Friday, March 31, 2017

Social Justice Warriors Do Not Care About Anything That Matters

Social justice warriors do not care about anything that matters - By David Ritter

While the average 18-35 year old in the USA and EU controlled Europe is busy having a fit about a lone christian baker not baking a cake for a gay wedding, and acting as if this is a massive act of oppression, Christians are facing genocide in Iraq and Syria.
I notice how the leftist social justice crowd who is sensitive to any level of inequality is so silent and indifferent to the lives of Christian and Yazidi people. Across the middle east, these people are facing mass slaughter and horrific acts of abuse at the hands of Islamic extremists.
Never have I seen the leftist social justice crowd march, protest " stand in solidarity" with the Christian demographics facing horrific violence at the hands of ISIS.
Is it because their echo chamber leftist media outlets report little to nothing on the situation? Is it because Christianity is deemed evil in the minds of leftist's and they could care less about its followers being exterminated? Is it because the Islamophilia the left promotes has eclipsed their concern for other demographics? Is it because leftist social justice warriors only act brave when they know the people they protest are not going to decapitate them or machine gun them down?
Frankly the left is dominated by weak people. Physically and mentally weak and pathetic.
I went to Iraq/ Kurdistan to stand with the Christian militias in their fight against ISIS.
While I was there I captured on video an amazing Christian village called Havresc that has been fighting ISIS and surviving with a militia of no more than 22 men.
Link to the trailer -

Zerogov on getting rid of the smart phones.

Bill Buppert says dropping a smart phone in favor of a dumb phone will help you in life, he's got some evidence to back it up, and I think he's correct. Disconnecting from cable, satellite and constant smart phone access will change you for the better.

Currently my family has cut off cable and satellite. Already the effects are manifest and appreciated. Smart phones next? Hopefully.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Please assist with gun Liberty in Florida.

Florida is looked at by many other states when it comes to gun laws. We have the most permit carriers and something like 37 states honor our permits. We are nicknamed the "Gunshine State" for a reason. But we require some assistance.

We have a large number of pro-gun bills moving through our state Senate in Tallahassee at this moment and nearly all of them require passage through the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republicans hold the majority in this committee 5-4.

Sounds good, but not so. One member of the committee, Republican Senator Anitere Flores (Miami) is stonewalling all pro-gun bills by threatening to side with the Democrats, giving them a 5-4 majority and effectively killing all pro-gun bills this session, including open carry (SB 644) and campus carry (SB 622).

At this point, Senate President Joe Negron may have to intervene to overstep this stonewalling. Three Legislative sessions in a row have seen a Republican Senator block movement of pro-gun bills in the Florida Senate. We must get large amounts of correspondence to the Senate President and to Senator Flores if we hope to advance gun liberties in Florida. (Senate President) (Anti-gun Senator) (Judiciary Committee Chairman and author of most of the pro-gun bills in the 2017 session)

Any assistance is appreciated. Please feel free to copy and paste this entire post and post it all over the Internet. My goal is to force action by overwhelming our senators will communications supporting gun liberties in Florida. Bloomberg's anti-gun groups have been attending every single committee meeting and are in close contact with Flores. We have to overcome that. Please assist.

Drudge says Rand Paul is the best Senator.

Matt Drudge, of the Drudge Report, says that Rand Paul is America's best Senator.

I heartily agree with him. I wish Matt Drudge had been on Rand's bandwagon (Did I just invent the "RandWagon" or is that already a thing?) instead of the Trump Train.

Rand 2020?

Please add the Drudge Report to your daily reading. America's most influential news aggregation site. Directly influenced daily politics due to high daily readership in the tens of millions. You'll see the stories the MSM is trying to hide. If you consider yourself to be conservative, constitutionalist, libertarian, republican, etc, there is no excuse for not reading Drudge. If you're socialist, democrat, progressive, communist, etc. then I suggest taking a look to learn the truth.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

AR-15 used for home defense in Arizona.

Just show this story to anyone who tells us that an AR-15 is poorly suited for home defense.

Three burglars, two of them armed, were shot and killed after they broke into someone's home. The weapon used by the resident was an AR-15 rifle.

Do you want to be carrying a pump action 12 gauge shotgun with five rounds when three burglars break into your house? Is your six-shooter revolver going to suffice? What about that 1911 with the seven round magazine? Can these do the job? Sure, but there are ammo capacity issues there. Not so with an AR-15.

