Saturday, March 11, 2017

Update on pro-gun issues in Florida: Anitere Flores could be a problem.

Florida has been trying to pass open carry (OC) and campus carry (CC) for several years and was always blocked by former state senator REPUBLICAN Miguel Diaz De la Portilla. He was the chairman of the judiciary committee and refused to allow OC or CC to be heard in his meetings at all. He, a REPUBLICAN, singlehandedly blocked all pro-gun bills from proceeding.

Voters replaced him last year with a democrat, and republicans filled his judiciary chairman seat with Greg Steube, who is the author of EIGHT pro-gun bills. Sounds like a clear path, right?

Wrong. Anitere Flores is a REPUBLICAN member of the judiciary committee, and has decided to side with the democrats on all future pro-gun bills. She flips the judiciary committee from a 5-4 republican voting majority, to a 5-4 democrat voting majority.

I simply do not understand why the republicans are incapable of using their large majorities to wield any significant influence. When the democrats have even a slight majority, they use it to steamroll the opposition and foist their philosophies onto the public in leaps and bounds. The republicans? Even with a large majority, they're still left clawing for hard fought inches.

I'll update later. Hopefully Senator Steube can change Flores's mind.

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  1. I have little doubt that the Cuckservatives will screw us over...AGAIN.