info, "FUSA" is either "Fallen United States of America" or "Former United States of America".

The statement is absolutely correct. From the very top, members of congress and their staffers, White House officials, the SCOTUS and all of their lawyers, heads of federal departments and agencies and their middlemen, to the state governments, governors and attorney generals, members of your legislatures and their staffers, to the local governments with their city council members and county commissioners... Those entities and organizations do not know you, do not care about you or your family, and more likely view you and your way of life as an obstacle to their drive for more authority and influence.

And make no mistake that the badge wearers, from the federal level down to the states, counties and cities WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW THEIR ORDERS when they're told to seize your property and assists, confiscate your weapons and arrest you or kill you. Those badge wearers will be the first line when it comes to enforcing the edicts of their masters on you. As long as those masters decide it's "legal", it becomes a license to kill you depending on your level of protest. And that threshold is getting lower and lower every day.

Get yourself in order.

Primary: Shelter, water, food, security. This is the survival list. Without any one of these, you're sunk.

Secondary: Communications, intelligence, medical, transportation. These will allow you to thrive instead of just survive. And you can start fighting back against whatever has happened.

Grow and hunt your own food, as much of it as possible. Homeschool your kids, or at least have a robust plan to counteract the propaganda they will receive from approximately the 3rd grade onward.

Get yourself a combat rifle and plenty of ammo and mags, and train with it.

Cut your cable. No CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, etc. No cable or satellite. If you really have to get your cooking/culinary show fix, Netflix and Hulu will suffice.

Go to your city council and county commissioner meetings.

Go to town events and keep your eyes open for like minded people, and make friends. There is no lone wolf. Wolves have packs.

This all might sound extreme, and it might sound like I have made some major leaps and stretches with what I've said. Not so. This particular post is for the people who already know what steps we've taken to get where we are today in America. If you think I've made some leaps and exaggerations, then you may not have taken your red pill yet. This message might not be for you yet if you need me to list all the connections for you to link your white picket fence suburban life in wonderful America to a place where you might need a combat rifle and a large food storage closet to ensure your way of life continues for another generation.

If that's the case, please bookmark this exact post and come back in a year after regularly reading some other blogs, such as WRSA (already linked), AesopHerschel, Brushbeater (combat rifle link below), Woodpile, etc.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

WRSA post on the murder of Daniel Shaver by Mesa Police Department.

His name is Daniel Shaver, and he is each of us.

This needs to be seen by all. Law abiding father, taken from his family by murderous Jack booted thug, cop Philip Brailsford.

And of course the murderer goes free.

Bad apples spoiling the bunch? What happens when your dad or son comes across one of those bad apples, and makes a mistake in their twisted game of Simon Says? Then is it just a few bad apples?

The police in America have a problem, and it's getting real close to time that We the People fixed it.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Mesa Police Officer Murders Innocent Man in Hotel Hallway.

There are no words.

This officer WANTED to kill someone.

Anyone ever make a mistake during a game of Simon Says? Daniel Shaver did, and died for it.

Police will often scream numerous, unnecessarily detailed, sometimes contradictory instructions while threatening to gravely harm or kill the recipient. It's no wonder people can't follow those instructions perfectly. Make a mistake, and assuming that they don't just shoot you outright, they'll beat you down while screaming "STOP RESISTING!". You know, for the cameras.

Speaking of cameras, I'm sure glad they wear those now. Otherwise, the murder of Justine Damond would have been... Oh wait. Never mind.

LA Times obtains list of over 300 "bad cops".

Here is a list of over 300 of those bad apple cops that spoil the whole bunch.

But if there are 300 of them in one area, then maybe the whole bunch is bad.

At what point do we get to stop the cop sucking? You know the statements we have to make, like "the vast majority of cops are good" and "a few bad apples..." BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Spare me. We're still waiting to see what excuse Mohammed Noor gets to use for murdering Justine Damond.

Concealed carrier puts down a thug.

I carry a gun, everywhere I go, every day of my life. For anyone who ever learns this fact about me, most don't really question it, but I do sometimes get some sideways looks. Not so much because I carry, but more because I won't compromise on it and I refuse to ever go unarmed at all. I get a lot of the "can't you just go without it this ONE time?" kind of looks. They figure that because I'm "just" going to run to the store "real quick", or I'm "just" going to a restaurant a few minutes into town, that I could just leave it at home and not "bother" with strapping on a sidearm "this time".

I'm sure for those of you who carry regularly, you know what I'm talking about.

Next time you get those looks or those questions, show them this story.

This father and his family were "just" at Popeye's. They were "just" at a fast food place, and they all got a gun stuck in their faces. So the dad, a real hero, ended the threat for his family and all future families that the thug might have accosted.

This story has all the basics that need to be covered in order to wipe away those sideways looks when you're strapping on your defensive pistol. If it doesn't work, then quit trying at that point. Some people just have to be sheep.

Refuse to be the sheep.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Kate Steinle Verdict: Not Guilty?!

A jury in San Francisco has found Kate Steinle's killer not guilty.

San Francisco. Yeah.

A lot of red pills being choked down today.

And check out, in that article, what the illegal alien's defense attorney said about high level government officials commenting on the case. This was political. I'm not above concluding that the prosecutors actually threw the case on purpose.

In much of America today, illegal aliens are viewed as the victim, no matter what. That especially goes in Kalifornia, and triple that for San Francisco.

Now reverse this: White person shoots and kills illegal in San Francisco, accidentally or not. What happens there? I'll tell you. Renewed calls for gun control and tarring and feathering all white people as inherently racist.

We have no justice system. It's just a legal system, and they get to decide what's legal and what's not, actual laws be damned. You should have known that when Hillary walked (and she has walked, for good), but if you didn't take your red pill then, you have the chance again today.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

On truth and obviousness.

There is no discussion point so obvious as to escape the need for explanation. If someone claims that a point is so obvious that they refuse to provide further explanation, then their point is probably not true at all.

Attack it. It is the weakness in their argument, and their entire argument likely depends on it's survival. Destroy their false centerpoint, and their argument crumbles.

Study: No temperature acceleration in 23 years.

Climate researchers at the University of Alabama at Huntsville have conducted a study that shows there has been virtually no acceleration in global temperatures in the last 23 years, and that the slight alterations in temperature are due solely to volcanic activity.

As if we needed more evidence that the climate change hysteria is a bunch of bull.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Aesop shows Darwin for the ignoramus that he was.

Here we have a solid takedown of Charles Darwin by fellow blogger Aesop. Thoughtful and to the point, and far beyond most amateur Darwinist's capabilities of debate. Most of the proponents of the evolutionary theory you find in your neighborhood will decline to debate you if you make Aesop's points with the detail that he has, and will instead simply accuse you of such awesome ignorance that they would only be wasting their time. In their own mind, declining to even discuss is a victory... For them.

Funny, that.

Most important is the link to Michael Behe's book near the end, if you read. You should. I own the book, though haven't nearly finished it. It has been moved to the top of my pile now. Thanks Aesop.

And also the nod to the "Cambrian Explosion" (CE). The vast majority of the evolutionary theory proponents in your neighborhood that will argue with you at all will be clueless about the event, because the vast majority of them, while disdainful of YOUR religion, despite having only a cursory understanding of their own beliefs, are blindly adhered to their own religion of Darwinism, itself a form of what Aesop labels "science-ism". He states that upon being asked to explain the CE, your debate opponent will begin fumbling over their words and sweating nervously. I will say that is true, IF (and this is a BIG if) they even have the faintest idea of what the CE is. My money is that at least 80% will not. And I think I'm giving them too much credit. They're likely to brush aside your introduction of the CE simply because they don't know what it is. Introduction of new information can be threatening to them, and since they aren't actually seeking the truth at all, they'll toss it in the garbage simply because YOU, their opponent, brought it into the discussion.

