Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CIA whistleblower says he came forward two years ago and was "blown off".

Dennis Montgomery is the name of a former CIA and NSA contractor (NSA contractor? Sound familiar? Seems that NSA contractors have a lot to tell us...) who claims that he came forward via legal channels to blow the whistle on illegal surveillance activities by the 0bama administration.

Montgomery claims that the 0bama Administration was using the CIA and NSA to collect information on Supreme Court Justices, judges and prominent business people, to include Donald Trump. He also claims that the administration used the intelligence agencies to tamper with polls in Florida to ensure 0bama's reelection. He says he has proof, and he presented it to the FBI.

Montgomery then presented his evidence to Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch founder, Larry Klayman, and Klayman has presented this letter to Congress with the details that the FBI previously ignored.

How much more proof do we need? How much more are we going to stand for? Do we simply not know what to do as a people about this sort of behavior on the part of our elected officials?

There is no voting our way out of this.

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