Friday, March 31, 2017

Zerogov on getting rid of the smart phones.

Bill Buppert says dropping a smart phone in favor of a dumb phone will help you in life, he's got some evidence to back it up, and I think he's correct. Disconnecting from cable, satellite and constant smart phone access will change you for the better.

Currently my family has cut off cable and satellite. Already the effects are manifest and appreciated. Smart phones next? Hopefully.

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  1. I have a "smart phone", but I don't keep a full plan on it. I use it as a per-minute cell phone. If I need to use the internet, I turn on wi-fi and leach off of an open connection like at a Books-a-million.
    Otherwise, I just have a couple of apps on it that I can turn on wi-fi and see any wi-fi signal within range. It shows relative power, the SSID name, what channel it's broadcasting on whether or not the signal is locked and what type of encryption (if any) they are running. It will help out with my cyber business to show the customers how badly they are over broadcasting, the fact that their SSID is shown, and show them that they are running no or weak encryption.
    And I despise texting.