Do not remain silent.

"It is enough for students to be like their teachers, and servants like their masters. If the head of the house has been called Beelzebul, how much more the members of his household! So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs."

Matthew 10:25-27 NIV

Monday, March 27, 2017

Kim Du Toit on men (and women).

Please read all of this piece from Kim Du Toit about the "pussification" of men in American (and European) society.

You don't have to agree with all of it or even like what it says, but you need to understand what it says and where it's coming from. And keep the "your sexist" comments to yourself because no one around these parts really cares anymore, and your words aren't going to change what we do anymore.

And no, I am not talking to "women" in general. I'm talking to feminists, statists, progressives, left-wingers and collectivists. If that's you, we are finished listening to you. Now you get to listen to us.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Here's your sign.

If it becomes necessary in your society to have the sign you see below posted up anywhere at all, then your society and your culture is probably in big trouble already.

Trump threatens to leave 0bamacare in place of Republicans don't pass the AHCA.

Not sure what to say about this.

0bamacare AND the AHCA are both bad deals for the American people.

Both bills mandate, DICTATE to the American people that they must purchase health insurance. Both bills also dictate that insurance companies must cover certain types of healthcare.

When you are telling a business (insurance companies) that they must provide a certain type of product (coverage for certain types of healthcare), and then you mandate that the people have no choice but to purchase that product, what do you think happens to the quality of the product? What happens to the price?

The insurance companies have no incentive to provide a better product at a better price when they know the people are being forced to buy, and when the companies have been stripped/relieved of the ability/opportunity/responsibility to improve their quality and prices, the quality will go down and the price will go up.

My "as services are rendered" out-of-pocket cost for a simple ER visit at the hospital where I work is now $350, whereas eight years ago it was $50, and there is no accompanying increase in services provided or quality of care.

Before you claim this is just personal, anecdotal experience:

1. You are correct. It is just personal and anecdotal, so I also provide this evidence. Boom. No longer just personal and anecdotal.

2. Anecdotal evidence might not be sufficient to make broad claims, but anecdotal experiences are how people live their lives and make decisions for themselves.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CIA whistleblower says he came forward two years ago and was "blown off".

Dennis Montgomery is the name of a former CIA and NSA contractor (NSA contractor? Sound familiar? Seems that NSA contractors have a lot to tell us...) who claims that he came forward via legal channels to blow the whistle on illegal surveillance activities by the 0bama administration.

Montgomery claims that the 0bama Administration was using the CIA and NSA to collect information on Supreme Court Justices, judges and prominent business people, to include Donald Trump. He also claims that the administration used the intelligence agencies to tamper with polls in Florida to ensure 0bama's reelection. He says he has proof, and he presented it to the FBI.

Montgomery then presented his evidence to Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch founder, Larry Klayman, and Klayman has presented this letter to Congress with the details that the FBI previously ignored.

How much more proof do we need? How much more are we going to stand for? Do we simply not know what to do as a people about this sort of behavior on the part of our elected officials?

There is no voting our way out of this.

Four are dead in London terrorist attack.

Go on, act shocked.

Let yourself be "shaken" by it.

Feel "saddened".

But whatever you do, DON'T acknowledge the reality of the attacker's belief system and UNDER NO CURCUMSTANCES should you EVEN CONTEMPLATE that this might possibly become the norm in the US.

It could NEVER happen here.

Besides, you don't want to be labeled a BIGOT, do you?

Feminism may be responsible for the Muslim troubles in the West.

As the Z Man asserts, feminism (the variety that believes abortion is a natural right, not the ones who marched for the vote) may be to blame for the pending destruction of Western civilization by the MENA Muslim hordes.

He states that men and women are psychologically different from each other.

What?! How dare he say that?! (Sarcasm)

Anyway, the position is that women are programmed to lean toward drama and emotional theatre and will subconsciously create danger in order to give the alpha male an opportunity to rush in and save them.

I suppose this could be the case. My own words would be that the women in charge of Europe possess the programming that says they're supposed to nurture and help everyone until it hurts. Feminism is good when it means women will be casting votes and having opportunities to leave the home and work a job. Feminism is bad when it means that women have been encouraged to take command of Western nations and invite the third world to walk in and make themselves at home.