Btw, even the ignoramus Darwin acknowledged the Cambrian Explosion (aka Cambrian Radiation) as possibly the greatest argument AGAINST his own theory.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Counterinsurgency Operations in... Baltimore?

Herschel on the similarities between counterinsurgency and stability operations in Baltimore, and the same in Fallujah.

I understand that the Baltimore police would like to find who killed their man, but local police departments do not possess the authority to place the local citizenry into an "open air prison", complete with checkpoints and "show me your papers" requirements.

And if this neighborhood is so incredibly dangerous that these Fallujah tactics have become necessary, then please tell me why the murdered officer was walking through by himself in the first place? If there is an area of a city that is so terrifyingly dangerous, then stop sending your officers there, especially alone and on foot.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Still here, just very busy.

I am still here and planning to post more when I can, but life has been extremely busy, as I'm sure it is for y'all as well. Normal shift work with additional governance committee memberships on top of it, raising three girls, getting back into Army life via the Reserves, etc.

As far as the Army Reserves, looks like that may be slightly more than the normal "one weekend a month, two weeks a year" schedule, but that's no surprise.

Will get back to posting more regularly when things settle down.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Russian Collusion script flipped on Hillary

Looks like the entire evil Russian collusion narrative is being slowly turned back onto the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Possibly even 0bama.

According to Breitbart, and several other sources, Hillary Clinton and the DNC were paying for information on Trump, and some of the info may have been coming from Russian intelligence sources as far as they knew. Turns out, the "Russian dossier" on Trump was 100% fabricated by Fusion GPS (a political consulting and opposition research company staffed by Democratic Party operatives) and a former British intelligence agent named Christopher Steele. Apparently the FBI (part of 0bama's DoJ) was also paying for more information on Trump.

Reports are that Hillary and the DNC may have broken election laws by paying for this fabricated information.

Hillary and the Clinton syndicate have been Teflon for decades, having escaped justice for Benghazi, Whitewater, etc. But if anything is going to take them down (you know, besides Trump, LOL!), it might, MIGHT be this. People aren't afraid of her anymore. She has little power now. She's not even a net positive for the party anymore simply by virtue of her existence. Plenty of democrats are distancing themselves from her.

What's funny is that she might still be all they have.

Some of the best gun rights vs gun control commentary out there.

Michael Owen recently made some of the better points about the gun debate that I've seen in a long time.

Here is the source, and below is my favorite piece:

"Instead, we have two Americas, one of which has very high rates of gun ownership but very low murder rates, very comparable to the rest of the First World democracies such as those in western & northern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Korea. The other America has much lower rates of gun ownership but much, much higher murder rates, akin to violent third world countries."

My thought: If I wasn't so Liberty minded, I might suggest we remove all firearms from the hands of anyone registered to vote as a democrat. If you would be successful, I suspect our firearm related crime rate would drop by 90% or more.

Just kidding, I guess.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hellen Keller on American "democracy"

"Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not avowed, autocrats. We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee."

-Hellen Keller

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

CNN: White people are "white supremacists by default".

In this August 24th article by CNN, we are told that "tens of millions" of "ordinary people" are "white supremacists by default" due to a number of reasons. Those reasons include, but surely aren't limited to:

- Creating a "racially explosive climate".
- Voting for Donald Trump.
- For moving from urban areas into suburbs.
- For not arguing with our ordinary default white supremacist family members.

The article goes on to place us into the same category as the Nazi German citizens of 1940 (of course) and the Hutus in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. We are also basically responsible for the Jim Crow Laws of the early 1990's.

Continuing on, the article points out that some of us formerly ordinary, now white supremacist, racists have an affinity for violence, though the article fails to provide an example of any violence. They must be talking about that "micro-aggression" stuff.

According to some super-extra-uber intelligent NEW YORK professor of something, who is obviously also our moral superior, the modern suburbs were created by white supremacists who didn't want to live next to brown people. Obviously there is no reason anyone wouldn't want to live in one of the metropolitan utopias with millions and millions of other people. Chicago's crime rate is simply superb and the Los Angeles smog adds a lovely gustatory effect to the weather. Atlanta's traffic gives you hours and hours of viewing the city skyline! And why put your family of five in a 2,200 square foot 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on an acre ten miles outside of St. Louis, when you can put them in 900 square foot 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment on the 14th floor in one of the city's most violent culturally diverse neighborhoods? Because you can afford it? Because the reading and math scores in the district schools are higher? Well that's unfair AND racist!

If you haven't noticed how racist and white supremacist you are, another one of your highly educated moral betters explains it to you. Apparently it's all down to "covert racism". That's the kind of racism that is completely undetectable to whites, and has no way to be proven, measured, demonstrated or even concretely described. So we white supremacists are left to take the word of our betters without resistance.

We are given a few hints though. If you are white and you do not make full use of the PUBLIC form of housing, hospitals, healthcare, transportation, schools or swimming pools, then you're a white supremacist. If you DO make use of the PRIVATE form of those things, then you are a bonafide, white supremacist racist. If you have ever used a private attorney instead of a public defender, then... Well, you get the point. These are all code words (public vs private) that separate the members of our club from the people we hate. Yes, you DO hate them. Your betters told you so.

Some poll by some company says that 75% of whites in the US claim to not have any friends of the correct races (not white). According to the article, that makes 75% of white people in the US racists and white supremacists "by default". I'm sure we can find a way to make the other 25% racists and white supremacists too, if we keep reading.

Oh, what do you know! We only had to read another paragraph to find that, according to Edward Ball (whoever the Hell that is), "all" white people "unconsciously or inadvertently... participate in forms of supremacist thought and activity."

Well there you go! They got us ALL into one big, racist, white supremacist bag of irredeemable deplorables! And what's more, apparently we do it "unconsciously"! Yes, you are even a white supremacist by the way you sleep. My question is this: If one of those dazzling young urbanites who is bored because the school, community center, public park, career center and the church outreach programs aren't doing enough to keep him occupied decides to play a rousing round of the "knockout game" to keep him from requisitioning the latest pair of Jordans or toking a little coke-laced Mary Jane, and he "wins" the round by giving you an impromptu sidewalk siesta, are you still unconsciously being a default white supremacist? You don't have to answer that question. I'm just thinking out loud. You know, participating in forms of supremacist thought and activity unconsciously and inadvertently.

Conveniently, there is no way for us white people to remedy our inadvertent and unconscious supremacist thought. But we are required to try to do so, in perpetuum. You'll never fully succeed, but if you want to score a few points, try marrying someone who isn't white, or get a degree in African Studies. I hear the job market is booming for, uh, African Studiers...?

If you don't use language strong enough to demonstrate your self-hatred, then you are a white supremacist by default. Yes, I know that we were already default white supremacists, but now we are just MORE so. You are required to compete with other white racists (is there any other kind?) to come up with the most colorful and powerful words to demonstrate your disgust at the whiteness of whoever did whatever, and to repent for your own disgusting unconsciously and inadvertent supremacist behavior. Failure to do so will get you branded for the beast you are. Success will, well, nevermind. You're not going to succeed.

The article continues on, quoting long dead people who were already old by the time the 1960's began, and showing pictures that are mostly either still in black and white (funny, that) or not even taken in the US. Make no mistake though, you ARE complicit in, well, whatever they say you are. Remember that covert racism thing.

The article goes on to claim that we actually are not talking about white racism enough, and that the phrase "all lives matter" is invalid, and is a racist tool to "strip people of their humanity". So don't say that, mmmkay?

Another thing we learn from the article is that when Donald Trump said that there are rapists and criminals that cross the border from Mexico, it is the same as when Louis Farrakhan preaches, as he has done for years, that white people are inherently evil. Never mind that there ARE rapists and criminals crossing into the US from Mexico. Reality is immaterial. Besides, Farrakhan has written self-help books (who hasn't?), so it's really not that big of a deal to say what he says on a daily basis.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, (yeah...) then claims that no black person with Donald Trump's "vices" could so much as be a governor of a state. He(?) says "maybe you could be a mayor somewhere". Vices? What vices exactly is Trump apparently possessing?

