Friday, March 10, 2017

Rep. Mike Kelly says 0bama is running "shadow government".

Republican Congressman Mike Kelly has stated that 0bama is remaining in and around the DC area for only one reason, and that is to run a "shadow government". Why else would Valerie Jarrett LIVE IN HIS HOUSE?

A shadow government is a behind the scenes government that pulls the strings that make the governing machine run. One example of a shadow government is the remnants of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The "legitimate" Afghan government is technically in power, but much of what goes on is dictated behind the scenes by Taliban presence. Shadow governments are often, but not always, at odds with the legitimate government, to varying degrees.

In America, we have three governments:

1. The elected Trump government.

2. The "deep state", made up by agencies like the CIA and the NSA.

3. The 0bama shadow government, made up of "nonpartisan" bureaucrats, regulators, lawyers and judges that were appointed during the 0bama administration. Make no mistake, he never broke contact with them.

The deep state is at odds with the elected Trump government and has some common goals with the 0bama shadow government.

The deep state does not care about you.

The shadow government disdains you.

The elected Trump government? Wait and see, but don't let yourself be surprised if this new tiger has the same stripes as the old ones.

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