Saturday, February 8, 2014

List of Lists - Fuels

The ability to light and heat a living area and cook is imperative in a survival scenario. The key to doing this is fuel. Gasoline will go bad if stored for too long, so this is why you should create a rotation system that has you using your oldest useable gasoline when you acquire more new gasoline. If you treat your stored gasoline with Stabil, it will stay useful for up to two years.

- Gasoline stabilized with Stabil in gas cans or non-corrosive metal drums
- Propane
- Kerosene
- Charcoal
- Lighter fluid

As mentioned above, it's advisable to rotate your gasoline storage. If you have many gas cans filled in your shed or garage, put it in your car's gas tank occasionally. Then fill that can again and put it at the back of the rotation line. Try to ensure that moisture doesn't infiltrate the fuel you have stored.

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