Sunday, March 19, 2017

My email to Florida Senator Doug Broxson.

"Senator Broxson,

I am contacting you to ask about your thoughts and feelings on some pro-gun legislation currently moving through the Florida Senate. Several bills, including SB 644 (Open Carry) and SB 622 (Campus Carry) have been attempted in past sessions and failed in committees. It's my hope that these bills can be brought to a floor vote and then sent to Governor Scott.

Unfortunately, Republican Senator Anitere Flores has voiced her opposition to any future pro-gun bills that go through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

My questions:

Do you support SB 644 (Open Carry)?

Do you support SB 622 (Campus Carry)?

What are Republicans going to do to get SB 644 and 622 through the Judiciary Committee without the support of Senator Flores?

Thank you for any reply."

If I receive a response, I'll update.

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