Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trump threatens to leave 0bamacare in place of Republicans don't pass the AHCA.

Not sure what to say about this.

0bamacare AND the AHCA are both bad deals for the American people.

Both bills mandate, DICTATE to the American people that they must purchase health insurance. Both bills also dictate that insurance companies must cover certain types of healthcare.

When you are telling a business (insurance companies) that they must provide a certain type of product (coverage for certain types of healthcare), and then you mandate that the people have no choice but to purchase that product, what do you think happens to the quality of the product? What happens to the price?

The insurance companies have no incentive to provide a better product at a better price when they know the people are being forced to buy, and when the companies have been stripped/relieved of the ability/opportunity/responsibility to improve their quality and prices, the quality will go down and the price will go up.

My "as services are rendered" out-of-pocket cost for a simple ER visit at the hospital where I work is now $350, whereas eight years ago it was $50, and there is no accompanying increase in services provided or quality of care.

Before you claim this is just personal, anecdotal experience:

1. You are correct. It is just personal and anecdotal, so I also provide this evidence. Boom. No longer just personal and anecdotal.

2. Anecdotal evidence might not be sufficient to make broad claims, but anecdotal experiences are how people live their lives and make decisions for themselves.

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