Friday, March 31, 2017

Social Justice Warriors Do Not Care About Anything That Matters

Social justice warriors do not care about anything that matters - By David Ritter

While the average 18-35 year old in the USA and EU controlled Europe is busy having a fit about a lone christian baker not baking a cake for a gay wedding, and acting as if this is a massive act of oppression, Christians are facing genocide in Iraq and Syria.
I notice how the leftist social justice crowd who is sensitive to any level of inequality is so silent and indifferent to the lives of Christian and Yazidi people. Across the middle east, these people are facing mass slaughter and horrific acts of abuse at the hands of Islamic extremists.
Never have I seen the leftist social justice crowd march, protest " stand in solidarity" with the Christian demographics facing horrific violence at the hands of ISIS.
Is it because their echo chamber leftist media outlets report little to nothing on the situation? Is it because Christianity is deemed evil in the minds of leftist's and they could care less about its followers being exterminated? Is it because the Islamophilia the left promotes has eclipsed their concern for other demographics? Is it because leftist social justice warriors only act brave when they know the people they protest are not going to decapitate them or machine gun them down?
Frankly the left is dominated by weak people. Physically and mentally weak and pathetic.
I went to Iraq/ Kurdistan to stand with the Christian militias in their fight against ISIS.
While I was there I captured on video an amazing Christian village called Havresc that has been fighting ISIS and surviving with a militia of no more than 22 men.
Link to the trailer -

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  1. Excellent points here, backed by real world, on location experience had at the risk of one's personal safety.