Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Target is in trouble.

Investment Watch Blog says that Target is close to financial collapse, and Target's CEO says it is due in part to "rapidly changing consumer behavior". In other words, people are boycotting Target's decision to allow people to use whatever bathroom they choose. This boycott is having a major effect on Target's stock value, which was down 13% already today just this morning, and was on track for the worst trading day the company has had in nearly twenty years.

Keep pushing. Make them listen.


  1. I emailed them over a year ago about this and their anti 2nd Amendment views about not wanting CCW holders to wear their arms in the store. I haven't been back in since. I'm glad their hurting.
    Haven't been back to Sonics or Chillies either.

  2. Not only did Target do something to alienate a large section of their customer population, but they advertised it and made a big deal of it. There are still a lot of patriots willing to eat at Sonic and Chili's because they didn't go out of their way to make a big deal of their corporate beliefs in the public domain, and therefore, there are a lot of patriots generally unaware of it. Target practically yelled it from the rooftops. It's backfiring, currently.

  3. No, Sonics and Chillies didn't exactly go out of their way to scream their views from the roof tops, but I have very good hearing, a long memory, and a monstrous propensity for vengeance. They said that they preferred their CCW customers to not bring their arms with them to their establishments. I emailed them and told them that I would comply with their wishes in the fact that if my firearms weren't welcome, then neither was I, and by proxy, neither was my money.
    They made the choice, I'm only giving them what they asked for.