Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire.

Yesterday a man opened fire with a SKS rifle at a baseball field in Washington DC. Republican members of Congress were there practicing baseball for a charity baseball game. The shooter approached someone and asked if the people on the field at the time were republicans or democrats. When he learned they were republicans, he went back and retrieved his SKS and a 9mm and opened fire, hitting at least three people, including Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana. He's in critical condition. The shooter was killed by police.

The shooter is a hardcore democrat and socialist who worked in the Bernie Sanders campaign. His Facebook was full of violent statements about republicans and conservatives in general.

The democrats have encouraged their supporters to "resist" and to "fight in the streets" since Trump was elected. After the election, there were dozens of riots in major cities and violence in others. AntiFa and their parent group, BAMN, now attend every conservative event for the purpose of using violence to shut the events down. They chant "punch a Nazi", but of course, a "Nazi" is anyone who disagrees with them. We see some of these groups and their members showing off their guns and posting videos of them going to ranges and shooting targets painted with "conservative" symbology.

And now we have a republican lawmaker gunned down at a baseball practice.

Democrats are constantly claiming that the things Trump says are causing people to commit violence, though they are unable to point to any specific acts of violence routinely committed by Trump supporters or conservative groups. So will they be willing to admit that their calls to "action", their calls to "fight in the streets" have stirred actual violent action?

When fighting really starts, what will it look like? Will it look like this? Is this the start?

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