Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Feminism may be responsible for the Muslim troubles in the West.

As the Z Man asserts, feminism (the variety that believes abortion is a natural right, not the ones who marched for the vote) may be to blame for the pending destruction of Western civilization by the MENA Muslim hordes.

He states that men and women are psychologically different from each other.

What?! How dare he say that?! (Sarcasm)

Anyway, the position is that women are programmed to lean toward drama and emotional theatre and will subconsciously create danger in order to give the alpha male an opportunity to rush in and save them.

I suppose this could be the case. My own words would be that the women in charge of Europe possess the programming that says they're supposed to nurture and help everyone until it hurts. Feminism is good when it means women will be casting votes and having opportunities to leave the home and work a job. Feminism is bad when it means that women have been encouraged to take command of Western nations and invite the third world to walk in and make themselves at home.

Europe is suffering for this. Their men are being beaten and their women raped in front of them. The European economies are being drained and their cultures murdered. Will this come to America? Has it already?

Read the story in the link before you utter the word "sexist", please. You may not agree with the cause of the European troubles, but the results of whatever the cause is are undeniable to all except for the most delusional.

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