Drugs? No, that would be former Mayor of Washington D.C., Marrion Berry. So yeah, you could be a mayor, somewhere.

Sex? No, that was a vice of Mel Reynolds, who was convicted of statutory rape. So I guess you could be a member of the House of Representatives too!

Violence? Not Trump, but look no further than the successor of Mel Reynolds, Jesse Jackson Jr. He actually threatened a Republican Congressman from Nebraska to a fight in the middle of a House session, and then later sent a relative to the Congressman's Nebraska office to threaten him. So I guess we know you can DEFINITELY be a Congressman from Illinois.

Anyway... The article reminds us that we voted for Trump because we are racists, and because he's rude and reprehensible. We certainly could not have voted for Trump because Hillary was the other option. Obviously.

Articles continues by comparing us to Nazis in Romania in 1944 rounding up Ari Kohen's Jewish grandfather. He survived, left Europe and moved to the US, where he remained until he died at age 90. He never left the US after leaving Romania. You know, because we are such a racist, anti-Semitic country...?

We are apparently expected to "distance" ourselves from friends and family members who are going down the "dangerous path" of attending rallies. Because of course we all know that the only rallies that are legitimate are the ones staged by Black Lives Matter and violent direct action groups like AntiFa. Anything another white person does wrong, we are "complicit".

We come to the end of the article with some praise for Barack 0bama, who of course was somehow elected by the most racist country on earth (if anyone can reconcile those two things logically, please let me know), and a quote about teaching others to love by Nelson Mandela.

Should we use Mandela's methods to teach others to love? Here is a link to a video of Mandela singing a song about killing white people, a song from the terrorist group he founded, the ANC/MK. Then here we have a link to a video of his ANC comrade, current South African President Jacob Zuma, singing a song called "Kill the Boer" (white farmer). Is THAT how we teach others to love?

Maybe that's just how non-whites will be teaching us racist white supremacists how to love.

Someone is going to learn a hard lesson...

Friday, October 13, 2017

My email to Representative Matt Gaetz on 10/12/17.

Representative Gaetz, I am corresponding with you as a US Army combat veteran of Operation: Enduring Freedom and as a current US Army Reservist who is highly concerned and dismayed over the Congressional Republicans' complete inability to make any progress in promoting the self defense rights of US citizens. Every single year for many years now the Republicans have promised us they would make progress in protecting us from federal infringements on the Second Amendment if only the voters would just elect some more Republicans, if only the voters would just give the Republicans the majority in the House, and if only the Republicans had the majority in the Senate, and if only the Republicans had a BIGGER majority in the House and/or Senate, and if only the Republicans had the White House and the SCOTUS and everything else they needed...

Well now, We the People HAVE granted the Republican Party ALL of the power they could have asked for, and We the People have been given nearly NOTHING in return, especially NOTHING on the advancement of our Second Amendment protections.

Where is the promised response? Where are the bills to deregulate sound suppressors for our hearing protection? Where is the bill for permit reciprocity? Where is the bill to begin dismantling the NFA? Where is the progress?

The election of Donald Trump is being completely misunderstood by members of Congress. The election of Donald Trump was NOT a vote of support for the Republican Party. His election is bigger than him. Donald Trump the man barely matters. His election isn't about him. His election is a warning. A warning that We the People are through playing this game. Republicans MUST step up and do the work we have sent them to Washington to do.

Out of all of the responsibilities the Federal Government has, the most important is the protection of our Natural and God given rights. The first way to defend those rights is to strengthen the protections of the Second Amendment.

We already know the Democrat Party is against us. If the Republican Party is unable to assist, as they have been thus far, then We the People will have to replace them. And you all thought Donald Trump's election was crazy, let me tell you all this, and please forward this to Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan:

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

From WRSA: Vegas shooter theories.

Here we have some analysis and input from Bracken and others at WRSA.

If even a fraction of this stuff is true, then we are all in some serious trouble, and the US government will have become our most dangerous enemy.

David Codrea: Ask the gun grabbers one question.

David Codrea writes for AmmoLand, and I highly recommend reading everything he writes. In this piece he proposes asking one question of the people screaming for gun control in the wake of the Vegas murders:

What gun law would have prevented this event?

Don't let them get away with changing the subject or failing to respond.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mainstream pollsters commit fraud as a part of their standard operating procedure.

If you ever needed a reason to stop believing what the polls tell you, and the "surprise" loss of Hillary to Trump wasn't enough, here is an even better reason.

The average polls use about 58% more registered democrats than registered republicans. Yes, they do this on purpose.

This is why Hillary was supposed to win in a massive landslide, and instead lost the Electoral College (EC) convincingly.

By the way, no, the popular vote doesn't count. Why? Because in the popular vote, only large states that sway far in favor of one candidate actually matter. Kalifornia, NY and Texas.

Florida is always close to 50/50. Virginia is always close to 50/50. Pennsylvania is always close to 50/50. Idaho is small, population-wise. So is Alaska and Hawaii. Alabama is small compared to the population of Texas and NY. So none of those states matter much because they can't overcome or match the population edge of states like Kalifornia, NY and Texas.

But in the EC, EVERY state matters. Which is why it's confusing that Hillary neglected to even set foot in the states with many people she labeled "deplorable" and "irredeemable". Or is it really so confusing?

Progressives politicize mass murder in Las Vegas.

I'm not even sure the shooting at the Mandalay Bay was over with before insane leftists started pushing their political narratives. The queen of disgrace herself (Hillary) even commented on weapon sound suppressors, despite none being used by the killer.

In the wake of a madman murdering hundreds with firearms, the response of the left is to lament that the law abiding don't have a harder time acquiring defensive weaponry themselves. To see a murderer commit murder and then respond by disarming yourself is a perfect example of stupidity.

Las Vegas is in Nevada, which is a state that allows open carry of firearms. Casino property is exempt, no weapons allowed, open or concealed. There were many concert goers who quickly identified the location of the gunfire, which is being reported to have been about a thousand feet away. What if one of the people at the concert had been allowed to carry their own weapon? What if they had brought a bag to the concert that contained something like an AR-15 pistol? The range on that would be sufficient to return fire.

Why are people not allowed to defend themselves? We don't even have the opportunity, and yet we are told that if given the chance, it would not work. We would hurt other people.

The government, the police, they are NOT able to proactively protect us. They can stop the chaos after it's started and run some of it's course, but they can not prevent. We deserve the chance to protect ourselves, to be our own first line of defense.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Aesop is ready to throw Trump his third strike.

Aesop at the Raconteur Report has a piece on Trump's regression from populist, anti-bureaucracy, conservative swamp drainer to an aisle straddling, flip-flopping swamp monster himself. Seems Trump has two strikes against him, with a possible third on it's way.

As Aesop points out, Trump's biggest running pillars were prosecuting the Clinton syndicate, draining the swamp and building his vaunted Southern border wall. Like the link states, strike one happened almost immediately. Anyone who thinks Hillary will ever pay for any of her plethora of misdeeds is delusional.

It appears that he's replaced most of his swamp draining staff with swamp creatures, that being strike two on Aesop's list. Steve Bannon was the biggest proponent of pumping out the D.C. mudhole and turning it into a capitalist strip mall. He's gone, and he was probably the last one.

Strike three is the wall, and we are still not one step closer to building it than we were in January. And before anyone comes out with "He didn't mean a LITERAL wall, he meant a BARRIER and other passive measures that reduce illegal immigration!"... You're full of crap. Everyone who is honest will know he was literally talking about a huge cement wall. Granted, we don't NEED that. We could have a tall, solid metal fence like in Southern Kalifornia. But regardless of what the actual wall/barrier looks like, we still don't have it and haven't made an ounce of progress.

