Monday, February 23, 2015

List of Lists - Vehicles

In a long term survival situation, vehicles are likely going to have a short life. Unless you have the ability to set up your own mechanic shop and stock several extra parts for every situation, your vehicle will probably become an immovable barricade at some point. In a short term situation, you can keep your vehicle operational. For the long term situation, the key is to find a balance between saving your vehicle use to prolong it's life and using it for times when you really need it. Having these items will extend it's usefulness as a rolling vehicle and delay that point at which it becomes a roadblock.

Jacks and tire irons
Tire gauges
Tow chains, hooks and straps
Road flares, cones and warning triangles
Replacement headlights
Battery charger
Spare batteries
Jumper cables
Spare tires for each vehicle
Motor oil
Oil filters
Brake fluid
Transmission fluid
Power steering fluid
Seat belt cutter

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