Europe is suffering for this. Their men are being beaten and their women raped in front of them. The European economies are being drained and their cultures murdered. Will this come to America? Has it already?

Read the story in the link before you utter the word "sexist", please. You may not agree with the cause of the European troubles, but the results of whatever the cause is are undeniable to all except for the most delusional.

Intelligence chairman says surveillance was conducted on Trump.

The US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has stated that there was electronic surveillance conducted on Donald Trump during the 0bama Administration, that the surveillance appears to be "inappropriate" and that there are still "multiple FISA warrants" outstanding for electronic surveillance operations against Trump. Nunes stated also that Trump's communications may have been collected.

Well, yeah. All of our communications have been collected.

Deep State vs the elected Trump administration.

Still no hard evidence on any Russian connections, though.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

My email to Florida Senator Doug Broxson.

"Senator Broxson,

I am contacting you to ask about your thoughts and feelings on some pro-gun legislation currently moving through the Florida Senate. Several bills, including SB 644 (Open Carry) and SB 622 (Campus Carry) have been attempted in past sessions and failed in committees. It's my hope that these bills can be brought to a floor vote and then sent to Governor Scott.

Unfortunately, Republican Senator Anitere Flores has voiced her opposition to any future pro-gun bills that go through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

My questions:

Do you support SB 644 (Open Carry)?

Do you support SB 622 (Campus Carry)?

What are Republicans going to do to get SB 644 and 622 through the Judiciary Committee without the support of Senator Flores?

Thank you for any reply."

If I receive a response, I'll update.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

0bama is taking a direct role in the sedition against the Trump government.

Whether you like Trump or not, like 0bama or not, the fact is that 0bama is taking an unprecedented role of former presidential influence against a sitting President. Online monitors report that 0bama made an unannounced and short notice trip to Hawaii immediately prior to a Hawaii Judge ruling against Trump's revised executive order on immigration.

0bama's shadow government vs Trump's elected government, with the deep state in between.

This will not end well for us, no matter how pure Trump's intentions are and no matter how effective he is. Accelerate your preparations with emphasis on securing rural shelter in a conservative region, rainwater collection, filtration and purification, food storage and lastly, security. Then move toward medical supplies and skills, communications, information collection and transportation.

Focus on securing and sustaining your own home and anyone you expect to take in. Then move outward in concentric circles to securing your street, your block, your neighborhood, your town, your county, etc.

As Bracken has stated, "your community is your country".

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump's tax returns released.

In case anyone actually cares, we now know that Trump pays taxes. A lot of taxes, in fact. Like, nearly $40 million in taxes.

His tax returns from 1995 were stolen last year and showed that Trunp avoided paying income taxes that year, because due to a rough economy for businesses, he netted over $900 million in total losses.

That, people, is not income. By law, he could have avoided paying income taxes for up to 18 years because of those massive losses. But did he? No. He covered those losses in less than TEN years and started paying income taxes again.

So now we have his 2005 tax returns, again illegally. But who cares about that? Those returns show a much higher tax rate than 0bama, Bernie or Hillary ever paid. He even paid a supplemental tax rather than claiming all of his excessive deductions he could have claimed.

The reason I ask if anyone actually cares about Trump's tax returns, is because none of the anti-Trump people out there would care at all if their media masters at MSNBC or CNN weren't telling them that they're supposed to care. They're not even going to read the (illegally) stolen and leaked tax returns themselves.

The media TOLD them to care about Trump's tax returns, so they do. But again, they don't want to read them themselves. They want the media to TELL THEM HOW THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL ABOUT HIS TAX RETURNS. Then, they want the media to TELL THEM HOW THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO REACT TO THE TAX RETURNS.

This story is likely to disappear just like the story about his 1995 tax returns. Either that, or the left will claim that $40 million in taxes isn't enough, and look how evil that is.

You know, maybe every single person in the US should pay 15%-18% of their income in taxes, and leave it at that. Some people don't pay any taxes at all. Trunp obviously isn't one of them.

What are the odds that Trump actually leaked these himself? Did he outmaneuver the left wing media again? I have no evidence of this. Just speculating.

This whole post probably makes me a racist or an Islamophobe. Or something. I'm sure they could come up with something.

P.S. Still no Russian connection. But feel free to ask Hillary who she outsourced US uranium production too while she was SecState.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Black culture does not allow blacks to respect themselves.