And now Trump is working with two of the most disgusting swamp monsters the halls of Congress have ever housed, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, to CONTINUE the admittedly ILLEGAL 0bama program called DACA, which has allowed nearly one million illegal aliens to remain inside the US. And what are Schumer and Pelosi willing to give up for the border wall? Nothing of course. The democrats NEVER give an inch on anything.

Strike three coming? You only get three...

If the swamp monsters absorb only one part of the message in the article, let this be it:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The American healthcare system is NOT the most expensive healthcare system in the world...

...We just charge YOU more to use it, and we always do it AFTER the fact, so that you won't catch on to the scam.

New content coming!

August and September have been busy months and the rest of September will still be busy for me, what with working overtime to take advantage of a three paycheck month (which for me, means no health insurance allotments will be taken on the third check). But rest assured, if there is a soul reading this, or maybe a hundred souls, since that's what this page seems to be averaging, there will be some new analysis and commentary coming soon. Like perhaps this weekend.

For now, stay gray and keep prepping.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Charlottesville Rally car attack did NOT kill Heather Heyer.

Apparently it's been confirmed that Heather Heyer died of a heart attack after AntiFa mobs were rammed by a speeding vehicle after the Charlottesville UTR rally. She had received some sort of leg injury, but may not have even been struck by any vehicle at all.

This does not fit the proper narrative for the leftist AntiFa mob.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hurricane Irma, category 5.

Currently the entire Eastern half of the US is watching Hurricane Irma very closely. Especially Florida, which is almost guaranteed at this point to take a hard hit. A lot of the projections have it moving conveniently (LOL) right between Miami and Cuba, and then turning North, either raking it's way up the peninsula, or moving straight through the Gulf of Mexico up into the Panhandle. I am in the Panhandle, somewhere.

It's been since 2005 that we in the Panhandle of Florida took a hit from a Hurricane. 2004 and 2005 was a two year act where Hurricanes slammed the Gulf Coast repeatedly, the stars of that show were named Ivan, Dennis, Katrina and Rita.

After about 12 years, Harvey finally showed up, and now we will meet Irma.

It is my fear that after so much time has passed, that we might have entire young generation of people who are currently living in Florida on their own, but weren't old enough to be much help to their parents last time a major hurricane struck, and also weren't old enough to significantly contribute to the cleanup. They likely don't remember all of the ins and outs of hurricane prep. This is something that used to come naturally to Floridians, but it's been a long time.

The local Walmart stores (and all of the non-Walmart ones too) are out of water, most of the batteries and a good bit of the camping gear. I went out there with the hordes to observe, but also to see if I could get some more preps too. Even if I have water, more is better. Even if I have batteries, more is better. Even if I've already got sandbags, more is better.

We did notice a few pushy jerks, those people who have the worst part of them brought out by an impending disaster. I'd say they looked a bit too young to have participated in the troubles of 2004 and 2005. But mostly we found people who were friendly, who were willing to give a hint about where they thought some water could be bought, people who were going through the pre-storm routine with humor. Mostly folks who looked like they'd been there before, or were with someone who had.

My windows will be boarded up if the storm hits us above a category 3. The backdoor will be sandbagged if we even receive bands of rain, since the back porch pools a little. Our area under the stairs is a nice safe space from falling debris. We've got our water and stored food. Found some extra toilet paper today. Saltines. Cereal. Baby wipes. Also happened to find two more packs of D batteries. Surprise.

Filled some sandbags for my parents too. Their back area pools much deeper than our's does.

As always my advice for anyone prepping for this storm, or the next, is to start by securing stable and safe shelter. If you have to evacuate, earliest possible is the best. Some people are already leaving and we don't even know where the storm is going yet. If you're not leaving, by half inch plywood boards, cut them to fit your windows and board them up. If you've got brick or cinder block surrounding your windows, buy Plylox clips. They make boarding up windows EASY. Local hardware stores have empty sandbags (got mine for 49¢) and the local fire department has sand (or they know who does), possibly for free. Get on your roof and secure the weak spots. Get those problem trees in the yard near your house trimmed down, cut down or strapped down. Get a generator that is capable of running your fridge, and get the gas and oil to run the generator, and learn to take care of it. Keep the generator OUTSIDE. Make a plywood teepee over it to cut down the noise. Yes, it works.

Obviously, buy water if you can. Store it if you can. Walmart usually sells 15gal water containers. Three of those alone will give a family of five water for nine days, if you're following the "one gallon of water per person, per day" rule. That includes drinking, cooking, washing and bathing. Get a Berkey water filtration system and catch that rain and filter it. It sucks to be dry and thirsty when the sky just dumped a million gallons on your property. Do NOT collect rainwater from a shingle roof. It's poisonous to drink, even after your filter it. Don't water food with it either.

Use Mylar and five gallon buckets to store rice, beans, salt, pepper and sugar. MREs are ok. Mountain House #10 cans are better. Using a generator to run you fridge, deep freezer and microwave are best. Coleman propane stoves are a life saver. Get you a manual can opener, and a dozen P-38/P-51 can openers.

Clean your guns and stock that ammo. Especially if you have the slightest idea that someone might want what you've got. Boarded windows are great concealment, but that goes both ways. Sandbags will stop a pistol round. You all let me know if it stops a rifle round though. If I don't hear from you, I'll assume that it didn't.

Batteries for flashlights and gas for lanterns. Fuel up the cars when you get the chance and keep the gas cans full. Bring in the lawn furniture and close the garage.

What else y'all got?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The "few bad apples" defense for cops is over.

After watching this horrifying, yet to me, unsurprising, video of intensive care burn unit charge nurse Alex Wubbels being physically assaulted and detained by Salt Lake City Police Detective Jeff Payne and then lectured by Lieutenant James Tracy for simply doing her job to the letter of federal HIPAA laws, I have come to conclusion that the relationship between the People and their servant law enforcement officers may very well have just "crossed the Rubicon".

The relationship between hospital caregivers and the police is thought to have been a close one, but as a registered nurse (licensed 2009) with MANY family members who are also RNs, all licensed longer than me, and many coworkers who are obviously also RNs, I can tell you that there is little reason to think our relationship with the police would be close.

Law enforcement officers generally have little to offer medical staff in way of assistance until a patient actually becomes violent with a weapon. This is an exceedingly rare occurrence, and as we all know, the police would need to be called just like anyone at their home would do so. In almost all other instances, the hospital staff, including the RNs, techs and security (if there is any) would deal with the violence themselves initially.

As far as the medical staff assisting law enforcement, we have only information, and little more. However, this healthcare information is part of that patient's personal information, therefore falling under the Fourth Amendment right to privacy. If your personal health information is not private, then NOTHING is.

All healthcare professionals, including RNs, are PROHIBITED BY FEDERAL LAW (HIPAA) from releasing a patient's health related information to ANYONE without specific criteria being met first.

1. Patient must consent. An unconscious patient can not consent.

2. Patient must be under arrest, and therefore in the protective custody of the law enforcement or correctional entity.

3. A warrant must be properly obtained from a judge. This isn't 1999. This can be done electronically or telephonically in as little as ten minutes.

At least one of those criteria must be met. In this particular incident, NONE of those criteria were met. This was THOROUGHLY explained to the officers by Alex Wubbels and by her hospital administrator. The lawful policy, agreed to previously by the SLCPD, was printed and shown to the officers. The officers were asked if they had a warrant, to which they replied that they did not. The nurse explained that the patient had already received medications to make them more "comfortable". For those who don't work in the medical field, the burn patient was surely given narcotic pain killers. This would have tainted any blood toxicology reports. This was explained to the officers as well.

