Sunday, June 4, 2017

CNN staging "peaceful" Muslim demonstration.

After the attacks in London, large groups of peaceful Muslims gathered in the city's streets to show solidarity and unity and love and rainbows and all of that crap. They had their hashtag signs, and they even had a child with them. They showed us that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

Or did they?

Seems CNN staged the whole thing, and even failed to admit it when they were caught, calling the footage "nonsense". CNN says that police allowed the demonstrators through the barricades to show their signs.

Problem is, the same group of people, no more than a dozen, were photographed in at least three or four places. Yes, the same group.

Were they paid?

As Paul Joseph Watson pointed out, CNN refuses to play soundbites where the attackers can be heard yelling "this is for Allah", but is staging "peaceful demonstration" photo ops to show that Islam itself is peaceful.

As he said, "we are being conned".

Load your magazines. I like Black Hills 5.56, 77gr OTM. But that's just me.