Wednesday, September 17, 2014

List of Lists - General Security

General security is a very basic part of the list. It's not long because most of the items you'd expect to be on this list have been placed on the "tactical living" section (coming soon).

General security will allow you to place barriers between yourself and thieves, looters, rioters or marauders.

Empty sandbags
Road flares
Emergency whistles
Warning triangles or road cones
Concertina wire

Empty sandbags can help to create a bulletproof barrier to hide behind or keep flood waters out. The list of things you can do with a sand bag is limitless. Padlocks are obviously useful for keeping robbers out of your storage facilities. Emergency whistles can be used as a makeshift alarm system.

Concertina wire and road signals such as flares can be used to create a roadblock or checkpoint. Any vehicle that attempts to run through "C-Wire" will sustain heavy damage to the wheels, axles and undercarriage. It's also extremely difficult for a person to maneuver through without getting stuck or sustaining bodily injury. Roadblocks can be very effective for blocking access to roads that lead to your property. Be sure not to commit any crimes by blocking roads during times of stability. Only during a time without rule of law (WROL) would it be alright to block roads. Use your own judgment, and remember that no one is responsible for the actions you take besides you!

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