Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Turning point.

July 5, 2016 may very well be a turning point in the history of these United States. Today the FBI director, James Comey, held a press conference in which he detailed how Hillary Clinton purposely stored classified materials on multiple privately owned servers inside her private residence in New York. He spoke about the lack of a "full time" security apparatus for the servers and compared the security to "GMail" email security. Some of the classified material was graded "Top Secret" with a "SCI" caveat attached. Comey identifies that there were hundred of email "chains" passed between Clinton and many of her staffers and associates that contained classified information. Comey stated that her servers could have been and may have been hacked by foreign intelligence services. He stated that Clinton has sent and received classified information on mobile devices in foreign countries where "sophisticated" actors may have been able to intercept those communications. He says that Clinton and her staffers were "careless" with their handling of classified information. Comey acknowledged that Clintom knowingly stored classified information on an unapproved medium in an unapproved location and in an unapproved way.

And after making these statements, James Comey has recommended that no charges or disciplinary actions be taken against Clinton.

The American people were sent a crystal clear message today. "The laws do not apply to us, your masters."

The rule of law is dead. Federal law enforcement agencies are no longer in the "law enforcement" business. It's just enforcement now. As far as I see it, all federal agencies have become illegitimate, and the federal government as a whole has made itself the enemy of all Americans.

Over the last century the federal government has gotten larger and larger, and over the last eight years I feel we have taken many baby steps toward open, armed revolution. Today I fear we have taken a giant leap.

There is no voting our way out of this. Donald Trump is not our savior. The rule of law is over.


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