Friday, May 5, 2017

Should "center of mass" be switched to "center of face"?

An interesting viewpoint on switching from "center of mass" to "center of face".

The author argues that it's time to stop shooting at the CoM and start shooting at the "CoF". The rationale is that we now have assailants wearing vests, either explosive or armored. A hit scored to the CoF would defeat both vests.

I would say that choosing shot placement depends on your assessment of the situation, or as we said in the Army, what you do is determined by METT-TC. METT-TC is more detailed than what is required here, but METT-TC is sort of a catch-all term for "your situation will dictate your actions".

I can't find fault with the practice of shooting for "CoF" if you're threatened with great bodily harm or death (or if someone around you is), but IF you've got the opportunity to assess the situation and you feel that shooting for the torso is adequate, then I encourage doing that, since it's obviously a larger target. But if you assess that the target is wearing a ballistic vest (or an explosive vest) then you're not likely to defeat it with a pistol or even a rifle. You're likely to set off an explosive vest.

Disclaimer: You are obviously more likely to encounter an unarmored target in most cases, and your odds of encountering a suicide bomber are pretty low.

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