None of this mattered. Detective Jeff Payne aggressively, unnecessarily and unlawfully assaulted Alex Wubbels, dragged her outside, handcuffed her and put her in his car. This was an obvious, inexcusable and ILLEGAL abuse of power. To add insult to injury, Lieutenant James Tracy came in and started to lecture her about what she had done wrong. These were lies, of course, because she had done nothing wrong at all. Tracy began citing now defunct laws, struck down in 2007 by the Supreme Court.

Turns out that Alex Wubbels knew the law better than both of them and followed it, unlike both of them. If you are ever so inclined, trying quoting a law or legal statute to a law enforcement officer and see where that gets you. I guarantee it will not work out in your favor. Rational discussion with a LEO does not help your situation once they've made up their mind, no matter how correct you are.

The fact that THREE police officers were present at the time of the assault and were later supported by a supervisor tells me that this was a systemic problem, a pattern of behavior, in this department. Tracy himself told Wubbels he had been doing it this way for "22 years". This incident took place in July, and only now has the officer been suspended, and only after Alex Wubbels and her attorney released the video.

The hostile attitude and intimidation tactics shown in the video are consistent with my own professional experiences and the experiences of my friends and family members who work and have worked as RNs in many states. Admittedly, none of us have been assaulted and manhandeled yet, but the hostility and attempts at intimidation seem to be standard operation procedure.

This apparent close relationship between law enforcement and hospital staff has always been a mystery to me. Myth might be a better word. And now we are supposed to repair it after this? Repair it back to what? Back to when LEOs only used VERBAL intimidation tactics instead of cuffing us and tossing us into the car? Back to when we were only demanded to break federal law instead of being physically forced to?

And when this is the experience of a great many nurses throughout the country, is it really just "a few bad apples" behaving this way? At what point are we allowed to get angry and demand a large scale change?

The "few bad apples" defense is important to law enforcement, and they might have just lost that.

The blatant lies of mainstream media, now white people were never enslaved

Left wing media outlets and mainstream media in general can only accomplish their goals and relay their narratives through blatant lies but more often they use slight of hand.
They will use just a little fact and amazing diversion tactics to confuse and distort the public's view of reality. 
I have been doing substantial work as a documentarian and a massive amount of research on the history of Irish and Scottish slaves. 
Through out the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s large numbers of Europeans were used as slaves through out the colonies in the West Indies and North America.
Left wing cultural marxists have used the subject of the trans Atlantic slave trade as a means to demonize western society and guilt people into submission. 
There is a common narrative that attempts to make the crime of slavery synonyms and exclusive to white/ European western society. 
There is an attempt to make all people of African derivation out to be victims and an attempt to portray all people of European heritage as being some how an accomplice and beneficiaries of slavery. 
More and more people like myself have been publishing information that relays the history of European people who were also enslaved through out the ages and there is demonstrative and overwhelming data that shows how the Irish were slaves throughout the west indies and America's. 
mainstream media has recently gone on a crusade in an attempt to debunk the concept of European/ Irish slavery within history. 
The New York Times, Jezebel, Snopes,  and numerous other propaganda rags are insisting that Irish Slavery was a Myth by asserting that everyone who discusses the slavery of Europeans are instantly conflating the subject with indentured servitude. 
Indentured servitude was not chattel slavery and I do not know of anyone who conflates the two.
 I am sure there have people who have made such a faux pas but myself and many historians are not conflating the two subjects. 
The subject of Irish and various other European's who were enslaved into chattel slavery is well documented and no historian or author is attempting to conflate the two. 
However the left wing manipulators are now asserting that all discussion of enslaved European people is being conflated with indentured servitude. 
If you google white, European or Irish slaves chances are your google feed will be filled with endless lists of so called " debunking the myth" publications. 
This is literally an Orwellian attempt at scrubbing the publics mind and deleting important historic facts from our collective minds and history. 
" Down the memory hole" as Orwell described it in 1984. 
The word slave derives from Slavic! Yes people of European derivation were enslaved historically by other Europeans as well as Arab and African nations. 
All one needs to do is learn about the barbary slave trade where African and middle Eastern slave traders captured and brutalized over one million Europeans of various backgrounds and yes it is well documented that Cromwell used chattel slaves of Irish and Scottish background and they constituted the majority of the slave population in places like Barbados in the early days of its colonization. 
The fact they are so terrified of this info getting out makes me realize how much of a social engineering scheme they depend on.
Create victimization mentality complexes for some demographics and guilt complexes for others. 
I am sorry nothing that major media publishes can be trusted on any level at this point. 
They lie so often that there is no way to know when they are actually telling the truth. 
I think this is why the flat Earther movement has become a thing. 
There are people so cynical about everything told to them because of the endless lies that they now doubt the very world they live on. 
Below is a link to the NY Times article attempting to " debunk" Irish slavery and below is a link to a documentary on Irish slavery. 

Link to NY Times and their boundless lies -

Documentary on the history of Scottish and Irish slaves -

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pensacola Lee Square Protest: Notes.

I did not attend the demonstration in Pensacola at Lee Square due to my concerns that this may have been a media trap at best, a beat-down setup at worst. Turned out to be a minor media trap, since the local news people were able to get some interviews that would easily allow them to paint the organizer and the demonstrators in any light they wished.

Some notes from a few solid sources:

BLM was there and might have been the principle "counter-protest" group.

There were 20 Pensacola PD officers on the scene, 40 Escambia County deputies and 40 Florida State Troopers. There was one PPD SWAT sniper positioned on a church roof overlooking the square.

One man arrested for battery when he swatted a bullhorn from someone's hand.

Still not sure yet on numbers of demonstrators on either side. Talking with sources.

Sons of Confederate Soldiers (I think that's the group name) didn't show and didn't endorse.

LE had orders not to tolerate ANY violence at all (which is why the dude got arrested for something relatively minor).

Thursday, August 24, 2017

ZH: New climate study throws a wrench into the debate.

Zero Hedge reports on a new climate study by scientists out of Australia that shows climate changes may very well just be naturally occurring.

Also in the story are several links showing examples where data has been tampered with by scientists claiming that all climate changes are man-made and also some examples of some very outlandish claims made in support of man-made climate change. As if we needed more examples. There are thousands of them out there already proving how stupid and/or dishonest these climate change zealots are.

The authors of the new study go on to state that they believe their study will be totally ignored, despite their highly regarded reputation in the field of climate study and unassailable research methods.

They can probably kiss that reputation good bye. People who cling to the climate change cult are about as rabidly devout as they come. If all the cultists do is ignore the study, the authors will be lucky. They're more likely to be publicly ridiculed, stripped of all grants and tenure and fired from their positions, despite NO ONE being able to (or even attempting to) legitimately criticize their research methods.

Because that's apparently how "science" works in the 21st century. Things become "settled science" and then anyone who dissents gets tarred and feathered.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Is the Pensacola Rally doomed from the start?

Through some information gathering, I and a fellow local, who shall be referred to as "Thataway", have discovered that the organizer of the upcoming rally in Pensacola is a convicted felon. He is registered with the libertarian party.

Also, through my own sources, I've ascertained that the local police force is likely neither friendly nor adversarial toward our cause. A friendly LEO presence is preferred. A LEO contingent that straddles the fence is likely to see us as the moral relative of AntiFa. That is NOT good.

While I doubt it, there are indications that this could be a bit of a trap. Will update.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Can someone show me a climate prediction that has actually come true?

The American Thinker asks Can someone show us a climate prediction that has ever come true?

Of course the answer is NO. The oceans are supposed to have been dead by now, the poles should have melted, the earth should have burned up or frozen solid, I forget which.

If the scientists and politicians are so right and we are so stupid, then why haven't they gotten even one prediction right?

Partially related: To the climate cultists, change your approach. If I go to one of your YouTube videos or climate change websites to do some research, and the first thing I see is people insulting my religion, calling me racist, blaming me for the state of the earth and demanding my taxes be increased, then it might turn me off to your message.

