Thursday, September 18, 2014

Florida Concealed Weapons License and Stages of Awarness

I recently applied for a concealed weapons license in Florida. The process of applying is very simple, especially if you use the "fast track" process. Below, you'll see the site that has all of the information you'll need to obtain a Florida CWL.

Carrying a concealed weapon gives you an edge in any violent encounter you may come across. Just be sure to always observe laws in your area, and use some version of the "deadly force continuum". There is no need to pull a weapon for a verbal altercation, for instance. Doing so can and probably will get you arrested.

When carrying (or even when not carrying) a useful mental tool is the Cooper color code system. The colors and what they stand for are as follows:

White - Oblivious to surroundings, unaware.
Yellow - Attentive, but relaxed.
Orange - Directed focus on potential threat situation.
Red - Direct focus on specific, active threat.

Keep in mind that you still need to be aware of surroundings even while your focus is narrowing in on a potential or direct threat.

Black is sometimes added to this scale. Some experts will use black to mean that you have frozen or blacked out, having become unable to respond effectively to the threat. Others will use black to represent when you actually engage or otherwise respond to the threat effectively. Regardless of what black means to you, or if you even add it to the code, understand that training and alertness will help you respond appropriately to any threat presented to you. Do your best to keep yourself "at yellow".

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