Saturday, March 18, 2017

0bama is taking a direct role in the sedition against the Trump government.

Whether you like Trump or not, like 0bama or not, the fact is that 0bama is taking an unprecedented role of former presidential influence against a sitting President. Online monitors report that 0bama made an unannounced and short notice trip to Hawaii immediately prior to a Hawaii Judge ruling against Trump's revised executive order on immigration.

0bama's shadow government vs Trump's elected government, with the deep state in between.

This will not end well for us, no matter how pure Trump's intentions are and no matter how effective he is. Accelerate your preparations with emphasis on securing rural shelter in a conservative region, rainwater collection, filtration and purification, food storage and lastly, security. Then move toward medical supplies and skills, communications, information collection and transportation.

Focus on securing and sustaining your own home and anyone you expect to take in. Then move outward in concentric circles to securing your street, your block, your neighborhood, your town, your county, etc.

As Bracken has stated, "your community is your country".

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