Tuesday, March 7, 2017

For everything you prep for, you have to have food.

As International Man lays out in well-written, food shortage article, societies will tolerate a LOT of hardship and strife before it loses it's collective mind. But if you want to go from zero to societal breakdown in 3.2 seconds, all you need to do is take away everyone's food supply. Heck, you could just interrupt the food supply for a few days. It's been said that we are all just nine meals away from total savagery.

Guns are awesome, knives are nice, camo gear looks cool, but you can't eat any of it. There is a reason I list "food" as number three on my list of needs, above "security" (guns).


And no, you are not just going to go off in the woods and hunt all of your food forever. During the Great Depression, the North American White Tail Deer population was nearly hunted to extinction. You need a combination of hunting, fishing, gardening, gathering and storage food to get through a long term survival scenario, including any scenario that results in a food shortage.

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