I have a vegetable garden. I shop locally and in bulk. We can our own food. I keep all of the lights in my house OFF during daylight hours. My hobby is sitting by the river. Most of the people screaming at me about the climate haven't been to a river in years, if ever. Growing a fresh tomato is something they can't do, nor is it something they care to do. Their hobbies usually require electricity, which they forget comes from power plants. They think that stuff coming out of the power plant is smoke (it's steam, people).

My "carbon footprint" is smaller than your's.

"You right wing, anti-science, RACISTS with your stupid religions are ruining the world! Do what we tell you to do, buy a hybrid and pay us more taxes or else the world is going to die!"

That approach isn't working. Give it up. Or don't. Whatever.

Rasmussen says Americans agree with Trump that statues should remain.

According to a Rasmussen study, about 50% of American voters agree with Donald Trump's statement that Confederate monuments should remain in place.

Only about 37% disagree and about 12% are undecided.

About 43% of blacks believe that removing the monuments will harm race relations, while only about 35% of blacks think it would help.

If a majority of Americans want the monuments to remain in place, why are they being removed anyway? Is it because this has nothing to do with the monuments at all, and more to do with erasing America's largely WHITE history? I guarantee that they will come after the monuments dedicated to the Founding Fathers next. After that, it'll be the remaining monuments to ANY white person. Even monuments to Christopher Columbus and Joan of Arc have already been vandalized as symbols of "white supremacy".

Free Speech/Save our History Rally in Pensacola, Florida.

In Pensacola, Florida we have a park called Lee Square with a monument commemorating the Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. I'm sure you see where this is going. There is a rally planned for August 26 at 0900 to support protection of the monument.

I expect AntiFa to be there.

The mayor has thrown his support behind removing the monument, but has said he will leave it up to the city council. I know that at least one member of the city council, Lumon May, will vote to remove it.

Come out to the peaceful rally and support our history. I guarantee you that the founding fathers will be next to go.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Left wing hatred for Trump supporters none for ISIS

I was thinking what if in general western society hated ISIS and jihadists that butcher and rape children a fraction of the amount they hate Trump and Trump supporters.
People are obsessed with bashing Trump and his supporters in our media, arts and entertainment sector, schools.
People will mobilize in the streets in the tens of thousands to protest Trump and the " ALT RIGHT" aka people who refuse to go along with leftist narratives.
Many of these anti Trump and anti conservative fanatics will physically harm anyone with a pro Trump hat or bumper sticker and there are more than a few incidents where pro trump supporters have been murdered.
Imagine if these gutless worms in the political and social left cared even a smidgen about Yazidi girls being raped and kidnapped, Assyrian men, women and children being murdered?
Where were they when Christian communities were being sacked and Churches were being destroyed.
The left wing elements I have contact with were silent and uninterested.
None of them showed any compassion or support.
In my early life I was surrounded by left wing society and elements. I did not grow up in the Christian gun toting conservative American heartland.
When I decided to go to Iraq to support the Christian communities and protection forces people who I thought were my friends cut me out of their life one even suggested that my actions made me just as bad as ISIS?!
Think of all the time and money these cowards pour into anti trump products and media.
Imagine if those funds instead were poured into charities and groups working to defend the people of Syria and Iraq from the jihadist threats?
This war in Syria has been going on for nearly seven years and when Obama and Hillary funded and aided this conflict where were the left wing anti war harpies?......... crickets.
These people have no moral high ground and no virtue they are simply caught up in an Orwellian two minutes of hate festival. However these hate sessions are much longer than two minutes.
I posted my trailer for a documentary I shot that focused on the struggles of a Christian Iraqi village that was fighting against ISIS to keep it from its borders.
I made an experiment. I posted the trailer to pro Trump pages on facebook and found a sizable positive reaction.
People gave it thumbs up and made comments like "God please save these people" I then posted the trailer to pro Hillary, Obama and Bernie Sanders pages across facebook. The video had no reaction in most all cases and was removed by the admins within minutes most often. Several reported the video to facebook and had my video removed.
Is it fair to say a large portion of the left are ISIS sympathizers? Below is the message I was given by facebook about their reasons for removing the video.  It seems exposing the pain and struggles of Christian communities in Iraq is taboo now.

The constant criticism of white people.

The political and social left wing elements of our society often assert that the concept of race is a fallacy and that all people regardless of ethnic or genetic creed are equal in every way.
These same people within seconds will insist that the experience of "people of color" is unique and that white people all experience "white privilege" making sure that we now know that race has real implications and defines ones experience. They will also go on for hours about all of the horrific crimes that whites have committed historically.
I have shut down several leftists by pointing out this hypocritical stance that virtually all leftist's take.
This is the game that Orwell described as double think the concept of holding two contradictory views at the exact same moment and then attempting to rationalize and institutionalize this intellectual inconsistency and make it normal orthodoxy within society.
The left wing of western society claims that seeing any demographic of people as evil or sub par in any way is a moral taboo that can not be tolerated.
When one of these leftists go on their anti European rants about the historic and contemporary flaws of "racist white society" ask them what they find redeemable about people of European derivation, what is good about people of white/European stock? what is admirable in a historic or contemporary sense pertaining to whites?
They will always pause and struggle for a answer or return with a quick "nothing" or then go back to a stance of racial relativism.
I had a entertaining conversation with a "Haitian intellectual"  named Herve Fanini Lemoine.
He told me that my documentation work on European descended Haitians and European migrations within Haiti was meaningless and irrelevant because according to Herve "There is no such thing as white or European Haitians"  He went on to claim that race did not exist within the context of Haiti that all Haitians are just Haitians and he went further to assert that white people and European people did not exist. He Asserted that we are all just Africans.
When I refuted his statement 40 seconds later he went from the concept that the whole world is African because all civilization is from Africa to " why would you celebrate and promote the evil cultures of the slave masters like the Dutch, Spanish, British or French!" I replied " you mean Africans Herve? Is this a magic trick? suddenly all these Africans become Spanish and French Dutch and British when it meets your satisfaction?" He ended the conversation right there and drove off.
I have had this conversation with many University professors throughout various schools.
Its the same game and same result. "White people do not exist so there is no point of fighting for their cultural preservation" Is what most will say.
Like magic white people will exist when these people wish to demoralize you and point out the wrong doing of whites but when there is an attempt to talk about the collective good of white society then suddenly you no longer exist.
There are two kinds of leftist's indoctrinated, brainwashed parrots who can not even think outside the Perimeters of their indoctrination and then there is the malicious manipulators who know they are speaking folly but are banking on the ignorance of the general public.
The time for debate is over. People who are this brainwashed and stupid are not worth talking to and our enemies can not be reasoned with.
"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer as they must" - Thucydides.  The young man in this video did a great thing and I appreciate anyone who exposes the left for what they are but do not expect a rational response from our enemy. The time has come to shut them out of our lives, our businesses, our social circles, ect. It is time to be strong and do all we can to secure our future. If you are apathetic or a self loathing white then suffer as you must I have no empathy for you.  

link to video


Thanks to everyone who has looked at my humble blog, and gotten us to 20,000 views! Here's to 20,000 more. If you're a regular reader, please comment and let me know, and feel free to give me some feedback on what you'd like to see here. You're much appreciated.

African vs European Population Projections (UN)

Interesting, if nothing else.

But it is something else.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sam Hyde mocks left wing virtue signaling and cucks!

This comedy troop is hilarious and does a great job at mocking the political left. Check out Sam Hyde addressing how white males have become cucks and how left wing virtue signaling is pathetic and comical.

