Friday, March 10, 2017

Sessions asks 0bama appointed US attorneys to resign.

Don't let the media fool you. Every time a new President from an opposing party moves into the White House, the new AG soon after will request that all of the US attorneys that were appointed by the previous administration resign. It's part of the deal.

AG Jeff Sessions has done just that.

It's not a purge or a cleansing. It's just a new slate, and it's typical.

In this most recent case, however, it's even more vital than usual. It's going to take a lot of long, hard work to root out the bureaucrats and attorneys 0bama placed throughout the government apparatus. It'll be like playing whack-a-mole, probably for all of the next four years. 0bama was never in the habit of appointing moderates or even middle of the road liberals. He's a Marxist, and he was always going to hire Marxists.

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