Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump's tax returns released.

In case anyone actually cares, we now know that Trump pays taxes. A lot of taxes, in fact. Like, nearly $40 million in taxes.

His tax returns from 1995 were stolen last year and showed that Trunp avoided paying income taxes that year, because due to a rough economy for businesses, he netted over $900 million in total losses.

That, people, is not income. By law, he could have avoided paying income taxes for up to 18 years because of those massive losses. But did he? No. He covered those losses in less than TEN years and started paying income taxes again.

So now we have his 2005 tax returns, again illegally. But who cares about that? Those returns show a much higher tax rate than 0bama, Bernie or Hillary ever paid. He even paid a supplemental tax rather than claiming all of his excessive deductions he could have claimed.

The reason I ask if anyone actually cares about Trump's tax returns, is because none of the anti-Trump people out there would care at all if their media masters at MSNBC or CNN weren't telling them that they're supposed to care. They're not even going to read the (illegally) stolen and leaked tax returns themselves.

The media TOLD them to care about Trump's tax returns, so they do. But again, they don't want to read them themselves. They want the media to TELL THEM HOW THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL ABOUT HIS TAX RETURNS. Then, they want the media to TELL THEM HOW THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO REACT TO THE TAX RETURNS.

This story is likely to disappear just like the story about his 1995 tax returns. Either that, or the left will claim that $40 million in taxes isn't enough, and look how evil that is.

You know, maybe every single person in the US should pay 15%-18% of their income in taxes, and leave it at that. Some people don't pay any taxes at all. Trunp obviously isn't one of them.

What are the odds that Trump actually leaked these himself? Did he outmaneuver the left wing media again? I have no evidence of this. Just speculating.

This whole post probably makes me a racist or an Islamophobe. Or something. I'm sure they could come up with something.

P.S. Still no Russian connection. But feel free to ask Hillary who she outsourced US uranium production too while she was SecState.

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