Humor and Satire are powerful weapons

Humor and Satire can be powerful weapons within certain context and time periods of politically hostile situations.
One of my favorite comedians who mocks the political and social left is Sam Hyde.
Sam Hyde makes a point to offend every politically correct sensibility and knows how to ridicule leftist stand points with amazing subtle tactics.
Here is a clip to a show he had briefly on the Cartoon Network line up Adult Swim.
With his subtle humor he was able to get himself past the corporate censors and get his show on a major network.
When it became evident to the network heads that he was not going to tow their line and they found out he had right wing ideals they violated the contract they had with him and kicked him off adult swim.  The topics Sam Hyde and his crew address include left wing censorship, violations of privacy and constitutional rights violated via internet mass media, left wing gas lighting and deception and physiological manipulation, racial issues, political correctness, anti police sentiment, anti white sentiment, feminism and the list goes on. It is an advanced form of humor that you have to understand to get.
Now that the internet is becoming more censored and our media and society is becoming more and more hostile to people with dissenting views this means of expression is being limited and shut down. If we lose the ability to speak our minds and express humor society will be pushed into an increasingly hostile and possibly violent direction.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Denninger: To the Press, the Pols and the Rest.

Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker nails it, as usual.

An excerpt:

"These people are explicitly refusing to call on the carpet Governor McAuliffe and everyone in the chain of command from the Charlottesville PD upward who were involved in any way in intentionally funneling opposing protestors into each other, knowing some of them were armed and then allowed said PD to sit back and withdraw when violence occurred."

Full article.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

ACLU of Virginia asserts that UTR demonstrators were set up.

Granted, the ACLU is not usually our friend, but their blind squirrels do find nuts on occasion. Seems they were involved in the matters leading up to the UTR rally, and feel that the entire thing was a set up to allow AntiFa to inflict violence for political gain.

ACLU response to Virginia Governor.

Money quote:

"It is the responsibility of law enforcement to ensure safety of both protestors and counter-protestors. The policing on Saturday was not effective in preventing violence. I was there and brought concerns directly to the secretary of public safety and the head of the Virginia State Police about the way that the barricades in the park limiting access by the arriving demonstrators and the lack of any physical separation of the protestors and counter-protestors on the street were contributing to the potential of violence. They did not respond. In fact, law enforcement was standing passively by, seeming to be waiting for violence to take place, so that they would have grounds to declare an emergency, declare an 'unlawful assembly', and clear the area."

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Occidental Dissent also confirms that Virginia State Police and AntiFa worked together.

Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent provides yet another account of the Charlottesville violence that indicates the "Unite the Right" demonstrators were peaceful, and were lured into a trap by the Virginia State Police to be assaulted by AntiFa and BLM.

His account mirrors this onethis one and this one.

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

No enemies on the right, that's the only way we win this.

Did the Virginia State Police send "Unite the Right" into a meat grinder?

Pax Dickinson was at the "Unite the Right" (UTR) rally, and a compelling narrative from him shows that the Virginia State Police may have acted in concert with AntiFa and BLM to send the UTR into a meat grinder.

If this is even half accurate, then we have a major problem. The "we're gonna need a bigger boat" kind of problem.

What say you?

If you are not with the left, they want you dead. They have the deep state big government on their side, and worse, they may have your local government too.

An account of Charlottesville from someone who was there.

MDT on basic Army infantry skills that every survivalist should know.

Mason Dixon Tactical has gone through the book and highlighted for our benefit the common US Army infantry skills and tasks that every survivalist who plans to go into harm's way should have a basic understanding of.

Please click the link and read. Then learn and do.

Monday, August 14, 2017

FBI sets up another patsy.

The FBI arrested a 23 year old guy for plotting to blow up a government building in Oklahoma. He had been working with an accomplice that was actually an undercover agent.

They helped him develop the idea. They influenced his target choice (he had thought of some spots in DC, but they wanted it to happen near the building McVeigh blew up in Oklahoma, for the symbolism, surely). They gave him the "bomb" parts. They obtained a vehicle for him. They assembled the "bomb" for him while he watched them, since he was totally incapable of doing ANY of it. They built him a remote "detonator". They gave him the remote detonator. And then they arrested him after he pushed the button to blow up the fake bomb.

Yeah! Woo!

Land of the... Something or other... And home of the whatever.

Charlottesville, Virginia "Unite the Rightl Rally Violence.

The "five W's" of the events in Charlottesville, Virgina...

What: A large, conservative political rally called "Unite the Right". The rally was meant to be peaceful, but devolved into major violence between the original attendees and what are being referred to as "counter-protestors". Many dozens of people were injured and one woman was killed. Two police officers were also killed when their helicopter crashed in some nearby woods.

When: August 13 and 14, 2017.

Where: Charlottesville, Virgina, near the University of Virginia.

Who: The rally was organized by various right wing groups and figures. I know that the League of the South was present, as were a small number of KKK members and so called "neo-Nazis". I know for a fact that the "Virginia Three Percenters" backed out and were not present. The majority of the people in attendance were unaffiliated with any particular groups. On the left wing side of the spectrum, AntiFa was there in full force. Black Lives Matter and BAMN were there as well. The local police and the Virginia State Police were present.

Why: This rally, as has been the case with all of the recent right wing rallies over the past months,
Was mainly based on support for our right to free speech as outlined in the First Amendment. It was also based on support for conservative ideals and European-American heritage.

Remarks: The MSM is working overtime painting this rally as a full fledged neo-Nazi, white supremacist rally that was primed for violence. Funny that the right wing participants were the ones who obtained the proper permits AND coordinated for months in advance with the local and state police. The participants have also staged many events that were totally peaceful and left the event venues as clean as they found them. AntiFa showed up to this event with the same intent they always do: To shut down the entire rally with violence and destruction. People who were there have told me that the police did not follow the pre-planned safety and security agreements made with the organizers, instead leading the legal demonstrators down AntiFa flanked roads to the demonstration area and right into the teeth of AntiFa and BLM. It's being said that at that point, LEOs backed off with stand-down orders and let the sides brawl. Many people were injured and one was killed.

Side note: The MSM is conflating white nationalist with white supremacist. This is incorrect, of course. The can be some personal overlap with some people, but neither of these ideals is inherently present in the other.

It's also worth mentioning that according to the MSM and the left in general, any ideology that does not fall into their narrative, is inherently racist and evil.

One must be careful once the left has stamped you with the label of evil. At that point, any action taken against you is justified and encouraged, up to and including assault.

Desperation of the left to shed their history.

The left is desperate to shed their true history and place it at the feet of the conservative right wing.

The "left", including the democrat party, has a long history of racism, opposing civil rights, hosting groups like the KKK and the Nazi party and inciting violence to achieve their goals. They are always working to erase this history and rewrite it, with their new version projecting those traits onto their opponents.

The Nazi party is originated from the Nazi Socialist German Workers' Party.

Socialist. Socialism is not a right wing ideology. It is a LEFT WING ideology, one that the democrat party has embraced fully with their recent failed presidential candidates, Clinton and Sanders.

The democrat party is the original party of the KKK. The height of the KKK's power was in 1924, when they ran the democrat national convention to nominate their presidential candidate. The convention was referred to as the "Klanbake".

In the 1960's, the democrats overwhelmingly voted AGAINST civil rights legislation in Congress and in many state legislatures. This is undeniable fact. But the civil rights acts passed. Why? The Republican Party pushed them through.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My thoughts on recent events.

A lot of big stories in the news lately, here are some of my brief thoughts.

Trump investigations: The "deep state" can NOT allow Trump to govern easily. Whatever it is Trump is going to do, it's apparently NOT what they want him to do, and is more likely closer to what WE wanted him to do. Illegal immigration from South of the border is down by most estimates by about 75%. Still not much (if any) progress on the wall. Deportations are up as well, though. So do we need a wall? I still think so. As far as these investigations into the Russians and Trump and his people and finances... A lot of his supporters don't care. They've found no evidence of broken laws and the media has been lying to us for so long, that no one gives them the time of day anyway.