There are certain people who have been allowed to plant themselves as iconic black "leaders" in contemporary black culture. These people are the likes of Jay Z and Beyoncé, 0bama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, among others.

The black culture these people and others have fostered is evident in how little many black people respect themselves and other black people.

This black culture has absolutely zero respect for their women or children. The men certainly have no respect for themselves.

If you are white, you need to look at this and see that it is a tragedy, but BEFORE coming to that end, you need to first understand this:

If they don't have respect for people who look like them, speak like them, behave like them, live with them, is it possible that they have nothing but disdain for you? Someone who their "leaders" are telling them is responsible for their plight?

Do not allow yourself to be affected by the label of "racist" (or any of the other labels the left throws at us on an hourly basis). They do not care one way or another about you or what you think. They want something from you. They want you to be subservient. The label is a means to control your behavior and thoughts. Nothing more.

Do not allow it. They don't want to discuss or debate or argue. They want submission.

Monday, March 13, 2017

For those who think they have nothing to hide.

This was said by a former intelligence analyst, and posted by a former intelligence collector. You have no excuse for not being aware.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Money and Markets (Link to infographic)

Comparing the world's money and markets in one simple, yet large, infographic.

Update on pro-gun issues in Florida: Anitere Flores could be a problem.

Florida has been trying to pass open carry (OC) and campus carry (CC) for several years and was always blocked by former state senator REPUBLICAN Miguel Diaz De la Portilla. He was the chairman of the judiciary committee and refused to allow OC or CC to be heard in his meetings at all. He, a REPUBLICAN, singlehandedly blocked all pro-gun bills from proceeding.

Voters replaced him last year with a democrat, and republicans filled his judiciary chairman seat with Greg Steube, who is the author of EIGHT pro-gun bills. Sounds like a clear path, right?

Wrong. Anitere Flores is a REPUBLICAN member of the judiciary committee, and has decided to side with the democrats on all future pro-gun bills. She flips the judiciary committee from a 5-4 republican voting majority, to a 5-4 democrat voting majority.

I simply do not understand why the republicans are incapable of using their large majorities to wield any significant influence. When the democrats have even a slight majority, they use it to steamroll the opposition and foist their philosophies onto the public in leaps and bounds. The republicans? Even with a large majority, they're still left clawing for hard fought inches.

I'll update later. Hopefully Senator Steube can change Flores's mind.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Pro-Trump "trolls" ruin Shia Labeouf's protest.

Shia Labeouf has raised an anti-Trump flag with the phrase "He Will Not Divide Us", but pro-Trump "trolls" were able to ruin his time. He then moved his flag to an undisclosed location and set up a live stream of the flag. Still, the pro-Trumpers were able to find it and replace it with a Trump hat.

Americans do not, and should not, respect the Hollywood elitists, especially not the unhinged Labeouf.

Sessions asks 0bama appointed US attorneys to resign.

Don't let the media fool you. Every time a new President from an opposing party moves into the White House, the new AG soon after will request that all of the US attorneys that were appointed by the previous administration resign. It's part of the deal.

AG Jeff Sessions has done just that.

It's not a purge or a cleansing. It's just a new slate, and it's typical.

In this most recent case, however, it's even more vital than usual. It's going to take a lot of long, hard work to root out the bureaucrats and attorneys 0bama placed throughout the government apparatus. It'll be like playing whack-a-mole, probably for all of the next four years. 0bama was never in the habit of appointing moderates or even middle of the road liberals. He's a Marxist, and he was always going to hire Marxists.

Wikileaks "Vault 7".

Wikileaks has dumped over 8,000 CIA documents in what is called "Vault 7". These documents show that the CIA is capable of turning on the microphones of smart TVs, iPhones and laptops to listen to everything with earshot.

Treat every electronic device as if it is compromised.

Study your HUMINT and countersurveillance tradecraft. Practice and make it part of your daily routine.

Rep. Mike Kelly says 0bama is running "shadow government".

Republican Congressman Mike Kelly has stated that 0bama is remaining in and around the DC area for only one reason, and that is to run a "shadow government". Why else would Valerie Jarrett LIVE IN HIS HOUSE?

