Thursday, March 30, 2017

Please assist with gun Liberty in Florida.

Florida is looked at by many other states when it comes to gun laws. We have the most permit carriers and something like 37 states honor our permits. We are nicknamed the "Gunshine State" for a reason. But we require some assistance.

We have a large number of pro-gun bills moving through our state Senate in Tallahassee at this moment and nearly all of them require passage through the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republicans hold the majority in this committee 5-4.

Sounds good, but not so. One member of the committee, Republican Senator Anitere Flores (Miami) is stonewalling all pro-gun bills by threatening to side with the Democrats, giving them a 5-4 majority and effectively killing all pro-gun bills this session, including open carry (SB 644) and campus carry (SB 622).

At this point, Senate President Joe Negron may have to intervene to overstep this stonewalling. Three Legislative sessions in a row have seen a Republican Senator block movement of pro-gun bills in the Florida Senate. We must get large amounts of correspondence to the Senate President and to Senator Flores if we hope to advance gun liberties in Florida. (Senate President) (Anti-gun Senator) (Judiciary Committee Chairman and author of most of the pro-gun bills in the 2017 session)

Any assistance is appreciated. Please feel free to copy and paste this entire post and post it all over the Internet. My goal is to force action by overwhelming our senators will communications supporting gun liberties in Florida. Bloomberg's anti-gun groups have been attending every single committee meeting and are in close contact with Flores. We have to overcome that. Please assist.

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