North Korea: The advancement of NK's nuclear program has accelerated at a rate that surprises this former intelligence agent, and I'm attributing that to assistance from Iran. Not that long ago, estimates had the North Koreans about 18 months away from being able to land an ICBM inside the US. They rapidly acquired that ability recently. I was recently asked if we are going to war with NK. My answer was that on a long enough timeline, the answer was "yes, absolutely". That timeline is getting shorter and shorter. North Korea has been building and building as a problem for every US President and Trump does not have the luxury that Clinton, Bush and 0bama had, the luxury to contain and pass it along to the next guy. They have arrived, and now we must do something.

Stock market: The stock market has continued to skyrocket under Trump and the DJIA is now above 22,000. Watch for a correction this year. It's not going to be fun.

Left/Right tension: The tension and animosity between the "left" and the "right" wings of America has not improved and probably won't. Both sides are convinced that the other side is an evil entity out to destroy them personally. Both sides are arming themselves. It's a powder keg, and I believe the left will be the ones to light the match. They almost always are.

Yes, I'm still here.

Things have gotten pretty busy lately and I've taken a short break from posting, but I'll be back. Thanks to anyone who has checked here to see new posts. They're coming.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"The Shura", from Brushbeater.

In this article on Afghan "shuras", NCSCOUT says that you have to build your community connections, and as a former intelligence collector and source runner, I fully agree.

Yes, you have to go out and make friends with people in your town.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Report shows that climate data is still being falsified.

The scientific community is starting to openly rebel against the fraud of man-made climate change.

In this full abstract report, Dr. James Wallace III, Dr. Joseph D'Aleo and Dr. Craig Idso have proven that the EPA, NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU in England have INTENTIONALLY falsified climate research data, including global surface temperature readings, in order to advance the climate change political narrative.

The findings in the report have been supported and agreed with by scientists from the EPA, NASA, MIT, InDyne Inc., Michigan State University, University of Colorado, Northwestern University, Perdue University, Rutgers University, the University of Missouri, the Gas Technology Institute and Energy Intelligence Group and several other schools and environmental boards.

These reports and others like it have been suppressed and the authors fired and blackballed from their positions in Universities and companies. Strange, I didn't think science was supposed to work that way, where someone with a dissenting opinion and the research to show is to be punished and ostracized.

For you climate change religion followers: We will never shut up. We will never trust you. You've lied to us enough and you've burned your bridge. Do yourself a favor and just quit trying. Your Al Gores and Hillary Clintons and your "97% of scientists" are fraudsters. That number is a lie anyway. All you have are lies. The report I linked is just one of many proving that.

Stop telling us to buy a hybrid.

Stop telling us to cover our entire roof with thousands of dollars of solar panels just so we can run a few small appliances for a few hours a day.

Stop selling thousands of acres of public land to the Chinese energy companies that will just go out of business after a few years and sell their land to other Chinese companies (who coincidentally are owned by the same people) for cheap.

Stop telling us that WE are the problem. Maybe it's YOU that is the problem.

The discussion is over. You have lost. Every year a larger and larger percentage of people turn away from your fear tactics and lies. Those people include the scientists you've shunned and mocked.

Leave us alone, and stop trying to cram your bullshit down our throats. You can not control us with your fear mongering. This is your warning.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Police committ more gun crimes than concealed carry permit holders.

This is a point that I have made many times when talking about the right to carry a concealed weapon. It turns out that law enforcement officers are more likely to committ a firearm related crime than a person who has a concealed weapons permit.

Like the article says, this shows that legal concealed weapon carriers are among the most law abiding people in the country, and that they are not the problem when it comes to violence in the US.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Middle America doesn't care about (or believe) the Russia/Trump narrative.

Zerohedge and Reuters do a decent job of explaining why "middle America" doesn't give a hoot about the mainstream media's Russian collusion narrative.

The MSM has been lying to us about a lot of stuff for a really long time. They kicked into major overdrive for the 2016 Presidential election, doing everything in their power to crown Hillary as the queen of the USA.

America didn't buy their lies enough to elect her, and they're buying the lies of the Russia/Trump narrative even less. It seems that only about 33% of the People believe that there was any sort of collusion taking place.

The Donald Jr. story the MSM is currently breathlessly pushing is the latest "big thing", but it's not taking root either.

Middle America simply does not believe the MSM anymore. I would also argue that you can throw Southern America in there as well. In fact, it seems the only allies the MSM has anymore live primarily on the West Coast and in the Northeast.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What's the solution to overcrowded prisons?

According to the Government Accountability Office, the US prison system will be at 145% capacity by next year.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, nearly 50% of all US prison inmates are drug offenders.


1982 NY Times article on "GRID" disease.

I was browsing online and managed to dig up this 1982 article on "GRID" disease.

What is GRID?

Gay Related Immune Deficiency.

Today, we know it as AIDS.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hey, Democrats. About those Millennials and Gen Z...

Some things the Democrats might be missing...

According to demographers and sociology researchers, Generation Z is likely to be the most conservative generation since WWII. They've grown up in a world where large governments have failed to provide security on any level, and Gen Z is being raised to understand that they might have to be their own first line of defense physically, emotionally, financially and intellectually. That sort of upbringing produces a very conservative-libertarian attitude.

Also, people tend to slowly become more conservative as they age. Millennials are going to do that faster than any generation before them. They've already started. Ten or fifteen years from now, Millennials could be just as conservative as Gen Z are starting to become. Millennials are already slightly more conservative (or should I say "less liberal") than the Democrats think they are. That explains the massive drop in support for Democrats from Millennials in the last couple of years. Democrats have lost the White House, both houses of Congress and around a THOUSAND state legislature seats over the last eight years to the Republicans. Our grandparents aren't the ones who did that.

Another point is that the left wing activists and foot soldiers are far less welcoming to opposing viewpoints than the right wingers are. Here's an example from my own experience: I work with a guy, I'll call him John, he's nearing his mid-twenties, so he's probably a Millennial, though some demographers are acknowledging a major overlap between the Millennials and Gen Z. That's irrelevant though. What's more important is how John would be received at a left wing street demonstration versus how he would be received at a similar right wing street event.

John firmly believes that man-made global climate change is real, dangerous and one of the most serious problems we face. He supports restrictions on businesses in order to curb the effects of climate change, and has stated that he doesn't care if some of the research supporting it is false. However, he also firmly supports the Second Amendment and opposes almost all government restrictions on the People's right to keep and bear arms.

At a right wing, street level event, John would be disagreed with on some points and probably would not like everything he hears. He might even find some of it abhorrent. However, John would still be welcome and would likely have a lot of people trying to engage him in one on one conversation.

At a similar left wing demonstration, John's position on the Second Amendment would spell big trouble, of John was stupid enough to make it known. It wouldn't matter at all what else he believed. He would be shouted down and called a "Nazi" and a racist. He'd be labeled as right wing infiltrator, a provocateur, a probe. John would have a difficult time escaping the scene without being assaulted. The safest place for him to be at that point would probably be across the street with the right wing counter-demonstrators. If AntiFa is present at the scene, John would be knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly, or beaten with sticks. John is also a white male, which wouldn't help his cause with the left wingers at all.

You think that might affect how John votes in future elections?

The way the left treats those they disagree with contrasted against the way the right treats those that they disagree with are like night and day, and I believe that has had and will continue to have a serious effect on the way Millennials and Generation Z view and respond to the world around them.

While Republicans are not doing a very good job of governing and aren't winning over very many fans right now, the Democrats have lost their collective minds and are tearing themselves apart at the seams. They seem totally unable to connect with the vast majority of Americans in any meaningful way, and they seem unable to recognize that they are beginning to lose Millennials and have possibly already lost Generation Z.

I'm not complaining. Just saying.