A shadow government is a behind the scenes government that pulls the strings that make the governing machine run. One example of a shadow government is the remnants of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The "legitimate" Afghan government is technically in power, but much of what goes on is dictated behind the scenes by Taliban presence. Shadow governments are often, but not always, at odds with the legitimate government, to varying degrees.

In America, we have three governments:

1. The elected Trump government.

2. The "deep state", made up by agencies like the CIA and the NSA.

3. The 0bama shadow government, made up of "nonpartisan" bureaucrats, regulators, lawyers and judges that were appointed during the 0bama administration. Make no mistake, he never broke contact with them.

The deep state is at odds with the elected Trump government and has some common goals with the 0bama shadow government.

The deep state does not care about you.

The shadow government disdains you.

The elected Trump government? Wait and see, but don't let yourself be surprised if this new tiger has the same stripes as the old ones.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Collectivism is evil, and it breeds tyranny in government.

Mojave Desert Patriot tells us about the philosophy of collectivism, with relevant links that you should read.

Note the paragraph about how the agencies operate.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Westmoreland on Militia.

Major General George Westmoreland has blessed us with this 30 page manual on How to Start and Train a Militia.

Why do I post this, you might ask.

Have you read any of my other posts?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

None of your electronic devices are safe.

Thanks to Wikileaks, we now know that the CIA has turned every smart TV, iPhone, PC and gaming console into a spy device.

We sort of knew this, but now we KNOW this.

Did the 0bama Administration spy on the Trump campaign?

Mark Levin and Breitbart give us reason to believe that 0bama may have been spying on the Trump Campaign.

Story is developing.

Evidence is mounting that 0bama and his ilk are working up plans to undermine the new administration.

Sedition? Soft coup?

Just throwing it out there. Sedition laws are a labyrinth, just like the rest of our legal system, made to be escapable by the elites and impenetrable for the irredeemable, deplorable masses.

For everything you prep for, you have to have food.

As International Man lays out in well-written, food shortage article, societies will tolerate a LOT of hardship and strife before it loses it's collective mind. But if you want to go from zero to societal breakdown in 3.2 seconds, all you need to do is take away everyone's food supply. Heck, you could just interrupt the food supply for a few days. It's been said that we are all just nine meals away from total savagery.

Guns are awesome, knives are nice, camo gear looks cool, but you can't eat any of it. There is a reason I list "food" as number three on my list of needs, above "security" (guns).


And no, you are not just going to go off in the woods and hunt all of your food forever. During the Great Depression, the North American White Tail Deer population was nearly hunted to extinction. You need a combination of hunting, fishing, gardening, gathering and storage food to get through a long term survival scenario, including any scenario that results in a food shortage.

Target is in trouble.

Investment Watch Blog says that Target is close to financial collapse, and Target's CEO says it is due in part to "rapidly changing consumer behavior". In other words, people are boycotting Target's decision to allow people to use whatever bathroom they choose. This boycott is having a major effect on Target's stock value, which was down 13% already today just this morning, and was on track for the worst trading day the company has had in nearly twenty years.

Keep pushing. Make them listen.

A win for free speech on campus.

Grand Valley State University has been forced to settle with a Conservative student group, favorably for the student group. This is a small win for free speech. The student group asserted that the entire campus was a free speech zone, while the school asserted that only two areas could be considered free speech zones. Basically, the school tried to make the entire campus a "safe space" for delicate, left wing snowflakes.

A small win, but a win. The small wins will help push us to liberty.

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, the CIA can hear you.

Via Wikileaks Twitter account, the CIA is able to turn on the microphone of Samsung smart TV sets and listen to everything that goes on in your house.

It's ok, you say? You have nothing to hide, you say?

The people who are listening are the ones who get to choose whether or not you have something to hide. Not you. You are not even free to NOT have anything to hide.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump is winning again.

Apparently three quarters of Americans were happy with Trump's first major speech to Congress.

He started strong, then faltered, now he's back to winning.

The rise of Trump. Again.

It's going to be a long fight. Just make sure you're on the right side when it really starts to get sporty.

If I figure out which side that is, I'll let you know! In the meantime, here's hoping Trump continues to make good on most of his promises.

DOW hits 21,000.

Zerohedge reports the DOW passing the 21,000 mark.

How much higher can we go before the boom and bust cycle comes back down?

Don't stop prepping. Get your cash out of the bank. All they're doing is holding it. Why can't you hold it?