Thursday, June 15, 2017

D.C. Shooting, Original Story.

Here is an original story of the Washington D.C. shooting that left Representative Scalise in "critical condition".

The "leadership" of the left (Democrat politicians like Tim Kaine, Hollyweird celebrities like Kathy Griffin, fake news anchors like Don Lemon, "clergy" like Al Sharpton) have encouraged their followers to "disrupt" and "fight in the streets", "get in trouble" and "resist". These statements whether meant literally or not, have been taken quite literally. All over the country we have riots and violence committed against anyone who supported Trump or identifies as "conservative". We see mock acts of violence (a play in Central Park depicts Trump's assassination, while Kathy Griffin poses with a fake severed Trump head) progressing to real violence, as you can see in the Washington Post story I linked. There are also acts of violence against people just for displaying MAGA paraphernalia.

Drudge Report, the most influential news aggregate site in the world, is posting multiple stories of media members reporting that we are on the brink of a "civil war" between the ideological "left" and "right".

Ann Coulter and Michael Savage, regardless of how you feel about them, are spreading the idea of civil war. Like it or not, these are influential people, and they may not be wrong.

Arm up and stack the ammo. Carry a defensive weapon, even if you're not licensed. If someone busts you over the head with a brick, would be rather have left your weapon at home just because you weren't "licensed" to defend yourself adequately?

Surely you can see that things are going from bad to worse. Can you explain why it will suddenly get better sometime soon? I'll wait.

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