Thursday, January 30, 2014

List of Lists - Food Preparation

Today I'll detail the part of the list that deals with food preparation. When the SHTF, there is going to be some limited food options compared to what we have today. It's imperative that we be able to cook and prepare food in a safe way. Cooking food, getting into cans, grinding coffee and grain and serving food are made a lot harder without some of the items on this list.

- Food dehydrator
- Cast iron skillet
- Pressure cooker
- Cast iron Dutch oven
- Big stew pot
- Large & small kettles
- Manual can openers
- Large spoons & ladels
- Knives (large & small, butcher)
- Bacon press
- Propane camping cook stove
- Small charcoal grill
- Camp coffee percolator
- Coffee grinder
- Grain grinder
- Oat roller

Being able to prepare food in a way that tastes great will go a long way toward improving the morale of your group during hard times. Preparing food in a way the resembles the way you did it before the SHTF brings about a sense of normalcy that few other things can. A propane cooking stove allows you to cook with no problem when the power grid goes down. Cast iron holds heat extremely well and doesn't need to be thoroughly washed every time you use it. A big stew pot will allow you to make any kind of stew or soup in large quantities.

The items on the list are often overlooked but they will make life a lot easier in a survival scenario. It's good to practice using these items during camping trips.

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